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From the Island of Rejected Cartoons

You know what you can do with a cartoon the New Yorker won't take?

Give it to us! Cartoonist Matthew Diffee stopped by again today with another frame the New Yorker wouldn't buy, and he brought along another victim of the ax, Carolita Johnson.

We welcome any printable thoughts on why these got the bounce.

Matthew Diffee Cartoon
Courtesy of Matthew Diffee



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Nota bene: I submitted that cartoon about FIVE times (sometimes one imagines a cartoon wasn't bought simply because it hadn't been properly noticed or fully appreciated)! It was therefore rejected roundly!

PS - I sold a cartoon caption contest submission this week, so stay tuned!

Sent by carolita | 1:37 PM | 12-14-2007

Yay for m00bz! The new yorker likely has a policy against discussing body parts that may be considered sexual.

The hot dog thing...funny but pretty creepy to think about. Especially in the distant, skeevey manner the vendor is portrayed. Makes me think that maybe there's a whole dog steaming away in that cart.

Sent by Travin | 7:12 PM | 12-14-2007

I recognized those comics from anywhere! That's a Ziggy!

Sent by Patrick | 4:44 PM | 12-15-2007

I would totally motorboat those

Sent by Meghan | 10:06 AM | 12-16-2007

I am 78 and still drawing cartoons, lately with the aid of a laptop with photoshop CS and Autocad light 2000- I am primarily a hunting and shooting cartoonist- how in the hell do you get one of the hundreds of hunting/shooting magazines to even look at your stuff?
Wild Bill

Sent by Bill Briggs | 10:47 PM | 1-3-2008