Look Ma, a Radio Show!



The Bryant Park Project launches today at 7 a.m. ET. (Celebratory cupcakes courtesy of BPP spouse Janie Pashman.) Win Rosenfeld/BPP hide caption

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Good Luck Guys... Break a leg as they say in show buisness... LOL

Sent by Robert | 5:45 AM | 10-1-2007

Looking forward to many, many shows. God Luck and bring it to NY radio ASAP.

Sent by Gene | 7:36 AM | 10-1-2007


Sent by Steve Petersen | 8:22 AM | 10-1-2007

I listened. I enjoyed. Therein lies the rub. I'm an outsider. At 56, I'm outside your target audience. What should I do?

Sent by Bill Enloe III | 8:43 AM | 10-1-2007

Bill: Then keep enjoying it! There's no secret handshake required to participate. :-)

Sent by andy carvin | 8:47 AM | 10-1-2007

Ok. So you took the substance of Morning Edition, loosened it up and made it entertaining. But really, Darfur and J.Lo gossip in the same five minutes?! Please! This is what I listen to NPR to avoid!

Don't emulate those crass morning shows! 25-44 year olds want something to think about and challenge them, not just entertain.

Step it up people!

Sent by A | 11:27 AM | 10-1-2007

Very nice first show, folks. Question: is BPP going to be one or two hours now that it's out of pilotland?

Sent by Drew | 12:52 PM | 10-1-2007

The show will start off as one hour and build to two hours daily in early November.

Sent by Dan Pashman | 12:56 PM | 10-1-2007