December 7, 2011
Anna Christopher, NPR




NPR News has hired journalist Lynette Clemetson to lead StateImpact, a local-national collaboration between NPR and station groups in eight states that reports on state government actions and their impact on citizens and communities. Clemetson joins the project on January 17; she is currently Director of Content Strategy at Pew Center on the States.

Clemetson will direct the StateImpact team at NPR, which serves as a central resource to support the work of partner station groups in eight states: Florida, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas. Since launching its issues-focused sites this summer and fall, the StateImpact network of 17 reporters is leading coverage of major issues, such as detailed reporting on Ohio's balloting results on a collective bargaining referendum; revealing some of the worst toxic air emitters in Texas; and a soon-to-be-released data application focusing on natural gas drilling wells in Pennsylvania, where hydrofracking is an environmental issue. StateImpact-produced radio stories are heard on stations throughout their respective states, and many air on NPR newsmagazines.

Clemetson’s experience is a strong fit with StateImpact: a decade of reporting in the U.S. and abroad, running a digital media start-up within a larger news organization, and coverage of the public policy issues that are at the project's focus. She began her career in radio before becoming a national and international correspondent for Newsweek, and later based in Washington, D.C., with The New York Times. Prior to joining Pew, Clementson was the founding managing editor of when it launched in 2008. Her full bio is at

StateImpact brings data-driven reporting and application development to member stations and reporters. The NPR team enables stations in each participating state to work collaboratively with one another to develop stories and share content on common issues, and identify national trends. In addition to Clemetson, the desk is staffed by project manager John Stefany, editorial coordinators Ken Rudin (radio) and Elise Hu (digital), database reporting coordinator Matt Stiles, applications developer Chris Amico, user experience designer Danny DeBelius and multimedia trainer Becky Lettenberger. Links to all of the individual state sites can be found at the StateImpact online hub: