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New Mix: Mirah, Fennesz, Brody Dalle, Chet Faker, More

Clockwise from upper left: Mirah, Brody Dalle, Fennesz, Chet Faker

hide captionClockwise from upper left: Mirah, Brody Dalle, Fennesz, Chet Faker

Courtesy of the artists

This week, hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton come bearing a bunch of song premieres, including a cut from singer-songwriter Mirah's first solo album in five years, Australian electronic artist Chet Faker and power punk rock singer Brody Dalle.

We open the show with Dalle's "Blood in Gutters," a gritty blast from her upcoming album Diploid Love. The singer, who previously fronted the band The Distillers, has a voice and sound firmly rooted in '90s grunge and hard rock. We follow with a brand new, strum-filled track from San Francisco's The Fresh & Onlys. "Animal of One" is from the band's upcoming album, House of Spirits.

Also on the show: Brooklyn-based singer Mirah returns with her first solo album since 2009's (A)spera; Pharmakon, aka New York singer Margaret Chardiet, covers the Cher song "Bang Bang" for Record Store Day; Veteran guitarist and electronic soundscape artist Fennesz has an abstract, multidimensional cut from his upcoming album Bécs; And Bob closes out the show with a wistful, warped song by up-and-coming electronic, R&B artist Chet Faker.

Song Featured On This Episode

Cover for Diploid Love

Blood In Gutters

  • Artist: Brody Dalle
  • Album: Diploid Love

Hear a raw and ragged cut from Dalle's debut solo album Diploid Love. The album will be released April 29.

Cover for House of Spirits

Animal of One

  • Artist: The Fresh & Onlys
  • Album: House of Spirits

Tim Cohen, frontman for this San Francisco band, draws from the hazy memories of late-night dreams, weaving experimental atmospherics with guitar and piano lines. Animal of One" is from the band's upcoming album, House of Spirits, out June 10. For more on this record, visit the artist's website.

Cover for Changing Light

Goat Shepherd

  • Artist: Mirah
  • Album: Changing Light

Mirah has long been a master of mixing lo-fi guitars with spare electronics. On this song, from her upcoming album Changing Light, the Brooklyn-based singer gets big and loud.


Purchase Featured Music

  • "Goat Shepherd"
  • Album: Changing Light
  • Artist: Mirah
  • Label: K. Records
  • Released: 2014
Cover for Todo Muere Vol. 4

Bang Bang

  • Artist: Pharmakon
  • Album: Todo Muere Vol. 4

This disturbingly sultry song is a cover of a 1966 Cher classic. This version appears on the Sacred Bones compilation Todo Muere Vol. 4, out on Record Store Day, April 19.

Cover for Bécs

The Liar

  • Artist: Fennesz
  • Album: Bécs

This dark, buzzing and crushing instrumental cut is from Fennesz's upcoming album Bécs, due out April 28. Pre-orders are available here.

Cover for Built on Glass


  • Artist: Chet Faker
  • Album: Built on Glass

Australian Chet Faker, aka Nicholas Murphy, makes dance-able, electronic R&B. This track is from his soon-to-be-released album Built on Glass, out April 15.


Purchase Featured Music

  • "1998"
  • Album: Built on Glass
  • Artist: Chet Faker
  • Label: Downtown
  • Released: 2014



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