A Frustrating Day for the Fledgling BPP...

Peter Cade/Getty Images
Peter Cade/Getty Images

Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you. Some days you're the bat, some days you're the ball. Today, a bear kicked our asses with a bat. (And by asses, I mean the pet donkeys we keep in the board room.)

It went off the rails pretty fast, starting 0.1 seconds into the show, when we failed to hit RECORD. We did manage to catch that error quickly, so we're going to post chunks of the first hour in individual segments, then we'll post the second hour in its entirety. In spite of the truly rough nature of today's Rough Cuts, we think you'll still find plenty of gems to be mined. Keep checking back, we'll be posting audio and video throughout the afternoon...



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it's okay baby...that holy rail is soooooo elusive....and it all starts again on monday...hang in there, even grown up men can cry, even if they don't read as much as women!!!

Sent by jay | 3:48 PM | 9-8-2007

Personally, I liked the break up as a downloaded podcast. On the radio, the 2 hour version will work better. Though, full disclosure, I have the iPod run the continuously. But I did like the feeling of having control over what stories I would listen to.

Sent by Matt | 2:21 AM | 9-9-2007