New Music Tuesday: Ryan Adams, Gabby Glaser, Kelly Clarkson

Listen to Alison talk with music journalist Erika Clarke about today's new music releases.

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Tuesday is the day when the record industry typically releases new music. There's a slew of records hitting the shelves, virtual or otherwise, today. We thought we would take advantage of the surfeit of music before us and play some for you. Alison invited Erika Clarke, a writer for Amplifer Magazine, to talk about some of the new releases. On the list: Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams, My December by Kelly Clarkson and Gimme Splash by Gabby Glaser.

Erika also talks about her album pick of the month, Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age. She recommended we listen to the entire album, of course — but we just don't have the time (or the rights) to do it. So, we listen to a little bit of the band's single, "Sick, Sick, Sick."

Some other releases of note today: The Mix Up, Beastie Boys; Get The Gore, Gore Gore Girls; The Fragile Army, Polyphonic Spree.

Also, CMJ has a nice list of new releases. And check out New Music Tipsheet for a more complete list.



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Idea for the show: It could be fun to start a continuous song-- call it something like "The Record Player"-- each week the musician on the show adds a lyric or two and some beats, adding their own spontaneous vibe and the songs builds and builds-- the only rule is that the musicians have to sing something about NYC-- a fun stream of consciousness but in tune of course

Sent by Elyse (e) | 10:23 PM | 6-26-2007

Elsye(e) -- Great idea. Love it. Thanks.

Sent by Matt Martinez | 10:26 PM | 6-26-2007

Never thought I'd see a QOTSA CD cover on NPR, but there it is. :-)

Sent by andy carvin | 12:42 PM | 6-27-2007

Adams... Beastie Boys... QOTSA... *yawn*

They are pretty obvious acts to cover. I'd rather you guys introduce us to new sounds, rather than stuff that's already in the popular mainstream.

And really it doesn't even have to be "new" sounds at all. There are plenty of old unheralded gems that are worthy of talking about becuase they are unique and just plain awesome.

But eitherway, you guys can do something so much more awesome than this type musical journalism. If we want pop chart music, we'll read Amp or Blender.

You're NPR... blow our minds with something astounding... with worlds of music far from what gets played on the typical radio station.

Sent by Brian | 3:22 PM | 7-2-2007