Rufus Wainwright joins Wade Goodwyn in NPR's Studio 1 to play a few of his hits. Mike Beacom/NPR hide caption

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Studio Sessions

Rufus Wainwright Shares Songs, And A Few Stories

Wainwright creates music that is theatrical, emotional and operatic. He stopped by NPR's studios to perform a few of his hits.

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In 1994, a cover by the late Jeff Buckley helped save "Hallelujah" from musical obscurity. hide caption

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Rufus Wainwright performs a Tiny Desk Concert, at the NPR Music offices on July 24, 2012. Claire O'Neill/NPR hide caption

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Rufus Wainwright. Barry J. Holmes hide caption

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Along with her sister Anna, Kate McGarrigle performs with her son Rufus Wainwright at Carnegie Hall. C Brandon/Redferns hide caption

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