April 27, 2012
Anna Christopher, NPR




Brains, start your engines... Today, TED Radio Hour, a new program from NPR and TED, begins its journey through the world of extraordinary ideas. The first episode, "Our Buggy Brain," is starting to air on NPR Member stations across the country, and available now at ted.npr.org, as a podcast and on NPR's mobile apps. Contact local stations for varied carriage and broadcast plans.

TED Radio Hour

Our Buggy Brain: www.npr.org/2012/04/27/151315301/our-buggy-brain

TED Radio Hour launches with an exploration of "Our Buggy Brain" and all of its harmonious functions and peculiarities. What tricks do our minds play when we think it's okay to lie, cheat or steal? How in control are we of our own decisions? And why do our brains systematically misjudge what will make us happy? Talking it out are behavioral economist Dan Ariely, psychologist Paul Bloom and "Stumbling on Happiness" author Dan Gilbert. Listen now!

Each episode of TED Radio Hour is based on talks given by riveting speakers on the renowned TED stage, and centered on a common theme, such as the source of happiness, crowd-sourcing innovation, power shifts or inexplicable connections. Host Alison Stewart read an interview with her about the show injects soundscapes and conversations that bring ideas to life, probing how concepts make waves, gain traction and, ultimately, are realized.

Over the course of its first season, TED Radio Hour will explore how "ideas worth spreading" can turn the tide on issues confronting society, with talks about rethinking cities and urbanization, and connecting the dots between food production and sustainability. Listen as a whole new picture emerges from those championing such thinking, including chefs Jaime Oliver and Dan Barber; poet Billy Collins; and author Kathryn Schulz.

Delta Airlines and Lexus are the exclusive launch sponsors of TED Radio Hour. The program is a co-production of NPR and TED. Each year, TED hosts conferences that bring together the world's most fascinating thinkers to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less about the best ideas in technology, entertainment, design and more.

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