Kittens, Texting And Calculators? Oh My!

We picked out three All Tech user-submitted photos to wrap-up the week on a whimsical note. A bunch of folks submitted this past week. These are just a few of the pics mixing tech and culture that peaked our interest. Be sure to submit your own photos to our Flickr group if you want your work to be considered for use in a future post.

Yellow van with advertisement for SMS cellphone service.

hide caption SMS 'til you drop! via Flickr

First up, above, a cat's heat-radar is known to be finely tuned to seek out a laptop's heat. This kitten named Midge wastes no time in getting frisky. Flickr user dougwoods writes, "Here he is sitting on my laptop keyboard, as if to say ' stop working and come play with me' "

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Old style calculator.

hide caption What calculator did you use growing up?

elsie via Flickr

Following up on Wright Bryan's post on the mobile information market in Africa, this photo is from Kampala, Uganda. Some may think of text messaging as habit for teen girls waiting in line to see Harry Potter, but texting became pervasive outside America long before it got popular here because of the low cost per text compared to phone calls.

Cute cat sitting on laptop.

hide caption Do pets ever come between you and your computer?

dougwoods via Flickr

Has anyone ever used one of these old, clunky calculators? I remember my mom's stories about growing up using a slide rule. I grew up on a TI-83 for my high school standardized tests and used a TI-80 for algebra class in 8th grade.



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