Ben Harper Live at the BPP

The BPP crew's been getting to work at about 4 a.m. since going on the air, and we aren't shy about expressing our crankiness before we've had our coffee. But today, musician Ben Harper dropped by and put us all to shame. Ben was on Letterman last night and hadn't slept since, although you couldn't tell from his performance at BPP HQ.

This is Ben playing "Fool for a Lonesome Train" from his new album, Lifeline. Tune into the BPP tomorrow morning for his interview with Luke and Alison and his performance of "Fight Outta You." We'll post the audio of the entire interview here tomorrow.



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So great to see him in the studio.... I first saw him play way back in '94 when he was doing one of his first college tours; I ran the campus music mag at Northwestern and he played as part of an unplugged concert series we organized. Ah, memory lane....

Sent by andy carvin | 3:08 PM | 10-2-2007

For some reason I can not get the video to play for more than a few seconds. I can not wait to see him preform this song solo. Thank you for having Ben Harper on your show!

Sent by Sara | 8:54 AM | 10-3-2007

Ben Harper rules!!!!!!!!!

Sent by joe | 10:00 AM | 10-3-2007

Great footage! Thanks for such a great program!

Sent by Sara S. | 10:42 AM | 10-3-2007

Ben Harper is so good... he makes me weep tears of joy and hope. 'I can change the world, with my own two hands.' Thanks NPR/BPP

Sent by Chris | 10:53 AM | 10-3-2007

Those glasses are killer. My boy Al Borlin in Bend, Oregon needs a pair. Great song. Wonder how/why Ben stayed up all night? Could have something to do with the specs.

Sent by Joe Fred | 2:30 PM | 10-3-2007

Thank you Ben

Sent by Karen | 4:15 PM | 10-3-2007

Yeeees, nice to see ben harper "live" in switzerland this year...

Sent by tinel | 4:42 PM | 10-3-2007

he is so good.. i hope i can see him in Turkey again..

Sent by serhat | 10:37 PM | 10-3-2007

One of my music students turned me on to Ben Harper and I've been hooked ever since. What a talent! Thanks Dan.

Sent by Dr Phil | 10:40 PM | 10-3-2007

Amazing. Inspiring. The music and the artist.

Sent by Jones | 2:28 AM | 10-4-2007

After his comments abot Napster a few years ago, while more progressive artists were encouraging people to spread the good word, I am surprised that Big Ben would allow any footage along with music to be released for all to enjoy for free...regardless of how I feel about the man personally, however, I have to admit, his music is beautiful.

Sent by PK | 7:43 AM | 10-4-2007


Sent by dave | 6:03 PM | 10-15-2007

Good stuff!

Sent by Luke | 12:26 PM | 10-23-2007