'Hello Brooklyn. We're the Hold Steady.'

The introduction was a little tongue-in-cheek, of course, since The Hold Steady has called Brooklyn home since before its inception four years ago. So it was a special night for the band, playing a jam-packed free show in Brooklyn's Prospect Park that drew everyone from hardcore devotees to folks from the neighborhood who just wanted to check it out. The BPP caught up with frontman Craig Finn and lead guitarist Tad Kubler in their dressing room and since we were already there, we figured we might as well stick around for the show. (Call it one of the perks of the job.) Needless to say, it rocked. But don't take our word for it. Watch the video.



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Finally, professional justification for my absurdly bad singing voice! Thank you, Craig.

And yes, Walk Around And Drink Some More will be our next song... Like we have any choice now.

Sent by Ben | 8:14 PM | 8-10-2007

great video on the hold brought me back to the 60's...the bedrock of good rock and i probably have a high frequency hearing loss to prove make me feel young again, in a fun way...don't forget that a little "salt and pepper" is often enhancing...oh, by the way, i also like the name BPP but how about bryant park just shouldn't say the acronym too quickly!!!

Sent by jay | 8:54 AM | 8-11-2007

Fun to watch! Some friends of mine were at the show and couldn't say enough about the great energy on stage, which I think was captured well here. If you didn't know the band a little bit already, though, it might be hard to tell much about their music. I liked the nifty shot of Craig where you could also see Luke and Tad in the mirror. Very Velasquez of you. :)

Sent by tara | 11:41 AM | 8-11-2007

Great video. Well thought-out, intersting questions, and it seemed like a very down-to-earth rap about the band and music in general. I wish more people would check out this band - they are unique, due to Craig's lyrics and delivery, and the band itself absolutely SLAYS. Thanks for putting this on the web!

Sent by Bill | 12:56 PM | 8-13-2007

All-around a decent video, but the fanboy stuff at the end was pretty embarrassing. It's great that you like them, just keep it in check when you're working, please.

Sent by matthew | 1:53 PM | 8-13-2007

Yeah, the fanboy stuff was a bit over the top, but I'm so glad that I decided to extend my business trip to NYC so I could see the show. I hope there's a full bootleg out someday.

Sent by Linda | 3:01 PM | 8-13-2007

@matthew: Disagree--I definitely didn't notice any "fanboy stuff," plus, this is a backstage interview, he's not interviewing a prime minister or president. Great profile!

Sent by Mike | 4:37 PM | 8-13-2007

Dearest Matthew,

The dirty little secret is that I'm actually not a Hold Steady fanboy. I know the lyrics to like two of their songs. That's why I didn't ask them a bunch of esoteric questions about characters in their music...because I don't know all the characters in their music. In fact the first time I saw them, I wasn't all that into them. However, upon further review I have become a fan of their work.

I asked about the cover band stuff as a shameless shout-out to my buddies in LA who had to put up with my terrible guitar skills for the better part of a year, and deserved some love. I would apologize for that, except it's pretty much exactly why I wanted to get my own radio show... so I could shamelessly flog the things I like. As it happens, I like my friends Ben, Mark and Casey in L.A.

Oops! I did it again. I guess I am a fanboy, of LA's finest cover band "Settle Down."

Sent by Luke Burbank | 6:10 PM | 8-13-2007

Smiling during a show is wonder-ful. They Might Be Giants also smile in their shows, and so though we might admire other artists' creations a bit more, we keep coming back for the smiles.

Sent by Aimee | 8:07 PM | 8-13-2007

Such lovely genuine people and brilliant band and musicians too!

Watched them in England and seeing them again on 30 Aug. Do they ever rest?

Good luck and HOLD STEADY!

Sent by Reavsey | 4:42 AM | 8-14-2007

I am not smiling while I type this. I swear I'm not.

Sent by andy carvin | 10:24 AM | 8-14-2007

After seeing The Hold Steady in Baltimore late last year, I've been preaching the gospel of a band that really looks like they're happy to be playing for you! Cheers gentlemen & I really enjoyed the interview.

Sent by Chris | 2:38 PM | 8-14-2007

What a cracking band. saw them in Liverpool, England, in July. Love them. Must go now...gotta walk around and drink some more.........

Sent by Dave Evans | 6:17 PM | 8-15-2007

I just saw the band at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. And I must say they were excellent. They kind of remind me of a band named Black 47. I hope they have a grea time opening for the stones in Ireland.

Sent by James Ward | 3:38 PM | 8-16-2007

I thought it was a great video! The Hold Steady is the best band in the world!

Sent by Josh | 2:31 PM | 8-26-2007

I'm going to see the band live for the first time next month in Dallas and, aside from loving their music, I'm so excited about seeing a group who is obviously having fun and wants their fans to have fun too with their music. Sad that that should be so rare. The only other performer I can think of who is able to do that is Jesse Malin. And his fans love him, too.

Sent by Barbara Powell | 12:17 PM | 9-16-2007

Wow! Great piece! I had been waiting to catch THS live for almost a year, and finally saw them in Athens, GA last Thursday. They were all that and a bag o' chips.

Sent by Andy | 3:01 PM | 10-30-2007