Jill Sobule Live On the BPP

Thirteen years after her hit "I Kissed a Girl," Jill Sobule has been making music for her devout fan base on labels both major and independent, and performing for houses both big and small. But with music downloads catching up to CD sales, musicians like Jill are often caught without a viable way to stay creative and pay the rent. Her song "Nothing To Prove" is about the difficulties of financing an album in an industry lost in the digital divide.



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I love Jill Sobule, and I love her clever, honest lyrics, and memorable tunes. She's terrific!
Debra Shapiro, MD
Burlingame, California

Sent by Debra Shapiro | 2:02 AM | 10-15-2007

Love Jilly Sue lots, I really wish she'd play PITTSBURGH again. WE MISS HER HERE.

Sent by coyote | 2:36 PM | 10-15-2007

i love this song, & jill's adorable!

Sent by tallulah | 8:05 PM | 10-15-2007

Oh where, oh where has our Jilly Sue gone??? I still have and wear my freedom rings hat that I had Jill autograph for me. We here in Pittsburgh are eagerly awaiting your return!!! Don't worry, we won't hold you to the pajama party/concert; we just want to see you again!!!

PS. You were amazing in the movie "Mind The Gap"!!!

Sent by Derek | 2:08 AM | 10-17-2007

I saw Jill in Edinburgh supporting Billy Bragg and thought she was amazing. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to see her live again. Until then I will have to listen to the live CD she has available for download on her website. If you are a fan go download it and enjoy.

Sent by Rowdy Yates | 2:14 AM | 12-13-2007