The Christian Scott Media Watch: Jimmy Fallon, Thom Yorke

By this point, anyone who pays attention to modern jazz probably knows that trumpeter Christian Scott has a new album out, called Yesterday You Said Tomorrow. NPR's Tell Me More certainly did: they brought his quintet into the studio for a performance and conversation the other day. That session, and the full cuts of the songs played around it, are up now. (I took a few photos too.)

Scott has been busy with the record release and its attendant events. Not only has he been touring, but last week he sat in with The Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

And then he sat in with Atoms For Peace — i.e. Thom Yorke's new band — on "The Eraser," a song he knows well from covering. Video, after the jump, is via Nextbop:

And of course, he's been doing interviews left and right: with WNYC's Soundcheck, with the New York news channel NY1, with his publishing company, with the Village Voice, etc. There are also CD reviews a-plenty, many praising the new disc.

There are plenty of reasons that Christian Scott is winning the attention that he is. He just turned 27; he's a remarkably fearless interview subject; he cuts a photogenic profile; he's taught Mickey Rourke the trumpet; he's already won some measure of success; he's got at least two publicity teams working for him. He also makes records that at very least show that he pays attention to the world outside instrumental jazz music, whether it's because he covers Thom Yorke or he titles his songs "Jenacide (The Inevitable Rise And Fall Of The Bloodless Revolution)." And he's happy to talk about all this, too.

I want him Scott to be judged on his music first and foremost. At the same time it's pretty clear that a new spokesperson, a new public figure representing the current generation of young jazz musicians, is being anointed. I'm not behind every one of his aesthetic decisions or public statements. But I'm awfully glad he's making them, and even more that people are paying attention.


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