Ellen Degeneres Pleads for a Dog

"Just please give the dog back to those little girls." — Ellen Degeneres, Tuesday, Oct. 16.



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This is insanity. If Mutts and Moms made it clear to Degeneres that
She could not transfer ownership of the dog without their consent,
then she had no right to do so. Degeneres is right when she
Takes ownership saying it's her "fault" she broke the rules
That the children of her hairdresser have been upset, really is on her. She should not
Have taken this to the airwaves. This is an issue that she should have been
Worked out privately with the rescue group.It's obvious that Degeneres is
Using the bully pulpit of her TV show to gain leverage in this dispute and that
Stinks. Having rescued an animal before I can say from personal experience
That it was made clear to me that if the adoption did not work out I could not
Just give the animal away, that I had to work the situation out with the rescue group.
The people threatening this group with death and violence should be prosecuted
To the fullest extent. The "fans" that are bombarding them with calls should stay out
Of this. Degeneres has made a bad situation worse. She should know better.

Sent by Chris S | 8:23 AM | 10-18-2007

I can't believe you are providing a platform for sensationalism.
"Chio in the morning" there's journalism with integrity, what a joke.

Sent by tt | 7:51 PM | 10-18-2007