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Weekend Special: This Blog Now Has An Anthem

In a brilliant remix of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this Symphony of Science video is full of wonder.

Fred Rogers

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Weekend Special: A Puzzle: Why Aren't They Laughing?

Which is weirder: to laugh at a situation that you know is kind of sad, or not to laugh at a situation that you know is kind of funny?

Interviewer laughing during an interview.

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Tom Waits Salutes (I Think) An Artist I've Never Heard Of

John Baldessari is a conceptual artist whose work includes people with colored dots on their heads, oddly composed photographs and large trumpet sculptures. What happens when the gravelly-voiced Tom Waits narrates a film about an artist who proclaims "I will not make any more boring art"?

John Baldessari

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Weekend Special: Books So Good You Want To Become Them

Some books are so good, we want to open them up and jump right in if we could. The Academy Award-winning short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore brings this feeling to life in an amazingly imaginative way.

A boy diving into a book.

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Weekend Special: I Can't Not Tell You This

Fred Warren, who runs, learns secrets from people all over the world.

A postcard sent in to

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Weekend Special: What If Your Fingers Could Create A World?

What if we had the technology to craft entire worlds with just the swish of a finger? What would you make? What would you sculpt? How would you play?

Still from World Builder

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Weekend Special: What It's Like To Soar Into Space, Then Crash To Earth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be hurled into the sky, straight up, past the clouds, into starry space, and then, just like that — you slip and start to fall? What would it sound like? Look like?

A booster rocket falling away from the Space Shuttle.

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Weekend Special: Great Teacher, Short Question, Wild Answer

In attempting to answer the question, "Why do magnets work?" legendary physicist Richard Feynman takes a different tack and instead ponders the word "why" itself. He asks: "How does a person answer the question of why something happens?"

Richard Feynman

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Weekend Special: A Kiss Like No Other

This video isn't anything sciencey; it's about love, absence and longing.

A still from "Peeping Tom."