Lightspeed Champion

I can't tell you what a treat it was to get to hear Lightspeed Champion play a few songs for me and Bob Boilen at SXSW 2008. Here's the long-promised video of the performance:



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I love Lightspeed Champion. Thanks for this. What a great mix, too. Was it all with that one mic?

Yeah one stereo mic that I recorded on my flash drive and synced up to video.


Sent by T.J. Clark | 6:04 PM | 3-13-2008

amazing video. Thanks for bringing this to us stuck in our offices!

Sent by anna shoup | 9:12 PM | 3-13-2008

I am so excited about seeing Lightspeed Champion in Copenhagen in a couple of days! This video just makes me want to see the concert now!

Sent by bryant | 7:10 AM | 3-14-2008

Great video! We had them play an event at Austin City Limits last Sunday with Spinto Band and they were just awesome. After the sound check, Dev started telling me about his obsession with Star Wars paraphernalia. I didn't have any proper equipment to record the story, so I pulled out my phone and recorded this impromptu podcast. Sure was a lot of fun....

Sent by andy carvin, npr | 2:49 PM | 3-14-2008

Awesome, Dev's the man...

Sent by Conor Oberst | 5:07 PM | 3-18-2008

Not bad - and not a band, that's a big reason why. There is a back-to-basics POST-BANDs music movement around. Looks like they are part of it and probably don't know it.
It's instinctive music. You play something that isn't boring - and all bands are boring. Bands have made rock and roll turn into everything it started out opposing. LC stay off the band-wagon. Stay not a band, not playing electric instruments, not the same old boring clubs or concert halls. not indecipherable lyrics, not over produced, etc. You ARE Post-BANDS music guys. You fit the requirements.

Sent by Tom Hendricks | 4:16 PM | 3-19-2008

Hahaha, Post-Bands! Funny, you can't be serious, right? I mean, lets give Dev credit for being an artist that can choose to paint in whatever color he prefers. Is Pollock less of an artist than Picasso because he didn't choose to paint the human figure? Post- Band? Sounds like just another in a long line of lame attempts at labeling which is something that artists abhor, LC is LC. Let's just be smart and leave it at that and appreciate Dev's talents and artistry, shall we?

Sent by Aatami | 9:28 AM | 3-29-2008

Nope Post-bands is against bands - all bands.
It's not a label its a cause. Post-bands is against trendiness, against labels - when they end up all sounding the same. It's for a back-to-basics music that dumps the trendy.
Against the sameness over the last 40 years. Against your grandfather's oldsmobile music, against everyone trying to be the same and protecting the sameness when one of the 6 billion people on the planet says no to bands, says that emperor has no clothes - says that 'band'wagon is in a rut.
Time for a revolution in music against rock and roll that has become everything it started out opposing. Time to upset people with new music that is not electric, not overproduced, not played in the same venues, not the same instruments, not boring,etc.
Time to use the new music to usher in a total art revolution in all arts. Anything to upset the dull and mollified - the zombie nation placated with cotton candy art.

Sent by Tom Hendricks | 12:28 PM | 3-31-2008

I just wanted to say that at the show I saw in Copenhagen, I shouted out "I saw you on NPR!" Dev seemed to understand and showed me some love for it by playing my requested Xanadu (not on the set list).

Sent by bryant | 1:33 PM | 4-2-2008