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Why Women Don't Ask For More Money

A study shows that women can be great negotiators, just not when they're asking for themselves. When women negotiate pay on behalf of a friend, they bargain just as hard as the guys.

Men are more likely to get venture capitalist support than women, and a new study found that attractive males get even more points — from both genders.

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Comparing Law School Rankings? Read The Fine Print

When a school hires its own students, it can bump up its ranking. One school employs 20 percent of its most recent graduates — and jumped nine spots in the rankings this year.

The Wren Building on the campus of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va.

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'The Numbers Are Getting Better, The People Are Getting Worse'

Greece's economy is expected to rebound this year. But for one couple living in Athens, things don't feel better.

Elias Tilligadas and Katerina Margeritou have both had their salaries cut by the Greek government.

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Does Raising The Minimum Wage Kill Jobs?

Multiple economists have studied the fast-food industry to answer the question. They've found very different answers.

The golden arches

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The Town Where Everyone Talks About Death

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, almost everyone plans for their death. Not coincidentally, La Crosse spends less on end-of-life care than any other place in the country.

Downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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The Invention Of 'The Economy'

Until the Great Depression, nobody talked about "the economy." In a sense, it hadn't been invented yet.

They knew it was bad. But they didn't have any way to know just how bad it was.

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An Old Law, A Snowy Winter, And A Modern-Day Salt Shortage

The Jones Act, which dates back to World War I, is part of the reason New Jersey ran short of salt this winter.

Piles of rock salt at the industrial port in Searsport, Maine, await a barge for transport to New Jersey.

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For More Organ Donors, Just Head To The Local DMV

Doctors and governments have struggled to cope with a scarcity of organs available for transplant. One solution? DMV clerks. When clerks ask in person if people want to be donors, many more say yes.

Image #: 19675805 ILLUSTRATION - A Polystyrene box used for the transport of human organs for transplantation. Photo: Soeren Stache DPA /LANDOV

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Duke: $60,000 A Year For College Is Actually A Discount

"We're investing on average about $90,000 in the education of each student," says a university official. Where exactly is all that money going?

Students attend graduation ceremonies at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Two-thirds of college students now graduate with debt, owing an average amount of $24,000.

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What It Was Like To Be A Wall Street Recruit After The Bailouts

A reporter shadowed eight young people during their first two years on Wall Street, when the bailouts were still fresh and anti-Wall Street sentiments were running high.

The American Flag can be seen behind a sign for Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange in New York City on March 5, 2013.