Second Stage: Little-Known Bands You Should Hear

Second Stage: Man/Miracle

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If you've ever played tennis, or even ping-pong, you might know what it feels like to have a rally that just won't end — the relentless back and forth and heroic execution that keeps it going. That's the kind of feeling I get listening Man/Miracle, a high-octane, four-piece group from the San Francisco bay area.

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From left: Dylan Travis, Ian Benedetti, Brian Kennedy, and Tyler Corelitz are Man/Miracle (photo credit: Rachel Williams)

Man/Miracle crafted the songs for its first full-length effort, The Shape Of Things in what the band members describe as a decrepit basement in their Oakland, Calif. home. The ramshackle feeling of the recording space comes through on the album. It's also what is so fun about Man/Miracle: The music captures a certain kind of vibrancy that can only come from teetering on the brink of destruction. Singer-guitarist Dylan Travis should know, too. He labored over the band's first recordings while recovering from a painful back injury.

Like a battery-powered bouncing ball, you know the propulsive songs on The Shape Of Things have to either stop or blow apart. But Man/Miracle manages to sustain this electricity for the duration of album. The whole album is great, but we've chosen the song "Up." My advice when you listen? Turn it up real loud.

"Up" by Man/Miracle



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Man/Miracle started playing live long before the group recorded anything, and they put on a great show. If you're from the band's home turf, you can see them at the Noise Pop Festival this month, and they'll also be in Texas for SXSW.

You can hear more from their new album at the Man/Miracle MySpace page. The Shape Of Things is due out Feb. 23.



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