Dog Day Afternoon: A Bryant Park Minute

Being that our offices are smack dab in middle of New York City, there's always something interesting going on outside our door on any given day. Sometimes it's kind of intense, other times there's an interesting person doing something out of the ordinary, and once in a while there's a dogs-jumping-into-swimming-pools contest. Yesterday was one of those days. And that's the first subject of our brand-new, semi-regular feature, "A Bryant Park Minute."



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Jane Siberry bed! Highly deserving of an official Rock Nerd Nod Of Approval.

Sent by Stewart | 5:27 PM | 9-19-2007

Boy, I hope you guys get your own independent website sometime. I mean, the NPR site is well done and all, but if you really want to have a semi-independent or independent vibe, separate from old-school NPR, you need your own site. That would make it a lot more individualistic and more heavily branded. Perhaps you're already planning a change when the show goes live...

Sent by John Proffitt | 5:50 PM | 9-19-2007

You know we love our pets when we create full-fledged competitive sports for them!

Sent by Steve Petersen | 10:43 PM | 9-19-2007