November 3, 2008
Anna Christopher, NPR




Global Call-In “Talk of the World”
Multi-Part “Memo to the President”
News & Notes Begins Month-Long Series on Race
Day to Day Broadcasts from Heart of L.A.’s Black Community

NPR Election Pressroom: Election Night Photos, Press Materials

November 3, 2008; Washington, D.C. – NPR News “Election 2008” will offer eight hours of live broadcast and webcast coverage of election night on November 4 from 7:00PM to 3:00AM (ET). NPR’s most extensive coverage of an election to date – which will include live streaming, blogging, interactive tools and mobile capability – involves more than 120 journalists stationed at NPR’s worldwide headquarters in Washington, D.C., and reporting from key battleground states and campaign sites across the country.

All coverage will be broadcast on NPR Member stations nationwide, and will also be streamed free and live from and from the Web sites of many stations. For the first time, headlines and real-time returns will be available on wireless devices through NPR Mobile. NPR News’ election night coverage will also be accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing through the first ever live captioned radio broadcast. Complete details about NPR’s coverage are available at the NPR Election Pressroom, where behind-the-scenes photographs of NPR’s coverage will be available to the media throughout the night.

Immediately following its wall-to-wall coverage of election night, NPR News will assess the outcomes and implications of the results throughout its programming. Selected highlights of this coverage are included below. For local stations and broadcast times, visit

Voter Reaction in L.A.’s Ladera Heights Neighborhood, November 5:
Regardless of the outcome on November 4, this has been a historic election and has brought the issue of race to the forefront of the nation’s consciousness. The day after the vote, NPR’s midday newsmagazine Day to Day will broadcast from the heart of Los Angeles’ black community. Host Alex Chadwick will spend the morning at a coffee shop owned by Magic Johnson Enterprises in the Ladera Heights section of the city, speaking with African-American leaders, thinkers and just folks grabbing a cup of coffee.

“Talk of the World,” November 6:
On November 6, NPR will broadcast this international call-in special giving listeners around the world a chance to discuss the election and the global impact of the results. The program, hosted by NPR’s Neal Conan, will air on NPR Member stations and broadcasters worldwide, and be streamed live at International listeners may join the discussion by calling (202) 513-2008 – phone lines are currently open, and messages will be returned for participation on November 6. Listeners stateside should call (800) 989-8255 or send an email to

Conan will be joined by a panel of opinion leaders who will analyze how changes at the White House will affect U.S. relations around the world. Guests include Louise Arbour, the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and former Chief Prosecutor of the International War Crimes Tribunal; Dr. Mohamed Mostafa ElBaradei, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Wangari Muta Maathai, Nobel Prize Laureate and environmentalist; Najam Sethi, editor-in-chief of The Daily Times in Pakistan; and Gerald Steinberg, founder of the Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation.

Series on Race in America, Begins November 6:
News & Notes, NPR’s program of record for African Americans, begins a month-long series on race in America on November 6. With this series, News & Notes and host Farai Chideya plan to examine issues of race that have emerged from this election: issues of privilege, perceptions and identity, and the lines – visible and invisible – between the races that still exist. The first installment in this series examines how the issue of race played into the race for the White House.

“Memo to the President,” Begins November 9:
On November 9, NPR will launch a multi-part initiative spanning all desks and newsmagazines, outlining the many issues and challenges facing the new occupant of the White House. From a broken military, to a broken economy, to a National Park service in need of a major overhaul, NPR will provide the briefing paper, the options and the obstacles to the next President of the United States.

NPR News “Election 2008” has broadcast more than 70 hours of live special programming on-air and online to date, including live coverage of primaries and caucuses, extensive coverage of both conventions and a dozen call-in specials following key primary contests and all four debates. Additionally, all NPR newsmagazines and talk programs have been providing extensive coverage of the election, exploring the issues, candidates, polling and policies. All election-related coverage can be found at the shows’ individual web pages, and aggregated at: