Bon Iver Illustrated

NPR is lucky to get great interns. One of them this winter is Ariel Kitch, who's working for All Things Considered.

This past week we webcast a live performance by Bon Iver and Black Mountain. Ariel attended along with our own All Songs Considered intern, Calei Chan. Afterward Ariel put together this really cool set of drawings that tell the story of her night at the show.

Click the picture below for a slideshow:



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Awesome! This is really nice work.

Sent by AAT | 12:21 AM | 2-23-2008

I don't think I have thought of that final moment of a show before. The moment at the end of the show when the lights are up and everybody is filing out and your ears are still ringing (because as always, you forgot your ear plugs at home).

It is a pretty solitary moment for me even though, as the artwork shows when Calei Chan hits the nail on the head, it is also a very collective experience.

This moment for me is most realized at The Paradise in Boston as it has this long hallway you go through to get out. It gets clogged a little because the merchandise table is at the end before the exit onto the street. It gives you that 3 minutes to take in what you just saw. Even when you are with friends, its not a moment where you're talking with each other.

As someone who lives in a more rural setting and has to travel to see a lot of the shows I want to, I would have to add one more cell if I could draw: The drive home heading north on 95 when everyone else in the car is asleep.

Traveling on the highway after the show when your ears are still adjusting and you hear just the white noise of your tires on the highway, is one of those moments where time seems to stop for me, and things are as they should be in the world.

Sent by Mac Coldwell | 11:43 AM | 2-23-2008

This is really neat, I'd love to see more

Sent by oli | 5:47 PM | 2-23-2008

Those are terrific! Thanks for sharing them. I particularly like Panel 7. I love band members who sing along even when they aren't in front of the mic. I think it shows a really cool type of ownership of the songs.

Sent by Hannah | 6:04 PM | 2-24-2008

yeah, panel 7 rules!
that and OMG Bon Iver! he's soooooooo good, i like Black Mountain and got to know about Bon Iver because of them but now I listen to "For Emma, Forever Ago" so many times a day I've almost forgotten about Black Mountain.

Sent by Horacio | 8:28 AM | 3-1-2008

I'd like to see more illustrated reviews like this! Congrats to NPR for finding such multi-talented interns!

Sent by Marta Lilly | 9:35 PM | 3-17-2008