Saving The Planet, One Tote Bag At A Time

This year SXSW made an effort to go green.
In that case, I hope everyone finds something creative to do with the ephemera that filled the 25,000 tote bags they handed out to the festival-goers.
Here is a sampling of the contents, spread out on my hotel bed.




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If you shred it all really finely, it would make good mulch...

Sent by kathy k. | 10:06 AM | 3-14-2008

...or hipster confetti.

Sent by Lars | 11:08 AM | 3-14-2008

Mainstream music biz (four companies control about 80% of the biz) - what a waste. They take plastic music, put it on a plastic disc, put it in a plastic cd case, and that's not enough - they wrap it in plastic wrap. Then clerk says 'want a bag for that?" Time for a revolution in the arts!

Sent by Tom Hendricks | 12:32 PM | 3-31-2008