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April 26, 2002
Laura Gross

Overseas Press Club Honors NPRŽ
Best Radio Coverage We Have Ever Heard

WASHINGTON, DC-The Overseas Press Club presented NPR with the 2001 Lowell Thomas Award for the best radio news for interpretation of international affairs. During the April 25th ceremony in New York City, the judges praised NPR for "the best coverage of September 11th and the best radio coverage we have ever heard." NPR has received 14 Overseas Press Club Awards in the broadcast organization's 32-year history.

"Our coverage from the first day was designed to fulfill our mission, to bring listeners the most in-depth and reasoned coverage of this unprecedented news story," said Kevin Klose, president and CEO.

"Listeners told us we provided them a calm and comforting place to turn for news and solace as they tried to sort through the trauma of events," Klose continued. "This included broadcasts that brought listeners extensive coverage of live breaking news stories, cultural events such as memorial concerts from around the world, and thorough Web reports and features detailing events as they happened. We accomplished all this through joint national coverage with our more than 270 member stations."

Presented yearly, the Lowell Thomas Award honors the best radio news for interpretation of international affairs. The Award's namesake, Lowell Thomas, was a radio commentator, journalist and author. He was a preeminent broadcaster with CBS and his nightly reports on the radio were an American institution for nearly two generations. Out of his lifelong globetrotting came lectures, travelogues, television reporting and more than 50 books of adventure and commentary.

The objectives of the Overseas Press Club of America, founded in 1939 in New York City by a group of foreign correspondents, are to maintain an international association of journalists working in the United States and abroad; to encourage the highest standards of professional integrity and skill in the reporting of news; to help educate a new generation of journalists; to contribute to the freedom and independence of journalists and the press throughout the world and to work toward better communication and understanding among people.

NPR received hundreds of e-mails from listeners all around the world thanking the network for its coverage on and after September 11th. Stephanie Wells of Tucson, AZ, wrote, "While the pictures from the initial television coverage are permanently etched in my mind, it is the voices of the victims, survivors, rescue workers and special guest commentators that have touched my heart and helped me make my way through a very difficult week. The respectful, dignified way that your commentators and reporters carry themselves has also not gone unnoticed. We have been speaking of heroes a lot this week. Please consider yourselves heroes as well, helping your listeners across the country move beyond just the pictures and colorful bylines, to understand the issues, conflicts and context of what has happened. Thank you."

NPR, renowned for journalistic excellence and standard-setting news, information and cultural programming, serves a growing audience of nearly 20 million Americans each week via more than 680 public radio stations. NPR Online at brings hourly newscasts, news features, commentaries and live events to Internet users through original online reports, audio streaming and other multimedia elements. NPR also distributes programming to listeners in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa via NPR Worldwide, to military installations overseas via American Forces Network and throughout Japan via cable.