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Greetings, Ron Paul fans. You've been an incredibly civil, thoughtful, well-spoken and engaged crowd. Thing is, you're also an incredible crowd — so much so that we can't keep up with turning on all your comments. As of 8:10 or so a.m. Eastern, we're going to turn off commenting on this thread. If time permits, we'll circle back and post comments that were filed earlier.

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Bennett Roth of the Houston Chronicle gave the home view of GOP candidate Ron Paul today. Roth says it's hard to tell where Paul's supporters are coming from, but he argues the most ardent backing is not in Texas but in places like California and Florida.

Roth thinks Paul has become such an Internet phenomenon in part because he connects with a demographic that finds a natural outlet online:

"He appeals to a certain group of people that I'm guessing are a little bit younger, a little bit more male, and certainly very disaffected, who maybe don't get their news from the mainstream papers."

Ron Paul supporters, we'd love to hear who you are.



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I'm an small business owner who owns a website store and I want Huckabee to know that his policy on the so called "fair tax" would ruin the internet. The internet is the last place for free markets and free speech. As soon as the fair tax puts a sales tax at the federal level all hope will be lost. That is why I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Jared | 10:20 AM | 12-18-2007

I am 27. I grew up in the rural Appalachia, now living in the northeast as a full time student working on my doctorate in chemistry, registered Democrat and love Dr. Paul???s message.

Sent by Matthew | 10:30 AM | 12-18-2007

I don't think I fit the profile. 47 year old, male, married, two children and a computer programmer. Never involved in politics until someone introduced me to Rep. Ron Paul's message.

Sent by zmeister | 10:52 AM | 12-18-2007


"a vote not to reauthorize the Head Start program for kids"

Together on 3: 1, 2, 3 BOO!

"a vote to impeach President Bill Clinton"

Cmon. Jeeze. He's a cult figure why? He was one of those kooks, people. How could Mr Right-to-Privacy have voted to impeach a guy who fought for the privacy of his sexual history?

On the issue of impeachment btw, Paul is for impeachment of Bush for moral reasons. But he claims that any Democrat who wants to impeach Bush wants to do it merely for political reasons. What the f...

A cult figure why now?

Sent by Brian | 10:57 AM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 23 year old Draftsman from the midwest. I am a fiscal conservative, and social liberal... in other words, your prototypical libertarian. I believe the government should stay out of my bedroom, out of my media, and keep their hands off my paycheck. I've never bothered voting before, because I couldn't stand to give my moral approval to any of the politicians I've encountered thus far. I will be voting in the primary, and then (if Paul wins the nomination) in the general. I wouldn't vote for anyone else.

Sent by Melissa | 11:02 AM | 12-18-2007

I supported Ron Paul during his first campaign and am proud to have made the maximum legal donation to him this time around. I'm male, HS teacher, 54, married 33 years, with 4 grown children. My spouse (an RN) and kids are also Paul supporters.

Sent by Steve Dasbach | 11:31 AM | 12-18-2007

I am a 40 year old software engineer with a wife and two kids and normal suburban lifestyle. We are Catholics.

I have long had a libertarian philosophy in politics and in life. My Christian morality demands that the poor be helped as a result of an individual using his free will to make the virtuous choice to help. All forms of government welfare destroy choice and virtue and are a source of evil in our society. We have to start the weaning process so that virtuous individual giving can take the place of government "charity".

My morality also demands peace, except in the case of clear self-defense.

Because of these and many other reasons, Dr. Ron Paul has my complete support.

Sent by LibertyMar | 11:57 AM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 33 year old teacher.

The reason I'd vote for Ron Paul is that he's right about one key issue: the government can not afford, and nor should it try to afford, to be doing all that it attempts to do.

Cutting government spending means CUTTING government programs. I've not heard of another politician willing to admit this simple fact.

Sent by Bill | 11:58 AM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 29-year-old Marine Corps veteran and currently a student finishing my Master's Degree in urban planning and will also be voting for Ron Paul.

In my eyes, he is not a Libertarian, but rather a Republican in the truest sense of the word!

Sent by Dan | 12:13 PM | 12-18-2007

I am:
a native North Carolinian
a recent transplant to New York City
a photographer
a Christian
age 24
a former Republican
a former Independent
a former Democrat
an NPR listener
a NY Times reader

After moving to New York I decided to register Republican so I can support Ron Paul in the primary.
While I am not crazy about all of his opinions, I do think he is the best candidate, not to mention the most down-to-earth, honest, real candidate.

Sent by Isaac | 12:46 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 39 year old Network Tech, married have a house and a dog. Ron Paul is the first candidate I've ever donated to. I've never voted in a primary but you can rest assured I'll be voting this time.

Oh, and NPR should research the history of attack pieces the Houston Chronicle publishes against Dr. Paul before they go to them. The Chronicle is shameless when it comes to smearing the good Doctors name.

Sent by Frank | 1:03 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm forty, married with children. I come to Paul from the States Rights camp. I live in a liberal State and no longer feel that an over reaching central government is the most efficient or responsive for the differences across the many States.

Sent by Cascadian | 1:11 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 34 year old software manager from San Jose, CA. I've always voted libertarian in the elections, even though I realistically knew the candidates couldn't win. Ron Paul, however, actually has a chance to win. Not strictly libertarian, but a big step in the right direction. I've never voted in a primary, but switched parties from libertarian to republican to do so for Ron Paul. Also, I have never donated to a candidate before, but yesterday gave a small donation to his cause. I want to do everything I can to help this man win the presidency.

Sent by Brett | 1:17 PM | 12-18-2007

Why is that NPR is still spewing out smears against Paul? A couple of months back, they broadcasted a negative narration of his past based on feedback from his Democrat opponents. They still continue to misrepresent his views and past records. Do some research on his view on earmarks before spitting out more garbage.

Sent by shm224 | 1:18 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 46 yr old small business owner who will be voting for Dr. Paul in the primary and also the general election. If he doesn't win the primary and does not run as a third party I will write him in in the general election. Reason - (1)best man to reunite the country (Rep, Dem & Ind.) (2)because he believes that our leaders should uphold their oath and follow the Constitution.

Sent by David | 1:24 PM | 12-18-2007

I am 36 years old in North-Central Florida. I am a registered life-long Democrat who grew up with parents in the trade unions. I like Ron Paul for many reasons, but mostly because of his stances that buck traditional republican/democrat roles. This is a real man voting logically. Go Ron!

Sent by Bill | 1:28 PM | 12-18-2007

Warning! Listen to this feature defensively. It is clearly biased against Ron Paul. For the truth behind NPR visit :http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=13

Sent by Voter | 1:29 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 37 year old business owner in Florida. My family is very Republican. I just got sick of both parties selling their influence to the highest bidder. Vote Ron Paul!

Sent by robert | 1:30 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 35 year old transplant from NC living In Atlanta. I work in the education field for a Fortune 13 company, have been an Independant and will register Republican to vote for Ron Paul.

Sent by Mike | 1:51 PM | 12-18-2007

People are getting sick-and-tired of the same old song-and-dance from their politicians. That's why Ron Paul is moving up in fundraising, polls, and every other measure of popularity. Unlike everyone else running, Republican and Democrat, He's the real deal. His authenticity and honest surpasses all the others. See this YouTube video from the new, international award-winning feature film, "Song of the Dead." It features horror movie icon, Reggie Bannister, as president of the U.S. -- and it's a hilarious satire on the president, the MSM, and the war on terror. The filmmaker, Chip Gubera, is giving a share of the profits from the film to the Ron Paul campaign.

Sent by mketcher | 1:54 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm from Texas, from Tom Delay's district, have a Ron Paul sign in my yard, and donate regularly with my big business coworkers and friends.

Sent by John-Ross Cromer | 1:55 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 25 year old hispanic male working to pay the bills in San Marcos, Texas. I believe that as long as our gov't brings to the American people all the facts on any issue, that the people are smart enough to decide the right course of action. Ron Paul is the only one running (on either side) willing to go after all the facts and then present them to us.

Sent by Gabe Ochoa | 1:55 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a truck driver in El Paso, Tx. I voted for Ron paul in 1988 and will do so again. There is a crisis of economic ignorance in this country, but Dr. Paul is the only candidate that seems to recognize this. He has studied the Austrian greats like Hayek and Von Mises, but his views are not incompatible with the more modern Chicago school of thought best expressed by Nobel winner Milton Friedman. Simply put, prosperity requires freedom. Dr. Paul knows this and so do those of us who support him.

Sent by Joe Allen | 2:02 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 34 year old computer programmer living in Utah. My wife and I have four children. Although I work with computers my college career was largely humanities, literature, and languages. I'm applying to Law School for this next year.

I am an avid listener of NPR on my commute to and from work. I also appreciate the podcasts. I read the NYT, WaPo, and other mainstream papers regularly. I am an active Mormon and think Mitt Romney seems like a nice family guy but he is (as basically all the other candidates are) dead wrong on foreign policy.

I support Ron Paul because he stands against the abuses and excesses of Empire exactly as our Founding Fathers did. He speaks genuinely and resolutely of freedom, equality, respect, and liberty for *all* people. I believe his vision and action to be the most effective against the new American slavery of Chinese sweatshops, abused Immigrant populations, and the oh-so-politely-termed 'collateral damage' [innocent civilians murdered] of our endless military adventurism abroad.

That is why I am voting Ron Paul. Hope and Liberty!

Sent by Doug Bayless | 2:04 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 57 Year old housewife in Michigan who wishes to thank Dr.Paul's district in Texas for sending Dr.Paul back to Congress. I just learned about Dr. Paul in May and thrilled that I will get to vote for him.

Sent by Sandra | 2:11 PM | 12-18-2007

I joined the Army in the early months of 2001; my patriotism led me to the recruiter???s office. I had grown up in awe of my grandfathers and their stories of World War II, and their reminiscing became my dreams. When I got to basic training I did not talk about missing home like the other recruits around me, I felt at home in ways I never had before.

The weeks after 9/11 found me in Kosovo, part of C co 3/7 Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division, patrolling the border with Macedonia as part of our duties. We had ammunition to defend ourselves with and the authority to apprehend anyone crossing the border illegally. I will get back to why these details are important later.

Fast forward to 2003, I am rolling across the desert in the back of a Bradley fighting vehicle, part of the spearhead into Iraq. Other than those first three weeks of ???Shock and Awe??? what I remember most about Iraq was the people. Crowds of kids wanting to know about Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, open-minded adults wanted to know about our social freedoms, and ninety some percent of Iraqis just wanted to raise their families in peace and did not hesitate to tell us. I really fell in love with the Iraqi people. My platoon and I played soccer with some of those crowds of kids, we had dinner and shared food with families in their homes, we even went to a few house parties, and my lieutenant and I spent one very memorable afternoon swimming in an irrigation ditch with five young women. It is all of them I think of when anyone tells me we need to turn the Middle East into a sheet of glass or that all Muslims are our enemies.

I remember thinking on this briefly when I was there, but more so since I???ve returned, usually when I???m day dreaming behind the wheel of my van, but what we were doing when we were doing our jobs, patrolling the streets, conducting road blocks vehicle searches, bodily searching individuals, and searching houses, couldn???t be helping our long range plans for winning hearts and minds. I really have to wonder, how long would it take me to move from a position of thanks for my despotic government being removed to feeling like I lived in a conquered and occupied country if I saw foreign troops on the streets of my hometown Tallahassee everyday? Add to this our having bases and troops in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia, ( I may have missed a few, we have approximately 700 bases in 130 countries ) some of them for decades, our Navy of their coast, our fighter jets in their sky???s , the CIA in business with monarchs, dictators and thugs, and our State Department treating their leaders like irresponsible children, it???s no wonder moderate Muslims takes to the streets shouting ??? Death to America??? and a minority takes action against us. I would expect we would be doing the same thing if say, China had bases on our soil, and her Navy patrolled our coastline and Chinese fighter jets streaked across our sky. In short, this is all hard to admit, but our actions do have consequences.

Fast forward again to the present day, I am out of active duty, and in the Army Reserves. (I wanted to stay active duty, but my wife said I would be single, so we had a compromise.)To be honest the reserves has bored me to tears and I haven???t felt like I???m giving anything back to my country, so I looked into getting attached to a National Guard unit on our border with Mexico for a tour or two. However, when I learned they don???t have the authority to apprehend illegal border crossers and can only call up our overworked and overstretched border patrol when they spot illegal activity, I got myself in trouble again by thinking - about what I had done in Kosovo and about what I knew our military had done to our own people in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina ( disarmed law abiding civilians only trying to protect themselves when the police had failed to do so) . To add insult to injury, our Guardsmen and women on our own border don???t have ammunition and have on several documented occasions actually had to retreat when facing fire from Mexican paramilitary groups. Now why would I want to sign up for that? To be witness to the violation of America???s sovereignty? No one in the Executive branch of our government is doing anything about it, and it makes me wonder why I am even in the Army at all.

Why are we the worlds policeman when our own country is being openly violated? Why are we borrowing money hand over fist from nations not exactly our friends, just to spend it on our out of control foreign policy? I am starting to feel like the powers that be do not have America???s interests in mind at all. It???s starting to feel like our ruin is their objective. From our factories closing and moving overseas, to the plunging value of our dollar, America is crumbling. Yet I love her far to much to watch her fall apart.
This is why I am taking my personal revolution and joining forces with Dr. Ron Paul???s revolution. His ???bring all the troops home??? non-intervention foreign policy and plans to put America first again are just what we need at this time in our history. I don???t expect you to agree with everything he says, but I do hope we can all put our differences aside and join him in seeing that ALL the troops come home, the Republic is restored and America saved. Thank you and God Bless.
Zakery Carter

Sent by Zak Carter | 2:15 PM | 12-18-2007

Ron Paul 2008: Hope for America

I am a 28-year-old female college graduate. I was discouraged about this election until I found out about Ron Paul, because all of the other candidates (on both sides) are distasteful and repugnant to me. Ron Paul embodies the spirit of America, both as she was founded and as she needs to be now. If you believe in the message of liberty and justice for all, then vote for Ron Paul!

P.S. I am a real person. Yes, I get my news from the Internet, not a printed newspaper. By using the Internet I am able to read a variety of perspectives from different mainstream newspapers, individual voices as well as alternative news sources. A wide range of sources enhances knowledge and understanding, rather than depending on one source.

Sent by Maxine | 2:16 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 38 year old married man with three children all from the same woman (who is studying to be a nurse). I gross $100k a year, yet I'm still struggling to make ends meet. Something's not right, and Ron Paul knows what it is...That's why he's getting our support, money and vote.

The last man to run FOR THE PEOPLE is now on the $20 bill.

Ron Paul will be our next President.

Sent by tre dizzle | 2:18 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 31 year old law student and former computer programmer. I've liked Ron Paul since I got interested in politics in my mid 20s.

The internet makes it a lot easier to keep track of which candidates are switching their stories from week to week (hi rudy! hi hillary! hi mitt! we see you!). Ron Paul is honest and well informed and I trust him to make good decisions for the country.

I only trust the other candidates to do and say what they think will help their political careers. That has meant selling our rights up river in the name of patriotism and national security and buying votes with our tax money. Ron Paul signals an end to that calculus.

Sent by Jim W | 2:22 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 55 yr old small business owner. Mother of two, grandmother of two. Agree 100% with RP on foreign policy and blowback, and domestic solutions, as well. Maxed out donor. Husband, 56 YO attorney is maxed out donor. Daughter (28) and her husband (33) are fervent supporters, as well.

Sent by Liz Viering | 2:22 PM | 12-18-2007

45 year old single mother (5 boys, 3 of whom are old enough to vote -- all 3 RP supporters -- cuz I said so! :P) IT Director, lifelong Conservative Christian Republican. RP supporter since 9-07! Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Louise | 2:23 PM | 12-18-2007

"I gross $100k a year, yet I'm still struggling to make ends meet. Something's not right..."

Get rid of the SUV and the McMansion and you'll be halfway towards fixing the problem.

Sent by Stewart | 2:23 PM | 12-18-2007

This NPR interview is REDICULOUSLY biased and wrong on most points (by the way, Britain DIDN'T fight a civil war to abolish slavery). It is interviews like this that show how brainwashed even the media have become. I'm disappointed in this interview and the person from the Chronicle that gave it. It makes me glad that I am voting for Dr. Paul

Sent by Stephen Bratton | 2:23 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm an actor in NYC. I re-registered Republican (was previously non-affiliated) for the primaries and Paul.

We have the rare opportunity to support a true statesman in every sense of the word. Anyone who doesn't needs to examine their principles.

Sent by Oscar DeGrouch | 2:30 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 30 y.o. Bio-med student with an M.S. in Exercise Science. I was researching Buddhism and became a Buddhist and a Christian on the day that I realized that Jesus was a Buddha. My non-interventionism spread to economics when I started reading Rothbard, von Mises, Hayek, and Hoppe. I discovered that there is no difference between economic and moral freedom, and that the only moral form of government is pure federalism, which was destroyed in this country by Lincoln when he invaded the seceeding Conferderate States of America. I am a philosopher, economist, and a Republican.

Sent by rhys | 2:30 PM | 12-18-2007

My wife and I are both 29 years old living in Utah and are first time voters who hold both paties in discontent. Ron Paul is a man of principles and will tell you what he stands for. We both registered Republican to vote for him in the primaries. We are fed up with the main stream media pushing bias garbage. This movement is more than just Ron Paul, but liberty and freedom itself.

Sent by Joe Banks | 2:31 PM | 12-18-2007

74 years old. Retired and watching inflation flare up. gas now three times start of Bush term and graduating upwards. Food prices going up. War has been a ridiculous fraud on the American People and we need to cut our spending in this wastful endeavor. Ron Paul does earmarks but only after he votes against the underlying bill. He has answered this critiques many times so it would be worth while to go to google and key in Ron Paul. There are speeches, weekly letters and all types of historical voting etc. You can get a great picture of what Dr. Paul is all about and if you are like us come away a big fan

Sent by Tom | 2:31 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a Berkeley, CA local, a lesbian, a pro-gun home defense specialist, and interested in personal liberty on all counts. That's why I'm supporting Ron Paul. Whether he agrees with my personal lifestyle or not, I KNOW he will defend my individual right to freedom.

Sent by Tacy Traverso | 2:36 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a married 31 year old Texan who voted (sadly) for Bush twice. The first time precisely because he was saying things in the Foreign Policy arena that Dr. Paul is saying. The 2nd time because, i like many, we're convinced I was hated because I was free. I've since changed my view on that notion. I have an active duty brother whom i do not want sent back to war. My father was a career officer in the Army and he has recently decided that he is for Ron Paul as well. I own an independent record label and am an entreprenuer and musician.

Sent by Lee Brooks | 2:37 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 28 year old male, married Network Administrator awaiting the birth of my first child. I see Ron Paul as the hope to start a change to make my country a better place for that child. I want a country that doesn't force it's views with one hand while preaching freedom with the other.

Sent by Michael | 2:39 PM | 12-18-2007

I am 62 and a former teacher. I am for Ron Paul because he wants to get rid of
the Dept of Ed and make the Federal govt be responsible for only what was stated in the Constitution. I am for no Death Tax and No Capital gains tax. My husband and I have worked and saved for our own retirement. We have taken investment risks on our own and should be able to spend the little we have as we wish or give it away as we wish.The politicians are quick to give raises to themselves and to those getting entitlements-what about encouraging those who save for themselves. They forget we vote!

Sent by nancy adams | 2:42 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of spin coming from usually unbiased NPR, but I'll add my profile to your little list so can acuse of all of being fringe elements of society.

Male, 35, married, no children, homeowner, post graduate degree, engineer, New Orleans, LA.

Until recently I was registered independent, although I normally voted Republican. I'm now registered Republican and have given $200 to Ron Paul's campaign. He is the last chance to take back our government from career politicians beholden to special interests.

Sent by James Orleans | 2:45 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 30-year-old married father of five, working as a systems integrator for a defense contractor. I've been a Reagan conservative my whole life, but since I was able to vote 1996, I've been had to hold my nose to vote Republican (Bush, Dole) and voted Constitution in 2000 and 2004. I'm glad to be able to support a candidate and still be able to look at myself in the mirror

Sent by Tom Albrecht | 2:46 PM | 12-18-2007

Independent computer consultant, married, daughter, had best $ year in 2006. Found out that federal deductions phase out after $200K. I paid $52K federal income tax for 2006!

I paid everything off, have cash in bank for about 4-5 years, so I'M NOT WORKING ANYMORE TO PAY UNREASONABLE INCOME TAX TO FUND SENDING AMERICANS TO DIE IN IRAQ.

I am sending $ to Dr. Ron Paul, paid for a plate at a private lunch, and am spreading the message every day to real people in person (outside the internet).

Sent by john | 2:47 PM | 12-18-2007

Ron Paul 2008
I support the Constitution. The way it was intened to be. Not passed over and used only when it benifitted the Right or the left. It is time to go back to it. Real money, getting the fedral government out of our lives, stopping agressive non declared wars and traditional values. Government is supposd to protect our freedom not to be our rulers. Vote this election for our forefaters views. Vote Ron Paul 2008

Sent by Ron Aldof | 2:48 PM | 12-18-2007

I've been a Christian most of my life.
I'm 28.
I'm married.
I live in Seattle.
I'll be a father in March, 2008.
I write screenplays for business training.
I've been a republican for ten years.
I voted Libertarian in the general election 4 years ago, 2 years ago, and 1 year ago. Ron Paul's vision for this country marks my return to the Republican party.

Sent by Nathan Key | 2:50 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a truth seeker who believes in freedom, equal rights, and justice. I like having the facts, and I strongly support Ron Paul because he is the only Presidential candidate who "tells it as it truly is."
I have voted for two decades now, but this is the first time I have ever felt so strongly about a candidate that I tell my friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. about Ron Paul's great ideas. I am 46 years old.

Sent by Paul Ashcroft | 2:50 PM | 12-18-2007

40 years old
not married
single mom
Masters in Special Education
Disaffected? YES
Dislikes MSM? YES
Wants to leave son with a better America? YES
Loves Ron Paul's message? YES
Donates to Ron Paul? YES

Sent by VAT | 2:50 PM | 12-18-2007

Im a 32 year old male from NYC. I'm a libertarian registered republican who believes in 2nd ammendment rights and fiscal responsibility yet is liberal on social issues and feels that our foreign policy is destroying our civil liberties and economy. I believe in states rights. I'm tired of compasionate conservatism and nanny state liberalsm.

Sent by SteveNYC | 2:51 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 31 year old mechanical engineer.
I am voting for Ron Paul because he is an honest, good, and consistent man. Furthermore he understands that it is morally wrong to tell someone "you are not entitled to %100 of the fruits of your labor because I don't trust that you would help the needy so I'm taking what we need at gunpoint"

BTW, Ron Paul votes for the earmarks in commitee but then votes against the bill as a whole. Please hire a fact checker.

Sent by William_B | 2:54 PM | 12-18-2007

The Houston Chronicle is openly hostile to Ron Paul and you choose one of its employees to interview about Ron Paul? You could have at least tried to find someone who was a little more objective.

I am a 44 year old married mother of 3 who is supporting Ron Paul even though I don't agree with him about everything for the simply reason that he is ONLY candidate who actually believes in something and sticks to it no matter what.

Ron Paul is the anti-flipflop.

Sent by Elizabeth | 2:56 PM | 12-18-2007

23 Years Old
college educated
tired of ridiculous government spending? YES
terrified of America going the way of Rome? YES
looking for a truly honest, un-bribable politician? YES

Sent by James | 2:58 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm no internet junkie - but I love Ron Paul! It boggles my mind that he's considered a fringe candidate!

Sent by Abe S | 3:00 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 46 year old female from NC, registered Republican as of today (previously Unaffiliated). I changed my affiliation just to vote for Dr. Paul in the primary. I get most of my news from my local paper, CNN and the internet. I am a small business owner, and an accountant. I have never voted in a presidential election because there was never a candidate that I could, in good faith, vote for. Dr. Paul has changed that. This is the man who can protect our rights and bring this country back to the Constitution. This is the man who will bring honesty back to our government. I am voting for Ron Paul because he truly is the only hope for America.

Sent by Betsy Smith | 3:08 PM | 12-18-2007

Hi! I already commented here simply to answer the 'Who are Ron Paul's supporters' question as part of my daily 'Hey let's browse npr at lunch for interesting stories' project but I hadn't heard the larger audio podcast til just now.

Honestly, every article I've read in the Houston Chronicle this year (I've probably read 8-10) about Ron Paul has been a remarkably biased "hit piece" against him (I say 'remarkably' because - despite being a professed Paulite - I really don't expect consistent bias like that from any 'mainstream' outlet other than perhaps FOX news - and even FOX news has some diversity in their news staff). I don't know if any or all of those were from Bennett Roth but it seems a little anti-NPR-ish to not interview either Paul himself or get a sampling of his local supporters actually on air.

I suppose reasonable people will notice the blatant mockery with which he treated Ron Paul's supposed comments on the Civil War, for instance. I mean I've never heard that Paul said that it would've been far better to simply purchase all the slaves' freedom, but what could be a better dream! Instant undoing of the reprehensible slavery in the country. No suppression of vital civil liberties from Lincoln's administration. Probably far less expensive in monetary terms than all the hardware of death, forced marches, and prison camp maintenance than what we did do. None of the brutal warfare and killings of that profoundly deadly conflict. And certainly less residual resentment, racism, and turmoil. My heavens! Who could possibly disrespect that? And why?

This guest really seemed to be trying to paint Paul as nothing more than a racist, fake, inexplicable phenomena mostly supported by the misinformed fringes of society. And yet even as he grasped at straws to do so he brought up more genuine reasons for the general public to admire the guy. [He also had to admit that his other aspersions were decades old and generally agreed upon as baseless to begin with.]

For me I want the kind of leader suggested by the guest's example of Paul's comments on the Civil War. I want somebody to be able to look at the impending, senseless violence of our current conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, - wherever - and say 'Hey wait a second here, what are the real objectives? and what are the solutions that don't involve murder, overtaxing the people for Imperial dominion, and suppression of hard-gained civil liberties?'

Sent by Doug Bayless | 3:09 PM | 12-18-2007

I am:
a Cape Codder (MA)
an IT Consultant
an Atheist
31 years old
a former Independent
an NPR listener

The only thing that connect RP supports are a love of freedom, an understanding of the Constitution, and an Internet connection.

BTW, I'm disappointment with NPR on their political coverage...you guys are starting to sound like the MSM.

Sent by Ian | 3:11 PM | 12-18-2007

Who am I? 43 year old, college graduate, married for 22 years, business development manager. I'm a current member of the Libertarian Party. Wife is a GOPer and my 20 year old son is a Libertarian too.
I support Dr. Paul due to his staunch advocacy of the US Constitution. Because he has unwavering philosophical underpinnings to his political thought, he is the opposite of a 'freewheeling firebrand' as you depict.
He voted against the Head Start initiative because the Constitution makes NO reference anywhere to funding education at a Federal level. He voted to impeach Clinton, not because of his sexual indescretions - or to violate his privacy - but because he was guilty of perjury. He lied under oath. He will always vote against anything that destroys 2nd Amendment rights (mandatory trigger lock). I haven't heard of him abusing earmarks, but instead see of him always on the list of 'Taxpayers Best Friend'.

Sent by John S. | 3:26 PM | 12-18-2007

I am A 24yr old, male, college student from Virginia

Sent by Hunter Kerns | 3:27 PM | 12-18-2007

30 yr old
completed grad school
NPR member
Freelance industrial designer
from urban north east
Ron Paul supporter

Sent by Emily | 3:29 PM | 12-18-2007

27 yr. old female
1 child (age 1 1/2)
South Dakota
Registered Republican

I've only been aware of Dr. Ron Paul for a couple of months. I've never fully researched political candidates before (I have now!) and Ron Paul follows the beliefs of our founding fathers. We the people are loosing our freedoms very quickly, and it's time to get them back

Sent by Sara | 3:36 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 33 year old engineer. I am married with one child. I have lived in North Carolina my entire life. I have always considered myself to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

I had heard of Ron Paul, but knew little of him until the first debate when he gave his now infamous 'blowback' response. I went to his website, read where he stood on the issues, and have been a Paulite ever since.

I agree with him on most of his positions, but disagree on a few. However, I feel he is a man of principle. In this day and age, that is a rare thing to say about a politician.

These are firsts for me (and I think thousands of others)

I donated to his campaign.
I told my family and friends about him. (My mom is also a big Ron Paul supporter now.)
I attended a political rally.

"Dr. Paul cured my apathy."

Sent by Paul R | 3:38 PM | 12-18-2007

In my view, any American who doesn't support Ron Paul deserves to chafe under intrusive federal government and its legions of overpaid bureacrats. It is time to take America back from the undeserving and tyrannical politicans who have been in control for the last century.

Sent by Tom Mathers | 3:39 PM | 12-18-2007

a conservative republican who votes
an Army veteran
29 year's old
living and working in Manhattan
a Ron Paul supporter

Sent by Ken A | 3:52 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 22 year old Business/Law student and I am a Ron Paul supporter. He's the only candidate who has made a bold attempt to remedy our current economic position and restore credit and faith in the American Dollar. I believe that in the globalized world, America has to hold onto its economic prowess and develop it, not squander it. Ron Paul understands this and that's why he has my support.

Sent by Ryan | 3:55 PM | 12-18-2007

-female hispanic PhD student
-42 years old
-previously registered as democrat or independent
-NOW: I have registered as a republican so i can vote for Ron Paul in the California primary on Feb 5.

REJECT Stepford politicians with big business in their pockets!

Let's go back to taking care of ourselves and our communities, instead of letting the government into our homes and our bank accounts.

End Iraq war now!

google news brought me here today, but i gave up on NPR about two years ago: too much like MSM...

Sent by asha | 4:01 PM | 12-18-2007

Male, married with 3 kids. 35 years old, work as a computer security admin at a major bank. Voted democratic, then Perot and Nader in the past. NPR member of my Seattle radio station. Grew up in a small town, lived in the city for past 17 years. Conservative Christian, attend church weekly. I support Dr. Paul because of his honesty and his support of the constitution - we need big change in our country right now. I've been able to sell Dr. Paul to my democrtic leaning parents and my 86 grandpa and my conservative, missionary father in law.

Sent by Tolli | 4:04 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 45 yr old male and a digital artist at an animation studio in Dallas. I never cared about politics and have never known a politician who impressed me much...until I heard about Ron Paul, back in 2004. Dr. Paul, as they say, cured my apathy. I avoid mainstream media, or at least take it with a grain of salt, due to the unbridled bias, spin and distortion so widely present in our country's mainstream media outlets. I get my news primarily through independent sources on the internet and through documentary films, since so much of the information I feel is most relevant is largely avoided by television's talking heads. Ron Paul delivers a message that is long overdue in its delivery and he delivers it with honor and integrity, virtues which are now frighteningly scarce in Washington and corporate America. Hillary may be bought and paid for by the power elite, yet I will still cast my vote for Dr. Paul, because it is the right thing to do. If he loses, may God have mercy on our doomed nation.

Sent by Hollan Holmes | 4:05 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 39-year-old non-religious, upper-middle-class small business owner. I've respected the libertarian principles of the founders for years and feel that they are all the more applicable in our dangerous world. Concentrated power is more dangerous and corrupting than anything, and that is why it so important to support Paul - the only candidate that will work every day to restore a rational balance between federal, state, and (most importantly) individual power.
We are not isolationists - in either a national sense or a community sense. We are people who love others and want everyone to have the freedom to voluntarily interact with others on their own terms.
Free individuals make the only workable communities.

Sent by Paul from NC | 4:05 PM | 12-18-2007

49 y/o married,white female business administrator who makes $150000+ anually. Changed my voter registration to Republican so I can vote for Dr. Paul. Tired of the same old mediocre leadership of our country. Don't agree with all of Dr. Paul's views but at least he tells the truth, understands that you shouldn't spend more $ than you have, and values liberty and our Constitution. I would like to feel proud to be an American again.

Sent by Carrie | 4:07 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 29 year old Systems Administrator from Kentucky with a Computer Science degree from UK. I'm single and not any particular religion. I was a registered Democrat but switched to Republican so I could vote in the primaries for Ron Paul.

I'm concerned that well financed special interests will lobby for more laws eroding freedom, that we will lose our sovereignty to foreign governments like the UN, that socialization of necessary services will bankrupt the lower and middle classes, and that our fiat money system is headed toward collapse making this country weak.

I've donated $400 to Ron Paul in the hopes that he will remove the laws that are preventing people from governing themselves. I want to make the choice as to how my money is spent and who gets it. I'm tired of lying politicians scaring people into giving away their freedom for the illusion of safety. I want what everyone of us wanted when we were teenagers; to be responsible for myself and free to make my own decisions. I want to live my life the way I want to not how people who don't know me want me to.

Sent by Tom Snyder | 4:08 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 62 year old mathematican/computer engineer. I've been a libertarian for 40 years, since reading Rand, von Mises, and Rothbard. I was slightly involved in John Hospers' first Libertarian Party presidential campaign in 1972. After six years or so I got burned out and figured I wouldn't live long enough to see anything like this. When Dr. Paul ran in 1988, I heard him during a 10-minute radio interview only once, and I don't recall any radio or TV ads, though it has been a long time and I may not remember if there had been a small number of them. When I read back in March that he was running again, I just chuckled. I figured he would kick up a little more dust this time around, being a Republican, but this is just astonishing! Where the heck have all these libertarians come from? I don't believe I ever attended a libertarian political gathering that had more than 20 or so people in attendance, and most of them were fellow male computer nerds. Maybe I should get back into this.

Sent by SteveF | 4:14 PM | 12-18-2007

Man of God
23 Male

I am a Ron Paul supporter because he speaks truth.

Sent by Aaron K | 4:18 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm happy to see that the word is getting out that those of us who support Ron Paul are not a bunch of kids living in our mothers' basements! I am

48 years old
Married for 27 years
Daughter in the Army
Business Owner
Live in Washington state
College educated

I've voted primarily Republican over the years, though the last two elections I voted Libertarian. My main reason for supporting RP (donated $250 already and will do so again) is because he understands monetary policy and how it's crushing the country as it is currently manipulated. He also understands the real reason we are being targeted for terrorism. I would love to see mainstream Americans look around and see that we're not a bunch of kooks or internet addicts. We are real people with very real concerns who love our country but have completely lost faith in our government. Go Ron Paul 2008!!

Sent by Lisa | 4:19 PM | 12-18-2007

28 yr old
Bachelor's Degree
Moved from Florida to DC to work for a Government Contractor in the Technology field.
Donated to a presidential campaign for the first time ever - Ron Paul's campaign.
Usually Republican, but don't necessarily vote the party line. I'm disappointed in the Republicans of late for promising smaller government but expanding it. I'm somewhat undecided about the Iraq war...I think it was good to get rid of Hussein, however the way we did it was not the right way. Economically, I agree with Congressman Paul. I think the free market has a lot of benefits, and we don't need government controlling every part of our lives.
I think Paul is very honest, and isn't your typical politician. Most politicians - on both sides of the aisle - will say ANYTHING to get and stay elected.
Frankly, I'm tired of the two party system, where people "root" for their team. No matter what happens people love their party and despise the other.
Go Ron Paul!! He is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise fairly corrupt system.

Sent by Earl | 4:24 PM | 12-18-2007

I"m 52 and a stay-at-home homeschooling dad. I haven't voted for president since 1980 and lost hope in voting until Ron Paul entered this race. I'm against America as world policeman and the endless taxing and spending of conventional politicians. I see the nearly $10 trillion national debt as a disaster looming. The small government rhetoric of Republicans is now so threadbare as to leave the emperor with no clothes at all. I want big changes. I trust Dr. Paul to fight the good fight if elected.

Sent by Nicolas | 4:26 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 65 year old retired public school administrator.
I have been an elementary teacher,elementary school Principal, high school Principal, District Director of Technology, and School District Director of Curriculum.
I was a Texas resident until October of this year. I am currently living in Tulsa, OK.
I support Ron Paul. His record shows he actually says what he means and means what he says. How refreshing. I believe he is a man of conscience.

Sent by Mary Harris | 4:36 PM | 12-18-2007

28 College educated male in Baton Rouge, La. I am faculty at Louisiana State University. I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I'm taking part in the first real revolution since the 1960s. Even if Paul loses, he wins. Join the RPR.

Sent by foramerica | 4:40 PM | 12-18-2007

Wow! Look at all these young techies supporting Ron Paul from their mother's basements ;)

I am a 51 year old mother of 3 minor children, a college graduate and on my 3rd career (golf course superintendent, at home mom, Realtor) and I live in Virginia.

I was formerly fairly apathetic about politics but finding out about Ron Paul some 10 years ago was one of the things that helped cure my apathy. I could not believe that there was anyone in congress who was that principled and honest!

I consider myself a "small l" libertarian or minarchist, if I must have a label. But I prefer Freedom Fighter or Lover of Liberty and someone who reveres the constitutional principles on which this great country was founded.

Beyond that, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate on either side of the aisle who understands and speaks to the financial crisis this country is in. You want compassion? Ron Paul understands what inflation is doing to the poor and middle class and he's trying to fix it.

All of y'all in the msm are missing the real story of Ron Paul however. It really isn't the man, it's the message of Freedom that brings people together.

You ought to be asking why, for example, the meetup group of nearly 300 members that I organize, ranges in age from 17 to 76 and the people are from every background imaginable. You ought to ask why anyone would completely cover their car with Ron Paul bumper stickers, as a young man in my group has done. You ought to ask why the electricity is nearly palpable when several Ron Paul supporters get together, even if they've never met before. You ought to ask why people would stand out on street corners in all kinds of weather holding home-made signs supporting their man.

There are human interest stories in this campaign, the likes of which will never be seen again in my lifetime.

But that's ok. Like it's been said, "the revolution will not be televised". Can't wait to see the looks of shock when we crawl across hot coals to vote for Ron Paul!

Sent by Terri Kurowski | 4:49 PM | 12-18-2007

I support Ron Paul because I believe in the Constitution.

Sent by rob | 4:55 PM | 12-18-2007

46 Male
Former Marine
CCIE network engineer
Father of 4

America is now paying for the sins of apathy and large living. Ok, we'll pay as the dollar collapses and jobs dry up and blow away to China and Mexico.

The true political paradigm is not left=socialism and right=fascism, fascism and socialism are both on the left. Government control=left Freedom=right. Ron Paul is right.

Sent by Rich in KC | 4:58 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm 36 lives in Kirkland, WA. I immigrated to this country from Taiwan when I was 12. Works as a computer programmer and make over $100,00 a year. I voted for Bush in 2000 and 3rd party protest vote in 2004. Never need politically active, never donated to a campaign, never voted in a primary.

After learning about Ron Paul, I was really impressed by his knowledge on monetary policy and his non-intervention makes total sense. There are a generation of people who know nothing but American aggression, how is this support to make us safer?

He has my vote and support. Not because he is go great (although the is probably the most honest man in congress), but his message of freedom, peace, and prosperity will endure for years to come.

Sent by Peter | 4:59 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 33 year old Software Engineer. I'm voting for Ron Paul because my values are most closely aligned with his and because he's the only candidate with a clear record of honesty. The other main reason I am voting for Dr. Paul is because he is the only candidate determined to turn this country around fiscally. The mainstream Democrats and Republicans are both out of control spenders causing us to take on enormous amounts of debt. At our current rate of spending we'll soon find our dollars worthless and it'll be tough just to keep up with interest on the national debt.

Sent by Mark | 5:00 PM | 12-18-2007

I am
26 years old
a student finishing my teaching certification
a holder of two bachelor's degrees
a home owner
a fiance
a Catholic
a Midwesterner
a Ron Paul supporter!
a real person!

I think Ron's campaign is more honest than any of the other candidates. Ron seems to be the most independent, unapologizing, and unwavering of the current 2008 candidates.

Sent by CMT | 5:04 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm 37, male, and a first generation Irish-American. I stay home with my two preschool-aged daughters in politically purple Montgomery County, PA. My wife is a professional and lifelong Democrat.

I have many views which are not consistent with Ron Paul's platform. I'm pro-choice. As the son of immigrants, I believe the most vital elements in the public's anti-immigration stance are, as they have always been, xenophobia and racism. I don't think that a secret, supra-governmental cabal is trying to pave a job-stealing "North American superhighway" from Mexico to Canada.

And yet, I am supporting him, because I think the libertarian ideals encoded in the Constitution are the litmus test against which all new legislation and expansion of government should be measured. Dr. Paul is the only credible candidate in my voting lifetime who even claims to share that view. I am supporting him out of desperation. If I have to crowd into the tent with a few people wearing tin-foil hats, so be it.

Sent by David | 5:05 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 28yr old mortgage wholesaler with a BA in economics. I have studied monetary policy for the past five years and was drawn to Paul as he was the only member of the House Financial Committee to question the practices of the Fed. Their easy money policy of the earlier part of the decade helped to fuel to exspantion of credit in the mortgage and revolving credit markets, resulting in many delinquicies we now see today. Their subsequent raising of rates resulted in a contraction of mortgage credit that has led to many to being stranded in their current situation with no available financing for reprieve. Low overnight and discount funds rates due nothing but encourage inflation and hurt those who save. The ability to control these rates is the ability to control the money supply and inflation, which is why there needs to be more transparency within the Federal Reserve.

More importantly I was drawn to Dr. Paul's foreign policy. I voted for Bush in 2000 based on his "no nation building" platform. I was tired of Clinton's involvement in Bosnia. I did not vote in 2004 because there was no canidate I felt supported my values.

The democrats elected into office in 2006 have let the american public down. The neo-con establishment of the republican party has infiltrated our system and purposely misled the american public in order to line their pockets and keep us in a constant state of fear. Because they know, there is no better way to control a population. It's time to kick these bastards out of Washington and replace them with the good Dr. and those he see's fit to place in his cabinet.

Sent by Josh | 5:06 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a married 33 year old stay-at-home homeschooling mother of 2. Despite the fact that my husband and I have always been extremely interested and well informed in politics, we have never found a candidate worthy of our votes, and have never contributed financially to any campaign before. My husband and I support Ron Paul because we want the federal government out of our lives. We don't need anyone telling us what we must teach our children or what toxins we must inject into them. We are extremely concerned with the current economy, we do not believe the U.S. should be fighting costly unnecessary wars. We are tired of being fed nothing but lies at every turn. We are not wealthy by any means but we recognize that you cannot put a price tag on freedom and have donated the maximum allowed. We have been campaigning, recruiting, voting, canvassing, letter writing, rallying, sign holding and anything else we can manage to do to help others wake up from their apathetic MSM induced slumber. Our children's futures depend on it. Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Lane | 5:17 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 27 year old software developer from Seattle, WA, a defender in freedom, and a supporter of Ron Paul.

Sent by BAN | 5:18 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm 24 year old Political science grad who used to be Democrat until they betrayed us for war profits after the 06 election. I have registered Republican and am going to vote in Kentucky's primary even though I know that in this political system Kentucky doesn't mean anything.

Sent by Dave Brown | 5:26 PM | 12-18-2007

27 year old
Dr. Paul supporter from NYC.

I have been a registered Independent since I turned 18 and am now registered GOP to vote for Paul. I've been fiercely liberal in what I perceive as my social views and am equally conservative when it comes to my fiscal ones. However, I don't feel that libertarianism is for me. I am anti-war, anti-big government and very pro-personal freedom and responsibility. I do not agree with everything Paul stands for but since a vote for any other candidate is a vote for the same military-industrial corporate system (yes, that includes all the Democrats as well as Republicans) I have no choice but to vote for him if I am to vote with my conscience. I recently joined the GOP in fear of America becoming any more of a nanny-state than it has already. I have my own mind and as an adult can make my own decisions on what is good for me. I do NOT need a government bureaucracy to tell me what I can and cannot do for or to myself.
P.S. I found your article from 12/18 a bit biased as are most sources with corporate funding (or donations) when Ron Paul is mentioned.

Sent by Anthony | 5:28 PM | 12-18-2007

I support Ron Paul and have contributed $ 100 to his campaign. Never donated to a candidate before in my life.
49 years old
Structural Engineering Draftsman and Web Designer
Lifelong Student of New Thought and Metaphysics / Active in Church Small Group Ministries

My political philosophy of self-reliance meshes well with my eclectic spirituality.

People worry about the consequences of some of Paul's views if he becomes President (i.e. "anti-choice," education cuts, etc.). It's as if they thought the whole country would suddenly turn hard core Libertarian. I don't think there's any chance of the whole country suddenly assuming Libertarain views. Then again, Paine's Common Sense was read by virtually every literate colonist in the first six months of 1776 (if I am not mistaken).

Maybe the best that will come out of this movement is a resurgence of Constitutional Literacy and some curtailing of the incursions on personal and economic liberty.

I want to take this opportunity to say God Bless (or if you're an atheist, my warmest regards) ALL my fellow American citizens regardless of political or other persuasion.

Let us create a nation of mutual respect, peace, and brotherhood, with or without government's help. Amen.

Sent by pmh | 5:29 PM | 12-18-2007

Dr. Paul tries to get the money back that mandatory federal taxes have taken out of his district. Besides, he ends up voting no on the majority of the final bills where the earmarks reside on constitutional grounds. In any event, its not as simple as portrayed in the article.

He wants to change things at a higher level, like try to keep the money where it belongs, at the state and local level. Until that happens, he has to operate within the current law.

If he did not get some federal money back for local projects, this article would never have been written, because he would have been voted out after his first term way back in the 70s. I will leave it to you to consider the bizarre, back-to-the-future like implications of this.

Demagoguery does not suit NPR.

Sent by Tron Denver | 5:36 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 71 year old retired engineer, a Kentucky native and just recently changed my registration to Ron Paul Republican. He is (in my view) the only candidate that offers hope for America. Never before contributed to a political candidate until Ron Paul and will continue to contribute to his campaign as long as I am able.

Sent by William P Cox | 5:37 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 23 year old student and am in the Nevada Army National Guard. I served in Iraq as an infantryman from Jan 2004 to Feb 2005. I am volunteering to go back as infantry in August so I can go with my brother-in-law. The MAJORITY of the men I serve with are, and always have been, against this "war". Tons of them are for Ron Paul. I know personally over 20 soldiers who will be caucusing for Ron Paul here in Nevada, and I also personally know 30 plus soldiers from around the globe who donated to him on December the 16th.

Sent by Justin Cole Crowe | 5:48 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 34-year old, married, agnostic male from the liberal hotbed of New Jersey, a lifelong progressive Democrat from a working class family, now living in northern Virginia with my wife.

I vote regularly, do my jury duty with a smile, but am otherwise not terribly engaged with civics and politics. Prior to this election cycle, I never donated to a campaign.

I've held a career in libraries for nearly a decade, working as a systems administrator and software engineer, both in academia and in government.

I have earned bachelor's and master's degrees, and am highly interested in political philosophy. The idea of socialism appeals to me as much as that of anarchism, and which way I sway depends on how cynical of a mood I'm in, but I do believe strongly in principles of classical liberalism and in a republican (small r) system of government.

In the past four presidential elections I voted for Clinton, Clinton, Gore, and Kerry, and have consistently voted the (Democratic) party line for local, state, and national elections.

Only recently did I become aware of Ron Paul's campaign. Prior to that, I was unenthused by the Democratic candidates -- none of them appeal to me terribly much, and I will admit that my votes for Gore and Kerry were primarily cast to keep Bush out of office, not out of any love for the Dems.

After hearing of Ron Paul's unique message of individual liberty and non-interventionism, I've been eager to donate to Paul's campaign, to gather signatures to get him on the ballot, to attend Republican events (such as the state straw poll), and otherwise to spread his message to all who will listen.

Many have said that Ron Paul cured their apathy; Ron Paul cured my cynicism.

Sent by Michael | 5:55 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 40 year old female
I am a doctor(and homeopath)though not currently practicing much
I am a farmer (cows, sheep, chickens, vegetables)
I have 4 children
I homeschool my children
I am a former Independent
I do not have a TV
I live in rural NY
I am against the NAIS, RFID chips in my animals or family, vaccinating my children unnecessarily, rules against my food like not being able to buy raw milk, or, in PA not being able to buy milk labelled "hormone free". I am sick of paying the IRS a large portion of my income, then watching someone on public aid making the same bad choices over and over. I don't want to live in "one country, under surveillance" even though my life is boring and not worth watching. I am willing to accept the personal responsibility that comes with downsizing the federal government and that includes providing charity to my less fortunate neighbors, which I already practice to the extent of my ability. I am tired of big corporations running our country and am ready for someone who tells the truth. I am Catholic, but my husband considers himself a heathen and he is also a doctor and a Ron Paul supporter.

Sent by Sarah | 5:56 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a kentucky college student working as a nurse aid. I'm studying economics and paramedicine, that my intrests mimic Mr. Pauls is pure coincidence, but I believe the underlying respect and moral responsibility to do what you can for the community is something we might share.

Sent by ezra dike | 6:00 PM | 12-18-2007

I clicked on the interview link thinking that it was Dr. Paul who would be speaking. I don't care what Bennett had to say, no offense.
As for the "ear marks". Dr. Paul is in favor of them so that the people can see how much waste there is coming out of Washington DC. Then he votes against the bill.

Sent by mnjrupp | 6:02 PM | 12-18-2007

My wife and I are Republicans living in New Hampshire. We are common folk, have a baby boy, and are not internet saavy. WE are Ron Paul supporters. The question astounds me. It appears that Ron Paul supporters are simply Americans who do not control the media. When we meet with friends from all walks of life, most are Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul has a strong internet following? Garbage. Ron Paul has a strong following - end of story - and his supporters have only one free place to gather and exchange ideas; the internet. Internet support doesn't "translate" into real world support. Internet IS real world support speaking its voice in the only available medium. Acting like it is challenging to find out who Dr. Paul's supporters are is absurd. We're all Ron Paul supporters. Just listen to the sounds below you instead of the sounds above.

Sent by James Carrigan | 6:03 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 30 year old Cabinetmaker from Portsmouth Va. I've never really been politically active before I found out about Ron Paul. After hearing his speech on the floor 5/22/07 I did some research and reread the document he draws his positions from. Since then most of my time and all of my money have gone to see this man in office. After that I'll work to unseat all the members of Congress in the Commonwealth that have seem to have forgotten the Constitution as well.

Sent by Jon Boisseau | 6:07 PM | 12-18-2007

23 Male Collage Student Married, baby in July.

Sent by John | 6:10 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a single male small business owner with no children. I am an agnostic. I want leadership that promotes truth, honesty and progress. I am also a former Air Force member who loves the United States and the Constitution and who does not wish to see either destroyed. I do not support the Globalist agenda.

Sent by Anthony Lilja | 6:27 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 24 year old graduate student at Columbia University, studying computer science. I only mention the school to provide a contrary example to those who believe the school is full of liberal caricatures - hell, the campus even has "Google Ron Paul" scrawled here and there in chalk.

I registered Republican just to vote for him in the primaries. I like Obama too (which I know is totally contradictory, given their positions), but in the end concluded that this nation needs more a president who will act against the 60 year old trend of government expansion, rather than someone who will use broad government power with good intentions.

As a side note, there appears to be a disproportionate amount of support from computer scientists, which is curious. I believe he is the largest Republican recipient of donations @ Google (and he gave a great talk there recently as well).

Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Yom | 6:33 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 39 year old male American, and proud to be so. I was born and raised in North Carolina, near the Virginia border. I have a BA in English from Chowan College, and am an avid student of political and literary history of the US. I started being interested in Ron Paul when I heard him speak on US monetary policy. This is a very interesting topic from which one might learn a great deal by listening to Ron Paul.

Sent by Barry S Wilson | 6:42 PM | 12-18-2007

33-yr old female. Web designer in Western Maine. Graduated Berkeley (and it's not all about ending the war on drugs for me ;)

We need a Ron Paul foreign policy for economic and national security reasons.

Sent by Stephanie | 6:42 PM | 12-18-2007

60 year-old small business owner. Sick & tired of the Clinton/Bush imperialism. I am disgusted by the Republican Party's big spending. I'm more of a Robert A. Taft and Barry Goldwater Republican. I am not a fan of any candidate except Ron Paul!!

Sent by Steve | 6:43 PM | 12-18-2007


Sent by LANCE | 6:49 PM | 12-18-2007

im just a 19 year old who is sick of all the hurt in the world caused by our government, that is spoused to help us....im sick of the government selling us out

Sent by josh | 6:49 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 36 year old graphic designer from Spokane, Washington. Catholic. A little bit liberal and a little bit conservative.
I've never heard a politician speak who didn't sound like they were trying to sell something. And then came Ron Paul. I think he's a great man, and I hope he gets the GOP nomination.

Sent by mistertwilight | 6:50 PM | 12-18-2007

Why is NPR smearing Ron Paul?

You must be kidding or naive!

Where would NPR get its funding in a Paul Administration? Where in the US Constitution is funding of public media mentioned. If Paul gets in, NPR is out. That's why they hate the good doctor!

Sent by Steve Donahue | 6:56 PM | 12-18-2007

To Steve Donahue -- A little bird tells us that Ron Paul is an NPR listener and fan. And I take issue with you saying we are "smearing" him. We are not. We are interested in him, which is why we continue to talk about him and ask questions about him.

Sent by Matt Martinez - NPR | 7:02 PM | 12-18-2007

"Where would NPR get its funding in a Paul Administration? Where in the US Constitution is funding of public media mentioned. If Paul gets in, NPR is out. That's why they hate the good doctor!"

From the bi-annual fund drives. If the people wanted NPR to exist, it would continue to exist. Since Dr. Paul would allow you to keep your paycheck, you could keep public radio around by putting your money where your mouth is.

Sent by Luke Tweedy | 7:04 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 27 year old female. I am an interior designer, registered Libertarian. I grew up in Houston, TX. I fully support Dr. Ron Paul.

Sent by Lara Wheeler | 7:05 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 20 year old college student (Go Purdue!) in the USAF.

I come from a farming background in Kentucky, however my family is middle class.

Sent by John Smith | 7:06 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a mother of three and a grandmother of three. My father was career military. My husband and son were submariners in the USN. I live in Virginia, but I've in 5 other states. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution. I voted for Reagan. I voted for the pre 9-11 Bush and voted for him again for the Justice appointments. I believe Ron Paul more accurately reflects my beliefs. I think that he will do a better job on the economy and have a better foreign policy. I believe, like him, that we need to end the entitlement programs for ILLEGAL aliens.

I'm not a kook, violent, an internet geek, 20, male, disaffected or any other adjective that the media keeps calling me. Everyday I am more angry at the arrogance of the media. But, I should be happy because it makes me fight for him all the more.

The biggest reason why I support Dr. Paul is to save the future of this country for my grandkids. I want them to live free in a self governing Nation. Their ancestors fought and died to secure Liberty and Dr. Paul can restore it.

Sent by Alice | 7:08 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 38 year old self-employed, married professional living in Seattle, WA. I have been registered as an Independent all my life, however will be voting in the upcoming election Republican so I may vote for both Ron Paul & Dino Rossi. Something has to be done about "business as usual, plasticized politics" - it seems like too much power mongering these days and 30 second sound bites. Ron Paul offers a refreshing view on politics - one that is open to people across the country actively participating in the campaign process no matter their individual views, simply we all would like back the freedoms we have lost under the current and former leadership of our nation.

Sent by Jake | 7:35 PM | 12-18-2007

My names is James, i'm 25 and from Sydney, Australia.

My goal is to get ONE American person to change their vote to a Ron Paul vote. This would mean I did my part.

I have also made my donation, so I can be a bigger part of the process.

Sent by pehpsi | 7:36 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 53 year old male who voted for Dr. Paul in 1988. I work as an accountant. My parents are Goldwater Republicans who believed that Democrats get us into wars and Republicans get us out of them. (This was generally true up until Nixon.) A long time ago Republicans were the fiscally responsible party. (Now neither party shows any fiscal restraint.) I, like my parents stopped voting for Republicans years ago, but Ron Paul has brought me back to the GOP.

The media and their pollsters will be very surprised when the votes are counted. Two weeks ago, I discovered there was no Precinct Committee Officer in my precinct. I called up the county Republican Chairman and volunteered and was appointed. After that I discovered a Ron Paul meet up group in my town. We are organized and committed to the ideals of small government and federalism, a gold backed currency free from the FED, and an end to the imperialistic, militaristic, foreign policy that has been in place since LBJ.

No other candidate, Republican or Democrat, has over 100,000 supporters donating money and 20,000 just signed on in December. We will be at the caucuses (I'll make sure the one at my house is packed with Paul supporters) and we will be at the primaries. The ideals of the American Revolution are once again being presented to the American people and they like what they hear.

There is no stopping the Ron Paul R3volution.

Sent by Bill in Washington state | 7:42 PM | 12-18-2007

39, software developer, and a Ron Paul Republican.

Sent by JimS | 7:44 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a Modeling & Simulation Apprentice at Northrop Grumman Newport News, our nation's second largest defense contractor. I am voting for Dr. Paul in the Republican Primary for reasons too numerous to list here. If I had to pick the strongest reason, it would be that Dr. Paul is the only candidate who stands up for our Constitution whether it's popular to do so or not.

Sent by Daniel J. Deibler | 7:46 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 33 year old man born and raised in Los Angeles California. I now live in Walnut a small suburb near L.A. I am an online banking tech for a small Credit Union. On the contrary, I???m not some nut job like CNN or fox news would like everyone to think who likes Ron Paul must be. I love our country but am angry with the way our government has run it to the ground. From our warmongering foreign policies, which might I add only benefit special interest(Halliburton ,Lockheed /martin ,Arbusto Oil??????ect) not the people, to our loss of sovereignty and our weak economy.
I'm also
.former democrat (voted for Kerry in 04)
.NRA member
.Married for 12yrs.
.one child
.don't smoke
.sometimes I???ll peal back a few cold ones.

I Think Ron Paul is the most honest politician I've seen so far.

Honest politician...I use to think that was an oxymoron.

Sent by Joe | 7:57 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a Constitutional Loyalist. This means that I understand the Bill of Rights is not negotiable, and that supporting it is what makes one an American. Based on his voting record and positions on the issues, it's obvious to me (and almost everyone I know) that Ron Paul is the only American running in either party.

Sent by Rod Miller-Boyer | 7:58 PM | 12-18-2007

The beauty of Ron Paul and his campaign is that it's completely authentic. He is not being marketed to us. We are sick of being bombarded by corporate messages trying to manipulate us and sell us on a product or a candidate. George Bush was *sold* to the American people by brilliant marketing executives using images of a down-home, christian, small gov't, neighborly guy. Anyone who actually looked beneath the surface saw where he was really coming from. Luckily people learn from their mistakes though, I believe this is why Dr Paul is so appealing. Americans are hungry for honesty. They don't want a candidate who's marketed to them as "authentic" and "honest". We like that Ron Paul is human. We don't want truthiness, we want the real thing.

Sent by Emily | 8:05 PM | 12-18-2007

Dear Matt Martinez,


May I suggest taking a chance and be the first to report on this for what it really is? As I said, there are some pretty incredible human interest stories in this Ron Paul campaign. Ordinary people have done some extraordinary things. You don't have to look far to find a story.

But if you don't want to dig deeper, just look at the fund raising. The grassroots raised a record $6 million in 1 day and they're all individuals, not the special interests that ALL other campaigns. Look at the number of donors, look at the average amount of donations. Look at the fact that Ron Paul will not accept matching funds even though he meets the requirements to get them.

I could go on and on but I'll close with this: although there's NO WAY I think Ron Paul will lose, this Freedom movement isn't going away. This is just the beginning...

Take a chance on us, NPR; be the first to report on the 2nd American rEVOLution!

Sent by Terri Kurowski | 8:08 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm an ex-republican turned libertarian. I see my self as a very typical American.Works an ordinary job and keeps an eye out for my family and friends. I see the US entering Stage 7 of the seven stages of Empire and worry about the future for our children (both mine and the countries).

I like Dr.Paul's message of getting the government out of our lives. We are becoming an oligarchy and need to stop this trend.

Sent by max | 8:11 PM | 12-18-2007

19 year old male from Illinois (Chicago area) I was completely apathetic towards politics because every politician I looked at just danced around questions or refused to answer them. I have yet to see Ron Paul do either of those things.

Sent by Mike F. | 8:17 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 51 yr. old widow. I have no children. I spend alot of time in chat on the internet and heard the message of Ron Paul rebirthing the constitution.
That was the shot in the arm I needed.

Sent by Gigi Garroutte | 8:21 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 27 year old graduate student at Stanford University studying electrical engineering. I grew up in Spokane, Washington. I've been following politics for many years. First, I got fed up with the Republicans and cable news. Then, I got fed up with the Democrats and NPR. I was an avid NPR listener until about a year ago when I realized that it is just as biased as anything on television (yes folks, NPR is mainstream media). Now I view it with about as much credibility as Fox News. Turn off your television and radio! Wake up and vote for Ron Paul!

Sent by Andrew | 8:25 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 36 year old son of Mexican migrants. A small business owner of Los Angeles area. I questioned the Iraq war, my brother is a Marine, so of course I was surprised when no WMD's were found. I accidentally discovered him on youtube. I then became a supporter when I became educated about inflation tax and his fiscal vision.

Sent by Ralph Z | 8:30 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a Ron Paul supporter from Kentucky. I'm a railroad engineer and member of the BLE-Teamsters union. I voted for Bush twice, and that's my fault. To me, Ron Paul represents true conservative values and is the only true statesman in the race. Who are Ron Paul supporters? We are Americans with good sense that are aware of the monetary danger this country is in now. We are supporters that are 100% likely to vote in elections.

Sent by Nick Lyons | 8:47 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 24 year old college student and political science major who is quite active in my student government. I'm also served as a United States Army Infantryman in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

There are a few reasons why I think that Ron Paul is able to raise so much cash is that the common man is sick and tired of the status quo that is so common in Washington D.C.

There are those who have looked at the field, both parties, and can't find anyone who is REALLY different. It's all more of the same. And we're tired of the same. So, when we found Dr. Paul, who has actually had the same message for 30 years, we instantly said YES! this is the guy.

Although we may be scattered across the nation, the Internet shrinks the world and enables us to mobilize in a way that's truly revolutionary.

If you'll notice it's small donations and large numbers of first time voters that made the Tea Party possible. No big money. No special interests. Just the average joe. THAT is Ron Paul's base.

Sent by Christopher | 8:47 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a student, married, father with 1 little girl and another on the way..I support Ron Paul, so my children can live in the USA where they have civil liberties and personal freedom. Ron Paul will keep us away from a new world order, and he will protect our rights as citizens. He is the only politician I actually trust, he isn't out to become president, he is out to save all the citizens of the United States, his message has shown that America still has hope, and every parent should really think about the future and realize we are losing our freedom. Military personnel should not be on our neighborhood streets. Please just question everything and research, don't just believe something because it is on the news. Study...Study ... Study...Knowledge is power, and all forms of media can be manipulated, if you haven't researched all of the candidates, don't vote.

Sent by Travis Cude | 8:47 PM | 12-18-2007

I am an 18 year old male from Oklahoma who recently worked for the Giuliani campaign. After really researching the issues, I realized that Giuliani would only serve to grow our wasteful government. I now support Ron Paul.

Sent by Kyle | 8:49 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a 39 y/o Software Developer and USAF veteran in Kentucky. I enjoy listening to NPR every day, however I have been disappointed at the minimal coverage and negative slant towards Ron Paul on this excellent program. I'm a Libertarian Centrist that leans both left and right on various issues yet I feel that this left/right view is oversimplified.

I am proud to be a supporter of Ron Paul because he's the only candidate that would return us to the Gold Standard (just compare Pre-1964 dollars to what we have now.).

He is also against the war and wants our brothers and sisters back on the homefront as do I. It's obvious that all adminstrations since WWII have been keeping us in constant war and this war (war against "Terrorism") is the most deceivable one to date. I find it odd that many people don't want to recognize that Prescott Bush (W's grandpa) was indicted be he headed a US bank that lended $3 million to the Hitler war machine. People shy away from the fact that Bush, Cheney, Kissinger and the CIA have close ties to the Bin Ladens. I could go on, but I don't have the time and you may not have the patience.

The Council on Foreign Relations (which almost all presidential candidates are members and/or have close ties to) has been exposed by Bill Moyers ("The Secret Government") 20 years ago and also by Edward Griffin (CFR: The Capitalist Conspiracy) 40 years ago. This is the main reason I don't trust any of the candidates that are "politics as usual" and are CFR members. I would support Kucinich and Gravel, however Ron Paul seems to be fighting for what the founding fathers gave us and warned us of the perversions of power that has been going on for a long time in this country.

Sent by Randall | 9:06 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 34 y.o. systems engineer. I am married and I have a 6 yo kid. I have been legally living in US for over 9 years but never bothered to become citizen, but due to my admiration of Dr Paul I have started the citizenship process which will cost me over $1000. If my application is processed by November next year I will vote for Dr. Paul unequivocally. I have donated around $300 so far and will donate more to keep Dr. Paul and his ideas alive in this race. I have never donated/voted before.

Sent by google_zeitgeist_the_movie | 9:13 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm 30, have a degree in Economics, and, like others, seek a better future for the country. I fear the trajectory of US policy abroad, the effects of instability of our currency, and the deterioration of our individual rights. If you are like me, I urge you to listen to Dr. Paul and decide if you want something different for our country too.

Sent by Michael | 9:18 PM | 12-18-2007


Sent by A. WYATT MANN | 9:24 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm a former Bush Cheney supporter "twice" UGGGH!

I AM..........

49 years old
Owner of a National Marketing Company
2 Kids
A Protestant (former Deacon)
A Conservative Republican

I love the way Congressman Dr. Ron Paul "Speaks Truth To Power"

He has my support even though I may not agree with all he says....there is enough I agree with for me to support him with my time and my treasure!

Sent by Carl | 9:39 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 56-year old grandmother from DeKalb, Illinois...I have been disgusted to vote for most of my adult life, but just hearing a short YouTube video on Ron Paul was enough to get me VERY interested....I've been studying ever since (these past two months)....My husband paid to have a sign made up and it's hanging in our store window, we keep brochures to pass out on our store counter, I collected signatures for petition to allow Ron Paul in the Primary election, and we tried to put a hand-made sign on our front-yard tree but were told it was illegal in DeKalb (!?!----also against the law in DeKalb is to put a FOR SALE sign on a vehicle parked on a side street, or have more than four garage sales per year.....These and a million other frustrations on what normal people want to do in America is what was sucking the life out of me.....Now I have so much hope, knowing there are many, many others out there who DO want their liberty -----I think it's the media and the ignoring by our "representatives" (HA!)that make us believe we are alone in our views....I don't feel alone anymore!!!-Sara DiNicola-

Sent by Sara DiNicola | 9:41 PM | 12-18-2007

My name is Adrienne and I am a 22 year old who works full time and goes to college for web development. I am married to my high school sweetheart; we've been married for almost 3 years and have been together as a couple for almost 7.5 years.

I am a book worm who does not have cable TV. I get my news from the Internet and radio (I do listen to NPR even though I don't tow the liberal line.)

My husband and I come from large families (12 siblings between us) that were racked by divorces (multiple divorces) and bankruptcies. I learned early to be self-reliant and came to understand the dangers of living beyond one's means and the error of believing in entitlements.

Ron Paul fights the disconnect in logic that plagues not only Washington, but also our current culture.

I felt alone and powerless until I realized that the world is full of people who believe the same things as I do- but are silent since they feel they are powerless. The Ron Paul revolution is about bringing hope to people who felt previously weak and marginalized. It's about the creativity of the free market and the power of we the people. It's an end to apathy and the start of a new era in the political process. I won't be going back to sleep anytime soon since now I've realized how strong my voice actually is.

Sent by Adrienne Pass | 9:59 PM | 12-18-2007

I am 48. My family and I live in the mountains of Samaria in Israel. Until the 2005 "Disengagement" (the governmental destruction of our towns), we lived in beautiful Gush Qatif along the Mediterranean coast. I'm a database consultant.

I haven't voted in American elections since 1980 and haven't been the least bit interested in them since then. Having been on Ron Paul's mailing list in the early 1980's, I began watching his campaign online. To my surprise, I found myself becoming a vocal supporter of Paul's among the American expatriate community here.

For me, there are two reasons to support Ron Paul:

(a) His economic policy will make for a strong, self-reliant, prosperous America.

(b) His foreign policy will put an immediate stop to America's meddling in the Middle East.

As you can imagine, America's foreign policy is a subject near and dear to my heart. I know first-hand the results of a misguided, heavy-handed American foreign policy. In 2005, due to American pressure, the Israeli government destroyed every Jewish town in the beautiful coastal area of Gush Qatif and exiled its residents. The ruins of our once thriving towns were turned over to the Palestinian Authority, which has since been driven out and replaced by Hamas in a coup d'etat.

I want this never to happen again.

I believe that an America led by Ron Paul would allow us here in Israel to sort out our problems with our neighbors without foreign interference, with God's help.

Sent by Uri De Young | 10:15 PM | 12-18-2007

I am an entrepreneur, 36 yrs old, and a life long Republican. I can't stand what the Republicans have become. I like my Politics, God Free, and my God, Politics free. After Terri Schivo I decided never to vote for a bible banging Republican again. I never gave a dollar to a campaign before. I gave 350$ to Ron Paul.

Sent by Tim | 10:20 PM | 12-18-2007

I am 33, male, and a contractor in Austin, TX. Dr. Paul is the first politician I felt was deserving of my support. He speaks the truth, not the truth as he sees it.

Sent by Nathan | 10:23 PM | 12-18-2007

A little younger? A little bit more male??? Why do these people want to put us in a box? Can they not see from the sea of faces that we are from all races, all creeds, all walks of life. These people go and get a degree and still have no common sense.

Sent by Kat | 10:26 PM | 12-18-2007

31 year old systems engineer from San Jose California.

Sent by Mick Russom | 10:29 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 35 year old man who lives in Yorktown, VA, originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I have been married for 4 years to my lovely wife.

I obtained a master's degree in community healthcare management and a bachelor's degree in nursing.

I currently work in the managed care industry as a health services administrator contracting for the Department of Defense.

I have worked in critical care nursing, home health nursing, correctional health care administration ,and long term care risk management.

As a hard workign citizen, I expect value for my money paid in taxes. We pay way too much in taxes. We are overpaying for ineffective, unnecessary, and unconstitutional government programs and services.
Government programs need to be re-evaluated against whether or not they are constitutionally permitted.

My hard earned dollars are being devalued as a result of poor economic policy of the Federal Reserve Bank that chooses to get wealthy off of American taxpayer's livelihood.

Our country is facing a perilous future. I fear for our children and future grandchildren who stand to inherit a nation that will be broken beyond repair in a world that does not agree with our prinicples of individual rights to liberty. We need to fix what is wrong by electing leaders who will stop hurting America through wreckless policies, regulations, and legislation.

If I am sounding the alarm, you can bet that there is a fire in the house. I am new to politics. While I have voted in past elections, I tended to go with the mainstream candidates rather than independents for fear of wasting my vote or helping my least like candidate. I felt that there was no way to beat the same old rhetoric and no way to get beyond mainstream media reporting of what they felt the issues were and who the "good" candidates were.

With the advent of the internet and better availability of information, I have come to learn that as a voter, I have been duped into participating in an electoral system that assures perpetuation of they tyranny that has plagued our federal government these past 25 years.

No longer can I sit idly back and think that I cannot make a difference. The optimism and hope, the belief in the ability to achieve the impossible are compelling me to make a stand on behalf of liberty. These are nostalgic sentiment that once made this country great.

I believe that us Ron Paul supporters can rekindle that magical force that is American pride. For too long, it has been dormant and allowed to wither into apathy. No more. Liberty loving Americans have heard the sound of the alarm and we are here to save our belove nation, starting with the grassroots campaign to elect Ron Paul to the office of the President of the United States of America.

Sent by Robert Lehman | 10:33 PM | 12-18-2007

The more the media tries to dismiss Ron Paul and his supporters, the more determined we become.

Ron Paul supporters are not overly passionate, they are just real. They are not sitting on the fence. They are not trying to choose from the lessor of two evils.

For years I've listened to the media fret and cluck over the apathy of the average American voter. Along comes a man who inspires hundreds of thousands to become involved for the first times in their lives, and the media clearly attempts to marginalize him.

It's not working.

Sent by Dave | 10:36 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a union electricians apprentice who supports Ron Paul because I want the Constitution to return as the Law of the Land. And I do not want to saddle my decendants with the misery and stress of a unpayable and unstoppable "National Debt Freight Train"

Sent by Dan McBeth | 10:43 PM | 12-18-2007

<3 RP!

Sent by a. | 10:56 PM | 12-18-2007

Well since you invited us to say what we think,

There's a difference between earmarks and big government. As jounalists who have been on the Paul trail for a while have noted, Paul votes for earmarks because it is a better way of distributing money to alloted services. If he doesn't, then the money will be hijacked by the administering agencies. That keeps bureaucracy thin and saves the taxpayers' dollar. So earmaking IS the smaller government solution, according to Paul.

I am assuming you didn't know this otherwise you would have been charitable enough to add it into your article.

Please correct this

Sent by Greg Albert | 11:01 PM | 12-18-2007

42 years old, Married w/1 son.
Own a small business (4 years)
Project Management & Engineering background in Telecom, Finance & Defence.
Christian; but not pushy with my faith.
Well read.
Voted republican, democrat and independant.
Found Ron Paul - this man is save our country if we let him.

Sent by Les | 11:03 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 31 year old (in one hour) living in Virginia. I served 9 years in the Navy and am in college working on a degree in computer science. I work at a bank in the IT department. Ron Paul appealed to me because of his straight forward, well researched, and well documented answers. He doesn't go with what pollsters are saying is the popular way to be at the given time (for an example of this, follow the career of Mitt Romney). The more I research Ron Paul, and the more I hear him speak, the more sure I am of the sincerity, honesty, and integrity of this great thinker of our day. He not only has the knowledge of history and economics I could only dream of having, but is able to communicate with average people at our level. He is a peace monger, and a man that would govern with the golden rule. One only needs to look at his record and hear him speak to know that he can be trusted to do what he says he will do, and this coming at a time when a majority of people feel the government can not be trusted.

Sent by Stephen Gunter | 11:05 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm 23 years old, a stay at home wife and mother in middle Tennessee. I am a conservative Christian who grew up in a missionary home in Africa. My husband is a self-employed graphic artist. We both came from homeschooling families. We are strong supporters of Ron Paul because we believe in individual responsibility, non-violence except in self-defence, state's rights and getting rid of the national debt.

Sent by Evangeline | 11:06 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 30-year-old home owner, father of two children, and a law student. I am a veteran of the armed forces and a graduate of the University of Washington, Philosophy major.

I was raised a Reagan Republican, I voted for George Bush in the last election, and I am convinced that the Republican Party has been sold out.

Sent by Grizzle | 11:09 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm 20 years of age, I work as a Data Center Technician in Seattle WA. His stances on the issues aside, Ron Paul interest me because he really seems to love this country more than he loves himself. I like that.

Sent by Alex O | 11:20 PM | 12-18-2007

27 yr old CPA, Masters in Accounting, Fiscal and social conservative. Have never missed an election. Ron Paul has been my favorite member of congress since I was 18.

Sent by Tim | 11:25 PM | 12-18-2007

I am 24/m in Virginia

I found out about the Ron Paul movement from different directions.
I heard about Ron Paul from Alex Jones, being a democrat, I was skeptical, I mean, I was raised to think of Republicans as liars and people who do whatever to achieve their goals.

In my mid teens I found out about the liberterian party and supported them, but this was only due to their view on drugs, which I now realize as naive, even as I now realize I like their views more and more.

Why I like Ron Paul, to be more concrete has no direct ties to any political standing. LISTEN to the guy, if you cant hear, he is telling the truth as he sees it, while that may at times differ from my views, hes the only one I heard that sounded truthful, and to his heart, instead of just campaigning, and then to look in on his record, to see the most principled voting history in my life, I cant turn that down, speaking truth is what Ive always liked, Ron Paul does it unlike, or maybe not to the ability of, any other presidential hopeful.

Oh and also, when this 08 process started, I was with Obama, and still respect the guy, but I want quick change, and with the views of Ron Paul, a change is what would come, seeing as its the TOP PRIORITY, as I believe it should be for all the primary runners.

Sent by Brooks M | 11:34 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 49 year old male from Waterford, Michigan. I own a small computer repair business AngelGeeks_com. I've researched the candidates and am thoroughly impressed with the record of the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul. Your attempt to smear the good doctor by suggesting that he is being hypocritical for putting things into congressional bills that will benefit his district and then not telling the people that he then goes on to vote against it is quite disingenuous at best. Why don't you just admit that you are scared to death of him winning because it just may be your sacred cow of taxpayer funds that are received by your organization that could be at risk.

Sent by Joseph Hill | 11:39 PM | 12-18-2007

Fifty-something single female, employed in the arts. I got into Democrat politics at my mother's side long before I was able to vote. I opposed the Vietnam War. But I also supported property rights, the right to self defense, and limited government, so I didn't fit on the left.

When I heard the word "libertarian," it was as if a light had gone on. As an activist, I knew of Ron Paul from the very beginning of his career. I don't always agree with his positions. I'm pro-choice; he's pro-life (though he correctly understands that abortion, like marriage, gay or straight, is simply not under the federal government's constitutional authority).

But I know that, unlike every other politician in that stinking swamp on the Potomac, Ron Paul is a personally honest man and a man who adheres without wavering to the principles of limited government that are still, according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the highest law of the land. The only one.

He's the only politician who'll leave us free to have a future that doesn't lead straight into some totalitarian hellhole. And frankly, I don't care if that hellhole is "left" or "right." I don't want to go there; I don't want to watch my country go there. And I agree that Ron Paul gives us the last possible hope of restoring freedom while working within the system. He is the uniter of all who have come to fear the great, crushing mass of government. None of the old factional labels matter when we're in a fight for our lives and our futures.

Sent by Emily Salinger | 11:47 PM | 12-18-2007

I am a 40 year old male, I am a veteran of the first gulf war, and I own a small industrial integration company (16 employees, five of which are engineers including myself). I have been married to my wife for 11 years and we have 4 children ages 9 to 2. I have been registered as a republican for as long as I have been able to vote, today I see very little difference between the globalist big government Republicans and the globalist big government Democrats who both seem to want to spend our nation into poverty on both domestic and foreign policy programs. Ron Paul???s opinions regarding the 2nd amendment, the Constitution and personal freedom/responsibilities in general are what originally drew my interest. Dr. Paul???s blatant honesty, his understanding of the economy, his plans for a stable currency and national debt reduction, His concern for border security and protecting American sovereignty, his desire to shrink the federal government and protect privacy and personal liberty all came together to set the hook.
Thank you for writing the article Dr. Paul???s message needs to be heard by audiences outside of the internet and very few people in positions to help do that seem to be willing to.

Sent by G D | 12:01 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 37 year old married man from Des Moines, and a father of two children. I have served in the military (both active and reserve) for 18 years. I support Ron Paul because I want to live in a constitutional republic that respects the rights of citizens, not a 'democracy' and certainly not an empire. I want our currency to be sound and backed by something more than the 'full faith and credit' of a government that is 9 trillion dollars in debt. I want America to lead the world by example, not by military coercion. I want our problems to be solved by local involvement and cooperation, not by federal involvement.

Ron Paul's stances on these issues reflect my values and beliefs, so he has my support.

Sent by Steve | 12:16 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old bartender with an engineering degree. All I've ever seen in politics are slimy politicians, promising bread and circuses and always delivering the same slow encroachment on our Constitutional rights. All I want is for government to get out of my wallet and my life. I don't want its dirty money or its "help". I'll vote for Dr Paul in the primary and, I hope, in the general elections...but I won't vote for any of the rest of the usual suspects.

Sent by Ian | 12:32 AM | 12-19-2007

Im 26 years old. I am a veteran of the Iraq war. I currently work as a network administrator. I consider myself an independent voter - I never vote based on party, rather I vote on the issues.

This year, Dr. Paul will get my vote and absolute support. This guy has the most solid voting record in congress - and its nearly impossible for the other candidates to run any attack ads on him because theres no negativity on him. He has never flip flopped on the issues and he is a man of his word. He has never taken money from the lobbyists or AIPAC

This country needs a man like Ron Paul and those in the mainstream media will not be able to shut us up for that long

Sent by Omar | 12:40 AM | 12-19-2007

48, male from GA
Never supported a candidate before
Maxed out contributions for Dr. Paul and Hope for America.

Why talk to a political hack and a smear piece? Thought NPR was better than that. Hmmmmm

Sent by Joseph Jay Mellon | 12:41 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 34, married working as a defense contractor back from a year in Iraq now living in San Antonio. I heard about Ron Paul about 10 years ago from a Libertarian co-worker who mentioned that he was on C-SPAN and one of the callers said that they should have a Libertarian line and Ron Paul agreed. From there I saw his writings every once in a while on the Internet.

He is a gentleman and a scholar, a presidential candidate the likes of which we have not seen since Jefferson.

Sent by Bill Moore | 12:41 AM | 12-19-2007

30 Year old, Asian male in the NY metro area. Business background and now in medical school. Moderate-left political leanings, never voted. I was trying to decide between Obama/Clinton (the rest of the GOP were not even a consideration based on their stance on the war). Found Ron Paul on Digg and began reading about him. I've spent countless hours (even in face of final exams) researching Paul's platform. I'm sold on his message of small government, fiscal responsibility, and non-interventionalism.

Sent by Norm | 12:41 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a music producer and record label owner from Michigan. I'm voting for Ron Paul because he's saying the things that i have always believed but thought that i was alone in thinking these things. His monitary views alone are enough for me to vote for him. A man like this only comes along once in a lifetime if not less. I will vote for Ron no matter where he goes. The other Republican and Democratic candidates will NEVER get my vote. Anybody that doesn't offer a true longterm solution to our problems in this country is not worth a vote of mine. I'm voting so my grandchildren and great grandchildren will never have to deal with the problems we have today. Watch Ron Paul closely, everytime he speaks he gets more voters even if it's not in the main stream media. His message comes from the very root of American beliefs. He is the only REAL choice.

Sent by Cliff T. | 12:43 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 39 year old catv line technician. I have had enough of the status quo, big government needs to go.I cant find anything wrong with Dr. Paul's positions or his record. I have donated to his campaign and I will vote for him in the Alabama primaries.

Sent by Mike | 12:44 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old who is going to be old enough to vote in the primaries (well caucuses in my state) for the very first time. If it was not for Ron Paul's message of less government and more individual freedom, I doubt I would be involved in the early voting process at all. You can trust me when I say he has cured the apathy of many of my friends and family.

Sent by Jon Stroder | 12:45 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old engineer living in north carolina. The good doctor has appealed to my libertarian sensibilities and has convinced us that return to a sound economic policy is possible.

Sent by Jason | 12:45 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 54-year-old divorced woman. I am very concerned about the decline of the dollar and inflation, I can barely keep up with basic expenses anymore, and Dr. Paul is the only candidate talking about sound money and stopping runaway inflation and cutting government spending in a big way. I am also in full agreement with him on foreign policy. No terrorists attack neutral countries, and I'd be glad to see Dr. Paul leading us to become a neutral country that gives no aid to other nations. Last but not least, I know that Ron Paul would work on restoring the protections afforded by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which have been usurped in recent years.

Sent by Patricia Davis | 12:46 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a photographer living in western North Carolina. I am female, twenty-three years old, and I've been voting for the lesser of two evils since I was old enough to vote. I first saw Ron Paul on Bill Mahr, and immediately went to the computer to look him up. I was pretty dubious at first, since they often say that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But the more of Ron Paul's speeches I watched, the more research I did, the more I realized that I didn't have to be resigned to voting simply against the other guy. I could truly vote FOR someone because I believed in what they said and I knew they would stay consistent because they had the record to prove it. It's amazing to think about all the people he's brought together. Ron Paul's message has inspired me in a way that really is life changing.

Sent by Hope | 12:51 AM | 12-19-2007

I am an attorney and an owner of a publishing company and real estate company in San Diego County. I am married with one minor child.

Although I have always kept current with political news, I have never donated to a candidate, put a political bumper sticker on my car, or done any campaigning for any candidate. Until now. I have done all or this for Ron Paul.

Why? He is the only candidate that addresses one of the greatest evils in our country: the inflation tax that results from the Federal Reserve bank monetizing the national debt.

Limited government, individual liberty, free markets, peace, sound currency. That is why I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Craig L. Combs, Cardiff, CA | 12:51 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 35 year old father of two that gave up his military pension after 15 years in the military because I was tired of helping fight an unconstitutional war. I swore an oath to defend the constitution and I was violating it every day I spent in Iraq. I'm now a defense contractor and risk my job if Ron Paul is elected, but I would rather be homeless than see this nation further steal away the people's constitutional rights for the illusion of security.

Sent by Jesse | 12:51 AM | 12-19-2007

30 year old non-violent Felon. Can't vote, so I have been an activist for 8 years.

Sent by Rob Diaz | 12:54 AM | 12-19-2007

I am female, over 40, and I live in Houston, Texas. I don't live in my mother's basement. I am a lawyer, and own my own home. Go, Ron Paul.

Sent by DLT | 12:57 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old woman and married. My husband and I have two daughters. We are both Ron Paul supporters. My husband is working on his PhD in Philosophy and employed as a groundskeeper to pay the bills. I am a self-employed Independent Sales Trainer, writer and stay-at-home mom. I love to cook and read.
Our oldest daughter is 6 and we are beginning to homeschool her more formally. We use a lot of alternative medicine and are in good physical shape. We are reform-of-the reform Catholics (conservative).

I have a lot of family/aquaintances who support Ron Paul with money and by telling others about him as well. Here is information about a few of them:

My father, 63, PhD Psychology, retired government employee is a Ron Paul supporter.

My mother, 64 year old social worker is a Ron Paul supporter.

*My parents are divorced and live far from eachother. They both found out about Ron Paul independently and began supporting him.

The lady I get my raw milk from is in her 40's and a Ron Paul supporter.

Two 40 year old women at my health food store are Ron Paul supporters.

A couple who are our friends. He is in his late 20's and is a PhD/MD student doing research. She is in her early 30's and is finishing up her dissertation for her PhD and directs the writing center at the local art school.

I frequent the online forums and blogs and in that area the highly cisible Ron Paul supporters are frequently male. In the outside world I find that I know at least as many women who support him as men.

Sent by Katharine Memole | 12:57 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old male in the U.S. military. I've served 2 years total in combat zones. I'm currently stationed in Florida. I have never voted because there has been no candidate i felt had anything but themselves in mind. I support Ron Paul because he wants to take this country back to what it was always supposed to be, a constitutional Republic, by the people, for the people, and of the people. Judge a man by what he's done, not what he says he'll do, if politics have taught you anything, it's that.

Sent by Thomas | 12:57 AM | 12-19-2007

24 year old Korean-American working in tech field with a 2 year old son.

Sent by Fei | 12:57 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 17 year old High School student who is upset with the way both parties have been handling government. It is time for change and to restore this country to the days of the founding fathers.

I have no job yet out of the small money I can manage to get I have donated over $300 to the campaign. This is a REVOLUTION!

Sent by Kutibh Chihabi | 1:00 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 yr old father of 3 who has never been involved in politics until I heard Ron Paul.

Sent by Joseph | 1:00 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a telecommunications engineer from Dallas. I am married with two children and another on the way. We homeschool our children because the public school system is inadequate and we can not afford private school. Ron Paul is very pro-home schooling. I also love Ron Paul's fiscal and foreign policies.

Sent by Paul V. | 1:01 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old computer programmer from Florida. I've been a libertarian since college and while too young to remember when Ron ran in 1988 I had heard of him before this summer, when I decided to become an active supporter.

I believe libertarian ideas are the best hope to reconcile America's growing cultural gap. Instead of trying to regulate the culture with ideas like censorship, limits on educational choice, drug prohibition,
or mandatory government service, Ron Paul just wants to make us free to make our own choices in the knowledge that we must be responsible for ourselves.

Sent by Paul | 1:01 AM | 12-19-2007

I love Ron Paul and what he stands for...

* I am a 27 year old male
* full time web developer for a fortune 500 company
* Democrat converted to republican
* Christian
* Normally apathetic to politics but Ron Paul has changed all of that.
* Learned about Ron Paul through digg.com about 4 months ago.
* Donor to the Ron Paul Revolution.

Interesting Note:
Closest any other candidate (republician or democrat) in 2000, 2004 got to an endorsement from me was a bumper sticker. I put my hard earned money to work by giving funds to help the ron paul campaign!

Sent by Clayton | 1:01 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 21 and have been registered republican since 2003. I was sent an absentee ballot at college but didn't vote. I was displeased with Kerry and his lack of defense spending as well as Bush and his excessive defense spending. This will be the first time I have voted in a primary, the first time I've voted in a general election, and the first time I've been able to do donate to a candidate as well. I am part of the numbers you can not measure.

Sent by Ryan, AL | 1:05 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old IT Security guy living in Japan. I have two kids and never voted before because I never liked a candidate. Until now, they have all seemed dishonest.

Sent by Carl | 1:05 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm not a banker, a lawyer, a fortune teller, or a priest. I'm a 17 year old high school student from Michigan who won't be able to vote in the primaries, but will be able to vote in the General election. I'm just trying to spread his name around as much as I can, because I feel like he's this country's last hope and the leader of a new peace movement. He's my only chance to avoid growing old and paying taxes to a bankrupt nation.

Sent by Mike | 1:06 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old male college student, born and raised in Manhattan. Although I'm going to school for a career in the sciences, I've been intensely interested in politics for several years. When it comes to politics, I do my homework, and this country is starting to exhibit some extremely worrisome signs. We need to go back to the some of the tried and true methods of the founders; the policies that turned this country from a few sparsely-populated colonies into the world's freest, most prosperous, healthiest and most admired nation. At the same time, we need to get rid of the policies that have been dragging the country down the toilet for the last few years and decades.

Ron Paul is the only trustworthy (based on his congressional voting record) guy who upholds the Constitution and the timeless advice of the founders.

No, I don't get my news from the mainstream papers and news programs. I find that the most important happenings in the political world tend not to be reported on, and when they are, it's with a very unhealthy dose of spin. I can't stand being told what to think while reading about something.

I live on pennies, but I've given $275 to Ron Paul's campaign along with a of couple of dozen hours of volunteer campaigning and work, and I intend to give many more!

Sent by Mike F. | 1:06 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a married 26 year old female from Northwest Arkansas. I am Catholic. I homeschool my children. I believe in gun ownership. I believe that people should be free to make their own choices about healthcare for themselves and their children, without drug companies, the FDA, politicians, doctors, or anyone else telling them what to do. I am pro-life. I am against illegal immigration and amnesty. I support our troops 100%, and appreciate the many sacrifices they (and their families) make on a daily basis.

Sent by Julie | 1:07 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old male, married, no kids-yet from Savannah, GA. My comment here represents votes from my wife, mother, father, sister, plus at least 3 more people I work with. I have voted 1 time in the 2006 elections. I have never found a candidate for president worth my time until now. I have never even tried to "campaign" for anyone until now. And by the way, I have not had a landline phone for about 4 years. Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Charles Strickland | 1:08 AM | 12-19-2007

>I want to take this opportunity to say God Bless (or if you're an atheist, my warmest regards)

Thanks, but speaking as one of the two atheist posting here, I take no offense to "God Bless". Just as many of my Jewish friends take no offense to "Merry Christmas".

I only have a problem with religion being used as a political tool. Yes, that means you Huckabaloo!

Keep up the good work everyone!

Sent by Ian | 1:11 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 47 year old male owner of an Audio Video Intergration company from Bay St Louis, Mississippi. Free Spirited and hard working, I am part of the 50% of registered voters that rarely votes. A typical intelligent, creative non-voter due to apathy and disgust at the lack of meaningful choices for the majority of my life, I have been mobilized by the message of Freedom, Peace and Prosperity from Ron Paul. He inspired me to read the Constitution for the first time in my life and educate myself on the political process. I've been up round the clock for about a 6 weeks researching the candidates and issues. I have never been involved with any campaign or candidate...ever. Last week I signed up to head up the local meetup. Today I spent the day posting the first signs and banners for Ron Paul in my town.

Sent by Michael Rosato | 1:12 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old mechanical engineering/economics student at the Pratt School of Engineering of Duke University in Durham NC.

I have been upset with the current US government ever since 7th grade when I took my first U.S history class.

I am also a big supporter of Milton Friedman.

Andrew Camacho

Sent by Andrew Camacho | 1:12 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm Mike from southeast Louisiana. I'm 30, married, have a daughter who is almost 5 and another on the way. Both my wife and daughter love Dr. Paul. I do system administration, programming, and consulting for an large contractor, have done so for about 8 years.

I discovered I had libertarian leanings when I was about 24, and so I naturally love Ron Paul's political philosophy.

Sent by Mike | 1:13 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old Iraq War Veteran and former Republican. I voted for Bush in 2000 when I thought he was going to be a small government conservative with a modest foreign policy and no nation building. After I returned home from the Iraq War I re-registered to vote as a Libertarian. I didn't support the war because Iraq was never a threat to the US, Bush was spending like a drunken democrat, and I felt my civil liberties were being threatened by post-9/11 authoritarian legislation such as the Patriot Act.

Sent by hambone1982 | 1:14 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 23 and in college and live just nor.th of Dallas, Texas. I've always considered myself Republican even though my core beliefs track better with the Libertarian party. Ron Paul is simply the only worthy candidate running for office. He is right on the message and that is the reason I'll be voting him even if he doesn't get the nomination. He will at least get my vote.

Sent by Aaron | 1:14 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 yr old US Navy Veteran, I served in Operation Enduring Freedom(aka Operation Enduring Boredom) to those of us on ships. I am currently a full time physics student, and I work part time at an engineering firm doing rapid military technology development. While it may seem like a contradiction that I support an anti-war candidate, the real reason I work in this field is to try to help soldiers as best I can, how better then by removing them from an unjust preemptive invasion that is getting so many of them killed. Ron Paul's humble demeanor, and his principled stances drew me to him, can you even conceive of a politician that votes no on a raise, or rejects the congressional pension plan based on his views that our tax money should not fund his retirement. Now thats a politician I love. Thank you NPR for asking, I'm an avid listener, and current donor to KQED in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sent by George O'Quinn | 1:19 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old male college student... gay, atheist, from San Francisco. Economics major.

Sent by Robert | 1:19 AM | 12-19-2007

I got my master's degree from UCLA; currently a high school science teacher.

I'm voting for Ron Paul because I'm tired of loosing 25%+ of my paycheck every month.

Having been to Department of Education conferences, I've seen how much $$ they waste. I fully support Dr. Paul in eliminating it.

Sent by Dorothy | 1:19 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 year old mother and wife. My husband is a software engineer and I am a homemaker. We love everything this man says, he's a dream candidate. He has reminded us what our country should be like. I love his foreign policy, his economic views and his deep commitment to protect life, liberty and follow the Constitution. This is the first time in my life I have seen a man of such integrity in politics.
We live in rural Missouri, are church-going folks, we homeschool our daughter and just want the Govt. to get off our backs. We want to see an end to the IRS, the War in Iraq and the War on Drugs.
Ron Paul is a return of the voice of our Founding Fathers. Listen.....Freedom sings.

Sent by Jamie Kennedy | 1:21 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old single white male living in Nashville. I have a BS degree and I am self-employed.

Sent by Matt Collins | 1:21 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 38 year musician and guitar designer/builder from Texas. I am a fiscal conservative, and social liberal. I believe that our government has become a corporate-run enterprise that no longer cares about the law or the people. The assault on our Constitution has reached a point that is frightening, and our economy is being undermined right along with our liberty.

I used to be a Republican but haven't called myself that for a long time. The policies championed by the GOP today more resemble the policies of governments that Republicans used to call evil - spying on citizens, kidnapping, torture, secret prisons, wars of aggression, contempt for the rule of law, secrecy, etc.

I don't think Ron Paul is perfect, but on the most important issues facing this country, no other candidate can hold a candle to Dr. Paul.

Today, I consider myself a Ron Paul Republican.

Sent by James S. | 1:23 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a former Marine Sergeant and served in Iraq (OIF) with the 6th Engineering Support Battalion.

Sent by John Anderson | 1:25 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28-year-old conservative Christian. My fianc?? and I are waiting until we're married to even kiss each other. I go to four church services a week, and go door-knocking to invite people to church. I am studying political science and have a 3.91 GPA. I work 40-70 hours a week and donate time to charity, too. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, but like to hike, snowboard, swim, run, read, and sleep (when I can). I spend 2-4 hours a day spreading the news about Ron Paul.

Sent by Chris | 1:26 AM | 12-19-2007

40 year old. Married for 10 years with 3 children. College degree in music. Now work in the radio business. Atheist. Registered independent. Deeply concerned about the prosperity outlook for my children given our government's fiscal responsibility. Also desperate that the draft never, ever be reinstated. Or any other kind of slavery.

Sent by Kurt | 1:28 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old male.
Currently Trading Futures via the CME and CBOT. Ron Paul is our last hope.

Sent by Tyler | 1:28 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 46 years of age. I have 3 children and 4 step children. My job is relatively mundane and, like many, I have my debt to worry about. I served in the military many years ago and I have two children who currently serve in the military. One of them is a Ron Paul supporter, the other is ambivalent about the entire process. I am married (for the second time) and work nights. I own two properties which are slowly making me wish that I was retired. ;-)

Sent by Bob Larkin | 1:30 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 42 year old aerospace engineer and small business owner. I like Ron Paul because he want to abolish the IRS and income tax. I think having income tax rates rise as people work harder and smarter dilutes and sometimes erases any gains they make in take home pay. This policy keeps the poor poorer. It would be a great help to the poor if when they got a raise from $8 to $10/hour they actually got to take home $2/hour more pay.

Sent by Wesley R. Lapp | 1:33 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 31 and work for my father who owns a video store in CA.
I have never been a part of either major party. After Bush got elected for the second time I had decided that my voice did not count and I did not want to be a part of the broken system.
Ron Paul has given me hope that we can return to what this country was founded on, the Constitution.

Sent by Darush | 1:35 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year old Astrophysics and Middle Eastern Studies student. I was attracted to Dr. Paul upon hearing his debate response to a question concerning why 9/11 occurred - the ever-popular "why do they hate us?" refrain. As a ME Studies student, and an Arabic speaker, I understand exactly why those people did what they did. It was a terrible thing, but it wasn't because those sickos hated our freedom and reality TV shows. Ron Paul, literally, made my jaw drop when he said bluntly that it was a result of our policies in the region over the last few decades that fueled this sort of terrorism.

Hearing Mayor Giuliani's shock at this 'absurd explanation,' as well as the incredulity of the moderator, audience, and the press following the debate only galvanized my support for Dr. Paul. He is speaking truth in so many ways, I honestly thought it was a joke at first. I never thought I would be a Republican until Dr. Paul showed me what the true meaning of conservatism is.

Sent by Jason Linehan | 1:36 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 36 year old housewife. I currently live in IL but I've lived all over this country and in couple other ones. I have spent the past 10 years being politically apathetic because of the obvious government corruption, waste, and pandering to corporate special interest groups. I was frustrated but felt there was nothing I could do because all the candidates were pretty much the same no matter what they tried to tell us. After hearing Ron Paul speak a couple times, I felt as if I had spent the last 10 years waiting for someone just like him. Now that there is someone worthy of my vote, it's my job to not only vote for him, but to support him on a grassroots level. Until this campaign, I never volunteered for a political candidate and I certainly never gave money to one; it never occurred to me that I'd do either, but I was wrong.

Sent by JenH | 1:39 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a USAF civil engineer serving in the middle east. I signed up to protect the Constitution, and I would be honored to serve Ron Paul because of his commitment to do the same.

Sent by Jesse Pink | 1:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I am an A1C in the Air Force and I support Dr. Ron Paul.

Sent by Dan | 1:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old guy, from Miami, a small business owner. Born in Cuba, been in the USA since first grade. Graduate from a South Florida University. Voted since I was 18 but I have never cared about any politician until I heard Dr. Paul early this year, since then I've gotten involved in local politics, donated to a Presidential Campaign, and speak about Dr. Paul every chance I get. Friends and family will also be voting for Dr. Paul this coming January.

Sent by jorge | 1:44 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 17 year old female Catholic living abroad who was riding with the Democrats until I discovered Ron Paul, who always gives clear-cut answers and talks some sense. I studied history intensively at college level last year and am familiar enough with the Constituion to know what it stands for, and Ron Paul's records show he has never strayed from the Founding Fathers' principles.

Sent by Lola | 1:44 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year old male college student. I was a democrat supporting Obama, but once I learned about Ron Paul I have progressively become more and more conservative.

Sent by Jon | 1:44 AM | 12-19-2007

30, male, Tennessee
Un-married (dating)
First time donating to a presidential candidate
First time going on a sign-waving ever
First time being a delegate
First time to have a bumper sticker for anyone

Sent by Tony | 1:44 AM | 12-19-2007

Hi NPR. I'm a 27 year old Graphic Artist in Eugene, Oregon. I basically listen to NPR exclusively for my news source, only visiting your website for supplement. I basically grew up with hyper-conservative Christian fundamentalist parents who's political views continue to support the war in Iraq and the Bush administration. I however, did myself the service of reading more and more into the concept of "neo"conservative politics, which is where I stumbled onto Ron Paul. He represents a conservative revival that the current Republican majority honestly no longer hold fast to. I no longer feel like my political choices are partisan lined, but as it's been said... "Freedom is popular." I want to see an end to a pointless war, the end of US forced global democracy... I want to see federal leadership in financial stewardship... and I desire to feel a change to our downward-spiraling social climate. Not to mention the re-distribution of regional decision-making on law, instead of federally managed morality.

Can't stand behind most Democratic views, and hardly want to defend the Republican views... I want to uphold Revived Conservativism.

And Ron Paul can bring us just that.

Hi Mom!

Sent by Tom Marsh | 1:46 AM | 12-19-2007

I am trying to start my own business and as I was learning about the industry (micro-brewing beer). I quickly became aware of the Federal government???s role in supporting large corporations against State governments. Many states have had to make concessions to their own laws that were set up to help businesses succeed in their state or else be sued. So we are now seeing small wineries and breweries losing distribution markets that helped them compete against the giants. This industry is not the only one, think of the retail markets, the energy utility markets, the manufacturing plants etc. States do not have sovereign rights any more and it leaves us more open to accepting bad trade deals from foreign countries and losing more jobs to foreign workers, both here and abroad.

Ron Paul has the ability to reunite the Republican Party and help return it to its base. His r3VOLution has stirred the political interests of many individuals that had otherwise found disdain for the system. Ignored as the odd-man-out for many years in Congress, finally a small voice is being listened to. We are turning a corner, creating a whole new generation of people interested in upholding the Constitution, willing to stand for what they believe.

Sent by Leigh Nogy | 1:46 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 27, I'm a husband, a father, a veteran of the US Army, and a student. I speak 3 languages, and have literally been in multiple countries on every continent save one.

It is my observation that both parties currently running the show are rotten to the core. I was in the Army when Clinton was in office. I was sent to Kosovo because of what our country did in that region years before. So I voted for Bush in 2000, hoping he would stick to his message of no nation building. Then I voted for Kerry in 04 for obvious reasons.

I will not waste one more single vote on one more corrupted politician. And make no mistake, they are, all of them, on both sides of the isle, rotted out.

When this is over, I will continue this march, and I won't stop until every single encumbant member of congress is replaced with strict constitutionalists, and libertarians. Period. The Political Parties are always looking to strike a cord with the American people, Well they got there wish, and their days are numbered. By the time we are finished The Federal government will be on a leash so tight They won't be able to sneeze without we the people knowing it. They brought it on themselves.

Sent by Ken | 1:47 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old active duty military member that believes that if Ron Paul is not elected that we are on our way to financial chaos as a nation.

Sent by Matt C. | 1:48 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 34 year old male in Arkansas. I'm a stockbroker, economist, libertarian, outdoor enthusiast, freedom fighter, and former Marine. I'm supporting Dr Paul because he truly represents the values of the idealistic America we all learned about in elementary school. On top of that, he understands Austrian economics and what happens when debt gets out of control. The other candidates should probably attend classes taught by Dr. Paul about economics and history.

Sent by Cliff B | 1:48 AM | 12-19-2007

Male, 24 years old, atheist, unmarried, work in the tech sector, trying to make ends meet in Phoenix. I'm pretty much the stereotype the media portrays Ron Paul supporters as, even though I don't have as much as a bumper sticker.

I think its amusing that people are trying to figure out the common thread in Ron Paul supporters. It's so easy to see. We are all from different backgrounds, from different parts of the country, large differences in income levels and even differences in values. But its very obvious we agree on one thing.


Sent by Joe | 1:50 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old video editor from Fairfield County Connecticut. I have followed Dr. Paul's writings, libertarian philosophy and American history on my own for many years. I wish the best for America and will do my part to bring the Constitution out of the closet and into everyone's minds. Now is a most critical time in which we must reassess government's position in our lives to determine if government is our benefactor or our beneficiary. The point of no return is coming with regard to individual liberties and I intend to, with the informing my fellow Americans, help reverse the trend toward the sacrifice of our nation and the sovereignty of the individuals from where it's power is derived.

Sent by Thomas Olivares | 1:51 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old male white Christian open air preacher. I became a Ron Paul supporter because of his integrity and exemplary character which is missing in almost all of the other candidates. One of the main reasons I support him on almost all of his issues. The main reason I campaign for him is because he is going to repeal Roe V Wade and stop abortion either through a future sanctity of Life bill or another method. After hearing his views on the matter, I am convinced that he is the man who can once and for all stop abortion.

I had no idea just how much our government has raped the Constitution in the past few decades and especially regarding our basic civil rights. Once I learned about Ron Paul, I started researching and found out just how far we'd strayed from the principles of the rule of Law.

The fact that I can go back thirty years and find that his positions have virtually never changed is remarkable in a politician.

He is the real deal and he is going to do the things (bring the troops home, stop abortion, close the borders, independent energy, fight the financial crisis in this country, get out of the UN) that people have been waiting for the establishment to do for years and years and years.

Don't worry America, the Doctor has gotten your call and he is STILL making house calls!

(Finally, if you think we're just a bunch of spammers, look at the campaign's record breaking Tea Party, we win the vast majority of the straw polls, and there are 90,000 real people on Meetup.com campaigning. Yet the media clings to unscientific opinion polls as the rule as to how much support the candidate has. It's like they say...The Revolution will not be televised.)

Sent by Logan | 1:53 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a female over 40 from Iowa. I vote in major elections as well as small, local elections. Ron Paul represents the conservative, small government principles that I was raised on.

Sent by Deanna | 1:54 AM | 12-19-2007

My wife and I are software engineers from Redmond, WA. We are both 36 years old. We have two kids and we support Ron Paul.

We came to US in 1996 and have not have a chance to vote yet. Ron Paul foreign policy and small government views are extremely appealing to us.

Sent by Sergei and Maria | 1:55 AM | 12-19-2007

i am an 18 year old independent from texas, who fell in love with Ron Paul's message of freedom and prosperity and peace. it is a movement and a revolution.

Sent by Luke k. | 1:55 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 29 year old father of two who does not want to leave a messed up country for those two kids like my parents left me.
I am a home designer from out west
I can talk to you about any subject from theoretical physics to hydro-dynamics.
I am a font of useless information.
I am a NPR listener though I am getting a bit purturbed about the lack of coverage that Dr. Paul is getting.

Sent by B. Young | 1:55 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm thirty one years old, have tow cats, and live near the beach. I love American and freedom. And, I'm well read and versed on current events. I'm tired of watching good people fall for old tricks and Ron Paul is an honest fella. Most importantly though, the simple concept of liberty - and the idea that we should be able to afford services on our own as opposed to relying on the state for them - has been eroded for a century now. We need to get back to our roots and work towards eliminating the need for government. Not towards throwing people out on the street or harming the poor. The poor and middle class are under siege and trapped by these systems of tax burden.

Let's restore the dollar and make it so a family can have a parent at home if they choose to. Let's bring choice back into schools and have the parents and the teachers decide the curriculum. Let's get the government out of the personal decisions that infringe on personal liberty.

Let's remember and restore freedom. Freedom is a frightening thing sometimes is it not? The idea that we can do what we want when we want as long as we do not harm another. But we must keep and hold this precious gift. We must be responsible for ourselves and for others without forcing another to be responsible in our place.

So yeah... I like Ron Paul. Because the power of charity has been replaced by the power of welfare and warfare. We need to reverse this trend before we lose it all.


Sent by Adam Zale | 1:59 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a working man in his 40's. I just finished listening to NPR's audio segment called "Ron Paul, Son of Texas" and it's clear to me the people at NPR are no fans of Ron Paul. This is no real surprise to me. NPR often favors a more collectivist approach to political issues. I strongly disagree with the effectiveness of such socialistic solutions, but stipulate that they are often pursued with the best of intentions.

What I am a bit surprised and very disappointed about is NPR's shameless slant to the story. They interview another reporter (from the Houston Chronicle which also opposes Paul) and dig up every petty opposition talking point, avoiding anything positive. They did not bother to interview Paul himself, anyone in his campaign, any supporter or even any neutral source. They simply interviewed another reporter who doesn't favor him. There was absolutely no balance to the piece. It was truly worthy of Fox News.

The narrow scope and incredible bias of this piece are immediately evident when held up to the revealing light of the Internet, with its enormous array of available sources. If we choose to research them, these many sources allow us to obtain more accurate and balanced information about Ron Paul, or anyone. Sadly, it's yet another example of how broadcast and print media are relegating themselves to history in the face of the truly unfiltered information on the net. "So why is he so strong on the Internet?" an interviewer asks. Perhaps it's because the Internet can deliver the truth, and NPR is only willing to deliver opinions dressed up as news.

What the segment does make me wonder is: How many other pieces that NPR airs are this one-sided? Perhaps NPR is an even less credible news source than I had originally thought. I guess it's time to either completely ignore NPR, or simply treat is as I would any other smearcast like Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity. How sad.

Sent by Akston | 1:59 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a married, late 20's, atheist / agnostic, public defender in Portland, Oregon, and I've been brought back to the Republican Party by Ron Paul.

Sent by Spencer | 2:01 AM | 12-19-2007

I fit the profile. 48 yr old male from California. Software engineer with a wife and two teenage sons. I'm a lifelong Republican, but hate the war and the rest of the neocon agenda.

I never made a political donation until Ron Paul. I support traditional conservative values, including a smaller, less intrusive government, bringing our troops home, less taxes, more freedom and monetary reform.

Sent by Rick | 2:04 AM | 12-19-2007

Born: 1973 in Massachusetts

Fled the Aforementioned Socialist regime in 1997 and moved to Florida.

Caught the internet boom and made a few million. Still active online.

Have traveled/lived throughout Europe.

Never attended college.

Unmarried - Same girlfriend 13 years - 10 year old daughter

Class III weapons owner.

Sent by David | 2:05 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 29 and married - I just registered as a republican as well. When I first discovered Ron Paul, I stayed up all night reading about his views and watching videos of his speeches.

I don't agree with Ron Paul on every issue but I believe very strongly that he's unique among the candidates running on either side. Unlike any other politician I've seen, I know he's telling the truth and I believe him. I'll take someone who I can trust over someone who panders any day.

Sent by Dave | 2:12 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 18 year old Arkansan finishing high school preparing for college and voting for the first time. And I'm voting for Ron Paul because he is the only candidate who will pull our troops out of Iraq and cut wasteful spending.

Sent by wesley usehce | 2:17 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a recovering neo-con; a student at William and Mary; independent minded and fiercely competitive. I had a hard time stomaching Ron Paul's stance on the war at first but after a while, he made more and more sense. I now see the beauty of the foreign policy and domestic policy he speaks of.

Sent by Bert Mueller | 2:17 AM | 12-19-2007

- Native Californian
- 42 year old divorced woman
- no kids
- Internet professional
- life long democrat (pro-choice) now Ron Paul Republican
- never volunteered or donated - now I do - for Ron Paul
- early internet alternative news adopter; all things taken with a grain of salt until proven to myself
- spiritual without religion
- deep rooted work ethic and business integrity; i'll never be rich but I have a crystal clear conscience and the love and respect of my associates, peers, friends and family

Ron Paul's message of freedom and personal responsibility are key for me. None of us agree with him on all things but his boundless optimism in the face of the reality of where our country is headed gives me hope where it was lost. Give my individual voice strength alone and when joined with my fellows. Gives me faith back in my fellow citizens.

Freedom and freewill go hand in hand with creating our own destiny and it is up to us to make it; good or bad.

Sent by Gabrielle, Napa CA | 2:17 AM | 12-19-2007

Hey, everybody! I'm Dan, a 25 y/o Graphic Designer from Hampton, VA who is sick and tired of a federal government run amok. I've been a Libertarian since middle school, am a staunch individualist, quasi-objectivist and anti-communist and am relieved to see a politician that isn't a crook. Seeing the main stream media write Dr. Paul off as a kook makes it apparent how corrupt they are as well. I value my freedom more than anything else, and Dr. Paul's voting record says it all. Ron Paul puts the 'party' back into the Republican Party, and with a little activism the 'republic' too.

Ronald Reagan said that libertarianism is at the heart of Conservatism, and if the Republicans had been doing their job and living up to their principles there'd be no need for a Libertarian Party. If the Republican party is to have a future, it is the Ron Paul movement. As a Jew, it disgusts me that so many Jews are Socialists and Statists - after 3,000 years of opression from various state powers, you'd think that the lesson of big government not being good for anyone would sink in. As an American, I don't believe in foreign aid to anyone, and it doesn't bother me in the least when I hear Ron Paul talk about slashing foreign aid across the board. The government ought not hand out our tax dollars at whim.

Our current crop of domestic policies is insane, and Dr. Paul is the only candidate running who seems the least bit concerned with rescuing the dollar from certain doom and rescuing the people of this nation from the growing tide of totalitarianism.

No More IRS! No More Police State!
Ron Paul in 2008!!

Sent by Dan Lyons | 2:23 AM | 12-19-2007

NPR's liberal bias bleeds through in the three Ron Paul votes they chose to discuss.

Sent by Jack | 2:26 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm an unmarried 28-year old father of one baby girl and a University of Washington student working toward an architecture degree. I first saw Ron Paul speak back in 2002 on CSPAN, and was perplexed that there was a Republican speaking against the war. Then being a fan of Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky and Dennis Kucinich, he seemed but a novelty, so I paid no mind.

Through an investigation of Nietzsche's politics for a class, I decided to revisit Hayek's Road to Serfdom which I had read 2 yrs prior. A coin then dropped within me and over about a week my entire world view changed. Two weeks later I saw Ron Paul in an early debate and knew that this campaign was going to be a rare opportunity for real people to effect politics, so I decided I had to tell everyone I could about him. Little did I know that I was joining a movement that would soon sweep across the nation.

Not only does Ron Paul give me hope for the future and confidence that people, large numbers of people, really DO have an interest in our Constitution and are willing to engage in politics when they feel they are being told the truth, but his message and the solutions he proposes forces the unfamiliar convert into researching ideas and a perspective that fundamentally challenges accepted ideas on all issues. This is especially true if you come from the left, but also true if you were a Bush supporter or are deeply religious and consider yourself a "values voter."

Also, since I live near major Army and Air Force bases, one of the most compelling things to me about volunteering for this grassroots campaign is meeting and working with soldiers and new veterans home from Iraq and Afghanistan who say how many soldiers are AGAINST these wars and feel betrayed and lied to by both parties. There is a reason why Ron Paul gets more military donations than any other candidate. As more of our military members learn about Ron Paul and are convinced that he has a chance at winning the primary, they will flock to him in droves.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who will end this illegal war that is increasing ill sentiment against Americans and jeopardizing our future. Ron Paul is the only Republican who can win in the general election because he's the most sincere candidate in either party regarding the war. Ron Paul would pose a huge threat to both parties if he were to run as an independent because nearly as many of his supporters are Democrats or, more likely, former Democrats and lefties.

Lastly, Ron Paul is THE candidate for Democrats to fear because their special interest pandering, collectivist ideology, lip-service they pay to freedom and peace, platitudes, generalities and evasiveness would make them appear juvenile in an honest debate with a statesman such as Dr. Paul, a statesman unabashedly sincere, unafraid to speak his mind, learned in history and economics and guided by consistent, coherent philosophy that is rooted in the Classical Liberalism that culminated in this nation's Constitution.

Sent by Pete C | 2:27 AM | 12-19-2007

The NPR folks need a history lesson if they think the Civil War was all about slavery.


Sent by Dave | 2:30 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old mother to two young children. I work from home as a freelance designer and I am married to an officer in the United States Navy. I registered as a Republican at age 18 and I have voted Republican in every presidential election, not to remain loyal to a party but because I truly believe in limited government and states rights. As a mother, I have become more interested in politics over the last few years as I consider the future for my children. I began to realize that the Republican party had lost its way and I had lost my way along with them. When I learned about Ron Paul last January, I was thrilled to see a true conservative running and I immediately researched him excessively. I was beyond thrilled by the logic and truth that he spoke. I decided to become active in politics for the first time in my life.

Sent by Erin Roe | 2:30 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26-year-old Navy journalist.

Sent by Christopher | 2:38 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 35 year old male from Washington State. I am a Meetup organizer for Ron Paul. I vote on principles and not parties. Ron Paul is an independant in the truest sense of the word.

Sent by Justin Mckay | 2:38 AM | 12-19-2007

Jon Feucht, 25, Seattle Washington, at the University of Washington, served in the Air Force 4 years. I have never voted before, but intend to vote for Ron Paul every chance I could get, because I have been studying the issues for years, and Ron Paul fits my idea of one who gets it. I believe he could provide real changes to Washington.

Sent by Jonathan Feucht | 2:39 AM | 12-19-2007

Hello, I'm a 24 year old Software Engineer living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. I went to the University of Pittsburgh, and grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I am a Ron Paul supported.

Sent by Robert Campbell | 2:40 AM | 12-19-2007

In a sea of others I support Ron Paul because I am one. Ron Paul recognizes that I'm no less than the sea and that is why I support Ron Paul. Who am I? I'm a disgusted father of 2 who owns his own home (the American Dream). I'm disgusted because I've never felt there was a candidate worth voting for. Now there is as this candidate represents me.

Sent by Corey Fawcett | 2:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm an electrician in Seattle WA. I voted Republican all my life except that I had to vote for Kerry in 2004. My conscience simply wouldn't let me vote for George W. Bush after his disastrous war.

My number one issue is an immediate withdrawal from this illegal war we are engaged in. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate from either party who promises an IMMEDIATE withdrawal.

My number two issue is taxes and the Federal Reserve. The income tax appears to me to be unconstitutional. The Federal Reserve is also clearly unconstitutional. The Constitution grants CONGRESS, and only CONGRESS the right to coin money.

Issue #3 is the Federal Budget. Why in the world are we paying to house 20,000 troops in South Korea? How can this possibly make sense? We have to cut the ridiculous spending and then we can tinker with the necessities. But the budget deficit must end and we must start paying our debt.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who believes the common sense things that I do.

I'm voting for Ron Paul.

Sent by David Minear | 2:41 AM | 12-19-2007

24 year old male from Oregon. Former security guard. I have an associates degree. I am very well informed about how our country is doing. I voted for Bush in 2004 and have been regretting it ever since. Ron Paul, to me, is the only man who will actually change things. Every other candidate has status quo written all over them.

Sent by Brian Sanford | 2:41 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old male originally born in China. Just last year I was naturalized as a US citizen. Until Ron Paul, I have never been interested in any politics. But after I heard about him on the internet, I have contributed some of my hard earned money to his campaign and is an active member in my local meetup group.

I support Ron Paul because I have lived and experienced what big government is like: that of the Chinese communist government. Ron Paul has raised awareness of where USA is going, and I don't like it one bit. I firmly believe Benjamin Franklin when he said that those who choose to give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Sent by yaoi | 2:44 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 37 male from San Jose who has not been terribly impressed by the Republicans or the Democrats. No matter who controls the House or Senate they always have excuses for not voting how their constituents might expect. I see more of the same in almost all of the candidates except Paul. This country needs a fresh start and a leader we can all live with and be proud of.

Sent by Mike | 2:44 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29 year old gay female, media analyst from Las Vegas. I don't agree with everything he says but I can feel the truth coming out of him. When he speaks I see and hear integrity, truth and honour. A man who says what he truly believes, regardless of the msm and 'popular' beliefs. That's all I want out of a politician at this point. No catchphrases, no crap, just truth.

Sent by linda | 2:45 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24-year-old girl who hopes that it's not too late to save my country. I am not rich, but I've given all my extra money to Ron Paul because I don't want to look back someday and think I could have helped him out more. I'm a writer, and I graduated from the University of Illinois last year. I now live in North Carolina. I even got a Ron Paul license plate that you can see in this video:

I used to be an independent, voting for either party, but usually Democratic. My boyfriend has gotten me interested in libertarian ideas, and now I've become a Republican for Ron Paul, even joining my county's executive committee. I saw Ron Paul on C-SPAN two years ago and was amazed that such a smart guy could get elected. In March of this year, a friend messaged me saying that Ron Paul was running for President, and I knew immediately who my candidate would be. I spend a lot of time doing informal things to help him out.

I feel like Ron Paul is my grandfather, and he has taught me a lot as I watched his many appearances this year. I think that he is one of the bravest people out there today, to get up in a room full of people who are hostile to him and speak the truth like he does. Few people are as brave as he is, or as smart, and I really appreciate him. That's why I don't mind not going out to restaurants as much and saving up my money to donate to him. I feel like he is a family member in a way, and that he is the only politician out there who really cares about people.

I also have friends in Iraq, and one going to Afghanistan for the third time, who support Ron Paul. They don't want to spend the next few years away from their families fighting a senseless war. I feel for them, their families, and all the brave soldiers we've lost, and there's no reason to stay over there when our presence simply makes it worse.

Sent by Gloria L. | 2:46 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 yr old SAHM, who vowed never to vote naively again. I heard of Ron Paul through nutrition & health info. Whatever your concern, Ron Paul is always introducing legislation that would leave more money in your pockets & restore your individual liberties. Ron Paul's best quality is that he speaks the TRUTH & that's what Americans need! I want my family to know what Freedom is.

Sent by Gennifer Johnson | 2:49 AM | 12-19-2007

I am studying computer science, mathematics and political science and work at one of the largest companies in the US in computer security. I was disgusted towards both the republican and democratic parties' disrespect toward the consitution. Neither seemed to represent my views but rather represented special interest and big business. I was apathetic towards politics until I met Ron Paul. Finally, a politician that uses facts to base his arguments and doesn't lie.

Sent by Dan | 2:49 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 22 and a college student. I feel Ron Paul is the only candidate that will make America a livable place for me. I come from a lower-middle class family, scratch that to just lower class with all the taxes. This is America's best chance to get things right. We finally have a person for life and liberty and not death and taxes. That is why I support Congressman Ron Paul's message.

Sent by Eric F. | 2:51 AM | 12-19-2007

Me? I'm a 48 year old single father of 3 (with my oldest son in Afghanistan) and a life long Democrat now working full time to elect the Last hope for America Dr. Ron Paul. WE the people must end the corportocracy which seeks to ruin America.

Sent by Perry L | 2:55 AM | 12-19-2007

Im a 39 year old law student and former IT professional from California. I am married with a daughter. I have been waiting for this candidate since Reagan left office.

Sent by Duane | 2:56 AM | 12-19-2007

I just now read the linked piece and I'm wondering if you're writing this solely to paint Ron Paul in a bad light. If you interview first and foremost people who are opposed to him, how are people who don't know much about him supposed to get an idea of what he is saying and what the explanations behind his ideas are.

There has never been a grassroots movement like this in this country. It has been decades since a candidate with so radically novel a program as Ron Paul had even a slight chance at winning the nomination or presidency. Is this not exciting to journalists? Are journalists not interested enough in the ideas and philosophy of such a maverick not to bother to give even a cursory look into what brings a man to say the things Ron Paul does? I ask this because finally this week John Stossel and Glenn Beck to gave Ron Paul his first real opportunity which all the other top-tier candidates have had to explain themselves to the American public (and yes, Ron Paul is top-tier).

Statists beware: Win or lose, a new breed of activist has created itself and we will be maintaining and growing the movement beyond this election. We are making a list and checking it twice for all those in the media, the party and in government who stood to disenfranchise the people by either not truthfully reporting on Ron Paul, preventing us from getting involved in the local political process, or selling us and our Constitution out at every available opportunity. We are a nation of laws, and those we have trusted to protect our Liberty have, over time, been guilty of lying through their teeth while giving their oaths or being too incompetent to understand how precious freedom is and how easily it is lost. We've always had our vote; now we're learning how to use our weakened dollars to change who runs parties, makes laws and reports news.

Sent by Pete | 2:56 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old 1st generation American. I work for a technology company, have some college credits, and have worked for everything that I have. I have a twin brother in the National Guard that is also a Ron Paul supporter. This is the reason I have not wasted my vote thus far.

I was always taught in school that the Republican Party was the one that would not steal from its citizens and redistribute the wealth. In the 10 years I have been eligible to vote I have not seen a candidate that practices and preaches these values with the exception of Ron Paul.

Being the child of an immigrant, my circle of friends sometimes included people in the same position. You learn how other countries view America through hearing first hand stories on how American policies have affected them. For instance our support of Israel has done nothing but incited hatred of America from the Muslim world.

I have researched all the candidates and I think that Ron Paul is the closest to true conservative Republican values; the others would be more of the same tax and spend as well as an empire building foreign policy. I do not agree on all of his positions, but the ones that I agree on are the issues that can be detrimental in the near future for America. These include the issues of fiscal responsibility, government waste, foreign policy, national sovereignty, and immigration. I think that in order to be truly free though we must ensure that every citizen must have a true sound mind and body, and for me that translate to government funded medical care and college education. Those could be provided by the state though.

Sent by Vejay Shiwprasad | 2:56 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a elementary school administrator in Washington state. I endorse Ron Paul for several reasons: 1) his integrity and moral character; 2) I am a fiscal conservative and future generations are facing a looming crisis as our national deficit increases; 3) I have a profound respect for our men and women in the military. I believe that our Congress should declare war and deliberate before sending our finest citizens into combat; 4) Our definition of personal liberties in the 21st century needs to be focused on those liberties that are explicitly guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Government is not authorized to legislate morality, ideas, and beliefs.; 5) Federal Government is too big -- I see it in my workplace daily via "No Child Left Behind" and in the IRS each April. I would encourage all Americans to take a hard look at Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has the most centrist, pro-liberty, American-made platform of any presidential candidate, as it is inspired by the U.S. Constitution. This is exactly what our country needs in my estimation.

Sent by J.M. | 2:57 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a mathematics graduate student in Illinois, never involved in politics before this.

Sent by Rob | 2:58 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 33 year old single father. My salary as a systems engineer is paid indirectly by the federal government, but if Dr. Paul can bring some fiscal sense to our nation I'll be glad to look for another job. I have never voted republican before, and previously was a strong supporter of Dennis Kucinich. I was attracted to Ron Paul's message of peace and personal freedom. He speaks truth to power in a corrupt system full of greedy special interests. I'm not fond of some of his policies but he has struck me as a man of consistent principles and integrity. His message is a clarion call to patriots everywhere.

Sent by Oscar McBride | 2:59 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old teamster who has never voted and live in Portland, OR. I've felt the system was corrupt since the time I could vote and never trusted any of the politicians running for president. I have donated for the first time ever. I'll be voting in the primaries and in the general election for the first time also.

Sent by Kurt | 3:01 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old law and business student from Australia. I have never been to the United States.

Sent by Long | 3:02 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 23 year old homemaker. Married for almost 4 years to my wonderful husband. We have two cats that I call my children. We run our own internet based business that keeps both of us busy.

I have voted in the past, but was never enthusiastic about any candidate. I basically voted because "it's our duty".

I quit college after two years because I realized it was a waste of time and money.

I am voting for Ron Paul for many reasons. However, I absolutely love his stance on health freedom. He will allow parents to choose what's best for their children and as a young woman who is interested in having children sometime in the future this is a must!

Sent by Dana | 3:04 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a veteran with six years of service. I have a tour in Iraq, a tour in Afghanistan and a Tour in Korea.

Now, at 30, I'm in the process of opening my own business and am learning the hard way how intrusive the government really is to the small business community. I'm also feeling the pinch of a recessing economy and hear Dr. Paul (and only Dr. Paul) not only discus the symptoms of our sick economy he identifies the cause and a cure for its illness.

The afore mentioned are only parts of my firm support of Dr. Paul. The number one reason for my ardent support is his message of peace. Once again he is not only identifying the symptoms he is realistically addressing the cause and a cure!

This war is needless and it is only breeding more hate.

Sent by Greg | 3:04 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old female clinician who voted for George W. in 2000 without fully understanding the issues (obviously). By the 2004 elections, I'd grown apathetic and was so disgusted by my choice of candidates that I sat out and watched the election from the sidelines figuring that I was damned if I did (vote), damned if I didn't. I now feel that I do not have to choose the lesser of two evil candidates. I can choose Ron Paul and I can choose to help turn my country around.

Sent by Mary | 3:05 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm an American living in California. I'm deeply conerned for our future. We have over $9 trillion in debt, a war that is costing trillions, a foreign policy that causes terrorism and hatred, and the front-runners all want to continue this, or tax us into bankruptcy. I'm concerned that we will go bankrupt if we keep our troops over seas, while taxing Americans even when they're dead. All I am is a concerned American trying to help the future of our country and children. Ron Paul is the only candidate he brings up these issues, that's why I support him.

Sent by Adam Volia | 3:08 AM | 12-19-2007

I've never voted before In my life. I've registered to vote for the first time In my life to vote for Dr Paul. He genuinely has the peoples and the countries Interest In heart. His belief In a smaller government plus a non Intervenist attitude towards the rest of the world has me hooked. We need to take care of our own contry Instead of pumping trillions of dollars to foriegn soils.

Sent by Dustin | 3:11 AM | 12-19-2007

I???m a 39 year old single father raising a 3 year old girl. I work in manufacturing and have always considered myself a Republican but never voted or donated money. I first saw Dr. Paul during the October 9th Republican debate and have been a supporter ever since. I plan on voting for him and send a small donations each time I get paid.

Sent by Michael | 3:12 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a graduate student of Economics in Alabama. I am also an anarchist. I'm not the bomb throwing kind that you see so often on television, though. I'm an academic anarchist, who belives that Dr. Paul's message of limited government and personal liberty is a great direction for our country to move in. I believe that if we can get the ball moving in the direction of smaller government, that people will educate themselves and in the future there will be more freedom, prosperity, and possiblities.

Sent by Andrew | 3:12 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a clinical psychologist, have always been registered as a republican, and consider myself very conservative. I am a Ron Paul supporter.

Sent by Dr. P | 3:13 AM | 12-19-2007

My name's Joey & I stood in line to become a U.S. citizen, immigrating from Canada. It took a lot of time, $$$, hope, support & prayers. Now after the long fight & subsequent swearing-in (as a citizen), I'm infuriated that NONE of the candiates have vowed to actually bring justice to the ILlegal immigration problem... except Ron Paul.

More importantly, the allure of becoming a citizen was being part of a rich history, fraught with blood & strife- to gain its independence from the Britain's suppression. The heavenly-inspired Constitution enshrined the liberty, which this (once) great nation's forefathers brilliantly sought to preserve.

In the last few years, I've watched this country slip into an abyss of quasi tyranny & it disgusts me to KNOW that whilst our government squanders thousands of our fellow citizens' lives & over a trillion dollars, in the name of keeping us safe from some bogus boogeyman, who aims to supposedly kill us because we're free... they are actually robing us of the very freedoms, which they are claiming to protect!!!

It's the fraud of the century... the war, the malfeasant entitlement system, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on this that & the other. All th wars are to provide the pretext to cast us further into debt, collapsing our dollar & having an excuse to introduce the Amero & North American Union.

Finally, onto the silver lining... Ron Paul! He's the ONLY man with the courage & integrity to veer us from the brink of impending catastrophe. I've met the man & know a good man when I see one. I've looked him in the eyes & posed some tough questions of him. He was honest & unwaivering. I'd trust him with practically everything I hold dear.

Sent by Joey | 3:14 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 33 year old professor at Purdue University. I have always held my nose and voted for candidates whose views I only saw as less distasteful than the democrats. While I recognize Ron Paul likely won't win the nomination, I have donated substantial money to his campaign and will continue to volunteer. This is the first time in my life that I feel like I have a candidate who is saying the things that I believe. Regardless of the outcome, it is worth my time and money to have my views articulated and heard. My hope is that this movement will continue to grow long after Ron Paul and change the debate in Washington.

Sent by Andy King | 3:18 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a twenty-five year old Registered Nurse from Northern Michigan. Why do I support Ron Paul? He's the only candidate that endorses the only platform worth supporting: The Constitution.

Sent by Jason Armfield | 3:19 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old male college student from Washington who discovered Ron Paul while trying to find who the "lessest of evils" was in the race. To my delight, I discovered that contrary to all I had been told about voting, I would have the privelege to vote for someone who believes in honesty, integrity, the rule of law, the rights of the people and liberty. I support Ron Paul because he is the only qualified candidate for the job and the best representation of my political beliefs.

Sent by Jason | 3:21 AM | 12-19-2007

Speaking, an Engineer, US Army Veteran, husband and father, and a life long registered republican.

Ron Paul first caught my attention from a point of contempt.

But after doing a little research, I have come to the conclusion that he is perhaps the most honest man in the Republican party, or maybe in politics today.

As a father, I hope for my daughters future.

As a combat veteran, I wish to spare young soldiers the insanities of war. and the legacy it leaves in the soul of those effected.

As an Engineer, I know we can make better use of our resources and efforts.

As a citizen, it is my responsibility to do whatever I can to improve my community, and my country.

Although I don't agree with Dr. Paul on some key issues, I am compelled to support him because of his obviously apparent integrity.

Please join me in supporting Patriot Ron Paul for President!

Sent by Gregory Richards | 3:22 AM | 12-19-2007

23 year old male, mechanical engineer. Little to no previous political history beyond having been raised to believe "democrats good, republicans bad." I discovered Dr. Paul after his blowback exchange with Giuliani, which I found incredibly refreshing -- here's a guy who can actually give an ACADEMICALLY REASONABLE answer to a tough question. As the intellectual type, this was very appealing to me. Further research showed this to be the case with all of Dr. Paul's positions.

I believe in Dr. Paul because he starts from first principles (the constitution, the founding fathers, and economics) and builds his arguments using logic, reason, and history. As an engineer, I use math and physics in much the same way. And just as I make mistakes when I stray from this method, so too does the federal government make mistakes when it strays from those roles mandated by the constitution.

It is simply amazing to see a politician who doesn't constantly make appeals to emotion. He is a true civil servant; he is humble. He is a true statesman; he is wise.

Ron Paul isn't running for president. The people are running for president through Ron Paul.

Sent by Alex | 3:22 AM | 12-19-2007

35 years old
Marine (formerly active)
Professional expat in Germany
Never voted in an election
Have registered Repub and will fly back to vote for RP

As an expat, I have a keen understanding of what a weak dollar means. My rent has increased over $600/month in the last couple years. I have to spend even more money just to move to a cheaper home!

I want a candidate who understands economics and is willing to do something about it. Ron Paul is the only one who even talks about the value of our money.

Everybody else is business as usual... Vote Ron Paul

Sent by Dan J | 3:23 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22-year-old female working for Microsoft Game Studios in Seattle. I have been largely apathetic about politics in the past, though I did consider myself a libertarian after a bit of research. I've never voted before.

I saw Ron Paul's name on a sign that some people were holding on a highway overpass and was curious enough to look him up when I went home. I felt drawn very strongly to his foresight, fiscal conservatism, and his sincere desire to preserve individual liberties. I very much admire that fact that while Ron Paul retains strong personal and religious convictions, he is very much averse to governmental regulation of social issues.

Sent by Whitney | 3:23 AM | 12-19-2007

I've been with this movement from the beginning. I think I have a pretty good view of the macro-scale of this movement. You have no idea of how far reaching the scale of the Ron Paul movement is. It is worldwide! Do whatever you feel you must to disparage us in your old media. You are becoming irrelevant. Join us, if you want to survive. Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!

Sent by Michael J Norton | 3:24 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a journalist in the U.S. Navy who specializes in video.

Sent by William Charleston | 3:24 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a mom of 2 young kids, Seattle-area resident, 31, married 11 years, college grad, formerly a software program manager, now working part-time from home for a large software company. I'm a devout Christian, and voted along Republican party lines my whole voting career, mostly out of concern for moral issues. I am also a health enthusiast and was introduced to Dr. Ron Paul by another doctor - Dr. Mercola. We drink raw milk and eat organic foods and realize the FDA has been much more hurtful than helpful in preserving a nourishing food supply for the US. The health angle was my first subjective experience with how poorly large government has operated. Once I read through Ron Paul's writings at http://www.ronpaullibrary.org and watched him on YouTube, I became an avid supporter, joined a meetup group, saw him in person when he was in Seattle and have given his campaign multiple donations (my first contributions to any politician ever). The man is CONSISTENT and logical. Even though I thought leaving Iraq immediately was a bit radical at first, it becomes the logical conclusion the more you delve into it, especially from the fiscal angle. I believe Ron Paul is most compelling on the fiscal angle and will continue to support him and others like him far past election day. Who knows, I might run for local office on the same platform! Ron Paul has made me an active participant in the political process, rather than a passive bystander. Don't be a spectator, jump on in!

Sent by Sarah | 3:27 AM | 12-19-2007

My name is Charles. I live in Houston. I am a 26 yr old handicapped college student who is getting his degree in Banking & Financial Institutions with a current GPA of 3.9. I will be voting in the primaries for the first time along with 17 other members of my family who also have never voted in the primaries. We have opened our eyes. We are all voting for Ron Paul. It's time for you to wake up. We are taking this country back.

Sent by Charles | 3:28 AM | 12-19-2007

I am an 18 year old male from Maryland who is going to school in Boulder, Colorado.

Sent by Patrick | 3:29 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old web developer and aspiring character animator living in the SF Bay Area. I grew up in Panama, but have lived in various parts of the country for about 5 years now. Ron Paul is the only man with integrity and consistency that I can see out there. I have never voted before, and refuse to do so unless I can believe in the candidate. Ron Paul is a man I can believe in.

Sent by Tony | 3:32 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old husband and father of two. I have never been involved with a political campaign before.
I am voting for Ron Paul for many reasons, the most important of which is his emphasis on the constitution. I have read what the founders said about individual liberty and am disgusted that citizens before me left us with this mess. Ron Paul is the only person running who understands what America is really suppose to be about.

Check out RonPaulDVDProject.com

Sent by Karl | 3:38 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old stay at home mom. I am planning to homeschool my child, and I feel very strongly about bringing our Troops home right away. Those two, and about a million other reasons, are why I support Dr. Ron Paul. thanks for asking.

Sent by Angela West | 3:39 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 32-year-old researcher working for a small company in Seattle. I support Mr. Paul because he is the only candidate, in my opinion, who honestly speaks his mind. He is on every level opposed to this current foreign policy, and he makes this nice and sparkling crystal clear. He doesn't just pretend to be opposed to Bush like the Democrats, when in reality they are still part of the same evil system that attacked Serbia based upon lies fed to the American public by the corporate media. Ron Paul represents a new, American revolution, and it is my opinion that many young people in this country see that we are being fed lies. With a person who speaks his mind, you know where he is coming from and know that you can trust him.

Sent by Justin | 3:46 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 27 years old and married with no kids (yet). I served in the Air Force from 2000-2004. I am currently getting my degree in Emergency Management and I am a huge Ron Paul supporter. I will be voting for the first time ever and my vote is for Ron Paul.

Sent by Michael | 3:54 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19-year-old female college freshman in Houston. I heard about Ron Paul during my senior year in high school and was initially surprised to find a candidate that actually says something when he talks. While I don't agree with absolutely everything he says, a vast majority of his ideas appeal strongly to me- so that I do not consider him "the lesser of two evils", but an active, refreshing, necessary good. If nothing else, his election to office would so deeply shake the system that we might, as a nation, break out of the twin-party media-driven spiral into complacency that seems to be nearing inevitability with sickening speed.

Sent by dtaggart | 4:04 AM | 12-19-2007

A quick bio:
I am a married 26 year old male living in San Diego, CA. I have a degree in Mathematics and work in IT.

I grew up going to church every Sunday, but am now agnositc. I am the son of a small business owner and an Eagle Scout. My brother is in the Army Reserves and my family for the most part is Republican.

I voted Libertarian in 2000 and did not vote in 2004. I have listened to talk radio such a Michael Medved, Bill O'Reilly and local personality Roger Hedgecock for years. Prior to the Iraq war I was the only member of my family that did not want to go in, and for the same reason I want to leave now: Being in Iraq increases the hatred towards America for a new generation of radicals.

As a side note, my 26 year old wife, a Democrat, also supports Dr. Paul and has registered to vote for the first time ever.

Sent by Joey | 4:04 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old, full time social worker for the homeless. I am also a graduate student studying psychotherapy. I am an artist, humanitarian, and vegetarian.

Sent by Jill | 4:05 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old male from Seattle and was drawn to Paul for his message on returning our constitution back to top priority. Our government has been severely corrupted with power and no longer abides by the constitution by any means, in fact, their main goal seems to be to subvert it at all costs.

I'm someone who refuses to get my information from a single source. I despise the mainstream media for its mass-propagandizing properties. A bias in mass media affects the thought process of all who subscribe to its supposed information.

Knowledge should be gained through multi-sourced means. Facts should have priority over opinion and be shared from varying viewpoints for the most complete understanding of our reality.

Sent by Daniel K | 4:08 AM | 12-19-2007

22 Year old graduate student.
Registered republican
Born and raised in the country and Ron Paul is the only candidate who can save the disgrace this country has become. I love my country and want to protect her.

Sent by Brady | 4:21 AM | 12-19-2007

I???m a 19-year-old college student majoring in International Business with a devout love of Political Science. Half of my family is Republican, half is Democrat, I???m a libertarian, and we all support Dr. Paul. I am also one of the grassroots organizers for Arkansas. He is the only man running who truly cares about liberty!

Sent by Corey Landon Walsh | 4:52 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a conservative member of the Republican party that is tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and tired of sending politicians to Washington to change things and then never seeing any change except for things getting worse.
No more dilution or negation of the Constitution, no more loss of rights.
Ron Paul, all the way!

Sent by Lynn | 4:55 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 19 and an ex-Socialist, to be honest. Ron Paul's message brought me to question my beliefs and led me to the conclusion that this man's message--the message of freedom--makes more sense than anything I've ever considered.

I have never been politically active until I discovered Ron Paul.

Sent by Dustin White | 4:56 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 20 years old from Michigan. I've never been interested in politics whatsoever before until I heard Ron Paul speak. If it wasn't for him, I'm sure I would let this election pass by without notice. He is not the stereotypical corrupt politician, he is an honest and principled man that has an amazing message to share. The top three things that attract me to him is his war stance, economic stance and civil liberties stances.

Sent by Brian Bruman | 4:59 AM | 12-19-2007

33yr old white male married athiest living in wisconsin. Never voted before (didnt matter before) want the government to quit taking my money and leave me the hell alone. I'm voting Ron Paul even if I have to write him in.

Sent by Craig | 5:00 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old Captain in the Air Force. Dr Paul appeals to me because of his strict constitutionalist stance and his willingness to end the war on drugs. I will let me children know of the downsides of drugs but if others want to do things to their own body without harming me, that is perfectly fine.

Sent by Capt. Joshua Tucker | 5:08 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old new yorker, currently studying computer networking.

Sent by pavel | 5:16 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a RP supporter.

- 39, male.
- Regular voter.
- Lifelong NPR listener.
- Lifelong athiest.
- Education: post-graduate degree.
- Never voted GOP in my life.
- Never donated to a campaign in my life.
- Never put a political bumper sticker on my car.
- Never stood on the street holding a sign for a candidate before.
- Never spent hours designing my own signs in support of a candidate before.
- Never bothered my friends in an attempt to convince them to support my candidate of choice.

Because of RP, I've done all these things now (except for the voting part which I'll do in my state's primary in February).

Oh, and inverse-kudos on the story. Yet another marginalizing hack job -- further proof that media and government have only their own self-promotion/preservation in mind when reporting on RP. If people want to really know about Ron Paul, his interview at Google (available on YouTube of course), covers his positions deeply.

Sent by Max in WA | 5:22 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a Veteran of the Iraq War and have also been deployed to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt. Just to name a few of the places i've spent my time during my six and a half years in the Air Force. I support Ron Paul because of his non-interventionalist approach to foreign policy and his plan to end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars..." Just come home. "

Sent by ricardo martinez | 5:30 AM | 12-19-2007

22 Year old college student. Learned about ron paul months ago and became extremely interested. Saved up and donated the max $2300 to his campaign. We need to end this war and draw down our American empire before we go bankrupt like all empires before have. I think we absolutely must return to a sound currency and throw off the shackles that the government and banking institutions have upon us.

Sent by David | 5:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 27, married, Christian, and currently in law school. I've always been a registered republican, but in 2004 I voted independent.

I support Ron Paul because I want stability in the U.S. for my kids.

Sent by jake in chicago | 5:50 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22 year old college student. I've never had an interest in politics until I discovered Ron Paul on Youtube. I would agree that I am one of the people that has found a "natural outlet online."

Sent by Charlie | 5:50 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28-year-old female from Missouri and I have always voted GOP because they have alway promised smaller government, but Ron Paul will actually come through on his word.

Sent by Melissa | 5:53 AM | 12-19-2007

20 year old full-time traveler here. I've spent the past 2 years traveling Europe, and I'm off to Asia for the New Year. I became a Buddhist about a year ago, and Ron Paul's message of Peace and Freedom really meshes well with my own views on life.

Sent by Edward Greve | 6:02 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 37-year old father of five, and a small business Manager, living in Oregon. A die-hard conservative all my life from a long line of veterans going back before the American Revolution, I was totally opposed to the Iraq War and became very disillusioned with the Republican "party line". From the invasion of Iraq until I heard of Dr. Paul I was extremely disheartened and even ashamed. We must stop being the world's policeman, stop bullying sovereign nations, stop creating enemies, and stop shoving the worst America has to offer down the world's throat. We have to bring ALL of our troops home from all over the world, fix our multitudes of problems in our own country, and adhere to the Constitution in all things.

I've always voted, but this is the first time I have donated to a political campaign (repeatedly, too), and the first time I have ever volunteered to help a campaign and actually stump for a candidate.

Let's bring back the American ideals of freedom, liberty, prosperity, and peace!

Sent by Brent A. Jacobs | 6:19 AM | 12-19-2007

I promised myself that i was never, EVER, going to vote again after the last two major elections....... But Ron Paul... is really something TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Sent by tony | 6:26 AM | 12-19-2007

My name is Jacob Wilson and I am a white, male, college student who lives in El Paso, Texas. I am 19, Catholic, and am hoping one day to become a teacher.

Up until this year I've always voted democrat because I didn't like what republicans were doing, until Congressman Paul came along and shown me what a TRUE conservative is; small government, fiscal responsibility, non-interventionism. This is the first election that I don't feel like I am voting for the lesser of two evils; it feels like I'm voting for my future.

Like many others, Dr. Paul has cured my apathy, and I pray that others will learn more about him and his message in the future.

Sent by Jacob Wilson | 6:30 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old Air Force officer with a Masters degree. I totally reject the whole concept of political parties (It should be the best person for the job based on individual viewpoints, period) but am a small-l libertarian. I voted for Bush as an exercise in the lesser-of-two-evils mentality, which I vow never to do again. I have never felt this strongly about a condaidate, or even politics in general.

Sent by Joe | 6:33 AM | 12-19-2007

I am an Australian expatriot who has made Tennessee my home with my wife and family. I am 33 and I am self employed as a carpet cleaner.

I support Ron Paul because he is a principled man of integrity and he is resolute in supporting the principles which made this nation great. The American people need to support these principles again or this nation will simply pass into history as a nation that once used to be free.

Sent by Scott Wilson | 6:42 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 21 and from Illinois. I have never really cared about politics much since Paul declared his run. I did vote for Bush in 04 but now realize that was a mistake because I voted the way my family did and didn't take the time to look into the issues. I voted Democrat in the congressional election to get out of the war, but felt betrayed when nothing was done. I like Ron cause he sticks to his principles and The Constitution even if it is unpopular with the GOP. Please join us!

Sent by John | 6:50 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 37 year old, disenchanted life time republican, left the GOP after the Iraq war, and now I've come back because of Ron Paul. Even though I left, I still always vote straight party line in local elections. I will not vote for any candidate that is part of or backed by CFR, period. Ron Paul is the only candidate I will vote for or 3rd party if I have to.

My wife is a medical doctor at a hospital. There is a room full of doctors cheers Ron Paul on his every debate and major news coverage in the break room.

Syracuse, NY

Sent by Mark | 6:57 AM | 12-19-2007

Husband and wife, we are 46 years old. I have voted in every election since 1980 but never in a primary election.I am registered as an independent in NJ. I have never been remotely involved in a campaign or donated to a candidate before Dr. Paul came along.

I strongly believe that the war on drugs and the black markets it has created have hurt America deeply. I do not like the move towards internationalism which seems to be taking place behind the scenes. I believe the biggest threat to the United States is our budget problems and I also believe that the term terrorist is being used to force more controls on American citizens, with intent.

I see Ron Paul as an honest and genuine candidate, perhaps the only one in the last 25 years and this straight forward approach is something America desperately needs at this time.

Sent by Drew | 6:58 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 33 year old securities regulator from New Jersey - I'm married and have a son. My wife and I go to church a few times a week and we pay our taxes. I support Ron Paul because he stands for what Republicans USED to stand for - the ones I learned about in History class growing up.

Sent by Glenn | 6:58 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 51 year old woman and a software manager, who works for a Fortune 1000 company. I guess you could best call me a Goldwater-Republican, in that I believe in the traditional conservative principles of a limited Constitutional government, personal privacy, personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility in government, a strong national defense and individual liberty.

My first vote was for Ronald Reagan and I voted for him both times. Since then, I've not been too enamored with anyone running for office (besides Pat Buchanan), as they all seem to be just alike. Their words may say one thing, but their actions prove another. That is, all of them believe in growing the size and scope of the federal government.

Ron Paul is different. He actually does what he says and he has a long voting record to prove it. Paul is a small government traditional conservative...a Constitutionalist. Perhaps that is the reason why Barry Goldwater, Jr. recently endorsed Ron Paul for President.

Sent by Nancy | 6:59 AM | 12-19-2007

My family background - my father received the Navy Commendation medal in WWII, my grandfather was a Medic in the US Army???s Siberian Expeditionary force in WWI where many died and things got so bad that a member of congress proposed abandoning U.S. Army units in Siberia because disease was running rampant. My grandmother???s grandfather who lived in (bloody) Kansas and had a number of children at the time stepped up and joined Federal Army (as he referred to it) and saw combat during the Civil War. His grandfather served in the Revolutionary War.

For years I was a contributing member of the Republican National Committee and voted for Ronald Regan twice. I became disillusioned with where the Republican party was headed and then voted for Bill Clinton twice. As of October 25th I was still undecided and I could not find a canidate in either party I felt I could support. Then on November 5th it became the first time in over 15 years that I donated to either a campaign or political party.

My only current affiliation is that I just joined AARP. I made the decision to became a Ron Paul supporter on November 5th.

Sent by John | 7:09 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a Ron Paul Supporter
From Texas
an Electronics Technician
A USMC reservist 0311
Iraq OIF II veteran

Traditionally I have voted mixed republican and Libertarian.

Sent by Shawn | 7:15 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 44 year old computer programmer Ron Paul supporter. This is the first time I have ever been actively involved in a campaign, given money to a candidate or even have been excited to support. I am sick of voting between the lesser of 2 evils.

Sent by troy | 7:17 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old from Massachusetts. I have a bachelor's degree in Communication Science/Journalism from a German university. I've worked for NPR in Berlin and interned at WBUR Boston. I now run an internet music business and I have fallen in love with Ron Paul's message of liberty. I've seen first-hand how nasty the European Union is. Liberty is good for everybody.

Sent by Steven Chase | 7:17 AM | 12-19-2007

I am
51 years old
Transplant to SC from TX
Registered Democrat
Voting for Ron Paul!

Sent by Ready for Change | 7:30 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a UK citizen and although I can't contribute financially or vote for Ron Paul's presidential campaign, I am an ardent fan. I'm 43 years old. I have never voted for any political party in the UK. Ron Paul is the first politician I've ever heard who actually has substance, integrity and honesty. A total breath of fresh air, a massive antidote to the mindless drivel, empty platitudes and spin of career politicians. God! I wish we had someone like him in the UK. My advice to all Americans, is look where we are now in the UK, a virtual police state run by lying, deceitful and wholly untrustworthy politicians who advance agendas totally against the wishes of the people. Look in the mirror people because if you don't act right away by voting for Ron Paul, you will end up like us Brits, enslaved by debts we can't repay and run by unelected bureaucrats from another country. And don't believe the NeoCons whan they say the North American Union is off the agenda because they will sneak it up on you and steal your sovereignty before you know it.

Sent by Matt Myers | 7:34 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 37 year old Christian husband and home school father of 8 children. We live on a small farm in Iowa. Doctor Paul cured my apathy.
Now, our whole family greatly enjoys spreading the message of liberty and freedom through Constitutional government. Our older children make phone calls and pass out Ron Paul literature while the younger children help decorate, dress-up and ride in our parade floats for Ron Paul.

Sent by David | 7:38 AM | 12-19-2007

As Phil Donahue helped me tell the world in 1981, I am the Founder of Donors' Offspring, Inc - and represent 5 Million artificially created geniuses. I have used my brains to support Republican Congressman Ron Paul for the past 25 years. I am 58, a grandmother, a teacher, still looking for my genius donor-father, and Volunteer Director of the Grassroots Sarcoxie MO Headquarters and past State Republican Delegate for Pat Buchanan. ALL of Pat's supporters are Ron's supporters! ALL of Ross Perot's retiree supporters in CA & FL are for Dr. Paul and NO MORE IRS! See you September 1st in his "St Paul!"

Sent by Candace ? Turner | 7:49 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year old previously apathetic citizen, and the good doctor cured my apathy.

Sent by Andrew Markovic | 7:49 AM | 12-19-2007

33 year old college professor here
specialization - composition/rhetoric
former Nader supporter, I hopped on the bash-Bush bandwagon early. Registered Democrat, Texan all my life, Buddhist and former Move-on'er. Paul has given me an outlet and avenue for my feelings of government. Look around! It's as if he's harnessed a tornado.

Sent by Steve | 7:50 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm an American citizen from rural Pennsylvania, but currently teaching English near Seoul, South Korea. I'm a lifelong Republican who didn't really like any of the Republican candidates much this time--until I heard Dr. Paul's honest and simple message in a debate a few months ago.

Sent by Matt L Sterling | 7:50 AM | 12-19-2007

Web developer for a large bank. I'm married with 4 kids. I voted for Bush and regret it. I've never donated to a campaign before, but I gave to Ron's.

Sent by Rob | 7:51 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 56 year old independent real estate broker. I have always voted but never supported any campaign until Ron Paul. It was my intention to stop voting at all until I heard Ron Paul's message. Educated on the issues, resonds inteligently, honesty, integrity...., How refreshing.

Wouldn't it be nice not to be embarassed to say you were an American.

Sent by Charles Vertrees | 7:52 AM | 12-19-2007

Well, I am a 35-year old Christian woman with 6 children. I homeschool all but one of them (who attends public school) I live in rural Arkansas and have never been involved in politics before.

Sent by Karen | 7:52 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 51 year old Physician Assistant and a past Bush supporter in 2000 and '04. I am an evangelical Christian living in the Knoxville, TN area. We are in a tailspin as a country. It must be stopped, if that is even possible at this point. Ron Paul is the best man to do that out of the field of candidates in either party.

Sent by Dave Drum | 7:53 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old son of North Carolina who has been very disgusted with the lack of respect most politicians have for the Constitution and the rule of law. Ron Paul understands that the government is not above the law and that is the primary reason among many that I am switching my registration from Democrat to Republican to vote for him in the North Carolina Republican Primary.

Sent by Sherald | 7:55 AM | 12-19-2007

I am an international development worker who lives overseas. Master's degree and professional. Politically apathetic until Ron Paul. I like NPR very much. Secretly a Diane Reams listener when statside.

Sent by Dan Klaus | 7:56 AM | 12-19-2007

I immigrated to this country 10 years ago. This is the first time i supported any political candidate. I came to this country expecting freedom, liberty and right right to self-preservation. Yet everyday I feel less privileged as a citizen. Big government and unjust wars have got to stop. RP08

Sent by Joe Hsu | 7:56 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 year old mother of two boys. I had a serious case of apathy and pessimism when it came our politcal system. I heard Dr.Ron Paul at one of his debates, and I was cured instantaneously! It's a miracle! LOL

Sent by Beth | 7:57 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 58 yr old divorced woman, with two grown children I raised by myself, without the help of government aid of any kind. Both my kids are college educated and are seeing their degrees wasted in the US of today.

I've voted Democratic all my life but have switched to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and will not vote if he is not on the general ticket. All the other candidates come from the same camp and none are good for America's future.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that speaks the truth about our foreign policy, our monetary system and our true tax rip off of the middle and senior income.

The media might not understand what is going on...but Ron Paul supporters know exactly what is going on and we are talking to everyone who will listen.

Sent by Roberta | 8:02 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 43 year old lifelong republican. I have two daughters and a beautiful wife. I agreed with the invasion of Afghanistan, but was TOTALLY against the Iraq war. I told my wife, when Bush was beating the war drum(with the help of MSM) that it would be a HUGE mistake. Then we started hearing about the corruption issues in the Republican party and their complete lack of fiscal responsibility. This is what propelled me for the first time in my +20 years of voting to vote all democrat. This was a very difficult decision because my position has always been the polar opposite of the socialist democrat party.....YUCK! I felt a message had to be sent to those in power in the GOP. I have always had a streak of libertarian in me I just never recognized it for what it is. Then I heard Dr. Ron Paul on one of his youtube videos and it was like an epiphany. In the +20 years of voting(I have never missed a vote) I have never donated time or money to any candidate. I have never been to a political rally. I now have donated three times to Ron Paul, I have been actively involved in promoting Ron Paul and I went to two rallies in support of Ron Paul. The republican party needs to wake up, they are losing part of their base of voters. Who knows how big are movement is, but I do believe we are big enough to influence the outcome of the general election. For myself, if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, I will write his name in. I will not vote for any other republican, unless of course they embrace Ron Paul's position's on foreign policy at the minimum.

The video I watched was the showdown with Rudy over our foreign policy when Dr. Ron Paul gave Rudy a reading list for the summer.

One other note, I am sick and tired of the religious right holding too much sway over the party. I am a Christian and I think that segment of the party really DUMBS us down. A perfect example would be to point out Mike Huckabee's recent rise in the polls, I mean really is that the best candidate they can rally behind?! For Pete's sake he is the WORST possible candidate to win. His record is a testament to my assertion.

Sent by David Pigeon | 8:09 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old previous democrat, previous libertarian in the 6 figure income level working for a major corporation. I have subscriptions to TIME, and Newsweek. I am recently engaged, and I feel I am the Anti Media labeled RP supporter liek most are. I am not a conspiracy nut that the media like to paint, I love freedom, choice, and the core American values.

Sent by David | 8:10 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a Republican, veteran, married father of 2 small kids. His 2004 House campaign was the first donation I ever made and I have donated several times to his Presidential campaign. I don't believe in intervention overseas and big government at home. He is the only guy saying anything about it.

Sent by Jason | 8:15 AM | 12-19-2007

28, male, Software Engineer, Ivy League grad

Voted Nader in 2004 since not in battleground state, didn't vote in 2000. Have voted Dem., Rep., Ind., Green, and Libertarian in local elections. I do not support George Bush for a number of reasons, but although better than Bush, I did not like Clinton either, for reasons roughly to do with honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility, or lack thereof.

I never really supported or donated to any campaign until now. I do not agree with Ron Paul on all his stances but I do on the war/imperialism and monetary policy, and two things allow me to not care about our occasional differences:

1) His philosophy does not require us to agree on everything. He values individuals and local government more than monolithic solutions.
2) He has a personal integrity that is extremely rare in modern politics. Unlike most candidates, who I develop more distaste for as I research them, Ron Paul only becomes more likable to me with more scrutiny due to his candor and thoughtful, well developed positions on most issues. He is not a great politician, but he is the "real deal."

Sent by Will | 8:17 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 39 year old RF/Broadcast Engineer, former Republican who quite after working in Dole's campaign. I am Christian who listens to my Christian station and NPR. I really woke up after really reading the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Magna Carta and the Federalist and Anti-federalist papers. I am not taking the "Real ID" and am free by God not Government. My rights and yours are God/Natural and Inaliable/Eternal! I will be free, by electing Ron Paul or else!

Sent by Dennis L Kerley III | 8:27 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 38 year old stay at home mom to three children. I love Ron Paul. I believe getting out of Iraq is our number one concern, and I am worried about a potential future draft for the military. God Bless our troops; I don't want my sons drafted to fight in places we don't belong and for issues in which I don't believe (not necessarily speaking if Iraq here).

I also am tired of watching civil liberties disappear; you can be ANY political party (I happen to be a life-long Republican) and see that this doesn't make any sense.

I also believe religion has no place in politics.

As an aside, I admit I voted for Bush twice.

Sent by J. Aguilar | 8:30 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 40 year old single father raising a 6 year old daughter who is, without question, the joy of my life. I served honorably for nearly 5 years in the USAF, attended the University of Southern California, and work as a software developer. I believe in truth, love, freedom of thought, the beauty of life, individual liberty, artistic creation, humanism, and value of experience. I support Ron Paul because I love my daughter.

Sent by Steven Singer | 8:33 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old POLICE OFFICER in New Orleans, LA. I have viewed politics with a weary eye until the good Doctor came along. I have been registered Republican all of my life, yet share some liberal ideas. Above all, I believe in following the Constitution as it was written. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing, obviously, because the tyranny they warned us about still persists to this day.

Sent by Kevin Diel | 8:38 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 30 year old male. I am a self-described professional student; I just finished my graduate degree in Bioengineering last year.

I have been registered as a Republican since 18. I never bothered to vote in the Presidential general elections because the Democrats own the states I have lived in, and besides neither candidate ever appealed much to me (it's like choosing between the lesser of two evils).

When I first discovered Ron Paul, I was floored by what he was saying. It seemed so radical, radical not in the crazy sort of way, but radical in the sense that he was not following the status quo. He promotes change by going back to the Constitution and following the advice of the founding fathers.

Upon further research of Dr. Ron Paul I was astounded to find that he 1) was in Congress for 10 terms and has an impeccable voting record that follows his political ideology/philosophy, 2) doesn't take money from lobbyists or special interest groups, 3) is what seems to be an oxymoron these days; an honest politician with integrity, 4) is a medical doctor, 5) served in the military, and 6) is a family man (married for 50+ years, 5 children, and 17 grandchildren).

The more I learn about Dr. Paul the more I love about Dr. Paul and his message of freedom.

I have never been interested in politics. I have never been active in politics. However, Ron Paul has awoken me from my slumber of apathy. I now donate to the campaign, canvass my neighborhoods, participate in meetup group activities, and will be moving to New Hampshire for a week to assist the campaign.

America is ready for change and Ron Paul is the only candidate that has the insight and foresight to deliver it.

Sent by Robert | 8:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 54 year Ragan Republician who has never voted for a Dem. I don't own a TV and have worked for a major Aircraft Co. in Seattle and make about 75,000.00 a year. I've read Ron Paul's writings for years on Lew Rockwell and I'll write him in if he's not on the ballet. No one else is acceptable to me!

Sent by George | 8:57 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 38 year old computer programmer with a Bachelor of Science degree, a beautiful wife and three awesome, responsible children.

In the past I have been a sheep following the herd, voting for the candidate which received the most media attention, thinking that my vote didn't matter anyway, because whomever took office would be just like the rest of the other politicians who made false promises.

I first heard about Ron Paul on a sports message board that I frequent on the internet. I have been hooked ever since. He is the only candidate that, in my opinion, speaks the truth and actually believes in what he says. I particularly like his stance on foriegn policy and returning the focus to our own country.

Sent by J | 8:59 AM | 12-19-2007

I am an 18 year old male.
I live in North Carolina
I am a Christian
I am a Republican
The only reason I registered Republican when I came of age was because I wanted to vote in the primary. I'm glad I did.
I support Ron Paul because I believe he has a good foreign policy and a good fiscal policy. He seems to be much more sincere and forthright than any candidate I've ever seen.

Sent by Gabriel | 9:47 AM | 12-19-2007

who cares. it ain't gonna happen in my/your lifetime. get real. eat, drink and be merry...and move to a beautiful spot in maine and hope for the best. or not.

Sent by jay | 9:51 AM | 12-19-2007

77 yo Male divorced semi-retired in Western Washington State. I have followed the Truth in Government movement for 10 years, the IRS, the Fed. jail4judges, We the People, etc. and through frustration we have all found a ralleying point-Ron Paul

Sent by Al Tavis | 9:52 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old investment advisor, I have 2 Kids and a lovley wife, I am from Arkansas. The answer is GOOD people support Ron Paul.

Sent by Chad Dilday | 9:53 AM | 12-19-2007

RP Supporter here. My name is Jeremy. I'm 29, live in Central Florida, and I've never voted before (nor have I cared to for that matter). I work for a company that manufactures and distributes implants and instruments for spinal surgeries.
I'm sick of the BS I see on TV all the time. I'm sick of seeing that the pres has %30 approval and the Congress and Senate are doing worse...and that's it...I hear that they're doing a lousy job and nothing more...it's like people are content just knowing they're being screwed over by the government. Unfortunately, I think the route this country takes will be determined by the ignorant masses that have been inundated with glossy representations of candidates and their views, news flash: sound bytes are NOT sworn testimony - that's the beauty of this process - you can pretty much say whatever to get elected, and then totally disregard everything you promised with absolutely NO possibility of reprisal -(except of course pissing off the people who voted for you - but that only applies sometimes) SEE G.Bush, 2000 election, no nation building, humble foreign affair, etc. Did we see any of these?. America needs to wake up and realize that there are consequences for the actions we take. I am utterly baffled that people cannot seem to grasp the simple notion that we were attacked on 9-11 because we (US and UK) have been occupying the middle-east ever since we replaced Iran's democratically elected president in '53 with the Shaw who would be more inclined to work with us.
I'm cautiosly optomistic abour Paul's chances, but if he doesn't win, I'm seriously considering leaving the country, who wants to live in the most hated country in the world anyways? Oh, and if you think we're not hated, can you answer this for me: What color is the sky in the fantasy world you live in?

Sent by Jerm! | 9:55 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29 yr old male in Washington state who works for a government contractor. I'm married with one child, and a conservative Christian. My 31 yr old wife also supports Dr. Paul. We voted for George W. Bush in both elections.

Sent by J | 9:55 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 year old network technician, life long voting Republican turned Libertarian turned Republican (so I could vote in my state's primary). I used to drink the G.W. Kool Aid but after hearing Ron Paul, I knew the Republican party finally had someone worth voting for.

Dr. Ron Paul cured my apathy.

Sent by Mark | 9:57 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old poet in California, finishing my graduate degree. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate I have ever trusted, and the only one I've heard speak coherently and consistently about real ideas.

Sent by Justin Rigamonti | 10:02 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 51, married with two kids. I'm a librarian, my wife is an RN, my daughter is a freshman in college, and my son is in the fifth grade. We are Orthodox Christians and strongly pro life.
I've been a libertarian/consevative since 1980 and voted for Dr. Paul in 1988. My wife and daughter are also planning on voting for him this year.

Sent by Robert E. Thornsberry | 10:05 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23yr old university student (Political Science), and have held "traditional liberal" (ie. Locke or Thomas Jefferson) beliefs since the time I could rationally think. I play four instruments & love making music. I am not religious. I am in an "inter-racial" relationship & speak two languages.

The US government, particularly in the last century, has moved to restricting freedom & liberty, regulating and taxing personal property, undermining economic prosperity of it's citizens, and in general moving what was the one shining beacon of intelligent governance - limited government - and moved to fascism & tyranny. Of all the candidates, Ron Paul is the only one who stands for liberty, freedom, personal choice, and intelligent government.

Sent by Aaron Bartholomew | 10:13 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a married 22 year old college student. I am studying social work and spanish. I have NEVER liked politics or read the whole Constitution before but that all changed when I heard Dr. Paul's message. It was like a breath of fresh air and I finally understood what it meant to be an American. Since then I have been studying and working on spreading that message so that when Ron Paul does get elected we can elect others to Congress to continue this movement towards a limited, constitutional government.

Sent by Ashley Jordan | 10:16 AM | 12-19-2007

You folks are missing the real message. Ron Paul has your attention, but it is Ron Paul's MESSAGE and HISTORY that drive our support. Ron Paul for President and a Citizens' New-Congress of Constitutional respect and we will recover our lost Liberty. 2008-2010 - bring a new American epoch.

Sent by Henry Nicolle | 10:19 AM | 12-19-2007

I am 38 years old, married, no children (but an uncle many times over). I make an adequate living working for one of the largest political organizations in the United States, involved in the area of labor law reform. I am also a Registered EMT-Paramedic and volunteer my time unpaid with the county fire department. I am a lifelong Republican with a libertarian streak. I was president of my College Republican club, was a state-wide leader in the Young Republicans, and am active in politics on the local level.

I have been following Ron Paul for years and have always admired his principled conscience. I admire his message of personal liberty, limited government, return to a sound dollar, and a foreign policy of peace through strength.

I am supporting Ron Paul because I am tired of expecting to be lied to and let down by elected representatives who stomp all over the Constitution (remember campaign finance reform? Bush thought it was unconstitutional, but signed it into law anyway! Remember when Bush said, "If we don't stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, then we're going to have a serious problem coming down the road."? Two years later we were "nation-building" in Iraq.) The other so-called Republican candidates aren't any better - they want to tax us into the poor-house, spend us into oblivion, take away our hunting rifles, and regulate every aspect of our personal lives.

Those who criticize Ron Paul for his stance on Iran (free trade instead of bombs) forget that Reagan won the cold war against the USSR the same way. It was won with Levis and rock & roll, not by launching a 'preemptive strike'.

Reagan (who used to be a Democrat) said he didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Party left him. Well, considering the current crop of candidates, the same is true with me (except for Ron Paul).

Sent by E. Forman, Sassafras, VA | 10:20 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a FX currency trader, my husband a contractor. Our meet up group includes: teachers, veterans, housewives,chiropractors, the disabled,factory workers, computer programmers, insurance salesman- people of all walks of life. The only common factor I can find in them is that they have become informed. Ron Paul supporters are well read. They KNOW what the CFR is and its goals are not the goals of the masses. They KNOW what the Patriot Act says and does to our rights. They KNOW what the Military Commissions act does to our rights, etc. So basically we are people who are no longer brainwashed. We know what the media mogols aren't telling us. We are people who believe in the Constitution and getting government OUT OF OUR LIFE. We see our country being sold down the river by the ruling elite. We know the media for the most part is helping the ruling elite accomplish their goals. We know from history we will cease to exist if we continue. We love our country and way of life and don't want it destroyed. We know who the ruling elite are and that their goals and motives are undesirable for the rest of us. We fight tirelessly because we know more of the same will in time create extreme hardships for the majority. Since truth resonates truth, the sleeping giant awakens. Just like the Master of the house who arises to find that someone broke into his house and robbed him blind. The American people are waking up and going after their lying theiving government. Those crooks shall be uprooted and replaced by those who will uphold the constitution. When Ron Paul wins the nominiation other like minded will come out to run for all offices. The American people will once again have control of their government. Those new servents of the people will work to preserve their rights and protect the fruits of their labor. The American people will once again live in peace and not be stressed by potential financial ruin.
What idot would want it any other way?

Sent by M. Halvorson | 10:21 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 45 year old, single woman. I was a registered Republican from 1980 (the first election I was able to vote) until two years ago. I simply became so disgusted in what I was seeing from Washington I changed my voter registration to "Independent". I thought the system was so corrupt as were the politicians that I didn't know if I would ever vote again! I was bitterly disenfranchisd; very angry about the decision to go into Iraq and about the assault of our freedoms thru the Patriot Act.

I "found" Ron Paul in May 2007 and I felt like shouting: "FINALLY! Someone in Washington who actually makes sense!"

I admire his consistant principles, his boldness to say what is on his mind and heart even if it's not what people "want" to hear. I love his "genuineness". He makes such common sense!

I never thought I would donate to a candidate, go canvassaving for candidate, take time off work to travel to another state to participate in a rally for a candidate. I sometimes stop, laugh or cry and scratch my head in wonder "Why AM I doing this?". But then, I remember.

In my local meetup group, most of our members are new to politics. Some have never registered to vote prior to this! Many are like myself - disenfranchised Republicans who left the party. We have a large group of Democrats who support Ron Paul. We have Libertarians and Constitution party members (I think we may have one Green party member, too).

We have a saying in our meetup group:

Dr. Ron Paul Cured My Apathy!

This is exactly how I feel!

Also, have you heard about Michael who going across the country on bicycle to spread the word of Ron Paul? Check out: www.ronpaulriders.com . I love to read his tales from the road every night!

Sent by Karen Sutton, Beaverton, Oregon | 10:28 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 38 year old stay at home mom from KS. I love the message of freedom, liberty, and following the Constitution. Americans need to realize they can and need to be responsible for themselves. The nanny state will lead to an elite ruling class and misery for the rest. Ron Paul has opened my eyes to a new way of looking at things and I am never going back. So far I agree with him 100%.

Sent by Jill Gabli | 10:38 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 32, married, no kids. I do Application Development for a living. I have voted in every Presidential election since I was eligible to participate. Other than that, I have not been an active participant in politics since I got out of college the first time. It was my opinion that voting for a Republican or a Democrat was voting for two sides of the same unfair coin.

Until I heard about Dr. Paul running for President this year, I considered myself a member of the Libertarian party (though I never joined up). I now consider myself a libertarian Republican, and am planning on doing what I can to pull the party back to its traditional values of limited Federal government and limited Federal restriction on our personal liberties. I now feel it is my duty to impact local politics as best I can by getting involved.

Sent by John R. Redding | 10:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I am married, father of 3, treasurer of a regional headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and passionate about liberty. I have always voted Republican, have become very disgusted with both parties over both fiscal and personal liberty issues, and want some real changes. I support Ron Paul because he believes in and has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, a strict adherence to the Constitution, a sane foreign policy approach, upholding individual liberty, and reducing the scope of government in all aspects.

Sent by Victor Zill | 10:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 59 year old male, father of 5 children, grandfather of 11 wonderful grand children. I served in the U.S. Navy during Viet Nam and served in Law Enforcement after honorably discharged from the Navy. At present I am still employed in photographic sales. I am a
constitutionalist and student of history. I do not rely upon the mainstream media for true or accurate reporting of national and international news. One of the most revealing books that I have read is "Tragedy and Hope, a
history of the world in our time" by Carroll Quigley, former professor of history at the Foreign Service School, Georgetown University, as well as formerly teaching at Harvard and Princeton. If I may, I would advise people to read and think through the words penned by our first president, George Washington, in his 'Farewell Address'and what he said regarding our
relations with 'foreign nations'.

Sent by Ron | 10:40 AM | 12-19-2007

Male, Iowa, 26 yrs old, work at economic research desk.

Primary reason: Can't support a pro-war candidate.

Sent by Will | 10:43 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a strong Ron Paul supporter.
20 Years old
In college for Business
Have always liked politics but had never read the Constitution before, but after hearing Dr. Paul's message I went out and Googled the document and after having read it I was amazed at its beauty and intended protections of liberty. Since hearing of Ron Paul and his message of the Constitution I looked up Ron Paul's record and found it to be the single most consistant voting record by far in the whole of Congress and through MANY years of congress. After that point I have dedicated a large amount of my time to spreading Paul's message and the rEVOLution which symbolizes Paul's message outside his singular run for President for the purpose of changing the overall political climate to a more Constitutional one.

Sent by Adam Hugo | 10:45 AM | 12-19-2007

The last four letters of American are I CAN. Americans can elect Ron Paul for President.

Sent by Bill Hanson | 10:47 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old Customer Marketing Manager working for Johnson and Johnson in Bentonville Arkansas. I am recently married. Both my Wife and I found Ron Paul on the Internet and agreed with his policy. I Voted for Bush twice and now look back and can see I didn???t think the situation through towards war. I was raised in a Republican and Christian home here in Arkansas. I watch television and enjoy politics but see how the media attempts to use Ron as a sensationalism piece versus letting us understand what he stands for. If it weren???t for the internet I wouldn???t have been able to research what Ron stands for. The debates didn???t serve as a conduit for his views. The recent Glen Beck program was one of the first to allow him to explain his points in depth. It helped win my father and many others over to Ron's side.

Sent by Bobby Dennis | 10:50 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old student of Penn State University from Fairview, Pennsylvania. I am a former supporter of Bush and the neo-conservative ideal. I have since awaken to the realization that our country is on the wrong track. There is hope after all. I always considered myself a Constitutionalist, and it was time for me to practiced what I preached.

Sent by Patrick A Krott | 10:55 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 45 year old married mother of three teenage boys. I am an account manager for a large company out of Atlanta. I voted for Bush in 2004 (previously I did not vote except for Ross Perot on 1992). I am originally from NJ but moved to Florida in 2000. I come from a long line of republicans, most of who are now disinfranchised with the GOP. Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Jena | 10:58 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a former MARINE who served in Oif 1 and 2. I'm going to college now as an electronic media major. I'm a Chomsky reader and I'm an NPR listener too. I've done a little campus radio work. For me, Ron Paul is the only Decision when the choice is more Tyranny or Greater Freedom.

Sent by joshua | 10:59 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old married female, no kids. I work as a financial adviser for a large bank. I have supported Ron Paul for over 4 years and was delighted to hear he was running for President and my life is forever changed. (in a very good way!)

Sent by A.M.Smith | 10:59 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old UCLA student, originally from New Hampshire. I hadn't heard of Ron Paul until about May of this year. I was trying to decide who to support in the upcoming election, and so I started researching all of the candidates and their positions. When I found Ron Paul, not only did I find a candidate to support, but my political interest was renewed and invigorated! I have never supported a politician this strongly before.

I would encourage more people to do a lot of research into all the candidates. It seems like everyone I know who actually seriously looks into Ron Paul ends up supporting him. My stepdad is a lawyer and my mom is a paralegal, they are supporting him. My friends are all supporting him. I think the media may be in for a surprise, because they are all actually planning on voting too.

Sent by Stephen Campbell | 11:02 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a very concerned american. Why do the majority of people forget that if we don't remember history, we will be doomed to repeat it? Corruption has always existed in politics it seems, but the loss of liberty has lead to all fascist states. We are now losing our liberties in a very militant country operated in conjunction with an extremely large central government. It does not bode well. Let it not be said that we did nothing.

Sent by craig | 11:03 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old masters degree student, and a fairly conservative Christian. I was first drawn to Ron Paul because of his sincerity, integrity, and wisdom. Listening to his speeches has been an enlightening and empowering experience. Although I voted for Bush in 2004, I am atoning for that grave error in judgment by doing all that I can to help the Good Doctor's campaign.

Viva la Revoluci??n!

Sent by Kyle | 11:06 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a midlife professional woman with a family with 2 young kids. I'm voting for Ron Paul in the primary AND in the general, whether he wins the primary or not! Don't forget, you can WRITE HIM IN if somehow the power elite figure out how to mess with this election too.

Sent by Karen Fujita | 11:13 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old married college grad living in the Pacific NW. I make twice the mean yearly income for my state. While voting in the past, this is the first year that I have felt passionately towards a canidate. I like Dr. Paul because he is the only canidate that talks about the real reasons the middle class is shrinking- trade and the Federal Reserve among others. I am voting for Ron Paul is the 2008 elections.

Sent by Nick B. | 11:15 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old male, and my fiancee is 23. I work in the IT field, and she is a special education teacher.

We both used to consider ourselves liberal because of our parents, but as we got more into politics we realized that we were small government conservatives. We agree with Paul on almost every issue, and admire the mans honesty.

Sent by Mark Wagner | 11:16 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 year old man living in Seattle who finally woke up one afternoon and saw hope in the message of Ron Paul. I didn't care before about politics and felt like it didn't matter who I voted for. I felt like the system was corrupt and that the politicians would lie every time; that was until I heard Ron speak. It was as if he knew everything I was discontent about as a citizen. I was blown away and became more and more educated on the constitution and such as I heard Ron speak truth after truth. I believe he is our last great chance in America, I am no longer apathetic; the doctor has cured me...

Sent by Chris Cox | 11:33 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm 59 and work for a labor union. I voted for Kennedy,Nixon,McGovern,Carter,Bush -I finally realized that each represented one side of the same coin. No matter which one I voted for, the same result occurred -I lost either economic OR personal freedom. Ron Paul represents freedom on both sides -he does not believe that government should be used to FORCE your ideas or beliefs on others, either domestically or in foreign affairs. Persuasion NOT coercion is the way to advance your ideas.

Sent by Dan Gallagher | 11:39 AM | 12-19-2007

30-year-old. WOMAN. I am a Sales Director (home based biz owner) for Mary Kay Cosmestics living and working in the Pacific NW. I have a 4-yr degree in Economics, and my educational background let me to the conclusion that Ron Paul is the only truly ethical candidate. I'm married w/ no children(yet), and had never involved in a political campaign until now.

Sent by CJ | 11:40 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23-yr old investment banker. I have lived / worked in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and I was born in Egypt Presently, I'm working in the States.

I am a fiscal conservative. I believe strongly in a non-interventionist foreign policy.

I believe Ron Paul has a viable chance at shocking the nation; the polls have statistical weaknesses which may be exposed soon.

Sent by Joe | 11:41 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old male, college graduate who lives in Seattle and
works for a "green" business. I found Dr. Paul to be the only voice of reason in this dysfunctional system we live in. He's honest, forthright and he comes with no strings attached. We have strayed so far from our founding principles and the constitution that Ron is the only one who can lead us back. I am truly worried about the future of this country if we continue on the status quo. End the war. Go Ron!

Sent by Robby | 11:50 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 37 year old female, married 16 years. I am self employed. I was a registered Republican, but became disillusioned with the party and changed to Independent until I found Ron Paul. My husband is 41 and a software development executive. He is a registered Republican but has become disillusioned as well. We like Ron Paul because he is truthful and cares more about this country then he does himself. He will put his money where his mouth is (declined Congressional retirement package). We agree with most of Ron Paul???s stances on issues, but it is the process he uses to get to his positions we like the most, via the Constitution.
Ron Paul is very much like Goldwater. Notice Barry Goldwater Jr. is endorsing Ron Paul. In addition, Ron Paul will end the war in Iraq. There is no other candidate on either side that we believe will do so, with the exception of Kucinich and maybe Edwards.

Sent by Tina Arizona | 11:51 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a real estate appraiser that was interested in understanding more about the mortgage crisis. It meant learning about this nation???s financial history. One book was written by W.M. Walbert in 1899, ???The Coming Battle???, which chronicles the ???money powers??? influences in this country before 1900. It explains how they manufactured panics, recessions, and depressions for profit and control (they still use the same formula today). They also controlled many of our Universities and influential politicians (they still do). Walbert was warning about how the ???money power??? was seeking to gain absolute control within our country. There was the panic of 1907, which influenced many Americans into supporting the creation of the FED in 1913. We had national banks before this, but with the FED came the income tax (16th Amendment in 1913) so that Americans would forever supply funds, our debt, for the ???money power???s??? endeavors worldwide???profitable wars and socialized slavery. Edward E. Kennedy wrote a book, ???The Fed and the Farmer???, which is about the Agricultural Depression of 1921 and the Great Depression. Kennedy, who became a prominent judge in America, was at the FED???s initial meeting in 1920, where the FED devised a plan to loan at lowered interest rates???then raise interest rates???which was meant to destroy the small competing banks that were loaning to the farmers???this ended up putting millions of people out of work and destroyed many of the small farms at the same time. The FED, whose policies, also allowed our recession, after the 1929 Stock Market Crash, to build into a great depression and America???s bankruptcy in 1933--current FED chairman, Ben Bernanke, admitted this in a 2002 birthday celebration for Milton Freidman, where he said he would not allow it to happen again. Ron Paul???s stance against the FED is my reason for supporting him.

Sent by Kevin | 11:53 AM | 12-19-2007

44, Male. Registered Democrat who never thought he's support a Christian Republican from Texas. He's the only candidate who would end the war immediately. Thats my issue and thats why he has my support. To support anyone else is un-American.

Sent by MarkD | 11:53 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 46 year old small business owner who sold a retail business I ran for 24 years just a few months ago and will be starting a new business in the manufacturing sector soon. I registered Libertarian at 18 and I voted for Dr. Paul in '88. I married for the first time in June of 2006. My wife is 33, and though she has never really followed politics, she attended the Santa Monica Tea Party rally with me last weekend and came away impressed with the spirit of the movement. She recently registered Republican to vote for Dr. Paul.

In my younger years I devoured books by Rand, von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, etc... I entered the business world at age 22 armed with this knowledge, thinking that I had learned what I needed to succeed and hoping I would eventually live in the type of free and prosperous society that I had envisioned through these books. Alas, I became part of the "silent minority", working diligently to keep my business alive, waiting for the views I held dear to someday take root as I was so sure they would when I was younger, but all the while watching our freedoms and liberties get slowly eroded away.

Dr. Paul not only cured my apathy, but he renewed something in me that has laid dormant for too long - HOPE - and this hope has translated into ACTION. I switched to the Republican party just last month so that I can vote for him again, and I do something every day either on my own or through my Meetup group to expose his views to new people. I'm not a religious person, but GOD BLESS YOU DR. PAUL!

Sent by Vincent Mross | 11:54 AM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 34 year old digital media specialist who's been a small 'l' libertarian for about 12 years. I've been following RP since I first read about him in Reason magazine about ten years ago. I believe very strongly in individual rights on everything from privacy to marriage and association to the drug issue. I also believe that our nation's foreign policy has been dead wrong since the end of World War Two. I disagree vehemently with Dr. Paul on abortion and the immigration issue, but frankly, this election is about issues far more essential to our nation, and what we truly are about. I believe Ron Paul is the only candidate who has any sort of grasp on the concept of the natural rights of the individual, and the spontaneous order that arises when those individuals make choices in a free society.

Sent by David Potts | 11:56 AM | 12-19-2007

I am a 34 year old husband and father of 4 children. I am a software engineer as well as a small business owner living in CT.

Both my wife and I support Ron Paul and his message.

Sorry I am not a 19 year old spam-bot sitting in my parent's basement donating to his campaign using a stolen credit card.

Sent by Jeff A. | 12:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a medical student in the Caribbean. 22 Years old, I have been interested in politics for my whole life, but really became involved in this campaign.

Sent by Kyle Varner | 12:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old CTO that was turned onto Ron Paul by a friend. I have since turned Dr. Paul onto many, his message spreads easily. I have never voted in the primaries before and will do so this time around.

Sent by Charles | 12:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old management consultant from Seattle. Always taught that republicans were the good guys when I grew up, I began to question that in my early 20s as I saw just how untrue that is. In many ways I became an objectivist after the manner of Rand, although I still consider myself a Christian as well.

Then I heard about a man named Ron Paul. I'll spare the reader of my letter the spiel, as I can see it's been repeated many times here, but rest assured that the message of personal liberty (and responsibility), the foreign policy that actually makes sense, and the ideas that he presents have, for the first time, made me realize that I don't need to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Although I'm a registered republican so that I can help Ron Paul, I'm largely a man without a party. The Democrats seem to want to loot everything to give it to those who don't produce. The Republicans don't seem to mind my production for the most part, but want to watch me every second of the day without cause.

As a husband and father, I want to live in a nation where my daughter grows up to learn personal responsibility - and liberty. I do not want her to grow up in a world where she accepts that it is the norm to be searched everywhere she goes, or have all of her communications wiretapped without reason. I want her to grow up in a nation where she can produce to the best of her ability and enjoy the rewards of what she has produced. Where when companies make poor decisions, they lose their competitive advantage, allowing a newer, better company to rise up in their place, instead of getting a government bailout. Where the little guy like any of us could start that company with a good idea and a great work ethic.

I've never been so passionate about the political process as in this election.

Sent by Andrew Brown | 12:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a stay-at-home, reasonably liberal, mother of two in Bonney Lake, WA. I have almost always voted democrat. It has really suprised me, honestly, that I feel so strongly about a republican candidate. I am supporting Ron Paul because he is more interested in what really matters to people & doesn't seem to participate in all of the name calling, finger pointing that EVERY other candidate plays. I am an independant voter, voting for Ron Paul in 2008!!

Sent by Paige Newell | 12:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old artist, who has never really gotten involved in politics until I came across Ron Paul's campaign. He exactly fits my ideals, in regards to personal freedom and economic policy.

Sent by Laura | 12:33 PM | 12-19-2007

39 years old, live in AL. I've been luke warm for just a few candidates in previous elections but never enough to donate. This election, I'm maxed out, as well as my wife. I support Dr. Ron Paul because not only does he say the right things, not only does he believe and understands these things, he actually has proven he always does the right things. What are these right things? It's simply following the U.S. Constitution. It provides the perfect framework on how we as Americans can have different views and come from different walks of life and yet still get along in harmony. It allows us to search our hearts for the answers on how to help the down trodden instead of the gov forced method which only breeds resentment amongst us. It allows us to chose which merchants are evil and which ones provides the goods and services we need and want, instead of the gov forced method of handing over billions of our money to their chosen ones, which coincidently is the merchants who contribute the most to the campaigns of those making those decisions. This is a fight between We The People and corrrupt power. The only way they can defeat us is if they can divide us, and the powers that be are experts in dividing us. We refuse to let that happen anymore. Ron Paul 2008.

Sent by Doug | 12:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 65 year old widow, mother of 5, grandmother of 14 and great-grandmother of 6. I am a full time employee of a geothermal energy company in California. I have been a loyal follower of Congressman Ron Paul for about a year now. I am a registered Republican and a Conservative Christian. This is the first time I have ever campaigned for a candidate and I am priviledged to be doing so now. It is my belief that if we do not adhere to our Constitution as written we will lose it and our freedoms with it. Dr. Paul is the only candidate running who will bring us back to basics. We are heading for a complete collapse in every area and need Dr. Paul at the helm to steer us back to the Constitution and the Rule of Law as put down by our Founding Fathers.

Sent by Sandra Blauvelt | 12:45 PM | 12-19-2007

33/F/WA I'm a freelance web designer, an independent, and if someone had told me a year ago I'd be backing a republican from Texas, I might've punched them. Paul's the only one who's realistic on why we were attacked, I'm tired of my taxes paying for killing people overseas.

Sent by Sarah | 12:46 PM | 12-19-2007

35 yr old, non-partisan divorced single-father raising 3 children, remarried 5 years later to become a proud father raising 6 children. My wife and step-children are Canadian. I served 4 years in the USMC from 1990-1994. Deployed with 1st LAI Bn, LAV-AT as a Tow Gunner in multple Kuwaiti Liberation missions. Later deployed on 6 month West Pac (Pacific Ocean duty aboard USS Fort Fisher). Post military AA Degree. Seattle/Tacoma area resident. Employed in the aerospace industry for In-Flight Entertainment systems design. My oath of service sworn to the Contitution of the USA and her people will reside with me forever. Ron Paul is the first candidate I ever cared enough about to volunteer to help. We fight to attain peace. I oppose breaking the peace to fight a never ending war without sound justification, which was officially entered into with poor intelligence information and by the desires of the executive branch instead of the direction of Congress. The honorable men and women in the armed forces will do their duty and risk their lives as ordered. It is up to us to ensure US policy is sound, just, and responsible so that their lives are preserved. God Bless America! Semper Fi!

Sent by Jason Church | 12:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 42 year old married father of one living in Kirkland, Washington. I studied at 3 universities, served a 2 year volunteer mission for my church when I was 20. My wife is a Ron Paul supporter as well.
He's the only candidate we both have ever contributed money to. I learned about Ron Paul through a political periodical, I routinely read, 4 years ago.
Knowing the principles our country is founded on and knowing how far astray we are from those sound principles I was very disturbed for years. I was grateful when I knew Ron Paul, a highly experienced and principled man, was running for the presidency. Our countrie's a mess from poor political choices plain and simple.
It's time we exercised some good judgement and overcome the damning controls hurting our countries and it's citizens destinies.
Ron Paul supporters are typically well read and were waiting for years for a truthful and passionate man to run for office. Ron Paul will surround himself with a like minded cabinet, a cabinet that isn't CFR influenced like many of the Bush campaign.
We're not the policeman of the world. What a poor, brutish concept. What a failing idea.

Sent by Craig | 12:49 PM | 12-19-2007

48 year old female alternative newspaper founder and former publisher, now retired. I subscribe to the Oregonian and Wall Street Journal, but usually also read the NY Times, Wash. Post, Financial Times and Economist online, in addition to many electronic (broadcast and internet only) sources of news of course.

I was a socialist until I observed the burden of payroll taxes on coworkers as a small business owner and became a Libertarian. Eight years of Bush is going to leave our country drowning in debt and on the decline. Dr. Paul is our only hope for honest principled leadership.

I have to admit that I'm surprised how far behind the MSM is on this story. I had to read blogs, the Economist and British newspapers to educate myself on the housing bubble from 2004-2006, and it looks like we will have to rely on the internet again to get news on the presidential election.

Sent by Amy Singmaster | 12:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 49. I have two kids. I am divorced. I am a mechanical engineer. I have been interested in space since I was in fourth grade, before we went to the moon. Making my own Model Rockets in Summer School kept me from becoming a hoodlum. It was the first time that I had a male teacher for anything. I became a summer school teacher's assistant in the model rocketry class in the years that followed. The socialist government organization we call NASA has kept "the rest of us" out of space for nearly six decades now. NASA should be abolished and the profit motive should be employed to drive the cost of space transportation down to a reasonable level. The consequences of this change to the free market would be unimaginable. The Natural Resources available in space are literally infinite. Most near earth objects are a third dirt, a third water ice, and a third tar. Tar is a petroleum product. The mass of near earth objects is many times the mass of the earth. I am not advocating burning it for our cars! But eventually we will need it for plastics and medicine, among other things, along with the every other element, for everything. This is the only way sustainable growth is possible in the long term future. I used to work for Bigelow Aerospace. While working there, I developed a way to build space habitats out of vectran webbing that can be of virtually unlimited size. Gerry O'Neill's Space Habitats are possible to build using these techniques. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_habitat
The NPR socialist power elite need to realize that there is no alternative in the long run. Living systems, including the entire planet earth, grow or die. There is no such thing in nature as permanent stasis. For living systems, there is only growth. The communist system consisted of people pretending to work, and the communist government pretending to pay them. Communism and Socialism are failed policies, not even the communists in China use them anymore! We are poised for the next step. We are ready for a Libertarian Revolution that will propel America into a bright growing future. Me and my kids and my friends will colonize Mars and colonize space. Space elevators, laser propulsion, fusion power, alternative energy, and many other things will end the power of the Global Elitists over us. One thing you can do today is buy Hemp clothing and use biodiesel in diesel cars. Build your own home and get your home off the grid as soon as possible. Human beings and their creative capacity, are the only true wealth on the planet. Declare your independence from the Power Elite. Stop giving them your money. End their power over you.

Sent by Tony Rusi | 12:57 PM | 12-19-2007

Man I can't come to NPR anymore and that bothers me. I use to say that you all were fair and you could get a straight deal on NPR. The more I read on NPR about Dr. Paul the more I find slants and opinion with little fact. What happened you guys? You were once so fair about the grassroots efforts. I am completely disappointed by your coverage as a whole or lack there of. I always defended your leaning left, as a whole, with the "but they are fair" arguement and now I can't anymore. Say it ain't so NPR, sat it ain't so.

Sent by David Monk | 12:59 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old former Democrat (weren't we all one in college?), former law student, and accountant from Seattle. I'm tired of the economic decline and trashing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I want the government out of my paycheck and my personal life. I don't pay the federal government to be my nanny/spy, I pay them to protect the citizens.

Sent by Hannah | 12:59 PM | 12-19-2007

a korean, 37 male, married with 2 kids, on h-visa (meaning, no voting right) working for an automotive supplier near detroit. never been interested in politics ever before.

Dr. Paul gave me a hope.

Sent by baek | 1:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old mother of two, in Florida. I've been married for almost 6 years and worked in the marketing/design industry before choosing to be home with my children. We are conservative Evangelical Christians.

I am very politically active and always have been and I have been a registered Republican since age 18. Currently, part-time wedding photography, political activism, and work for non-profit organizations seeking to educate women about childbirth, take up any left over time I have.

I feel very strongly about maintaining civil liberties for my children. Liberties in health care (alternatives), school-choice (specifically homeschooling), and maintaining a volunteer military are the platforms that concern me as a mother. As a human being, I am gravely concerned about the sinking dollar, suspension of habeus corpus, and trading our liberties for security. I am also against global occupation by US forces.

My heart aches to see the day that Ron Paul is elected President. At that point I will know that America has awakened and we will no longer allow our freedom, peace, and prosperity to be plundered.

Sent by Candice | 1:06 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul, as I, understands the bankers objectives, as also did President Andrew Jackson. The big money owned the media to control elections. Google "Federal Reserve Fraud" IRS, Interest fluctuation. It all fits their pattern. We are being bought.

Sent by Ron Moss | 1:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 yr old Mexican/Filipino male from North County San Diego. I graduated in 2005 from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science - International Relations. I have always voted Democrat but have long been disillusioned with the entire system and government. Ron Paul represents a significant change for the better. Although I do not agree with all of his domestic stances, his foreign and economic policy are what this country needs. Fix our foreign policy, the economy will follow, and then we can take care of the domestic ills this country faces.

Sent by Xavier Ramirez | 1:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 year old single father of one son age 5.
I am an entrepreneur, in insurance and travel.
I have been self employed for the last 6 years.
I am a first time contributor to any politician or their campaign, I have not maxed out, but have donated to Dr. Pauls campaign,
I was apart of the 5th of November.
I am a Christian

I see and have seen the decline of this country for the last few years. I grew up and believed I was a Republican until a few years after I graduated HS, and went on to college. I started looking at what I was being told, and how I really felt, then decided that their is more to this country than a 2 party system. I have never officially registered as an independent but consider myself to be very independent in my thinking. I have not voted in the last 3 elections the 1st time for, time constraints, I got to the voting center 2 minutes too late, the next 2 elections I saw no one I would be willing to vote for and no one I could, in all sincerity, and feel comfortable supporting, as a leader of this country.

I like Ron Pauls message about Limited government, personal responsibility, foreign policy, government spending, and basic overall freedom message. After all its not about the man its about the message. The PTB and the MSM, are doing whatever they can to discredit Mr Paul, and to hide him in the closet until "they" get who "they" want in power to continue the planned agenda. Once the federal government started interfering in the education system they had the power to teach and mold the youth of this country to believe whatever was most convenient. It all started by taking the classics out of the learning process, then the dumbing down of the children the the dependence on federal aid, and the federal government. Its time to take back this country and return it to the people, not the PTB.

Sent by Fed up and disgruntled with the PTB | 1:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 DOD contractor in Seattle working for the Navy at Bremerton, Everett and Bangor naval stations. Win or loose Ron Paul IS my president. His message represents true America. The man is a national treasure.

Sent by Josh | 1:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 34 year old man from the Pacific Northwest. I have always been a conservative, albeit with many beliefs that run outside of the box. I was once a Republican, but found the party's leadership to be nothing more than corporate and/or special interest puppets. I feel strongly the same way about the Democratic party's leadership as well. I thought I would never believe, let alone get behind a major party presidential candidate again.

I was wrong. There are still a few decent, honest and uncompromised men and women out there trying to serve our People.

Ron Paul is much more than just an honest man. He is the standard bearer of a message that our forefathers believed in as well: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

As an American, sometimes it is more important to listen to a message with your patriotic heart, instead of your desensitized and overcrowded ears.

Let Freedom Ring!

Sent by Justin Gimse | 1:30 PM | 12-19-2007

Traditional Catholic.
Fiscal Conservative.
Secure borders advocate/anti-amnesty.
Republican since voting age, but working to reform the party.
Live in the Northwest.

I support Ron Paul, because in a nutshell, he supports the Constitution and we need him as president to restore it!

Sent by Michelle | 1:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30-year-old Seattle single mom of an 18-month-old son. I'm a former "Independent" who has recently tended to vote Democrat. I listen to NPR and radio but haven't had a TV for the past year.
I've been "disenfranchised" since my political awakening in high school when I started studying the Kennedy assassination. Recent events haven't boosted my confidence in the US government, especially the 9/11 attacks, the last two elections, and our unjustified invasion of Iraq.
I believe strongly in the Republic that our founding fathers intended to create and in my duty as an American to question our leaders. I've considered Thomas Jefferson to be my hero and wished he were alive today - well, now his legacy is! Ron Paul is the intellectual descendant of our country's founders and I believe as president he will do everything in his power to restore our Republic and our civil liberties. He's the only one who has got it right. I would not vote for anyone else, party affiliation be damned.

Sent by Molly | 1:39 PM | 12-19-2007

33 Male, Christian, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Provider, Protector, Patriot.

While the mainstream media continues to flood us with
coverage of Clinton, Huckabee, and the rest, the only
presidential candidate who is making real news is
Congressman Ron Paul. Ron Paul's story this election
season has been the message of liberty, prosperity,
and peace, and the people it has inspired to act for
change. Paul has been working for thirty years to
return the federal government to the limited,
constitutional republic established by our founding
fathers. He has been called ???crazy??? by hostile
reporters, but his philosophy of liberty and adherence
to the U.S. Constitution is alive in the heart of
every American patriot and in the immortal legacy of
our founders. Paul's popularity, as well, has been
diminished in the media through the use of polls which
only draw on people who voted in the last Republican
primary and use a land-line telephone. Paul's
supporters represent the opposite of
politics-as-usual. People of all political
backgrounds???Republicans, Democrats, Independents,
Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, and even
people who have never voted before???are coming together
in independent, grassroots groups around the country
to hold government accountable to the people and to
the constitution our representatives have sworn to
uphold. As Thomas Jefferson once said, ???The price of
freedom is eternal vigilance.??? We have neglected this
responsibility for too long. Ron Paul is inspiring
Americans to stand up and take responsibility for our
own country, freedoms, and future. Paul's supporters
are organizing and campaigning independent of any
central authority. That means this is more than just
a campaign, it is a bona fide freedom movement. On
December 16, 58,000 people donated to Ron Paul's
campaign, for a total of $6.4 million, the largest day
of political fund raising ever. The freedom message
is spreading throughout the country. If you want a
president who speaks the truth and will actually
fulfill his oath of office, you must find out more
about Dr. Paul. America, it's time to set ourselves free.

Ron Paul for President 2008

Sent by Just Me | 1:40 PM | 12-19-2007

Dr. Paul is the spear head of the invisibale third party that has been festering in America since the early 90's. With our population expanding the way it is there is no reason the public should have to suffer the 2 party system which grossly undervalues those who continually choose not to vote. I support Ron Paul because he is genuinely of, for and by the people who care about this country the most.

Sent by Gabriel Harrison | 1:46 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 y/o, married (with 1 baby girl) entreprenuer from Everett, WA. I grew up a strict Republican, but the reason was because I thought government should be smaller and taxes should be lower. The opposite has happened in the last 20 years, and I don't know what happened to my party.

I was VERY impressed when I heard Ron Paul's views on limited government, fiscal responsibility and especially foreign policy. He is the only candidate who is educated on our country's history, and is educated about the reason why conflict occurs and is willing to base future policy on these lessons. What a concept! He is not corrupted by politics, and he is a true and honest voice in a government which has overreached its boundries in the past decade.

Sent by Michael | 1:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 53 yr old homeless male. In '93-94 I went through 'Filing Enforcement', Tax Assessement' and IRS confiscation. I did not work in the recession of '90 and '91 and was assessed an income of $25,703.00 for a year I did not work. The paperwork came from FTB (CA) but the feds (IRS) came out to collect the money. When people in the private sector do that kind of thing, it is called a conspiracy. When the government does it, they call it 'Enforcement'! This Ron Paul battle is the last stand. It's do or die.

Sent by C. Al Currier | 1:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 36 and I'm from Cadillac, MI. I own a small skateboard shop. I am attracted to the Ron Paul movement because I have felt that the federal government has been getting too strong for too long.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that tells the truth. The truth is one that is solidly based on history. Like Rome before us we are on the verge of a fall. Ron Paul seems to be the only candidate that fully understands this fact and wants to work to put us back on the right track. It is easy to believe in Ron Paul because his campaign seems firmly rooted in common sense.

Sent by Billy Wood | 1:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old female, married, no kids. Before I heard about Ron Paul, I wasn't even sure I was going to vote. (Voted for Bush twice, DOH!)

In regards to his stance on Iraq, I saw a quote the other day that I really liked. It said something like, "It's not giving in to the bees to stop poking a stick into their hive."

Sent by Sarah Graham | 1:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 18 year old college student at San Diego State and I registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary,

Sent by Jennifer | 1:57 PM | 12-19-2007

After reading through most of the previous comments, it is clear that Bennett Roth has no clue about who Ron Paul is or who is supporters are.

I am a 42 year old wife, mother and web developer. I live in the nation's heartland - specifically, Kansas City, Missouri. In the past I have voted for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents but no politician has ever made me want to donate my hard-earned money or get actively involved in a campaign - not until I found out about Ron Paul, that is.

My biggest concern is the economy and national debt. If our economy tanks or our dollar crumbles, there will not be any money for any of the very expensive things the other candidates would like the Federal government to do, like universal healthcare or continued warfare.

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidates talking about economic issues in any realistic, meaningful way. Without sound currency, balanced budgets and a healthy economy none of the other issues matter in the least.

Sent by Wendy Moore | 2:02 PM | 12-19-2007

26 Male NYC Muslim Republican Conservative

Aside from the obvious reasons to support this man it's sad that this country's ways has gotten that screwed up to where a person like Ron Paul would get such support. I don't mean that in a bad way of course but in a way where he speaks and follows by how every politician is suppose to abide by. These people take an oath to this Constitution and some how let lobbyists/special interests tangle them up into doing otherwise.

- Another thing about Ron Paul, when the man speaks, he speaks with clarity. There is nothing that you can't understand or follow where as the next guy will distort the topic with " The American people this or that "

I can go on and on but I'm not about to flood this with just my look at things.

God bless him.

Sent by Ben | 2:04 PM | 12-19-2007

Female, 49, married, one child, homeschooling...have followed Ron Paul's courageous stance on freedom and liberty (economic & political liberty) for 25 yrs. He never changes , he is truly a principled man of integrity, a REAL stateman. An modern-day American hero we can all be proud of.

As a family, we are doing all that we can to help support Dr. Paul's run for the Presidency and, as of Dec. 16th, BELIEVING it can happen in spite of the MSM!!!!!!!! Go Ron, Go!!

Go to: www.ronpaul2008.com/issues/ and find out for yourself

Sent by RW | 2:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29 year old male returning college student majoring in Ethnic, Gender, in Labor Studies at the Univ. of Washington Tacoma. I am a disabled veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I think Ron Paul is the only candidate who isn't just telling us what we want to hear. I don't agree with everything he says but I will vote for him because I believe he'll keep his promises.

Sent by Sean | 2:04 PM | 12-19-2007


Sent by JUDITH ALVAREZ-CRAM | 2:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 year old quality engineer, raised in Nebraska and currently living in Minneapolis. I register as an independent, and the last time I voted was for Ross Perot.

One year ago I never thought I could ever be politically active again, and Ron Paul has definitely cured my apathy and even though I hate to admit it, has given me hope that I personally can change the system. He has definitely cured my apathy and I can't wait to see where the Revolution goes next.

Sent by Patrick Waymire | 2:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a self-employed computer tech. I am a 26 year old male from California. I am extremely excited to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and in the general election. I always liked the official republican stance but have not found a republican who lived up to it until now. I switched from independent to republican to support Ron Paul in the primaries. I will continue to use my money and computer skills to support Ron Paul. I am self educated, even though I went to college for the piece of paper.

Sent by Jeff | 2:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 44 year old conservative who despises the NeoCon agenda of policing the world. The supposed spreading of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty have become associated, in my mind, with illegal invasions and occupations. When Congressman Paul said "we shouldn't spread Democracy through the barrel of a gun", I knew he was the best candidate for President. I already knew he voted against the unconstitutional war and will never forget his words of dissent prior to the acts of aggression imposed upon the Iraqi people by our nation at the behest of not only the NeoCon's, but by the Democrats who take direction from narrow special Interests and the Military Industrial Complex. I think the Patriot Act is the most unpatriotic legislation ever. Stripping away liberty for security leaves us with neither.

Ron Paul for President!

Sent by Greg Chamberlain | 2:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 27
2 children
Former Catholic
Native to small town North Dakota
Currently living in the Suburbs of Minnesota
Never a political person, but have always voted according to "media guidelines". :-(
I have woke up, seen the light, and started spreading Ron Paul's message to anyone who will listen. :-)

Sent by LeeAnn | 2:14 PM | 12-19-2007

It is as simple as this...I want my children to know the freedoms I had when I was a child, and on the path we are on now, they are more likely to become slaves to a debt their children will never be able to pay off. It is not Ron Paul so much as it is just time for our course to change. I am a 27-year old stay at home Mom who spends every day and night fighting this fight to ensure my children freedom...that is it.

Sent by Crystal Spargo | 2:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Texan. And like every other Texan I know, I'm voting for Ron Paul. Texas is full of Ron Paul supporters!

Most Texans are Republicans that are tired of modern-day republicans and are excited to finally have Ron Paul, a traditional Republican, to vote for!

Sent by Tracy | 2:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old male, married with 2 kids. I am tired of the government bullying me and my family, and the rest of the world for that matter. I have never thought about voting, as the people running never seemed to care about how their decisions affected my life. Now I have found a Candidate that is for "WE THE PEOPLE" not they the corporations. I have given plenty of time and effort to spread his name and word. Everyone I have told are now voting for Americas only hope, RON PAUL. I will gladly place my vote for him come the time, even if I have to write it in! This is a rEVOLution of a peacefull kind. We are not crazy, we are just excited about freedom!

Sent by Thomas | 2:20 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Nick I am 33yrs old and own a small Telecommunications Wiring company In Washington state. I want a small constitutionally based government that will just leave me alone. I shouldn't have to ask the government to do anything that doesn't INVOLVE the government.And I despise laws that are designed to protect me from myself, and think the prosecution of crimes that have no victim is reprehensible. I just want the return of freedom!!

Sent by Nick | 2:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old stay at home mom from California. I support Ron Paul because I am concerned about what kind of America will be there by the time my baby boy is an adult. We have spent ourselves into near bankruptcy, for what? While my husband makes good money, about 125k, our tax burden is so crippling that we are unable to afford to purchase our first home. For what? America is becoming a place where even the people who want to take care of themselves cannot, because the government is telling us we must take care of everyone else. Give me private schools, toll roads, whatever. Just leave us alone!!!

Sent by Rachel | 2:24 PM | 12-19-2007

Dr. Paul delivered me 35 years ago today. Like most people, I don't agree with every one of his views, but he, by far, is the most intelligent choice out there. DONATE NOW. RE-ELECT NO ONE ELSE and VOTE RON FOR PREZ!!!

Sent by Casey | 2:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 48 yr old female conservative traditional republican of 30 yrs. I have been watching for yrs the GOP getting out of control. Our rights have been eroding and I am ready for We The People to take back government control and give the power back to the people where it rightfully belongs. I support Ron Paul because he can help bring back government fiscal responsibility and adhere to our U.S. Constitutional principles.

Sent by Kate | 2:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 38, corporate CEO, married, one child; never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever vote for, let alone donate to, a Republican, but Dr. Pauls' message is undeniably the right message for our country: no world policing, stay out of my paycheck, be responsible for yourself instead of trusting politicians and lobbyists to decide your future.

Sent by Brent | 2:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 28 years old and I live in Ohio. I've called myself a Republican since Elementary school, and voted accordingly since I was 18.

My girlfriend is 27 years old, and originally from New York. She was raised as a Democrat, and has argued politics with me for the past 3 years we've been together...

...Until we were both introduced to Ron Paul. He's the only politician we've both ever agreed on.

It doesn't matter if you were raised Republican or raised Democrat, because the Constitution and the message of Freedom is taught in schools in this country at the earliest ages. As you get older, you realize things aren't the way they told you they would be in school. Ron Paul tells you things *can* be.

Sent by Tim | 2:47 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 46-year old former founder and CEO of an investment banking and brokerage firm headquartered in Chicago. I sold my banking business interests 3 years ago and am working on a new start-up venture. I am a former Reagan Republican who has been turned off by big government Republicans and Democrats alike and I find in Paul a humble foreign policy (informed by both the founding fathers and contemporary research into the real causes of terrorism, see Pape, "Dying to Win," U of C professor)and the only real change candidate running for president. I am also a compassionate conservative evangelical Christian. The difference is that I have met Dr. Paul and I have studied him--as I have Mike Huckabee--and I'm tired of being associated with people who will embarrass us later. If I want to know what Paul stands for, all one has to do is look at his voting record and the constitution. The debt is going up at a rate of $1 million per minute. We need either real change or a bankruptcy lawyer--fast.

Sent by Nick Betzold | 2:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old, college grad, working on Wall Street in New York. Never voted before, and never thought I'd register to vote in my lifetime. Donated money which I really couldn't afford to pay; who knew how little of your salary you actually get to keep. I'm surprised that people in the media aren't jumping for joy at the fact there's a candidate running that wants to eliminate the income tax, and not replace it with another tax. That definitely seems like something your audience would be interested in. I'm grateful for the fact that I've never registered to vote before, because I didn't learn about Ron Paul (from a friend in the military) until it would have been too late to switch party affiliations.

Sent by Solomon | 2:53 PM | 12-19-2007

Fred Soto, author of the White House Intel Report. I'm a "Clintonian Democrat" who has fallen in love with the feisty Texan. His message is strong, principles strong and I think we're ready for a revolution ideas. You might wonder why a Democrat would support a Libertarian who is supports some issues that I am staunchly against? Well for starters, I think the biggest issue in America today is the rise and acceptance fascism in America. I believe this nation is ready for a revolution and if it takes a libertarian to kick-start the revolution, then I'm 100% behind that man. What I know, and what many Liberals who support Ron Paul also know, is that the revolution will be bigger than Paul. It's not going to be a revolution that will be fought in the trenches, it'll be one that is fought by America's elite and "the people" for control over the direction of this nation. If anything I say sounds like it's reaching or "out there", there is a good chance that you are way behind the times. In five or ten years the revolution that is underway will be very strong and it the fight for a respectable Democratic Republic and the struggle for our liberty will not be stopped.

Sent by Fred Soto - yes, I'm a Mexican-American and damn proud | 2:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a thirty-four year old male from Texas who supports Ron Paul's message of peace, prosperity, and individual liberty.

Sent by Scott Stalker | 2:54 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello everyone,
married, homemaker, part-time substitute school teacher with 2 kids ages 16 and 13. Struggling to make ends meet every month, sick of taxes (especially the IRS), tired of seeing my husbands hard earned money being used to fund an illegal war, pay interest on debt that we didn't create, and basically used for a hundred things I don't agree with.
I love guns, freedom of speech, and personal choice. I think we need to end the war on drugs and the war on terror. Americans need to wake up to what's happening and stop the assult on our rights and liberties before it's too late. I support Dr. Paul and pray every day that he'll be our next president.

Sent by Vivian | 2:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 45 yr old male, married 2 great boys both voting age 7 small biz owner in Jax, Fl. I just got my 1st voter registration card today & a countertop voter registration display to help all the others who have suddenly had their apathy cured. Ther is no way to stop the election of Ron Paul because it is actually the American people rising to a new hope. We are tired of being told how it has to be, we want it how it should be- FREE! They finally pushed evryone too far and now the US Constitution will be enforced. I think there is some very scared people in Washington today...

Sent by WorldEarth.org | 2:59 PM | 12-19-2007

i am 32, a construction worker who was registered independent but changed to republican to support DR Ron Paul.... because he tells the hard truth, and votes like he says .. honesty which is hard to find ... DR Paul wants to save America .. no one else is offering to do this ... they are just puppets to the lobbyist

Sent by tom taylor | 3:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 57 year old married male software engineer with one child. I was raised in the south and currently living in the northwest. Gave up on the 2=1 party system years ago but this is my last chance to save my country, my family, my friends from economic, military, and constitutional disaster. All my spare time and money go to the Ron Paul campaign. I cannot stand by and do nothing.

Sent by Roy Trammell | 3:05 PM | 12-19-2007

Well I'm 33 years old Ex-Military (Army) and i have never been very active in politics untill i heard about ron paul. like most people i am sick and tired of lies and misinfomation. The goverment has grown too large and the people have grown lazy it takes a person like Dr. Paul to send a message that moves people in a way that reminds us who we are as a nation and why it's important defend our freedoms.

Sent by Robert Varney | 3:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 24 years old, male, married (to my very beautiful wife), and RP will be the first politician that I've ever voted for. I live in Tyler, TX, and just started listening to NPR about 2 months ago.

Dr. Paul's message is appealing to me because of his anti-war stance, and his vow to protect our liberties. He also has a 20 year voting record to prove his integrity and commitment to his principles.

Sent by Chris Dudley | 3:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29-year-old computer programmer from St. Louis, MO. Until recently I've never donated to a compaign and haven't voted in the past two presidential elections. Although I'm not proud of that, the reason I haven't been politically active is that I've been completely turned off by politics and disgusted with the options. Ron Paul's message of freedom and following the Constitution has completely changed my attitude. I've donated twice to his campaign and plan on donating a third time this month.

Sent by Jamin Gray | 3:15 PM | 12-19-2007

32 year old entrepreneur living in San Francisco. Economics major in college who never learned about Austrian theory at liberal Northeast university. Discovered Austrian principles three years ago on the internet along with Ron Paul. Have been devouring everything related ever since. Books, articles, speeches, etc. When one hears the truth it is easy to recognize and impossible to ignore. If we don't change our ways, our ways will change us. Ron Paul is the only one who understands this and has literally been speaking about this since 1974. I was a registered Independent, now a registered Republican and I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats in the past. Now I will vote for, support, and promulgate Ron Paul and the concepts of liberty and Austrian economic theory (and the politicians who do the same) until the day I die. As a member of KQED I can only hope that NPR gets with it!

Sent by Rob in SF | 3:15 PM | 12-19-2007

Graphic Designer, 28, North Carolina (NJ transplant), conservative background. I've never given money to a political campaign before and wrote in "no vote - protest" in the 2004 election.

For a moment, I was surprised that even NPR was impotently trying to smear Dr. Paul (implying he is a racist, that he is a hypocrite on government spending, saying with remarkable confidence that he will not win, etc.), but then I realized that Dr. Paul must be someone who DOES TRULY threaten the establishment, to have NPR fall into the same attack pattern as FoxNews, the Wall Street Journal, Red State and others. The masks are slipping.

Sent by Matt | 3:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 52 year old life-long Republican woman. I have six children and am a native Californian. I have voted in every single election since I was eighteen.

I have known about Ron Paul and his phone message for a while now. I was planning on NOT voting this election until I found out Ron Paul was running.

I've been waiting for a candidate like Ron Paul since I was 18. I was of the belief he/she wouldn't materalize in my lifetime.

I have four college degrees and am in Law School. I just finished Constitutional Law and am preparing to take my final. I have studied and taken Constitutional classes before. Ron Paul is right on about the issues.

This time, maybe for the first time, WE THE PEOPLE, have a choice. It's the media's job to make sure everyone has this choice. Cover Ron Paul.


Sent by Donna Matrix | 3:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 60 year-old grandmother of two wonderful grandsons, and an internationally-known artist.
Ron Paul is the first candidate to run on a platform of truth. He actually understands and speaks to the contradictions which are destroying this nation's economic and intellectual fabric.
I am especially delighted to see many posts by people the age of my own daughter: with all these 30-somethings making informed decisions and understanding the politics of greed v the statecraft of honesty and logic, there is actually hope for this country and the world. Maybe we will actually be able to bring the military home and set out own nation on a good course, not unlike Switzerland practices.

Sent by Marguerite | 3:29 PM | 12-19-2007

Vote for me, I promise to:
* pander and prostitute myself to voters, doing whatever my handlers think it takes to get me elected. Opinion polls will dictate how I feel.
* ignore you as a constituent, once I am elected (yeah, just try and call me, that's a laugh!).
* oh, that is, unless you are rich, and able to contribute to my secret Swiss retirement fund, then I will vote the way you want.
* the Constitution, that old "piece of paper"? Ha! The more government programs I can support, the bigger my empire.
* In short, I will be part of the best government money can buy. And, the most intrusive on your personal life, too!

Sincerely, any candidate besides Ron Paul.

I am a computer programmer, 56. I am proud to say that I have never registered to vote. What good is a representative form of government, when no candidate represents my views? Needless to say, this is all changed. I am eagerly supporting Ron Paul.

Sent by Steve V | 3:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 39 year old male Software Engineer in Seattle.

I've been a libertarian since 1994 when I heard LP presidential candidate Harry Browne on the radio. I'd previously read and loved his book "How to Live Free in an Unfree World", so I investigated the libertarian party.

I had previously been politically homeless (voted Democrat, Republican, Ross Perot, whatever) because being fiscally conservative and socially liberal, I didn't really fit with the Republicans or the Democrats.

I subsequently read Ayn Rand and studied philosophy and economics with a new perspective and a renewed interest, and have been an ardent free-market liberal ever since.

Like many libertarians who have been through a few election cycles, I've become disaffected with the Libertarian Party, since it is too ineffectual to make any headway against our heavily entrenched two-party system.

The Ron Paul Revolution is the first time since 1996 (my first election cycle as a new starry-eyed libertarian) that I've felt that the free-market libertarian message has a chance to be heard. Ron may be a bit more pro-life and closed-border than me, but his message is consistently one of individual liberty and personal responsibility. This country needs to hear and to follow that message if we want to avoid economic crisis and an Orwellian future on civil liberties.

It makes me so happy to read all the enthusiastic posts from Ron Paul supporters, and to see the money he has raised, and to feel that spark of hope that there really is a possibility that he could be our next president.

Sent by Matt Edwards | 3:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old married female, my husband is 31 and serving in our United States Navy, we have two children. We are Protestant Christians

We want one thing - a candidate, a leader, who understands true libertarianism. We know it isn't a feasible thought that our country will ever run as a Libertarian country but having a president who at least supports and believes in this makes us feel better about our government. He sees almost eye to eye on just about every thing that matters to us.

Being military, we need to know that we have the support of our leader and also that he will make decisions for OUR country and not everyone else's. This will make our military know that they are not being used and that their lives are NOT expendable.


Sent by K & K | 3:40 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Texas Resident who has been a Ron Paul supporter for 30 years. He has the integrity to vote his convictions even when it was against spending in his district. All we are saying is give freedom a chance.

Visualize liberty.

Sent by Don Jacoby | 3:50 PM | 12-19-2007

Concert Promoter, 32 yr old male, Nashville, TN.
Registered Libertarian.

"The old left/right, Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative political paradigm is breaking down. Both sides of the false paradigm have vested interests in its maintenance. Ron Paul and his message of freedom heralds the new paradigm: Constitutionalist vs. Statist.

Statists, whether of the "left" or "right" varieties believe that the Government or "State" is the solution to every problem. Constitutionalists believe in the rights of the individual and that rule of law protects the individual and society from the tyranny of the State. To quote the Gipper..."Government isn't the solution to our problems. Government IS the problem."

The Ron Paul Revolution is a revolution on a paradigmatic level. The body politic Americana is being radically reconfigured at this very moment and will never be the same."


Sent by ST | 3:57 PM | 12-19-2007


Sent by Trisha | 4:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 year old father, husband and professional. I live in Oklahoma, I am a proud American, and I support Ron Paul

Sent by Tim | 4:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an 18-year old conservative, and Ron Paul has shown me a new view recently to make me lean libertarian. I'm a student at a community college, and I'm very interested in politics.

Have faith in the Constitution!

Sent by Matthew Cheatham | 4:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old activist. Used to be a pretty stout Neo-Con, untill I learned the truth about our forgin policy and federal government, and monetery system. Ron Paul opened my eyes. He is the only man telling the truth about the way things really are in the world. Ron Paul changed my life and perspective of the world.

Sent by Ben Chew | 4:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 37 y/o college student who decided to go for it late in life. I have been guilty of being an apathetic American, but was cured of said apathy the first time I heard Ron Paul speak.

Since my husband and I are a one-income family (something rarely heard of in this day and age) we have very little money for anything other than bills.

This Christmas, I asked my husband to please give to the Ron Paul Tea Party instead of buying me a gift. Freedom is the greatest gift a person can receive, and it is ALL I want for Christmas this year.

We have never donated to, or actively participated in ANY campaign in our lives, and we are so proud and excited to be part of this REVOLUTION!

Sent by Robyne | 4:01 PM | 12-19-2007

M 24 Ohio native. Now living in NH... Want to elect a leader who will restore our constitutional rights and stop needless spending.

Sent by Colin Marcom | 4:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 39, a research analyst in the banking field, a California native transplanted to Utah, 1 beautiful wife, 3 great kids, a single family home with a mortgage, and an otherwise normal life.

I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job. I'm opposed to bigotry against all people of all races and lifestyles. I believe that Jesus' teachings about love for others and nonviolence apply to personal lives and national policy.

I've been listening to NPR for over 12 years now, and this was one of the most inaccurate, biased pieces I've ever heard. I resent the ongoing mischaracterization of Ron Paul as a nut case and closet bigot, and his supporters as "angry loners" who live in their parents' basements.

NPR should be ashamed for airing this segment.

Sent by Mike Parker | 4:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 yo stay home mother of three from Oregon. My husband owns and runs our own business. I have never listened to a presidential candidate EVER who's words reflected the way I feel our government should be run. I respect him and believe in him. I have never said that about a politician ever. He speaks for the people. We the people....

Sent by Karie | 4:03 PM | 12-19-2007

A great article - it points out yet again the man has a brain and uses it well. This short and fairly uninformative article is a very brief look into Dr. Paul; his perspectives are not dogmatic across the board and he clearly sees and understands the different rolls one has at a state vs. federal level. Go Dr. Paul, you've got my vote. What happens at the state level, in a Paul administration, would be, and rightfully so, inherently different than at a federal level.

Sent by Loren B | 4:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 31, native of South Carolina, transplant to France, voted for the Constitution party in the last primary, and for GW Bush twice (which I regret).
I'm conservative, christian, techy, designer guy.
I'm married with 2 kids and I'm addicted to Ron Paul. He cannot get any classier and articulate than he is. He constantly affirms my confidence in a vote for him when I watch his videos.

Sent by Neil | 4:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24-year-old libertarian newspaper reporter from Illinois. I believe Dr. Paul is the most honest candidate we have had in my lifetime and genuinely believes in true freedom!

Sent by Fitzgerald M. Doubet | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a single parent mom, that supports Ron Paul and his ideas. I think sir that you will find Ron Paul has a lot of different kinds of people supporting him.

Sent by Rachel | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a database administrator for a college here in Ohio. I'm a Ron Paul supporter because finally there is a presidential candidate who might actually make a difference. This country needs a president with values, integrity, and willpower to say no.

Sent by Ben | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I live in Florida and became interested in Ron Paul about 6 months ago. His policies are so intelligent and refreshing when compared to those of his candidates.

Sent by Alec P | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is the only candidate who is pro small government and anti-Nafta or New World Order.

I'm 17, from Shandon CA, And I'm going for Ron Paul.

Sent by Benjiman SLivkoff | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 19 year old FEMALE, been Republican but am SICK of what they are doing and standing for now. I want d.c. cleaned up and a brighter future. If the country continues to run at the rate that it's going...I'll end up having to clean the mess, OR will be living in what ONCE was the U.S....at our rate...when I'm older, the U.S. won't exist anymore. I mean honestly. Look at all other empires and nations. They don't last much more than 200 years. They all follow the same power hungry trend we're on and then collapse :)

Sent by Cassie Purtlebaugh | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

Goes to show what profiling will get you... I am a 34 yr. old single mother in Ohio. I have never voted before nor have I even registered to vote. I have since registered and intend to vote for Ron Paul - he has "cured me of my apathy".

Sent by Angie | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a student, I am a Libertarian, I am 19.

I fight for this nation's citizen's personal rights! RON PAUL supports the ideal. He has my full support. I need not say more.

Sent by Jeffrey | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 34 year old photographer. I support Ron Paul because I like his message. I've always been apathetic to politics because before we've always had to choose between the lesser of two evils. With Ron Paul, there is no evil.

Sent by Josh | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

we are ron paul.

Sent by daniel lloyd | 4:04 PM | 12-19-2007

i used to be a bush supporter, but then when i became old enough to vote, i just lost all hope in our system. i thought every politician was the same and never wanted anything to do with politics again. but then i found ron paul, and he put into words all the reasons why i hated the system, and now i am more involved and educated in politics than ever. GO RON PAUL

Sent by Andrew Hicks | 4:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 36 year old business owner in San Diego. I do not necessarily claim a party but I lean republican. The absolute horror of Bush's administration and the house and senate lead me to believe that either the system is fatally corrupt or they are completely inept. Either way it spells problems for this country. People love to say that they are for change but when it comes down to it Ron Paul and in some ways Dennis Kucinich are the only ones who will try and fix some serious problems even if it means they actually have to tell the truth. That is why I have never donated to anyone before but I have several times to RP.

Sent by Morgan Sokol | 4:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Dr. Paul because I feel the same way philosophically. I believe in the concept of limited government, responsibility for oneself, and a foreign policy of non-intervention, and a military based on defense instead of offense.

Sent by Ryan West | 4:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 55 y/o male that had dropped out of the political scene because I did not ever see a candidate that offered a hope to bring back America to its Constitutional origins. Now I have one ... Dr. Ron Paul!!!

Sent by Robert Poston | 4:05 PM | 12-19-2007

Im 32 male, Recording engineer, no kids and i support Ron Paul as of 3 months ago.

Sent by Doser | 4:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am Mike Russo. I have recently been introduced to the child support system/family court system that is a huge buracracy that is abuse on our children, and abuse on the taxpayer.
Title IV-D ruins lives.

Sent by Homeless For Christmas | 4:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a student, musician, artist, entrepenuer (cleaning planes), and a manager at a local airport facility. Ron Paul has undoubtedly expressed what he feels is truely threatening our country, and since I've looked into the things he is saying, I have never felt so awake in my life.

Sent by Douglas | 4:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old musician/producer poet with a Master's degree in Poetry from Northern Michigan University. I live in the upper reaches of Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula. Ron Paul is, in my eyes, the only viable candidate because of his willingness to restore the constitution, return morality to our foriegn and domestic attitudes, and fix our iminently crashing dollar. It is my belief that if we do not elect him, the ruling elite will continue their domination of the earth through the use of the military-industrial-complex, big corporation and the control of resources.

Sent by Tom??s Laverty | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 30 ex-navy veteran and now entrepeneur and investor.

I have never voted in primaries before, but this time I will be because the Ron Paul Revolution is getting back to what this country was founded on, the ideas make sense and Ron Paul is what people I think have only dreamed about in a presidential candidate.

Sent by Josh Ehens | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

Everyone supports Ron Paul on the inside :P

Sent by Colby | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I manage a retail/sales store in Sparks, Nevada. I have been a believer in Dr. Paul's message of freedom and following the Constitution for 20 years. Just changed my voter registration from Libertarian to Republican because I feel it's important to get back to the Constitution, and Dr. Ron Paul is the best chance we have of doing this.

Sent by James Smack | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 20 year old student from Miami Florida. I have never been interested in politics until I heard Ron Paul speak. I actually have red and black paint all over my fingers as I type this because I just made some huge Ron Paul signs. Dr. Paul is an honest, knowledgeable man who cares about the people more than the big corporations that are taking advantage of all of us. I never thought I would register as a Republican but I did! Ron Paul has my vote and cured my apathy!!

Sent by Corey | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007


Student, San Francisco, California

Lifetime Independent, just switched to Republican to vote for Paul.

Sent by Eric | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 23 year old ex-Brit, came here to New Hampshire to marry my love.

Ron Paul is what everyone who believes in freedom has been waiting for. I only wish the UK had been saved from the EU by such a warrior of freedom.

Why does the mainstream media still QUESTION his message? The message is FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

Sent by Dan Brown | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Dr. Paul because i'am confidant I can run my life just fine without governmental instruction!

Sent by Jason | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a high school student from Michigan. I see America falling into the hands of the wrong people at the wrong time, and Ron Paul as our nation's only hope of redemption. It pains me that I will not be old enough to vote in the upcoming election, but I plead to all those that will to make the right decision, and vote for Ron Paul.

Sent by Stephen | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

51 yr old divorced male living in Cincinnati Ohio. I used to be a master journeyman in the Painters Union until policies in this country saw fit to allow illegal immigrants to take our jobs. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate running with the cahunahs to stand up and speak out against our interventionism, the Fed, foriegn affairs and domestic issues that plague our nation.

Sent by Steve Zimmer | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

"It's the Constitution,stupid" (no offense intended)
age 50, career state employee

Sent by barry Holley | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old male residing in Norfolk, Virginia (this will be my first opportunity to vote.)

I tend to shy away from the many labels constantly being thrown around (libertarian, conservative, liberal--bah) but I am extremely pro-freedom and pro-constitution, so naturally Dr. Paul would be my candidate.

Sent by Joshua | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm Roger, 25, and I like walks long walks in the beach...oops, wrong page... Actually I'm a freelancer. Musician/songwriter/video editor...anything that requires a bit of creativity and I'm there. I support Ron Paul because he makes sense and he's totally real. Hung out with him a couple times! I feel out of place in a world that is micro managed and I think he's a step in a healthier direction. Also, he seems to express my thoughts better than I could. Furthermore, he has cured my apathy which is a big problem amongst my generation.

Sent by Roger H | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

North Carolina, Female, 29, registered Independent. I guess you might be able to say I am "disaffected". If I am so, it is because of the current state of government. Ron Paul is a "constitutionalist". I believe many of our countries problems stem directly from the lack of respect and education on our founders plans and ideals. Ron Paul will restore states powers and personal freedoms.

Sent by Andrea O'Donnell | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 17 year old girl from Ohio and was not excited to vote for the first time, and almost thought about not voting at all until I heard Dr. Paul's message. Little government involvement in citizen's lives is what we need; if he doesn't get elected I feel like the government will soon evolve into "big brother". If we want peace, we need Ron Paul because of his non interventionist stance. Ron Paul is the most logical choice. I would not like the fate of my future, my nation, in the hands of anyone else. Plain and simple.

Sent by Lauren | 4:06 PM | 12-19-2007

im a 20 year old full time student. im a registered democrat however i like Ron Paul's message and im giving him my full support.

Sent by Edgar Cervantes | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I an average American,from Pennsylvania am a Ron Paul supporter...I believe in our Constitution!

Sent by George A. Dietrich IV | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 36 year old mother of 3, who's husband is a self employed carpenter. You will find Ron Paul supporters from every age, creed, and background. We, as a nation, are TIRED of the status quo, which is one of the many reasons why I have changed my party and will vote for Dr. Ron Paul in the primaries. If he does not make it into the primaries, I will not vote, and I will be looking for another country to live in.

Sent by Kirsten | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 18 year old undergraduate student. My goal is Ph.d in English with a focus on literature. Our nation needs fixing and Ron Paul is the man to do it.I can't wait for him to fix our failing education system.

Sent by Chris A. | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a nineteen year old single mother. I live, work, and worship in Midland, Texas. I support Ron Paul because I believe he is the only candidate that can actually help not only our economy but our morale as a country. VOTE RON PAUL!

Sent by Katelyn Mitchel | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Senior at Barnegat high School in southern New Jersey, where i'll be apart of the first graduating class in over 50 years. With the help of a few of my peers we have jumpstarted a Political Legal Education club, and had Civics and Ap Government and Politics added to the cirriculum. Since a young age i have always been interested in politics, but more so in my rights. I took the liberty to read the constitution and to be very aware of what rights i am entitled to. I do everything i can to educate myself on issues that i think are particularly important. Since 2008 will be my first chance to vote, Ron Paul really caught my eye. He represents everything that i feel so passionately about, especially bringing focus back to the constitution and abolishing programs and laws that are unconstitutional. I am very worried about my future in this country, and i have found hope in Ron Paul. Hope that he will once again restore the country i love.

Sent by Christina | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19yr Student/Business Owner/Office Employee/Promotor. I have been a formal member of the Republican Party since I was 17 and a fan since I knew the difference between right and left. In debate I argued for President Bush to win in 2004. I have long been a conservative and a on/off card carrying member of the NRA. I currently find myself disenfranchised with Bush's failed attempts to correct the Social Security System, his undeclared war, and trampling of civil liberties, and despite all those trespasses on Republican Principle I find myself most disgusted with his inability to balance the check book at the end of the day, insisting we print and more money out of thin air.
I support Ron Paul and his live, let live stance, as well as his call to allow the youth to leave the Social Security system, and a call to return to the Gold Standard in terms of currency. His patient/doctor leave the government out of healthcare is also extremely appealing to me.
Most important he's for an imemediate reduction in government spending, and a immediate withdraw from Iraq.
No this is not a democratic sabotage, this is a genuine Republican, with genuine grassroots support. I do hope the Main stream nut jobs, realize that soon.
Sincerely, an American, A Student, Son, And Ron Paul Supporter
Jacob B

Sent by Jacob Bynum | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Ron Paul.
I am a disabled navy veteran of this war. I am also going to college right now to finish up my BA in Business. I agree with his stance on the war. I especially agree with his stance on economics, & believe (from personal study in & out of class) that we have gotten to the point were the protectionism & pork barrel legislations are so numerous & detrimental that if you removed all of them it would benefit the groups they attempted to protect.
This country needs Ron Paul in office. Whether you agree with everything he stands for or not he is the best for the country.

Sent by Ron Morey | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old senior level student getting my bachelor's degree in Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Arkansas.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who objects to the Federal Reserve's policies which aren't subjected to congressional oversight. Also, Ron Paul wants to legalize the Constitution! Can you believe it? Ron Paul wants to enforce our beloved Bill of Rights and end the illegal 9-11 wars. I voted Democrat in 2004 and I'll be voting for Ron Paul in the primaries.

Sent by Fred Kinslow III | 4:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old male in Miami Beach, Fl, and I am tired of feeling helpless, I am tired of the Government spending more time with "foreign policies" then helping the needy here on American soil. I'm tired of the Government taking from my hard earned wages, only to spend it over seas. I am tired of the Government depicting what WE can do to our bodies, and calling it a crime and locking up non violent americans, simply because they wanted to inhale the fumes from a can of computer dust-off... Government shouldn't be blowing taxes on housing these people... Anyone who wishes to cause harm to their own body, should be able to do so in order for them to learn a lesson. The notion that the Government can fix a medical/psychological problem through the rule of law is insane! The direction this country is heading, is dangerous in the sense that soon we will no longer have the choice to learn from our own mistakes. The Constitution was written to limit Government, not the people. The Government was meant to protect the people, not create new laws just to make a higher prison population so that Government will have a reason to "spend"...

Sent by Joe | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 26 year old Entrepreneur, I love America, our constitution, our Independance, our freedom and the values this country was soupossed to stand for! America leads the world in human rights! I woke up one day and we passed the military commission act of 2006, now America tortures! This is not the America I loved! Many men and woman sacraficed to deliver us our Independance and Freedom, I will not let go of that for anything! I want our beloved America back!

Sent by Unique | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

It's a misnomer to call Ron Paul libertarian if you go by the strict Ayn Rand definition of it (she was not one btw). I didn't know what a liberal or conservative was until I was 22 (now 28). I guess that is what public schooling does for you. I read up on politics and immediately took to the philosophy of conservatism and knew that I was for sure not a liberal. I listened to Rush Limbaugh for a few years but now realize he is part of the problem and is merely an entertainer and is not to be taken seriously. And I've learned that Republicans in office do not hold true to their original beliefs, hence the apt name Neo-Cons. The US Constitution is the best document ever created by man to govern man and as a true conservative I support Ron Paul in his efforts to bring back this idea to mainstream politics. Bipartisan, emotional bickering is a product created and fueled by the people who are really in power to side track us from the more dire, important issues.

Sent by Scott McCrary | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a drummer for a band here in Grand Rapids MI.
And I work as a line cook at applebees.
Ron Paul gives me hope that I will still be able to play the drums in a few years. Cause with all the bills I half to pay I need to find a second full time job.

Sent by Tyler Evans | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

We are also small business owners and we found out about Ron Paul through the internet because the main stream new's and media never mentioned him. We would get e-mails from other people that new of him. We support his views because he is for the people unlike the other candidates running. When you listen to what Mr. Paul says he rarely mentions himself. He always refers to we or us. That is why we support him. He is truely a man of the people! He stands behind the constitution and the rights of the people that support government.

Sent by Gene & Debbie | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

25yr old male, veteran, husband, father of 2, i guess the main reason i support ron paul is the obvious foreign policies he stands for, he has a wonderful record, he wants a smaller gvt., he stands for the little man, more genuine than others, and doesnt support amnesty, wants to cut back on gvt spending, and his personal character also shows through his career history, he is the best candidate for the revolution that we need in this country right now

Sent by cameron | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

27 from Minnesota. Support Dr. Paul cause I can read into the news and research on my own. Also a member of Minnesota Public Radio

Sent by Aaron | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a Ron Paul supporter. I don't see why so people have a hard time grasping the concept of a libertarian. We believe in very limited government, live off the constitution, and be free and prosperous as our founding fathers have intended us to do. We're just following the tradition.

Sent by Ben | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 17 and will be able to vote for the fist time come election next year. I support Dr. Ron Paul's message because I am tired of what our country has become. It is no longer the land of the people but the land of Oil company executives and big business bureaucracy. I work minimum wage to help support my mom and i get income tax and social security taken out of each of my pay checks all of which i will most likely never see again. Lawmakers have signed laws such as the patriot act and HR 1955 in which i could be arrested and tortured for any reason the government sees fit without trial if i speak against them. We are living in a dream world and Ron Paul woke me up.

Sent by Andy | 4:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Daughter of a Homeless Vietnam Veteran for Ron Paul. I run a site www.dovv.net for Daughters of Vietnam Veterans who are tired of the way our troops are being used as political pawn for "democracy". Now countries, outside of the US, fear democracy more than they do terrorism. What a horrible legacy the Bush Administration has left on the Republican Party and America. NPR please stop beating your war drums for the Iraq war and help send our generation home!

I voted for Nader in 2000 and 2004! If Ron Paul doesn't get the nod, I am voting for Cynthia McKinney!

Sent by laura | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 14 year old student. I live in Michigan. I support Ron Paul because I feel his opinions are correct and he can get the job done. I am fond of his truthful, no-bs style. I believe he is the best candidate out there. Even though I am not of voting age yet, I still spread the word about Ron Paul.

Sent by Kal Edmondson | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 25, a life-long "Goldwater Conservative" type Republican, except for a brief time around 2004, with a libertarian streak. I'm married with one six-year-old daughter and would be considered to be in the exact middle of the middle class.

I support individual rights, limited government, a more intelligent foreign policy of non-intervention, and a sound economic policy. Not since Pat Buchanan left the party has a candidate for President spoken what I believe.

Ron Paul 2008!!!

Sent by Daniel | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 44 year-old gay man living in Dallas, TX. I have never been so excited and energized about a political candidate in my life.

Sent by Frank Turrentine | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a young college student who is constantly bombarded by ideas that our government has let us down. I think it may be time for a change. I find Dr. Paul sincere in his message. I don't know if it will stabilize our country but why not try. The past few years certainly have not been stable.

Sent by Jason Wilholm | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 20 year old Californian. I am currently attending College as a political science major. I am apart of the honors program at my college and I plan on attending UCSB next year.

Sent by Dale | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an 18 year old writer in Florida, as well as an individual who seperates himself from the norm and mainstream thinking. I'm 100% Ron Paul on virtually all his isses especially with the war and taxes. He isn't like all the money and power hungry poltical scumbags, he is a true American.

Sent by Wes Cambron | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

well to put it bluntly. Dr. Ron Paul is my home-boy.

Sent by mastach33f | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old who goes to college. Ron Paul is the only president who can help the US without corrupting our government any longer

Sent by brett | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old Iraq war veteran. Just hearing Ron Paul speak about various issues shows his foresight into fixing all the problems that plague our beloved country today. He recognizes all these problems and brings them to the very front of his campaign, instead of avoiding them like a lot of the other candidates. It would be near suicide for this country to not vote Ron Paul as our next president, and return this country to the great, free land it once was!

Sent by Austin La Turno | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

30 yrs old. Buffalo NY resident. First got turned on to Paul by his anti-federal reserve message. I didn't know there we're any politicians smart enough or straight enough to address this monumental issue. Then his foriegn policy stance makes me forget everything else I might not beleive.

Sent by Brian | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an avid NPR listener specifically an MPR listener (Minnesota). I am sick of the same old same old rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. I consider myself democrat, but believe Ron Paul is the only "real" Candidate in this election. I really find his policy issues intriguing, I disagree with a few of them, but Like I said, He is the ONLY REAL candidate, and for that I give him trust.

Sent by Derek | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 23 and a female.
Since I was old enough to examine thought, I realized both political parties were nothing more than two sides of the same coin.
Needless to say, I've never supported the position of ANY politician I've EVER come across.
The time has come when we should stop accepting the choice between two evils and choose freedom.
Do you want the puppet on the left, the puppet on the right...or do you want Ron Paul?!

Sent by Gwen Cleveland | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

27 year old female college graduate. starting graduate work next year. married. live in nashville tn. originally from upstate ny. was completely discouraged with candidates during the election until i learned more about ron paul and have been an avid supporter since. was once a registered democrat.
Give Freedom a Chance!

Sent by LD | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 24 yr old "young" adult. I live in alabama. I have never voted in any election let alone a primary. Ron Paul has sparked my political interest and lit a revolutionary fire in my soul!

Sent by Jesse | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

Im 20 years old from Atlanta Georgia. I Support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate talking about the real issues affecting America. The truth is America has reached an Imbalanced state of affairs, Ron Paul is the only person talking about how we can start to balance this country. Ron Paul is truly hope for America.

Sent by William | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

"He appeals to a certain group of people that I'm guessing are a little bit younger, a little bit more male, and certainly very disaffected, who maybe don't get their news from the mainstream papers."
I think it is Roth is who is "disaffected" and perhaps he should stop letting thos mainstream papers control the country with lies. A journalists quest is for the truth - when did our watchdogs of the elite policymakers become our enemy? That's the real question.
People support Ron Paul b/c he has an endearing campaign centered on bringing our country back to a place of prosper and peace. They are entirely too much affected by what is going on - and demand change. Perhaps you should not generalize something you cannot intelligently understand! I'm a 27- year old extremely successful business woman. Ron Paul helps you to be proud that you are an american and reminds you of the basic principles in which all other candidates have lost sight off.

Sent by ElizBeth Crawford | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22 year old college student, and yes, I guess I do fit the profile of a young, disaffected, independent-media-driven Ron Paul supporter. But I do live in Wisconsin. Ron Paul is a once in a lifetime candidate. Just a passing glance at his credentials coupled with his libertarian philosophy makes voting Ron Paul for president a no brainer.

Sent by Henry | 4:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 37-year old transgendered person from Minnesota. Anybody who seeks to restore the rightful constitutional limits of government power is great, as far as I'm concerned. For that reason, I supported Reagan as a teen, but have been very disappointed with the Republican Party in general since then. I see Ron Paul as the one candidate from either major party who seeks to restore our liberties rights, in both the social and financial sense.

Sent by Tara Davis | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a mother of 5 and a small business owner. I am voting for Ron Paul 2008. I believe in smaller government and feel that the peoples voices should be heard, not invested interests. I am voting for Ron Paul because he isn't here to please the people but speak for the people. It is nearly impossible for us to have our voices heard with the process that is before us today. I support our troops while they are in Iraq but wish we would just come home.

I am a voice. I will be heard.

Sent by B.Pleasants | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 35 yr old Father of three from Tupelo,MS.
I import fabric for a living
I love music and nature
I'm a registered Dem.
I once believed I needed the gov't to remedy the problems of our great country. but the fierce dedication and hard work from Ron Paul supporters have shown me the light. We are a gov't for the people and by the people and I believe Ron Paul will uphold this principle.

Sent by Joel Mason | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

Anyone who DOESN'T know who Ron Paul is or the fact that there are more than 4 people running for president should not be allowed to vote. I believe in choice but I don't believe people should choose someone based on their polling numbers rather than their issues and that is where the problem lies. The reason RP is so popular is b.c he doesn't care about only one party ...he makes his decisions based on the entire countries views.


Sent by Jonathan | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old software developer from Bangor, Maine. I am a registered Republican and have twice voted for Bush (lesser of 2 evils each time) but now am dismayed by the ever-increasing spending and I have grown tired of the war in Iraq. Ron Pauls message must be heard to bring this country back to fiscally conservative, non-interventionist roots. I have donated twice, and plan to again, and will support him at the February caucuses here in Maine.

Sent by Aaron P. | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 y/o single female from Ohio, an at-large delegate for Ron Paul! I work full-time and will be forever paying off student loans even though I don't yet have a degree (can't afford to keep going.)

I 100% believe in the ideas of freedom and liberty that Dr. Paul talks about and supports. He understands that true freedom is LESS gov't., not more. A true understanding of our messed up economy, no more IRS, foreign intervention, wars, what's not to like about Dr. Paul??

By the way-- those polls they always mention him losing, I've never once been polled! And I suspect the same goes for many RP supporters.

I don't believe a word the mainstream media says and because of that I helped to start The Liberty Voice, an independent newspaper in Columbus, Ohio. That's one newspaper that will tell the truth for once.

This generation knows what's really going on and we know how to empower ourselves, that's why we want Ron Paul for President!

Sent by Laura | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I'm also a loving husband, a singer/songwriter, an actor, a comedic performance artist, and a freelance exopolitical analyst.

Sent by Brian Baxter Smith | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old female musician who has voted democratically in the last two elections. While I don't agree with his personal stance on every single issue, I think he is keenly aware of the core issues in our country related to overspending, overtaxing, and the infringement of our personal liberties.

Sent by Moriah Harris | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

36 male, small business owner who has been behind Hillary until I researched Dr. Paul's history. The only consistent voter out of all the candidates and the only one that I feel is truly wanting to take this country in a new direction. Every other candidate feels like a politician and is telling us the same story that we have heard for years! A revolution is what we need in this country and this world. I am convinced that Ron Paul is the leader to do this!

Sent by Chad | 4:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old white male. I work in the real estate industry as an appraiser. I see first hand every day the effects of the feds policy. I was attracted to Ron Paul because of his fiscal policy. Spend money here not there.

Sent by Jonathan | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Dr. Paul because he tells it like it is. He will bring a fresh perspective to the oval office.

Sent by Jessi | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 40 year old who has been disapointed with the GOP's militarism and religious-pandering since the days of Reagan...Paul is the first Republican cannidate in a long time to stand for the libertarian principles that the GOP was built on: economic AND personal freedom!
I don't agree with Paul on every issue: I am more of a federalist then he is, but he is the only one out there taking a stand for liberty.
BTW, I must commend PBS and NPR for being more even-handed in your coverage of Paul, then the supposedly "conservative" hacks on talk-radio and FOX!

Sent by Barry | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

Well I am a 21yr college student in WV. I am voting for Ron Paul because I want to have a future!!

Sent by Sara | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

my name is Amanda, i grew up in a peaceful small town in Indiana. i'm 20 yrs old and have a strong desire to do powerful things for this world :) i am a massage therapy student and am going to pursue my knowledge with alternative med, etc. for probably the next 8 yrs. i am voting for YOU RON PAUL because i agree with almost all of your views, and can see the sincerity in your eyes. i cannot see that in any other candidates eyes :( you are the only one running for presidency that can help and maybe even save America. i love you Dr. Ron Paul!!! keep the rEVOLutiom going everyone, we can make this happen :) sending positive energy to all of you :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Sent by Amanda | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

Software Engineer, 24 M, Knoxville TN.
(You can't register by party in TN)

I'm a conservative. I'm a former bleeding heart liberal. I love my fellow man but detest and fear my government. I believe in state's rights, restrained government spending, and that its up to communities to take care of themselves.

Sent by Ryan McBee | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 28 year old white male who works in the video game industry.

I love Ron Paul because he's the only candidate who is trying to end our Wars and fix our economy. The democrats just talk and the republicans are just blind. He is the only true alternative to defeat for our country.

I see Dr. Paul as incorruptible, though I don't always agree with him on social issues, we need his integrity and intelligence right now, more than ever.

It really makes me sad that NPR parrots the Main Stream Media so much and ignores/marginalizes Dr. Ron Paul. NPR has a duty to report what's really going on in this election, not what NPR thinks should be going on in the election.

I won't give another dollar to support NPR until I see fair coverage for Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

Sent by Josh P. | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 26 year old cook who is fed up with government officials lying to us about everything, especially 9/11.

Sent by Justin T | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old male, living in California. I get my news mostly from places like Digg.com. I work full time at a landscaping company. I've always been an avid supporter of freedom. Ron Paul's agenda is to keep my freedom secure and this is why he appeals to me.

Sent by foned | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

28 Yr. old, single white male, make $65,ooo/yr and I want a President who knows what he believes and has a record that stays consistent.

Ron Paul is a logical thinker and will make a great president.

Sent by Joey Entremont | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

We are a Hip Hop group from Miami, Florida called LFMG. We believe in not just you... but your message and your philosophies. 3 votes for you right here!!!

Sent by LFMG | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

im a 32 yr old soldier. been in the army 12 yrs and never voted. im married w/ 2 kids and i love them. however i am scared for their future and the future of america. he has opened my eyes to a great deal of issues and he (ron paul) gives me hope.

Sent by bruce butler | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old Computer Network Administrator. For so many years I have been disgusted with the politics of the partisan. It's refreshing to hear human being not a robot speak what he believes to be the truth. I don't have to agree with everything he says, just the overall message. He represents change and he's attractive to so many people because most people think like him to begin with. It's easy to find ourselves polarized by the rhetoric of the right and the left. Give me back my liberty.

Sent by Jason Roberts | 4:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a female college senior from Helena, Montana double majoring in Enlish Writing and French. I support Ron because he wants to lower my taxes. Lower taxes mean a brighter economic future for students like me. Also, he seems committed to spending my tax money wisely, and unlike any other candidate, he has made it a top priority to bring the troops home as soon as possible.

Sent by Christy Goll | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old aerospace machinist in Seattle. I support Ron Paul for president in 2008. VIVA rEVOLution!

Sent by Denny | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Thomas Tripp from Illinois (former Libertarian) and I want the government out of my life! I trust the free market, I want drugs legalized, I oppose internet regulation, I oppose the income tax, I want Americas children fed before we buy more bombs, I support "real money", I believe in a foriegn policy of non-involvement and neutrality, I want the states to be able to decide issues, and I love Ron Paul! I would take a bullet for him any day of the week!

Sent by Thomas Tripp | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old female, with a 2 year old daughter, and hardworking husband from Anderson, South Carolina. We work very hard to build ourselves a great life. I've never been really into politics at all, I voted in the last election, but not really going in depth on the candidates views and what not. I can honestly say, that this go around, I've done my research, and I wouldn't vote for any other candidate, other than Ron Paul. He stands for everything that this country was founded on, and I think thats the way it should be. back to the basics. I want my daughter to have a life full of opportunity, and happiness, and to me, the only way that will happen is if we put Ron Paul in office. If we insist on putting lying, money hungry politicians in office that just blow smoke up our asses, we won't have much of a country to leave to our children. The Ron Paul Revolution is what this country needs. And i wouldn't want it any other way.

Sent by Tarah | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 20 year old student who is sick of a large Federal Government. I'm sick of the IRS taking my hard earned money. Ron Paul has pledged to end the IRS and the Federal Reserve. That's why I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Steven Evans | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29yr old self employed construction worker. I haven't voted before cause I don't trust ANYONE in a suit!!! ALL THOUGH I still don't I DO believe that Ron Paul is the closest thing to a human I have seen running for office in MY lifetime!!!
AND it didn't hurt that the guy has ACTUALLY served his country!! Not only in th military but with 10 years of ACTUALLY protecting the constitution!!!!

I would just like to say thank you to Dr Paul..

He cured me of my apathy towards politics.

Sent by Leon Hixson | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

My wife and I are Ron Paul supporters all the way. We are both self employed real estate agents in Murfreesboro, TN. We are in our mid-twenties and have never voted. Ron Paul has cured our apathy!

Sent by david & alicia | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

America is slowly slipping into fascism, and Ron Paul is the only person trying to stop it. Illegally invading and trying to police other countries, while we don't even follow our own rules at home is unacceptable. Laws aren't really laws for politicians anymore, they're just an obstacle to get past. Ron Paul will protect civil liberties for all, and stop trying to dictate the world. He is hope for America.

Sent by Michael Short | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old woman. I am a law student. I am a mother. I have never been involved in politics until this election because I have never believed in any of the poeple running or what they stand for. I believe the Federal government is violating the rights we were given by the Constitution. I agree with Ron Paul's limited government and economic policies. I think our national debt is horrendous and embarrissing - especially when you consider how it has been wasted. I believe in liberty and freedom of choice. Ron Paul will not be influenced by lobbyists or special interest groups. He has integrity and is candidly honest. I do not believe that we should police the world. We need to take care of our problems at home and not attempt to fix everybody else's problems.

Sent by Jennifer Barnes | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old male from Florida. I am voting for Ron because he is the only candidate that has a real plan for foreign policy, civil rights, and economic stability. There's no arguing with any stances that he takes on these issues because they're based on facts, not fears. It's time to wake up and get our heads out of the sand!!

Sent by Brian | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an American who will not stand for a Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton regime. Ron is the ONLY candidate that has any sense as to what America needs, and I am getting all my friends and family to agree with me.

Sent by Jeremey Hustman | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007



Sent by HEATH STILLWELL | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 36, a life long liberal, computer programmer. I am now a reformed liberal. I started investigating American history after 9/11 and I realized that this is not the country I thought it was. From the Spanish American war, to Central American Policy of the 20th century, to the two great wars, I've realized that corporations and big money control our government and our media. Being a reformed Liberal does not mean that I am a card carrying conservative, but it means that I now question my socialist leanings. To me, the left-right paradigm is a false one that only serves those in power by dividing those out of power. My hope is that Ron Paul will bring honesty and humility to our government.

Sent by Mike | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 37 year old chef, who has been working hard my whole life. I am also a life long republican, I have always voted Republican since Bush 1. I support Ron Paul because he is a constitutionalist. Paul is the only candidate who is committed to restoring America to the vision that our founding fathers had for this great nation.
I believe in freedom and liberty, And the right not to have my hard earned money taken away by government agencys, Who make it their business to destroy the lives, and dreams of American citizens. That is why I support Ron Paul!

Sent by William Rock | 4:12 PM | 12-19-2007

20 year old Oklahoman for Ron Paul 2008.

Sent by Jenny Spivey | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 yr old Civil Engineering student that was turned on to Dr. Paul by a friend. After I heard about him I did some research and have been wondering why in the world is this guy not all of every news channel all the time. He says exactly what he means and doesn't tiptoe around anything. He is a true patriot and is going to make an excellent president.

Sent by Pat Burke | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

you dont care who i am unless it's what you want me to be.

Sent by Rick | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a 19 yo in las vegas. i have never voted before, but am excited to vote for ron paul. his message appeals to me because i love freedom

Sent by josh | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a blue collar guy that believes in Dr. Paul's message, I am tired of the same old thing from the same old formula, we need real change, real backing of our currency, and to get control of goverment waste, and big brother tactics.

Sent by Derek from Texas | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29 year old tattoo artist, and I've voted republican in every election I've been old enough to vote in. I had become disenfranchised by the actions of the current administration, and had decided to change parties when Ron Paul came along. His message is so radical, and yet absolutely fundamental. Less government is why i've always supported republicans, even though it seems lately that more more more is the trend. Ron Paul's plans to reduce government control, and reinstate liberty is absolutely enthralling. That is why I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Shauncey Fury | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old Network Administrator living in the suburbs of DC. I'm behind Ron Paul because is probably the last chance I'll see in my lifetime to put someone in offcie who wants to reduce the ridiculous amount of money the government takes straight out of my pocket and spends it unwisely. Part of this is the Frederal Reserve banking system and I know its a long shot better to try than not to right?

Sent by Keenan | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

The main reason I support Rep. Ron Paul is because he is the only true conservative candidate and the only candidate advocating MORE freedom and responsibility for the citizens of America. I am an ardent gun rights supporter and Dr. Paul is the ONLY candidate I feel would fight to ensure the rights of individuals to protect themselves as enumerated in the Constitution by the Second Amendment.

Sent by Chris in Texas | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a previous strong Bush supporter who has relized the error of the government. I am thrilled by the fact that we have a leader who is willing to lead the nation based on constitutional views, and we might be able to take back our Country. We have lived in fear for far to long, this is the people's revolution. Both me and my fiance support Ron Paul. I am 27, she is 22.

Sent by John | 4:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a college student in East Tennessee. I work and go to school full-time.

I support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate that wants to restore this country to the way it was when it was founded; a small central government with no power to charge an illegal income tax. He also wants to get us out of the quagmire (giggity) in Iraq.

His message rings with all freedom loving individuals, democrat or republican. If the mainstream media would give him the attention he deserves and tell the public his message he would win hands down.


Sent by Daniel | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

29 year old union boilermaker who has voted democrat since 18. I've followed the political process very intensely since 9/11, and Dr. Paul is the first candidate I have ever personally donated to.

I'm happy to let most of these other people speak my reasons for supporting Ron Paul. They are hardly the quacks and fringe elements that some mainstream reports would have you believe.

Sent by Jacob Whiteman | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old filmmaker in Missoula, MT, attending the University of Montana. I support Dr. Paul because he's the only Presidential front runner who's not a globalist, but a true American patriot. His supporters come from all ages of the political spectrum and all parties. He will win if the vote isn't rigged.

Sent by Matt Beard | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old community college student. I was incredibly skeptical about politics in general before this year and I wasn't registered to vote. I took a sociology course this semester and it helped me develop a global perspective and a sociological perspective and I realized how the current system of government is tearing our country apart. Ron Paul is the only candidate offering to return us to the constitution.

Sent by Adam | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a 26 year old male in the midwest. i support ron paul. his policies show evidence of him having goals beyond mere power. he tries to answer questions, not pacify resistance. he is the first candidate i have seen in my life that seems to be telling the truth. down with the liars, lawyers, and crooks.

Sent by chris wil | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old Psychology student. I am also a veteran of the US Air Force.

Sent by Casey Cochran | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 17 year old high school student with a liberal and libertarian upbringing. I like the message of freedom and I like the idea of somebody finally taking a dangerous stance on issues like the war and 9/11. I like the fact that he wants to get rid of the patriot act too.

Sent by Shandor | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I donated to the Obama campaign but then later discovered Ron Paul. Whoops. Better late than never. It is time that we finally vote for a good president. In America we need to revoke 99% of all corporate charter laws and begin putting the wealth back into the peoples hands...not corporate or government hands. America is a mess and it will only get worse. We have this one last chance with Ron Paul.

Sent by Joel Frese | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 yr. old male.

In a nutshell, Ron Paul has taken away my political apathy. More than any other candidate he wants to make CHANGE, serious change. He is very straight forward and well-spoken when speaking his views. And he wants to give more power to the people and the states, whats wrong with that? We CAN NOT go another 4 years digging our graves.

Sent by Kirby Hammel | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 26, male, white, college educated, and live in Colorado. I believe Ron Paul is the only viable hope for change for the US! GO DR. PAUL!

Sent by Chuck Stollery | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21yr old male living in Los Angeles California. I have never been into politics, and have never registered to vote until I heard about Ron Paul I support Ron Paul 100%

Sent by Travis | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old hispanic woman. I am college educated and have a wonderful husband who is also a Ron Paul supporter. Actually, the thing that we both support the most is the message that he stands for. I have voted Democrat since I could vote and have switched parties just so that I can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. I am not a disgruntled, unhappy, or unpatriotic American but rather I consider myself an optimistic, hopeful patriot of this great experiment call America. Although I know that all of Dr. Paul's ideals may not be feasable at this present time, I do know that his integrity, consistency and vast knowledge put him in a leauge far above all the rest of the presidental candidates on both sides of the party.

Sent by Vanessa | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

54 yr. old male, married 29 years, 5 grown children (all home schooled), small business owner, writer, artist, songwriter and performer. Tired of voting AGAINST candidates. Finally found one I can vote FOR.

Sent by Les | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 35 year old parts store manager from Lynn,MA. Firm believer in the second amendment. I more I learn the more sickened I am by what a farce our government has become. Father of a 2.5 year old and another on the way.

Sent by John McDonough | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

i am 18, from california and i support ron paul

Sent by adam | 4:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am young man, 24 years old. I'm a caucasian, middle class, male. I am a native Tennessean from the Nashville area. I'm a 'conservative' Christian individual. I am recently married, I'm a home owner and I'm finishing up college. I work in the digital music field. I'm multi-faceted and multi-talented but not multi-tasking. I blindly voted for Bush twice and have always leaned Republican...although I grow more Libertarian by the day. I am a fan of Ron Paulitics. And there are more of 'me' where I come from! See you at the primaries!

Sent by Jon Harris | 4:15 PM | 12-19-2007

"The Government is best which governs least." -Thomas Jefferson.
Dr. Paul restored my faith in America.
Savannah, GA

Sent by Felipe | 4:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 19 and live in Oklahoma.
I support Ron Paul because of his conservative spending beliefs. He is truly a patriot of the constitution in that he supports zero Internet restriction (free speech), supports the right to bare arms in full, and does not want to in debit my generation in lavish foreign nation building schemes.

Sent by Shea Newport | 4:15 PM | 12-19-2007

ima a 19 year old college student and i support ron paul because hes the only politician who wants to fix americas problems by going to the root of its problems, and not just taking care of the serfice issues hes an honest politician who actually does his job and deffends the constitution something no politician has done in a very long time

Sent by shahe kaimatlian | 4:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 17 year old who will be 18 by January. I've always considered myself republican, and one day I felt like reading up on the political positions of all the candidates. A large text table that just listed political views is what got me interested in Ron Paul. Every other candidate had numerous flaws and differences from my own views. When I read the political positions of Ron Paul, I realized that everything he stood for follows everything I've ever believed in about government. He represents nearly everything I believe.

Sent by Patrick Knight | 4:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old canvasser from Richmond VA, and i simply believe what this great man is saying and sincerly hope he becomes our new commander and cheif.

Sent by John Kelly | 4:15 PM | 12-19-2007

My Name is Daryl Hanlin, I'm 49 yrs old. A licensed Journeyman Electrician. Divorced, 3 children, 6 grand children. I live in Massachusetts. I am a Libertarian-Republican, Very politically active. I have managed many winning campaigns here in Attleboro, Ma. I am voluntering to be Ron Paul's Revolution campaign manager for Attleboro, Ma. Anyone may contact me by email. dhanlin@comcast.net

Sent by Daryl Hanlin | 4:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26year old Tech. Ed. student at pittsburg state university in Kansas. I support ron paul fully because of his stance civil liberties, foreign policy, the war in iraq, and because he has a stellar record in congress.

Sent by Brandon Teel | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

24 year old Bartender cramming for exams. Supporting Ron Paul because I support the constitution, simple.

Sent by Jennifer | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22 year old commercial designer. I support Ron Paul because he has broken the mold. I voted for the lesser evil and 2004 and I am upset about what has happened since. I support Ron Paul because I refuse to support "he who has the best chance." Ron Paul has a chance because I want him for the job. That's all it takes. I support Ron Paul not just out of spite for the system, but because his message is what I have believed in since I was old enough to really believe in anything.

Sent by Daniel Matthews | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a Texan from Ohio. I work for Apple Computer. I support Dr. Paul because I want to keep the money that I work hard for, not give it to a government that funds war and has no oversight. Taxes and inflation are further stratifying the classes, and the privileged few are fewer and more privileged than ever. I am a constitutionalist and believe in Dr. Paul's conservative fiscal policies.

Sent by Michael Brennan | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

Well I am 22 years old. I tended to always voted Republican. I voted for Bush in the last election. But now have become dissatisfied with what the GOP has become and very worried about the future of our country. They no longer stand for a smaller government, keeping us out of unnecessary wars, and protecting civil liberties. Ron Paul is the only candidate who stands for what true conservatives believe in and what the constitution says. He has recieved the most donations from the military than any other candidate. Those are the reasons I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Ryan Thomason | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

i'm a ron paul supporter, because, not only is he what our country needs [i.e., for the economy, change in foreign policy, smaller gov't, limiting dept.s & gov't spendin, giving power back to states, etc.] but also, because he is the most realistic, well-mannered (non-mudslinger), transparent, believable candidate out there.

Sent by bonni | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year old male, from Texas, who beleives that the constitution still matters. I am in real-estate, and the government is destroying the housing market by badly controling the sub prime intrest rates. I am for a free market. I don't agree with the over spending our Governemnt is doing, the Federal Reserve, IRS, NAFTA, NAU, UN, or the over regulations. Our foreign policy, of empire building and preserving 'special' intrests. I don't agree with government hand outs on buisnesses. I want a return to the ideals held by those who fought and died for this country in the revolutionary war. A return of the ideas of 1776!

Sent by Jeremy | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22 year old college student, I mostly get my news from NPR I listen to it every morning at my job and through podcasts. Sometimes I read the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. I'm not sure I'd classify myself as disaffected, unhappy with our president? sure, but so are most Americans, but I do believe in our system.

Sent by Alex | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I live in HOUSTON and I support Ron Paul, so take that Chronicle! Why do I support RP? He wants to abolish the IRS. I don't give a Rat's A what his stance is on ANY OTHER ISSUE!

Sent by Kyle | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Ron Paul because I am a small government conservative that thinks the government has no right to stick their hands in my pocket or tell me what I should put in my body. This candidate is the only real choice we have. Clinton won't get out of iraq until 2012, and Guliani rides on 9/11's coat tails

Sent by Rev SWIM | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 28 years old, and have never liked politics until Dr. Paul. His record speaks for itself. If people would read ALL of the bill they are voting yes for they would be surprised to find out that they just voted for something our founding fathers and all people in the nation didn't want. We're being hoodwinked by the PC commercials..."please help our fireman and teachers..." well you just voted for an inheritence tax and didn't know it. Ron Paul has never voted for anything against our constitution, and has never voted to raise taxes. If you do a real comparison, it's a no brainer.

Sent by Scott Gieser | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an independent contractor. Ron Paul is the only candidate that i can offer my support to. I have never voted and includes my 6 years in the navy. Finaly a candidate who is on the right side of every issue with no apologies

Sent by dr flick | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a thirty two year old male from the burbs of Baltimore. Ron Paul's message is one of freedom and getting back to basics by following the constitution. As opposed to secret wiretapping, censorship, and involving ourselves in things where we have no business. Who can't wrap their heads around that?

Sent by Kacy Shipley | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year-old mother of infant twins who I look forward to home-schooling in the future. I will soon be going to school for funeral science. This will be the first election I can take part in and I am excited to find that there is a candidate who believes in small government and adhering to the constitutional precedence. I'd like to see our government reset to the way it was meant to be.

Sent by Jenessa Clevenger | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm originally from Colombia, South America. First hand I have seen what intrinsic differences having real freedom makes. I like Dr. Paul because he wants America to be more like America and less than the country I came from, where the special interests are the government. With Dr. Paul, the US will regain its status as the leader of the free world.


Sent by Boris | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

im 18 years old i am a senior in high school. i am voting for the first time and i am glad to say i am voting for ron paul. he is the only hope for america.

Sent by ryan | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a college student. i carry a copy of the bill of rights in my wallet. i love history and philosophy. I SUPPORT DR. RON PAUL.

Sent by P.A.S. | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

Plainly and simply, Ron Paul stands for everything I'm about. Americans are so used to turning for the government for help (asking for national health care, subsidies, welfare, etc.) that they think they can't do without big government. They feel it's the government's responsibility to take care of and provide for them. In reality, it is there to, well... GOVERN. The federal government ain't your mama. What Ron Paul brings are the resources that we, as a nation, can use to run our own lives efficiently, independently, and freely. We've forgotten how to do that, or even that it's possible, and as a result the federal government has us in the palm of its hand. We NEED Ron Paul.

Sent by Holly Mays | 4:16 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 25 year old resident of Austin Tx. i want Ron Paul because i dont like seeing the national debt continually go up with talk of more big government programs with wasteful spending go into effect. I want America to be sovereign and not be swayed by the interests of who we owe money too. I want to see the income tax abolished and a man who stands by principles backed by his voting record. I m tired of the civil liberties being destroyed and dissent being called unpatriotic. Goverment should fear the people not the other way around.

Sent by Jason | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old student who supports Ron Paul. Hes been in politics a long time and knows whats up. He doesn't pretend, he doesn't put up a facade, hes just a straight unadulterated shot of Ron Paul.

Sent by Brian | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29 year old mother-to-be. I'm a cosmetologist/musician, and I've lived in Louisiana my whole life. I've been a registered Democrat since age 18, but I fell in love with Ron Paul's message several months ago. Being a soon-to-be parent really makes me take a step back and look at our world.

Sent by Emily | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old Single father of 3 kids and working in the IT industry. I am in Southern Wisconsin and am concerned about the future of our country for the sake of my children. We need to remember the constitution and what it means to us

Sent by Nathan Van Buren | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 48yo male, PhD Electrical Engineer, Professor and Consultant. Registered republican (and sick of it!). I vote in every election. Never given money to any political candidate until Dr. Paul.

I was very depressed about the entire 2008 presidential field until I heard Dr. Paul's message. Adherence to the constition, small government, state and local rights, and non-intervention caught my attention. The peril of the devalued dollar is also very important.

His positions are very consistent throughout even back to his 1988 campaign. I respect that. His logic is appropriate and consistent. The message of personal responsibility is what I want to hear.

I really like the fact he has become known as Dr. No throughout his congressional career for voting NO on many many many ridiculous bills, often when all others voted yea. He recognizes excessive taxation is nothing more than organized theft from individuals. He never voted to increase taxation.

Dr. Paul also seems to know history much better than other politicians and can cite mis-steps throughout our recent (last 50 years) history. He is truly an intelligent man - something that can rarely be said of any of the other politicians of today. I respect that.

Sent by Worth Henley | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am:
* 19 years old
* Male
* Democrat
* a Lifetime Washington (State) Resident
* a Christian
* a College Student
* The owner of a personal small business

And I am eager to see Dr.Paul's presence in the upcoming Iowa Caucasus.

Sent by DB | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

Think about this. . . If Clinton is elected it will make nearly 20 Years of Bush/Clinton policies and agendas. Sounds like a dual Monarchy as after the Clinton reign Jeb Bush will be running.

I am 30.
I am white.
I am educated.
I am agnostic.
I am middle class.
I am a first time voter at 30.
I am living in the conservative south.
I am voting for Ron Paul.

Sent by Gregory Krumm | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I work in research in the telecom industry. I am 45, married with 3 kids. I care about what the future has in store fo my children. I am very frieghted by what I am seeing today. Ron Paul may be our last chance.

Sent by George | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 14 yrs old, I have supported Ron Paul since I was 13. I have converted my whole family in then some. I was a Republican and always hated the idea of big government, spending and taxation. I am now considered a Libertarian and I've been working at the campaign office and everything. I was even talked about on Ron Paul's site. I also have a video up about me called "14 yr old schools his father"

Sent by Cody | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25-year old man, living in Chicago. I'm an Internet Marketer, nightclub DJ, and pianist.

I grew up with the ethic of working hard from what you believe in, loving your neighbor, living with a great sense of humor, and to allow others the same dignity and privileges.

Ron Paul is the only candidate in this race that stands up for the common man's right to pray as he wants, love who he wants, raise his family how he sees fits, earn & spend his money in his own way.

Ron Paul in 2008.
Liberty forever!

Sent by Dalton | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 46 years old and haven't voted since 1980. I'm an actor in the Screen Actors Guild. I have just registered to vote, and will be voting for Ron Paul, he is the ONLY candidate who really cares about this country. There will be no change if any other candidate wins, our country will continue to deteriorate. We NEED Ron Paul!

Sent by bruno Amato | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an 18 year old female living in Austin, Texas. Ron Paul is the best!

Sent by Kayla | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 yr old female from Iowa. I'm a registered democrat but will be changing my party affiliation to republican in order to vote for Ron Paul. I believe the internet is the last true outlet for free speech in this country. When people are sick of hearing the same old rhetoric and regurgitated news from the likes of big media outlets they can come to the internet to search for the truth. I support Ron Paul because he supports rights of the individual.

Sent by Coral | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

Granted there are a few things I disagree with Dr. Paul on, I would much rather vote for somebody sensible and loyal, who won't sell the country out for under the table checks.

Sent by josh | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I believe in ron paul's views and i think hes the best republican out there, im 18 and a first time voter, the polls lie! around my town there are ron paul banners everywhere

Sent by Kevin Johnson | 4:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 37 year old woman with four kids and I would vote for Ron Paul because he is the only one that is making any real sense on any real issues.

Sent by Terri | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 40 year old welder and robot programmer. My wife is a registered nurse. We were so fed up with the status quo, we refused to vote in the last election because doing so was condoning a system that we felt disgusting. We have finally found an honest politician and a once in a lifetime chance to NOT vote for the lesser of two evils.
Brad and Deb

Sent by Brad | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 38 and an 11 year Air Force Veteran.
I've been to the Middle East. They don't want us there. We should just come home. Let them figure out their own politics. I'll pay the higher gas prices gladly if it saves American lives.

There is nothing going to stop me from becoming a delegate for my states GOP convention and voting for Ron Paul. His detractors have nothing of note to report negative about him.
He's not a politician. He's an American in every sense of what an American should strive to be.

I worry for Dr. Paul's safety as the elections grows near. He's going to get the necessary votes. Then the people will be able to turn on a television and hear about his message of liberty. I hope when this happens he has adequate security in place. Big money isn't going to like the masses turning against them.


Sent by Mike Garwood | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 46 yo RN working in a hospital in fl. making a great income...no health insurance provided to me.. but i refuse to get healthcare... my own stand not to put my $ in the pockets of the insurance industry. i'm registered independent... have only voted one other time. have never been very political until now that i finally have someone to vote for that i trust to defend my rights and not those of big corporation. have had my share of fed. govt. prying into my business having been married to an arabic man... very invasive... to say the least. although, no longer married, have a clear understanding that the message Ron Paul speaks about us being the police of the world and occupying foreign lands truly does have an affect on the arabic mind and i'm sure other cultures as well. it has been terribly frustrating not having someone to vote for that thinks the way I think... go Ron Paul 2008!!!!

Sent by CATHLEEN A HAMZA | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 year old, male, from Arizona. I work in Information Technology and am a member of Mensa. I support Ron Paul because he supports the Constitution and all that which comes with it. The federal gov't has become far too powerful. It has also stepped far beyond it's well defined restrictions laid out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Ron Paul 2008!

Sent by Rickie | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22-year old married college student. I belive he speaks for young persons as well as older generations. I grew up in a very poor family and thankfully that is no longer the case, but I do think he speaks in the interest of the disadvantaged as well as the advantaged. Ron Paul IS truth!!

Sent by GINA WHITE | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24yr old Accountant.
Married W/ a child
I want a future for my daughter and other children! Stop putting mercury in Vaccines!!

Vote RON PAUL!!! For Freedom

Sent by Mary | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

im 26 years old and run a cigar bar/shop.
i've been supporting ron paul for about 8 months now.
i come from a family of lazy democrats, who up until this election haven't voted in quite sometime, until this last week. my grandparents, and my parents have changed over to the republican party JUST to support Dr. Paul.

i support him because i believe the constitution can work, if we give it a chance.

Sent by Andrew C | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Congressman Ron Paul for many reason. 1. Im 27, and i want my children to live in a country free from Government tyranny. 2. I believe in Small and limited government. Its never a goverments right to tell a law abiding citizen what he or she can do with their life. 3. i believe in liberty, and the constitution. How is it that the only presidential candidate who wants to discuss the constitution as a platform to run his campaign by, gets the least coverage?

"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
-James Madison

Sent by Sterling | 4:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Dr. Paul because is the only candidate that believes in the principals on which this country was founded. He is the only candidate who speaks what he believes and understands that the reason we broke off from Britain in the first place was because of greedy, over-inflated govt. The only candidate that actually wants to pull out of Iraq completely which is more than can be said for anyone else in the race (Dems included). His platform truly is FREEDOM. What else could we ask for? Imagine that...a politician with honesty and integrity. The real question should be, "Why don't you support Ron Paul?"

Sent by Blaine | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old who works for the dept. of state i live in, while doing music peforming and recording part-time.

I'm a supporter of Ron Paul since he tells it how it REALLY is going down. He seems the most truthful of all the candidates running and wants to do something that genuinely is good for the american people. Liberty preserved!

Sent by Bones | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old social liberal and fiscal conservative (can we say Libertarian?) I have a BA in Political Science and an MA in Political Communications and Ron Paul is the only candidate that follows the path our Forefathers laid out for us and that is why he has my support.

Sent by Courtney | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old male in South Philly. Middle Class, married with no kids (yet).

I support Ron Paul for so many reasons I can't list them all, but I suppose the one thing that sums him up the best is that he looks to the roots of problems and wants to fix the whole problem, not just to patch it up like the other candidates.

Sent by Anthony Taglione | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After my experience overseas and in the Army I can more than understand why more Active Duty members donate to his campaign than any other candidate. We, the fighting forces of America, want to be brought home. McCain's steady "let us win" claims are coming from people who aren't boots on the ground, in actual combat. People (the majority) who are unhappy overseas aren't allowed to talk to visiting Senators who have a direct affect on the money rolling through Baghdad.

Sent by Kris Gold | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a systems administrator (IT) for the tri-state area's biggest commercial developer. I was a small business owner for 3 years prior to this. I spend my free time playing sports and reading books. I have always had an interest in politics and have served on many advisory commitees for local schools. Dr. Paul is the first presidential candidte I have seen in my life that actually makes sense and inspires me, in this time when our country needs a leader most, and not a politician. he understands the needs and wants of the majority of americans and articulates himself in a way that most politicians couldnt even understand.

Sent by Joe I. | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old male college student, who works as a teacher in a kindergarden class in Ventura, Ca.

I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Tory Dapello | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 man living in San Francisco and am highly concerned over the constant loss of liberties after 9/11 and am also concerned at the never-ending growth and power of the federal government. I believe that the bigger the government gets, the less freedom we have as a people. Ron Paul is the only one to truly address these issues and I believe he will defend my rights and individual freedoms as hard as he would his own family. He also strongly opposes the loss of American sovereignty to international groups like the UN. This troubles me as well....That's why I support him.

Sent by Ryan D. | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old Data Analyst from Dallas, TX. I am a passionate Libertarian, having fully recovered from my Republican roots. I am an atheist, and in saying so I reject the notion that a soul can enter a blastocyte (i.e., life begins at conception), which is in direct contrast to Dr. Paul. However, I not only highly respect his opinion since he was an OB doctor, but also his belief that abortion matters should be left up to the STATES. I believe whole-heartedly that communities, cities, and states can determine what is right for themselves better than the federal government can.

Sent by Chad D. | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year-old Southern California resident, and full-time college student. The current administration is a disgrace to our Country. I'm voting for Dr. Paul because of his integrity (and voting record to back that up) and his passion for protecting the Constitution and our freedoms.

Sent by Dave | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old working student from Maryland. He's the reason I am going to vote, I've never voted before because I have not seen a trustworthy polititian untill Dr. Paul. That's what I look for in a canidate, a person who won't screw us over anymore like the rest.

Sent by Chris | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old audio engineer. I have never been interested in a political candidate until I heard about Ron Paul. I believe in his vision for limited government, personal liberty, and ending the war in Iraq.

I know many people in my community who have heard his message and are very excited about the opportunity to vote for a candidate that they actually believe in!

Sent by Levi B | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a college student, 23 male, I have been politically mindful but never excited about an election until Ron Paul.

Sent by Shawn | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 18, male and I think he is amazing.

Sent by Adam | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

We are coming from all over the nation. The national polls don't include Ron Paul. Ron Paul has won 25 first place straw poll positions, and has more support than any other candidate. Here in San Francisco's DEMOCRAT straw poll, Ron Paul won 2nd place. I am 44, and I work as an Art Director. I was never into politics. I could not have cared less. Dr. Paul cured my blindness. The question is, why haven't you? Why is the media plainly organized against him?

You should be ashamed, NPR.

Sent by Patrick Holman | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old Christian, mother, and wife. I am an office manager for a family business. I a fiscal conservative and social liberal. I was born, raised, and still live in Tennessee. I also have a degree in religion.

Sent by M | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Joshua Berg. I am a 20 year old student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia. I work part time and go to school full time. I plan to lead a career in Chemistry. I support Ron Paul because he is "by the people, for the people." The American people are Ron Paul's strength and the reason that he has come so far. All of his supporters trully beleive that this man can be trusted to store our freedom. It is time to lead a better America. It is time to have a government that acts in the interests of its people and not in its own self interest. It is time for Americans to stand up and show the world why our nation is great.

Sent by Josh Berg | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 yr old small business owner in Texas who has become active in politics for the first time in my life because of Ron Paul. He isn't a politician - he is a true patriot. He is the only candidate that believes in following the Constitution 100% of the time and that's why I am donating my time and money to help get him elected. I'm proud to be part of his presidential campaign, but even more importantly, I'm proud to be part of the Ron Paul Revolution of restoring personal liberty and freedom to all Americans.

Ron Paul 2008-2016!

Sent by Joel Bailey | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old working in the financial industry in the Northeast. Dr. Paul's message is based around the Constitution of the United States of America, and bringing back our liberties. This is positively the best message out there.

Sent by Tim | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old female Flight Attendant /Graduate student in Rural Sociology from Columbus, OH. I am well educated, well informed, well traveled, and have always been politically active. Ron Paul is the first politician I have ever encountered (American or otherwise)that is a supporter of the US Constitution in the truest sense. Vote for logic, vote for truth, vote for Ron Paul!

Sent by LEG | 4:19 PM | 12-19-2007

Sent by Kari | 4:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 45 year old housewife who disagrees with Ron Paul on many issues, but am 100% behind him on this common ground: We must return to the Constitution. Then he can move back to Texas and I'll move to California, and we'll wrestle politics at a more manageable level on individual issues.

Sent by Claire Cox | 5:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old student from Oklahoma and I support Ron Paul because he's the only Presidential candidate that honestly understands the intentions of our constitution. It's not there to run our lives, but guide it towards a life of freedom. He captures the essence of that in all of his policies. He's honest, and not attached to puppeteer strings from behind the scenes like so many other candidates. I support Ron Paul because I want to see all of our troops come home, something at the top of his to do list. I support Ron Paul because a National ID card is completely absurd, an opinion we both share. A new world order is inevitable according to the Bible, but as long as I'm here, I'll do everything in my power to prevent it from happening. Ron Paul believes the same thing.

Ron Paul 2008 - Join the rEVOLution!

Sent by Kate Bedingfield | 5:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 32-year-old webmaster, classical pianist, and composer, living near Dayton, Ohio. I've voted Libertarian in the last two presidential elections, and I've been "following" Dr Paul for a few years now and hoping he would run. I'm thrilled he is, and this is the first time I'll be voting in the primaries. I believe the government has no moral or constitutional right to do most of the things it's doing now. As a born-again fundamentalist Baptist, I want the government's influence out of the church, and I also don't believe it should be doing the church's job concerning religion and morality.

Sent by Stephen Estep | 5:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 33 yr old male training manager and father of 3 from Indiana.

Long has this country been off course. It is time for a course correction from the good doctor.

I've never given money to a political campaign before, but Dr. Paul changed all that.

Sent by Troy | 5:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old male from Florida. I was never into politics because my time living we haven't had a decent president in office. Ron Paul is for change and for the people and not for the government or himself. He has had the same message for 20 years. He is a Dr. and has delivered over 4,000 babies, served during Vietnam, never voted to raise our taxes but to take them out completely. To keep the same thing going on which is right now with our Civil Liberties going down the drain with invasion of privacy from the government, ID Cards proving we American citizens are really American citizens in OUR OWN COUNTRY, social security spending, borrowing money from foreign countries to spend on a useless war that isn't really what they say we are in there for but to police them and get their oil, federal Health care which shows is horrible, regulating the freedom of internet, etc is really pulling us from the actual meaning of being an American. Those are just some of the things of change I like from this truthful non mind changing man who is running for office as president. The only man who makes sense to be our president and especially during this time. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't even bother to vote, just have to sit back and watch all the corruption in this country and watch it get worse. I met him when he was down for the Miami debate after supporting in front of UM with a large group after the debate was over, shook his hand, took a picture with him and a friend, and gotten a signature all with him staying after a speech to us in a restaurant filled with supporters leaving at 9:45 to catch a 10 o' clock flight after staying a while to meet the people who wanted to go up to him. From that and his word, I believe there can be candidates who actually care for the people in today's times. This is why I am a Ron Paul supporter.

Sent by Seth A. Yellin | 5:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm sorry but after reading the article and going back down the thread of comments as far as I could stand...I have decided that most NPR viewers are nuts and fring Americans that have decided to sever ties with the rest of society and ignore the truth.
Tha government is nothing like most of us believe. The "government" is controlled by corporate business interests and what you see as Governmental activity is just the curtain over the "wizards" throne.
If you think all this fluffy two party system is going to allow someone that will do his best to distroy all their hard work to control us...then your just living in your own little dream world.

I have in the past worked as a contract laborer in the DoD and we all knew back in 1998 we were going to invade and occupy Iraq and Afganistan and continue the work that Unical and the Taliban started to bring the natural resources to the market.
What Dr Ron is proposing wopuld make that work impossible and will never be allowed to succeed...no way no how.
The only way to give him a chance is to register and nominate him to the Unity08.com ticket as one of the unified party ticket they wish to nominate so that niether party would control the government.
This is not going to remove the problem but would help.
The next step is to remove all activity of lobbists and the power they hold over us all. This will be the hardest part as they have the congress in their pocket and nothing is going to stop that short of a revolutionary effort from the people.
I'm affraid to think that one man thats not going to follow the party chiefs line is going to ever be nominated is dreaming and the fact that he is sticking to the republican party is troubling to say the least. He should know better than to tie his wagon to that brokedown nag of a horse.
Go register at unity08.com and help save the country...fairtax, single payer health care, end all governemntal involvement in farming and business at any level.

Sent by Bud 57 Independant for decades | 5:20 PM | 12-19-2007

My husband and I are both from northern michigan. We are both 28 years old with 3 kids and my husband and I own our own Chiropractic office. He graduated from school 3 years ago. We support Ron Paul and so do other business owners in our town who are in there 30's and 40's. Also we have talked to others that are in their 60's who support him. We like overall that he tells the truth and wants to make us all have to become responsible on all the issues.

Sent by RS | 5:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 19 years old and i have been disgusted by politics and politicians for some time until i found out about Ron Paul and found that he is the only true man of the people and wants to do right by the american people and is not has no secret agenda only the public agenda of freedom and his voting record proves that, all current candidates say "if your looking for a perfect candidate you won't find him" well, Ron Paul is that perfect candidate!!! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!!

Sent by CALEB ALEXANDER | 5:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old male junior in college. I live in a typical small town in the state of Oklahoma. I support Dr. Ron Paul because he respects the Constitution. In my mind anyone in government should put the Constitution before ANYTHING. It is what makes our American system unique from the rest of the world.

Sent by Brady Biddy | 5:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an American. I live in Georgia, work as a graphic designer, and miss living in a respectable country. I am a 25 year old Democrat that will be voting for Ron Paul.

Sent by Aaron Adams | 5:21 PM | 12-19-2007

Im 18 years old and i just registered to vote. Im a ron paul supporter because i think America needs a change for the younger generation and im excited to see where ron paul will take America.

Sent by cecily | 5:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old Dutch entrepeneur. I was never really interested in American politics, since all politicians sounded alike. All of that changed when I learned of Ron Paul.

Because of America's large influence in the world, all world citizens should support this unique opportunity for change. Finally a sincere man with a message and proven track record of freedom, peace and prosperity. An example to all politicians worldwide!

Sent by Sander Vayez | 5:21 PM | 12-19-2007

29 years old
registered UNA until a couple of weeks ago
small business owner
12th generation american citizen
son of the American Revolution (1st one)
from the carolinas now in Denver, CO

Sent by tripp | 5:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27yr old female
Married with a 3yr old Son
I am a republican from the Chicago Burbs
I run a national pageant system that promotes comunity service.

I love my country more than anything and was even married on July 4th.

I Support Dr. Paul because way to many things have been taken away from us as Americans. The land of the free is no longer the land of the free. This country used to be a place where you could come from nothing and make your dreams come true but the big corporations have corupted the government so bad that they are now in charge and our intire govenment is nothing but a puppet show. While I believe that the next president has already been hand selected I will be voting this year as well as many that have had enough and I gauruntee you that this time around if there is a "miscount" we the people will know the truth and won't just lay down and take it like last time. We are now an educated public and know that if we are to turn this country around that this is our last chance. Hence the term, revolution!

Sent by Queen B | 5:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old married immigrant from the nation of Trinidad and Tobago who now lives in Atlanta. I am a Geospatial Technician. I usually vote for whoever proposes the smallest government in my life, which has in the past lead me to vote Libertarian and Republican. I am voting for Ron Paul because he respects my efforts as an immigrant to get into this country, and he will uphold the rule of law. He will treat me like an adult, and he will get my paycheck back into my wallet. And he stands consistantly against radical fringe ideas like bombing countries that are not a threat to America and overstepping the constitution and doing things that the government has no authority to do. For the first time in my life I feel represented by a politician. I do not believe a single national poll because their numbers are simply wrong. I believe that Romney,McCain,Giuliani and Huckabee should start a third party and call it the global welfarism party or the neo-colonialist party since they continue to move so far away from conservatism and Republicanism.

Sent by Immigrant Song | 5:22 PM | 12-19-2007

Who is this Ron Paul supporter? Here you go:

- 30 years old
- Republican (since 1996)
- Professional Dad (Stay-at-home dad)
- Former attorney
- Ph.D student in economics
- Dog owner
- Lover of FREEDOM and LIBERTY

Just your average spammer, right?

Sent by Robert | 5:22 PM | 12-19-2007

25 y/o. Prior service United States Marine who served 3 tours in Iraq. I also worked with NSA for several years. Anti-neocon patriot. The more I learn about the global environment, the more I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Dave | 5:22 PM | 12-19-2007

38 male, self-employed computer engineer living in western Maine. I support Ron Paul because his principles and integrity have not been lost after 20 years of service in Washington.

Sent by Rufus | 5:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 34 year old female, author and business owner, born and raised Republican originally from Mass. now in Reno. I changed parties to Libertarian in 2001 after the first 100 days of what quickly became the disastrous Bush presidency. I believe Ron Paul can rescucite the Republican party as it used to be and as it is meant to me. In my opinion he is the last true Republican standing and the best qualified person for the U.S. presidency.

Sent by Christine | 5:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old FEMALE Washingtonian. I am married, have a 15 month old daughter and have a professional career.

Sent by Melissa Wareham | 5:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 20 years old from Chicago, IL and I'm voting for Ron Paul. He's an honest man, who realizes the problems of this nation. He's not trying to cover up current problems with future problems. I stand behind Dr. Paul in the Revolution along with many others. Ron Paul 2008!

Maybe if the mainstream media were more honest, we wouldn't have to get our news from other sources such as the internet.

Sent by Nicole Kutyna | 5:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old male engineer in upstate New York. Pretty much apolitical, my beliefs align mostly with progressive libertarianism, or maybe paleolibertarianism. I'm also a pacifist Christian. I support Ron Paul because I believe the government is growing out of control, beyond constitutional boundaries. A peaceful revolution needs to occur now, or a violent one is inevitable after our freedoms are completely stolen. Ron Paul is a glimmer of hope for true patriots.

Sent by JD | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I like Dr. Paul because he speaks to common sense. Yes I am a member of the Ron Paul cult. I belive in liberty I believe we have to fight to take back our personal rights and remove government from the hands of well fed few and back into the hands of the people.

Sent by Mike | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a First Generation American of Cuban Parents. I like Ron Paul because he upholds The Constitution of the United States. My parents were granted legal entry into the US as exiles escaping Fidel Castro's tyranny back in the 60's. I was raised by my parents to uphold The Constitution, respect this country and never let anyone badmouth it. No other candidate represents this reality other than Ron Paul and he has the record, votes and experience to back it. The reason the mainstream media does not give him and his supporters (us) equal airtime is because they know they are doomed. So they rather showcase Romney, Clinton, Obama and Guiliani because this way they get to keep their jobs and support someone to the acceptance of the Bilderberg establishment. Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Rick | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

Im 26 have two boys and produce Electronic Music for the living.
Moved here from Germany about 10 Years ago.

Sent by randall Schoreck | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 yr old Swede who is cheering on the sideline for Ron Paul. I consider myself a liberal (right wing in Sweden) and even though Dr. Paul hasn't cured my apathy for politicians in general he has shattered my prejudices of republicans. Though I don't agree with him on everything, his consistency is inspiring and his understanding of economics solidifies his credibility. To even think that he's inspiring Europeans to have their own teaparty outside the EU-parliament in Strassbourg.

Sent by Andreas | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Ron Paul Supporter because I support uncensored truth. I believe in living within our means as a country, a humble foreign policy, individual accountability, and an end to greedy corruption in Washington. It seems funny to have to explain and justify the attractiveness of his message. Every American should be on board here if they have an independent head on their shoulders. He is a beacon of truth. The cat is out of the bag from here on out.

I will be joining his campaign in my area in the new year.

Sent by Cameron Groen | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Ron Paul for so many reasons but mainly its just based on common sense. If we were not so busy building an empire around the world we could focus our resourses at home and solve alot of our problems. I also believe that history reapeats itself and if this unchecked governmental authority and power continues the prospect of a peaceful life for all is grim...We need balance and healing not more terror alerts and brianwashing by the NWO bilderburg clan...they have control over our whole economic system. Dr. Paul is the ONLY canidate on the right side of goodness and truth.

Sent by Eric | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 31-year-old newspaper copy editor and used to consider myself a conservative Republican, as I had a passionate belief that the government should not interfere with the personal or economic affairs of individuals. I voted for Bob Dole in 1996 and George W. Bush in 2000. Then, my eyes were opened as I watched a Republican president and Congress turn their backs on the ideology that I held so dear. I watched this country deteriorate over the next several years, as the "conservative"-controlled government proceeded to eviscerate the Bill of Rights, launch an aggressive war, create massive new bureaucracies, invent new government entitlement programs, and destroy the value of the money in my wallet to pay for it all. I realized that government, no mater which party controls it, is, at best, a corrupt and useless institution and, at worst, a dangerous one.

Even though I now believe government is an illegitimate entity, I also realize that the vast majority of politicians and bureaucrats who occupy positions in government -- Republican or Democrat -- will attempt to control me whether I like it or not. Therefore, my participation in the political system is a defensive measure to try to reduce the amount of harm the government will inevitably do to me, my family, my friends and all good people in the world. Ron Paul's candidacy -- based on empowerment of the individual over the state -- offers to me a small hope that the frightening power of government and the violence that sustains it can be taken away through peaceful means.

Sent by jason | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

We are the people hoping for a better America. I am sick and tired of having a "man" running what used to be the greatest country in the world; before he stepped foot on that White House lawn unlawfully. I am sick and tired of the President flat out LYING about too many things. Iran has no threat or weapons and still the administration pretends like we don't know this while they go off on banter about how they are a threat to us. I am a Ron Paul supporter because he is a real man. The W was never a man, and I have more respect for the illegal immigrants than the W himself. The bottom line is this. Ron Paul is going to bring back the principles that this country was founded on. No other canidate is real with the public. We have seen this already in the Republican debates! Dr. Ron Paul is the next president of the United States.

Sent by Brian Licata | 5:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old software engineer. I am currently living in the bay area, CA. Originally I come from a working class family in Michigan. I am single, and for the most part feel as though neither party represents my intrests. Dr Paul has earned my vote with his consistant, clear, and understandable message of Freedom, Liberty, and the way that things were meant to be in America.

Sent by Joshua B | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a senior ut the University of South Dakota. I am dirt poor and I donated to the Ron Paul fund. I did so because I believe Ron Paul represents everything America stands for...freedom,freedom,freedom. Americans money is their to do what they want with and Ron Paul seems to understand that. The government has become to much a part of the everyday lives of Americans and I believe Ron Paul will fix this problem. Vote for Ron!

Sent by Joseph Sneve | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 54 yr old Small Business Owner who employs over 2000 people in the Natural Health Industry. I have studied the Federal Reserve Banking system for over 35 and have wanted the USA to get from out of it and return to what the Supreme Law of the land says shall be a tender in the payment of debts Gold and Silver (see Article I, Section 10, US Const.).

Sent by Jared Held | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old Windows Engineer who was a typical democratic voter in prior elections. I recently heard Ron Pauls message and was relived, we rarely see a candidate like this one (maybe one in 50 years). A candidate that is truly for the people, not filling his pockets with the peoples money. We need to stop policing the world, stealing from social security, paying interest to the federal reserve interest for money we have the right to pring ourselves according to the constitution... The list goes on, Dr. Ron Paul will be the man to save America.

There are doubters who say "why waste the vote, the media says he can't win because the polls say so" that is exactly the message they want to get across so you end up voting for one of their lesser of two evils they've pumped into society 2+ years prior to the elecitons. I sure hope they get rid of all the electronic voting machines so the votes for Ron Paul are truly counted - I think people are going to be surpised how many votes and primary's Ron Paul will win! The rEVOLution will go on!

Sent by Joe W. from AZ | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old (male) teacher in Florida. Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a model and traveled throughout the US and Europe. I support Ron Paul for many reasons, mainly his foreign and monetary policies. I have seen Western Europe's view of the US and have felt the pain of our declining dollar. Dr. Paul has offered this country hope for a secure domestic and monetary future; not to mention a foreign policy which will help reestablish us as a role model for other nations.

On a side note to those who read this...If you like Ron's vision for this country, do your part and register to vote in your state's primary!

Sent by Shawn | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I work as a computer techniciain in TV/FILM...also starting my own production company, also a singer/songwriter. Ron Paul is the first major candidate that I actually agree with 98% of what he says and actually does. I think we (Ron Paul supporters) in general are someone who knows what this country CAN be and we are the ones who belive that it is posible for a politician to be honest and consistant. Well at least with Ron Paul!!

I think that Government is there to protect our rights not to fix the unfairness of the world.

Sent by Sean Okin | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I am:
*A manufacturer's representative for a plumbing products company.
*Born in Pennsylvania, and living in Ohio.
*26 year old Male

I don't have time to listen to days worth of coverage on Celebrity drunk driving, and sexual harrassement charges against people i neither know or care about. You can't find truth in 30 second sound bites from the candidates sandwiched between gossip columns. I can come to the internet and find infinite knowledge about the issues I care about...FROM BOTH SIDES of every argument.

Ron Paul is a philosopher of American Politics, not a righteous self promoter. While the other candidates spend their time quabbling about who is "better," Ron Paul is finding solutions to America's real problems.

Sent by Daniel | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old single female graphic artist in Philadelphia. Ex-Air Force. Previously had considered myself a die-hard traditional conservative, but now I just consider myself to be looking for right answer - and I found that in Congressman Ron Paul.

Sent by M.B. | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old Virginia Land Surveyor. I believe in the Constitution. I believe in small government. I believe in God. I believe in others rights to define their own god. I believe in what our forefathers wanted. I believe that everyone has forgotten what they wished us to do with this great country. I believe in revolutions. For all these reasons, I believe in Dr. Ron Paul.

Sent by Virginia Raph | 5:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 32-year old female CPA, married, Republican, with no kids (yet!). Ron Paul reminds me of the idealist I used to be. The cynicism of today's politics is so disheartening. I believe that, though I disagree with some of his political views, Mr. Paul has the sense, leadership and vision to pull this country back together and undo some of the damage that Mr. Bush has done.

Sent by Alison | 5:25 PM | 12-19-2007

Ivy Gooch: Radio Producer for 27 years. 48 yr old male with 6 kids and 6 grandkids.
Dr. Paul will be the first Republican I have voted for since Ronald Reagan.

Sent by Ivy Gooch | 5:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a seventeen year old male. I cannot vote for Ron in the Primaries, but I can on election day, if he makes the ticket.

I am a Ron Paul supporter, and here is why. I'm growing up in a nation where half the people seem to think that it is a good thing thing that we are bombing nations, and mass murdering their citizens for oil, the other half seem to think Communism is the greatest thing since freedom became outdated.

This country which I will soon contribute to as a member of this "work force" uses a Robin Hood, method of theft. Because why should a man be allowed to have more money than you? If you can't afford a medical visit, why should your richer neighbor down the street? Tax his damn hide.

This nation is in over nine trillion dollars in debt, this is increasing with spending, and increasing with inflation. The debt cannot go down without a return to our gold standard. Because you can't pay off debt with debt.

Ron Paul wants to end the illegal IRS. The IRS, has burned the lives of many I love. Including my family's friends, Ed and Elaine Brown. When did we become fascists?

I support Ron Paul, because I do not want to climb from this crib of youth, only to put on the shackles of tyranny.

Sent by Paul J. McDonald Jr. | 5:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old male snowboard instructor in Colorado. I support Ron Paul because he is not a criminal, he puts an emphasis on having civil liberties, and he wants to be the president because he cares about compassion more than power. He may be know as a prophet someday regardless if he becomes president or not. Save the constitution, vote Ron Paul.

Sent by justin jasiewicz | 5:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old Indiana native. I am the director of clinical services for a local ophthalmologist. Ron Paul has the consistency, integrity, and values that are exactly what America needs!

Sent by James | 5:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a twenty-six-year-old woman working for a land development company in Sacramento, CA. I have studied the political landscape for the past few years, but Dr. Paul is the first candidate to inspire complete confidence - and personal action - on my part. I have participated in several events held for Dr. Paul, and have also donated money to his campaign, a first for me. His message of a small Federal government, greater interaction between Federal and State levels, and unwaivering adherence to the tenants of the Constitution over the years of his political life are refreshing - his finger is not testing which way the wind blows. I also respect the fact that he has worked outside of politics, as well. Most importantly, however, is this: beyond his consistent track record, beyond his vision for our country, he is the true embodiment of the citizen-statesmen. A position in politics is still a JOB - Dr. Paul has performed with emminent distinction, and without taking advantage of his position.

Beyond the issues of immigration and foreign policy, our FREEDOM is in question. We have seen a steady shift in political philosophy in the last decade, and I believe Dr. Paul represents a correction to that shift. Honestly, I am scared of what the election of another candidate might mean.

Sent by Christine Cahill | 5:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old wife and mother of three. I voted for Bush twice and in fact volunteered during his last campaign. We don't need another leader using fear as a tactic to strip America of her liberties. Ron Paul is a true patriot. It's past time for change in this country and God bless all of Ron Paul's efforts!

Sent by Natalie Romano | 5:26 PM | 12-19-2007

Well im a 29 year old waitress with a disabled husband and two beautiful children. I get paid $3.55 an hour and I do NOT take government help of any kind. No medicaid or food stamps for my family. We support ourselves and dont look for handouts to live on. I support our troops only if they are protecting OUR country.

RonPaul in 2008!

Sent by connie smith | 5:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 year old husband and father of two. A life-long Republican who has volunteered on many campaigns and have held office in Republican State organizations. My career has been in Business Development for the online retail space. I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Tim Galvin | 5:26 PM | 12-19-2007

My wife and I live in central North Carolina and are 54 and 51 years old. We're parents of two grown children and have three grandchildren. We own and manage a mid-sized commercial lawnmower manufacturing company. We're independent (minded) Libertarian-leaning Republicans who proudly support Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2008.

Support our Constitutional Republic! Elect Ron Paul!

Sent by Gary Patridge | 5:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 39 year old male. I graduated from college with a degree in history. Currently I am employed as a data analyst. I am an individualistic anarchist in the Claire Wolfe mold and I am supporting Dr. Paul's run for the presidency with my words and my money.

Sent by Keith | 5:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old female living in Puerto Rico. Now while it doesn't really matter who I support because Puerto Rico has no vote in the presidential elections, (even though approx. 88% of all Puerto Ricans participate in the election of our governor) I support Ron Paul because of his position on the federal reserve, healthcare and taxes.

Sent by Denise Soto | 5:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 19 year old female who is taking care of 4 siblings after losing our father in 9/11. I believe it was an inside job and I want justice!

Sent by Rose | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 58 year old female publisher in Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm sick of the drug war, it cost me my entire retirement when my kid got strung out on meth. Now her life as a felon is hard and my life as a broke publisher is getter harder. But the prison made a bundle and so did the lawyers. God bless Ron Paul for having the courage to speak out against this absurdity that is ruining so many families, even more so than the drug addiction itself.

Sent by dotty oliver | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old, I will be 18 by the time of the election and I plan on voting for Ron Paul. I am the student body president at my highschool, I am an honors student, I volunteer at a 5 week sports camp for poor and neglected inner city kids from Boston every summer, I attend church twice a week; where I am an usher. I like to consider myself open minded, intellectual, slightly liberal, and a very ardent RON PAUL supporter.

Sent by Ethan | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old student, who is tired of lies in this country and tempted to move to Canada...

Sent by Chip Gaspard | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old Atheist, Libertarian, and Science major.

I support Ron Paul because of his seperation of his personal views laws made by the Federal Government. His spending and tax plans make more than perfect sense.

And no, I get my information from everywhere I possibly can.

Sent by Vincent | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

Landscaper/Owner of a production company.
I'm a 24 yr old male, Bangor, Pa.

This is my first time voting, and until i saw ron paul in the first republican debate, i didn't know who he was or why i should vote for him. When he spoke you can just tell the man is sincere, honest and full of integrity. He doesn't change his story or his answers. So i desided to look into this Ron Paul fellow. After visiting his website and watching alot of interview and debate footage, i woke up and realized, for the first time in my life, i actually was excited by something a politician had to say! It was something that struck me more then just on a "oh yea, that would be nice" page.

He's inspired me so much, that I myself, a young man who can't stand politics, to join a ron paul meet up group. Every weekend, i go to a crowed mall or intersection and pass out information for this cause. Our country has become so dependent on a government that is really dragging this country down. Overall I'd have to say the moral in this country is down, BUT "we the people" love this country, we support everything it does. I myself couldn't imagine living anywhere else, Which is why i'm such a supporter of this cause. Ron Paul is bringing people together for all the right reasons!

I know most people like myself are not in this just to see Ron Paul win, there is much more to his message then to get him elected as president. Its a refreshing breath of air to hear someone speak on behalf of what our country was founded on. He speaks on behalf of the constitution, on behalf of freedom, and until he started doing it NO OTHER CANIDATE was willing to come out and say it. I hear news reporters say how radical his Ideas are, how unrealistic it would be to do the things he has plans for. With that I ask... whats so radical and unrealistic about giving this country back to its people? He's not promoting that there will be no law, he's not saying everyone can just go out and do whatever they want with no repercusions! He's simply saying we need to get back to the basics!

One more thing i would like to say, On behalf of all Ron Paul Supporters!! We are not "Paulheads" we are not "Paulies" we are "PEOPLE" concerned with where this country is going and what this country is doing! Unfortunatly last night i watched the ron paul interview on Glenn Beck *i must give him a hand for his interview, very well done* and apperently there are some RP supporters who are threathing people who don't support or give RP the coverage the other canidates get. To that i must appologize, not because i for one have ever done this, but i makes the rest of us look like .... i'm sure you can fill in the blank. See the great thing about freedom is, choices, the choice to vote for who you want, the choice to say what you feel, but most of all the choice to choose!

I hope that can clear some things up on why it is that Ron Paul has such a Great following of people.

And remember, It's not just the man... Its the message

Sent by Ian Rodger | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 23 year old stay at home mom. My husband is a 26 year old 911/police dispatcher. We have two small children. We have been married for 5 years. We are Christians. We are from Kansas.

We have always voted Democratic until Ron Paul came along. He is the answer to our prayers! He is the right blend of right and left to fix this country!

Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Jocelyn Swiggart | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 34 year old male. I support Ron Paul because I believe alot of our problems are because of big government. Big governments are inefficient beaurocracies that favor special interests. people should keep more of their own money rather than taken from them at gun point.

Sent by dino | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a white, middle-class 17 year old just finishing up high school (a little early). I'm into computers and linguistics, along with politics.

I like Dr. Paul because of his stance on the devaluation of the Dollar and Taxation. I'm sick and tired of paying exorbitant prices for import CDs, and I want to opt out of Social Security. I never want to have to fill out a Tax Form, and I don't want to live in a Police state. Generally, the concept of a draft to fuel the wars in the Middle East is not a popular concept amongst guys around my age. I'm also tired of seeing the partisan politics play out on capitol hill. I've seen preschoolers act more mature than most of congress.

Sent by Jim | 5:27 PM | 12-19-2007

28 year old male - Own my own Internet company. I support Ron Paul because he believes in freedom. I care about freedom and my health and don't want the government telling me what I can and can't put in my body (raw milk, raw almonds, vaccines, natural drugs).

Why is synthetic marijuana legal but the real thing not legal? Ask yourself that.

Freedom needs to be restored, Vote Ron Paul.

Sent by Chris | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is ranking member of the congressional finance committee. Dr. Paul is a student of our monetary system and knows this country cannot go down the path we're on for too much longer without collapsing the dollar....HELLO have you checked it out lately? Dr. Paul understands that this crisis is near and the other folk are just politicing and prancing for their banker/controllers.........NWO

Sent by Don Flomo | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a Ron Paul supporter and I don't fit the mold for anything. I'm a political science graduate from the University of Florida. I was a staunch Republican and a Bush voter twice. Though, I don't believe Bush has kept many of his promises. I work as an industrial programmer. I have faith in humanity and believe that as a people, we tend towards good. I believe the US Constitution is less-flawed than the Bible.

I hate all forms of socialism - but I give to charity. I believe that no matter how much food there is, someone will figure out how to starve. No matter how much money there is, someone will figure out how to be poor. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. The best thing to do is give everyone as much opportunity and freedom as possible.

I believe the two-party system promotes stability until the two parties work as one. In this election, they are working as one. Ron Paul is the only one that embodies the Republican party before they went on a power-grab binge.

The other candidates - Hillary, Edwards, McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee, Thompson, and Romney - are so awful and corrupt that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Sent by Brandon Johnson | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old college senior at UNLV. Ron Paul is sick!

Sent by Greg | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 24 years old and I live in Riverside, CA. I'm a musical theatre lyricist. My current project is TOP 8: The MySpace Musical. I support Dr. Ron Paul because he's the only honest guy up there. His message of individual liberty and the constitution rings true. Get the troops home now and secure our own borders. I could go on and on, but you already know why we all support him. The mainstream media just doesn't want to cover him. I support Ron Paul for President in 2008.

p.s. I'm one of those "spammers" that donated!

Sent by Jordan Beck | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 20 years old student living just oustside of Houston, but I grew up in Chicago. I am a Ron Paul supporter all the way!

Sent by Tanya Priscilla Partida | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old Banker. I've never voted in my entire life. My family has always been democratic, I never believed in politics and didn't care who was president, as I always assumed they had one interest at heart - themselves.

That all changed when I was introduced to Ron Paul's message. I always thought the only way to bring about healthy change was through the current system, not fighting against it. So I assumed we needed a good hearted politician to come into office. Lo' and behold, we finally have him.

Whether Ron Paul wins or not, the message about what it truly means to be an American is coming on strong. It will only serve to empower the next generation of politicians - my generation - and we are the future.

No, he may not win. YES, his voice is being heard. YES, the minds of Americans everywhere are opening up to the truth of our government. YES, at some point in the future, the free minded and good hearted WILL be be in office. It's just a matter of when, and we have Ron Paul to thank for that.

Sent by Frank | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

My name's KC Peters and I'm a musician from Portland, Oregon. I also work for a bank to supplement my income. I'm sick of paying thousands of dollars a year to support a war I don't believe in. I'm sick of the government trying to run our lives with ID cards, I'm sick of our country trying to police the world while we ignore the crime in their own backyard.

Although I have no kids of my own, I am a brand new uncle of one week and I'd like to see my nephew grow up in a country that takes care of itself and spends it's money to grow, not to kill.

Ron Paul stands up for just about everything I believe a country should be... and he has my vote.

Sent by KC Peters | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 year old male from Columbus, Ohio, and I happen to be quite computer savvy. But to generalize Ron Paul supporters as young internet lovers is naive. His supporters are from all walks of life, all colors and creeds, and his message of peace and hope spans the bi-partisan spectrum.

Ron Paul has new ideas, fresh ideas, and some drastic ideas that could actually make a change. That's why he's so popular. People agree with his message.

All the other candidates, comparitively, are mediocre at best. People are sick of the bi-partisan sea-saw. We want someone who will actually do something.

Along with all of his other stances, I believe Paul's philosophy of non-intervention is also very appealing to a lot of people. We need to take care of ourselves before we take care of the entire world. We're slowly killing our economy by policing the world.

Ron Paul will change all of this. Ron Paul is the only hope we have for a bright future.

Sent by Daniel | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 20,Hispanic, and know I am going to vote for Ron Paul.

Sent by Richard | 5:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old, single, Librarian in Louisiana. This year I changed my party from Independent to Republican because I finally found a person with sound principles to vote for, Dr. Ron Paul, and he is someone that I am proud to support. His commitment to the Bill of Rights and the Original Intent of the founders and our Constitution is unquestionable, and I have never seen a better political framework for a society than our Constitution. Ron Paul has brought me hope for the USA. So far I have donated $800 to his campaign, its been money well spent...if only I was paid more!


Sent by Colin Nelson | 5:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 16, living in Pierce County Washington, and graduating in 2008 from High School.

Sent by Jeff | 5:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 18 years old and I have considered myself a democrat my entire life. I am a musician and working towards becoming a music producer. Never would I have considered voting for a Republican until I learned about Ron Paul.

Sent by Steven Jangus | 5:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old student at College of DuPage in IL - I have 3 jobs and NOBODY have I agreed with more on anything than Ron Paul - who could better fix our economy - ESPECIALLY with the problem with health care - than an economist/doctor?

Sent by Annette Wegrzyn | 5:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 33 yr old screen writer. I support Dr. Paul because of his unwavering principal and unshakable integrity. He has renewed my sense of nationalism in this country and his unifying message of peace and prosperity are the reason this movement grows stronger by the day.

Sent by Matt Brunstteter | 5:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a college student in central Texas and I support Dr. Paul because of his ideas on the national debt, his foreign policy, and the main reason is because he isn't running to further his career like the other politicians but because he wants this country to be great like it once was.

Sent by Logan | 5:29 PM | 12-19-2007

US Marine Veteran, Student (business administration major), Non-Profit organization founder(www.CarrizoCreekRange.org).


Sent by Carl Gardner | 5:30 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 19 year old female college student attending Columbus Technical College studying Practical Nursing in Columbus, GA.

I love and trust Ron Paul's message.

Sent by Angela Bradley | 5:30 PM | 12-19-2007


Sent by Daniel | 5:30 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi! I'm Joe and I'm a Ron Paul supporter. I work in the media as an on air radio personality.
I'm a Republican and I've always voted Republican, but Ron Paul appeals to me because he's everything I wish most Republicans would be. He wants smaller government, lower taxes, and less regulation of our lives. There has never been a society that has taxed or regulated itself into prosperity and that's Dr. Paul's belief too.
I'm a pretty conservative guy, but I know some very liberal people that love Ron Paul too.
We need to get America on the right course and back to the constitution.
I've always said that we should allow the invisible hand of the free markets to set our policy...not the iron fist of government.

Sent by Joe Irby | 5:30 PM | 12-19-2007

31 year old male in eastern PA. work in healthcare making good salary, benefits, etc. not religious in any way. Voted previously but had never considered donating to a campaign before.

Sent by TCS | 5:30 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a student from Umass Amherst who voted Democrat in the 2006 election to get our troops out of Iraq. The Democratic majority in Congress has betrayed me and broke their promise to bring our troops out of Iraq. The only Republican who wants to bring our troops out of Iraq is Ron Paul.

Sent by Jonathon Cohen | 5:30 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a quality manager for an electronic component assembly manufacturer, and I support Ron Paul because after much research have discovered that if Ron Paul is not elected, we can actually say goodbye to the United States as we know it. The talking heads in Washington DC will soon find out that we the people are finally fed up with the lies, the arrogance, the CFR, the UN, the step by step loss of liberty and sovereignty. I've never been so excited about an election in my entire life!!!! Let's take out the trash!!

Sent by Lance Kolstad | 5:30 PM | 12-19-2007

We are the People Who are Tired of Seeing America slowly turn into a Third World Country. We are The People That Want Change. And We are the People That are tired of watching Our Children Die for A War That Had NOTHING to Do With 9/11 or Bin Laden... Bin Laden Who?

Sent by JoLynn Kinzer | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 23 and the Vice-President for MentorHope Publishing. I support Ron Paul because he's not involved in dirty politics and he's not on anyone's payroll. The main reason I like his is because he's a constitutionalist. If another candidate wins and has to swear that they'll protect the constitution then they are lying. I don't even think our founding fathers would set at the same table as our government leaders because the founders know our leaders won't listen because their agenda is power and money when the founder's agenda was freedom and individual rights! Every American should be on their knees at night praying that Dr. Paul wins and the North American Union is stopped.

Sent by chase | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 22 years old from Connecticut,
Ive known about Dr.Paul's message before is run for office. I am a strong believer of the Constitution and honestly trust Dr.Paul with every ounce of me.

Sent by Adam from Connecticut | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a 23 yr old married factory worker from ky and i support ron paul because i support personal freedom and im a peacenik (anyone remember that???)
if you want it...

Sent by tyler dunaway | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 38 yo. mother of two. I have never voted, never even registered to vote. I started hearing the buzz about Ron Paul about 6 months ago. I analyzed all the candidates positions on EVERY issue. Most if not all of them have flipped their votes over the course of time. Ron Paul is the only one who has consistently voted the same. I don't like having to pay rent on my paycheck to the Fed.(up to 40% for some). I want all of our troops home(including Vietnam,Germany,Japan etc.) Return to the gold standard, instead of fiat money. I want to have a great future for my children and everyone else's children. That is why I support Ron Paul.

Sent by Rachel Grubb | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

Aryaz Sheybani, 19 year old, Iranian-American, unaffiliated voter for last election cycle, recently registered republican

student at Louisiana State University, studying Biology, active member of Rotaract and other service organizations, on the Executive Board for the LSU Residence Hall Association

Sent by Aryaz Sheybani | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old project manager for a construction company in Sarasota, Florida. I came across Dr. Paul after seeing a sign last year that read "Who is Ron Paul", I looked on the internet and after being completely disillusioned with politics and government, have come back to support this Hope for the REAL AMERICA. I've learned so much about corrupt media outlets and buyouts and am now proud to be part of the "Informed America".
RON PAUL REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Ryan | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a:
born-again Christian (protestant)
Married, Male, 25 yrs. old
Loan Officer in Red Bluff, CA
Person that loves Ron Paul's message because he's truthful, correct in his understanding of the constitution, monetary and foreign policy, freedom, liberty and my ability to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and have it not be considered hate speech. We've given multiple times to his campaign and spread Dr. Paul's name joyfully without hesitation.

Sent by Jared S. | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

Im Jake Gaeta, a 29 year old journalism/broadcast news student from Northern California.

The left/right dog and pony show is coming to an end. We've had it with the governing class and their everlasting pursuit of power. We see very clearly what is happening in America and we feel that this may be the last chance we have to save it before its too late. We need a massive overhaul in foreign and economic policy. One of my main concerns, as a journalism student, is that the controlled mainstream media is complicit in the social engineering that has lead our country into a big mess. Ron Paul is not a hand picked establishment stooge. We've been told that we need big government to take care of us and that is false. Big government is what is destroying us. Ron Paul is right line with that thoughts, philosophies and policies of our founding fathers. We have strayed WAY too far from a free society. We now have the biggest government in the history of the world that micromanages every aspect of our lives. We've got spying, torture, lies, corruption, misinformation, rigged elections, murder and conspiracy, you name it, we got it. The US was never intended to be a global empire and the constitution was supposed to restrain the power of government over the lives of its citizens. We've had enough. Its over!

A Republic, If You Can Keep It


Sent by Jake Gaeta | 5:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 37 y.o. Masonry Estimator from S.E. Pa. I have four young children that I want to know the United States that I grew up in, not the one we live in now.
I was a life long Dem, but just changed parties so I can vote for Dr Paul in the primaries.
God Bless Ron Paul.
I may not agree with everything he stands for, but I do agree with him more than I do with the others.

Sent by charlie | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am
- Age: 27.83
- Sex: Male
- City: Los Angeles, CA
- Nationality: United States of America since birth
- Ethnic Background: Ilocano
- Geo-political-ethnic Background: Filipino
- Religious Views: Freethinker
- Political Views: libertarian/green
- Party Affiliation: initially none for 9 years, now Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries

Ron Paul is one of the few candidates who is genuine with his words and with his cause. Many other candidates are charismatic, they know what to say to get the crowd to roar and cheer. They know how to make the crowd feel good. But are they genuine? Charisma can only take a person so far.

Ron Paul's genuine nature brings to light integrity in his words and in his actions.

Sent by Jonathan | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 24 and work in a light industrial environment. What's important to me, someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, is the value of the US dollar. Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to not only stop the devalueing of US currency, but he has a plan to raise the value. He also has plans to leave more money in my paychecks, secure the border, shore up education and healthcare and repair our crumbling infrastructure: end the war in Iraq IMMEDIATELY. No other candidate from either party can delineate a clear, concise and coherent plan for bringing wealth and credibility back to the USA... no candidate other than Dr. Ron Paul that is.

Sent by Michael | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old full-time community college student in Southern California. I play for the womens basketball team here, and I also juggle a part time job. My father, brother and I basically live from paycheck to paycheck, and it's no help that the federal government wants their meathooks on each and every one of them.

I've been public-schooled all my life--I went through Head Start, No Child Left Behind, Standardized Testing, all that good stuff, like most of my peers.

But I've been behind the scenes...I've seen how disgusting, manipulative, and selfish people can be in this corrupt public education bureaucracy we have in America. At the age of 17 I was (and still am) horribly disillusioned with how the supposed "future leaders" of this country are being educated. I've learned that kids who succeed, do so not because of public education, but in SPITE of it. And it sickens me how this fear-based education system is only a microcosm of the rest of the world. The emperor really DOES have no clothes, folks!

But one day on the internet I found a man named Ron Paul. I was like a sailor lost at sea, but had finally spotted dry land. I did some research and found that I agree with him on 99.99999% of the issues. What I admire most of all is his unmatched integrity and his unshakable will to deliver the truth to Americans. He is a true candidate of the people. He's got my vote in 2008.

Sent by TERESA | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 28 years old and work for as a shift manager at Starbucks as I slowly work my way through school. I voted for the "No Nation Buiilding" Bush in 2000. I'm a conservative who first got turned onto Dr. Paul with his message of smaller government. In the year since, he's changed my mind about the war and opened my eyes to the disastrous economic policies currently in place. I've donated money to a candidate for the first time, not once, but three times. Ron Paul cured my apathy.

Sent by Brian Petersen | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 29 years old, a wife, and a mother of two little boys. I work as an RN in a high acuity ICU.
I have been registered as a Democrat since I was 17 years old. In my first presidential election, less than two months after I turned 18, I helped to re-elect Bill Clinton into office. I have never, in any election, voted for a Republican. This election will change that.

I am voting for Ron Paul in an effort to bring back our inalienable rights "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"!

Sent by Corey K | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year-old registered Libertarian woman living in Houston, Texas. I work in marketing, and am single with no children.

I support Ron Paul because of his views on personal responsibility and individual liberties. I do not believe it is the job of the federal government to ensure my well being (other than national defense), nor do I believe that it is the responsibility of the federal government to tell me what I can and can't do in the privacy of my own home.

Ron Paul is a candidate of principle and has a proven track record of voting these principles.

Sent by Patty Rathbun | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old libertarian that Voted for Gore in 2000 and voted against Bush in 2004.
I live in Florida, I'm about to finish my degree at a local university. I have never been involved in or given money to any campaign, until now.
I live on a fixed income but I have donated about $600 to the campaign and am very active in the local meetup group, and I (grudgingly) registered as a Republican in order to vote for Ron in the primaries.

Sent by Richard | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 yr. old small town girl currently doing CAD work in Austin. My hometown is near Lake Jackson. What sold me on Ron Paul? Simply put...his honesty. Plus, it's nice to have a politician stick to his/her guns for once.

Sent by Miranda Arias | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an artist and photographer living in the city, trying to do the best with what I have and make a good life for myself and one day for my family. I'm peaceful and entrepreneurial. I feel that the federal government does not represent me and does not act in my best interest. I want to make the world a more positive place, and that starts with throwing the bums out!

Sent by Roxanne | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a female who is 31. I hail from Washington state and I would like Americans to wake up from their hypnotic trances by turning off the television. People don't read anymore, they don't research or care about history or what the government is up to. I support Ron Paul because my eyes are opening wider every day to what's going on around me, and not who the next American Idol will be.

Sent by Sherrill | 5:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28-year-old tutor/photographer/freelance writer in Louisville, Kentucky. I am an on-again, off-again democrat that was introduced to Paul's message several months ago and have since switch my party affiliation.

Paul scared me with his views on immigration at first, because I have a liberal streak that runs through me ... a part that wants to socialize things ideologically. I also disagreed with his disdain for Roe v. Wade. Despite these things, I kept coming back to Paul as my candidate of choice.

The reasons are as follows:

1. The War ... it is a terrible, terrible mistake, and I have been against this since even after 9/11. When someone does something rash or insane, I immediately analyze the why. I appreciate that Paul has taken this intelligent view on foreign policy. We have to know "why" to prevent entanglements and terrorism in the future.

2. Monetary Stability - From traveling overseas, I recognize that our dollar is, indeed, weaker than it used to be. Also, as a person in a large amount of debt due to my own irresponsible choices, I refuse to vote for a candidate who will make the same mistakes with our country's finances.

3. A Return to Law - Paul's call to the Constitution and his historical knowledge make me feel safe to vote for him. Giving someone like Giuliani a reading assignment is a stunt to me so much as it is necessary. If our candidates don't have a grasp on history (and a good many of them don't), how can they not repeat history's mistakes? Paul's admission that one of the best ways to repeal the Patriot Act is by not actually using the powers it gives and respecting the citizenry is great stuff.

4. Cutting Bureaucracy - I was in a small town above the lakes in Hurricane Katrina, and as a customer service worker for Wal-Mart's Distribution Center at the time, I saw firsthand how much more effective private business was at bringing supplies into New Orleans after the storm. Wal-Mart entered the zone 24 hours before FEMA did with shipments full of food and water. The red tape has to stop. Government is terrible at managing the world, and the same goes for education.

5. Finally ... this leads to Paul's call to abolish the IRS. As a self-employed person who has a lot of claims, my end of year filings can get hectic and tense - it's rare to get back as much at the end of the year as I have to cough up just to survive. I earn flat rates usually, and I think I am entitled to all of that money since I have to pay for my own insurance, equipment, transportation, and time.

Sent by Shawn Hudson | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a construction supervisor who doesnt have good healthcare or dental. The government claims it can step in and and provide me health and prosperity if I give them a lot of money and some rights. I submit the following, STOP FORCING ME TO GIVE YOU ALL MY MONEY AND I'LL PROVIDE IT MYSELF! YOU ARE DOING A HORRIBLE JOB Mr. WASHINGTON D. See!!!!

Sent by Borne Inta Slavry | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 yer old husband and father of three. Attended college, but didn't graduate. Christian, and NPR listner. Work hard for a living and wish to keep the government from taking it. I'm part Republican and part Libertarian. we need someone who is actually different from the other crooks in office!

Sent by Jimbo Crawford | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I was a politically apathetic young man who didn't trust any politician until I learned of RON PAUL. I feel he is the country's only hope for long term economic success and getting us back to the rights our families have died for.

Sent by Harold | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old woman and i trust my instincts and i know ron paul would be the best candidate for our president

Sent by kim | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 24 year old, married mother of 1, in CA. Ron Paul has my vote!

Sent by Jennifer | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old female from Houston, TX. I am a full time college student and I am married. My father is currently serving The United States Navy Iraq. I will be voting for Ron Paul in the Texas Primary and for President because he personally told me he would bring my father and the rest of my heroes home form war. I believe him. Just look at his record and tell me why he should not be Commander and Chief?

Sent by Jesse | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22yr old male from Indiana. Proud member of the NRA. Vote Freedom First

Sent by Kenny | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi, I'm Dave. I'm 34, grew up on a farm in Colorado. Now I'm an IT professional at a fortune 500 company. I've never been interested in politics until I heard a speech by Ron Paul. From that moment on I became a supporter, I registered republican and started donating to his campaign. I also slapped a Ron Paul '08 bumper sticker on my car to show my support for FREEDOM!

Dr. Paul cured my apathy!

Sent by Dave in Denver | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a Mortgage Consultant out of Houston TX, and I'm very proud to call myself a Ron Paul Supporter!! Our great country needs to get back to the roots that made it so great. Ron Paul is the candidate to help us get back on that track. I pray for him and the success of his campaign. LONG LIVE THE CONSTITUTION!

Sent by Brian McCartney | 5:33 PM | 12-19-2007

i'm a 27 y.o. power plant operator living in NY, originally from pensacola, FL. Ron Paul cured my apathy. i never cared about elections before because it was always the lesser of two evils. now we have someone who actually follows the instructions laid down for us at the founding of our wonderful country; the Constitution. Thank you Ron, for everything

Sent by Brandon Phillips | 5:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an Iraqi Freedom Veteran who is a full supporter of personal and economic freedom. I believe most of our countries problems could be avoided, simply by adhering to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Most of our current government grossly underestimates the potential of the American people. If the people were simply given the truth about Iraq, the Federal Reserve, and our lost liberties. Ron Paul would be leading in the poles, I'm sure of it.

Sent by Justin P Devine | 5:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I???m 20 years old, female, and a college student from California. I was a registered Libertarian, but re-registered in order to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.

I support Ron Paul because I support smaller government and state???s rights.

There is definitely a social stigma when it comes to being a college student and voting republican. Because of Ron Paul and his advocacy for change, more students are willing to vote republican and get involved with politics in general.

Sent by Alyson | 5:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 22 and I'm a cancer biologist. I love Ron Paul because his message is truth and librty. Something isn't right with this country and it seems like all we get is corrupt politicians who lie and take bribes. Ron Paul is really a breath of fresh air and I love how he is pro-constitution and will defend it no matter what, like we SHOULD. I also feel like he is the only man who really can solve our SERIOUS economic problems that we're facing today.

Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Steve | 5:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm simply an American citizen. That is all that matters. I believe the constitution is the supreme law of the land, and we must obey it. Integrity, principles, obedience to that constitution is what gets my vote. And because of that, Ron Paul is who I have to support.

I'm tired of corporate fatcats and corrupt politicians getting elected and running this once great nation into the ground!!

Sent by Kevin M. | 5:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 yr old stay at home mom. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and have two beautiful children ages 3 and 1. My husband is in business and marketing. We both support Dr. Paul and his message. This is the first time we have really supported anyone this much with joining our local meetup group and actually doing things like hanging up signs and going door to door with Paul info. Can't wait to see what happens!! :-)

Sent by Kassandra | 5:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 34 year old from Seattle, WA. Politics as usual is not going to work for to long, people are starting to wake up and see that this country that we love is heading into a wall of oppression and economical disaster. Corporate interests and the international banking cartel have had a strangle hold on are government officials for to long and we are seeing the effect more and more everyday. The Media is no exception, there is no more news, there is only propaganda. News organizations have become the propaganda machine for the special interest groups.
And the 2 political groups in power, the Republicans, and democrats are no longer divided, they are one party.

No more lies, no more secrets!

Ron Paul 2008

Sent by Jeremy Parton | 5:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm from Brookline, Massachusetts and I'm 25 years old.

I don't have a political affiliation per se, but I am pro-freedom and anti-tyranny. I have done my research on everyone in the race, from the CFR aligned mainstream candidates to the no-chance-in-hell candidates on both sides of the political spectrum.

Ron Paul is the strongest pro-freedom, anti-tyranny candidate in the presidential race. He wants to stand up for our civil liberties and protect us from the bankers and business interests that have swallowed this country from the inside out.

He's a brave man. Go Ron Paul.

Sent by Luke Gordon | 5:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 34 year old from Seattle, WA. Politics as usual is not going to work for to long, people are starting to wake up and see that this country that we love is heading into a wall of oppression and economical disaster. Corporate interests and the international banking cartel have had a strangle hold on are government officials for to long and we are seeing the effect more and more everyday. The Media is no exception, there is no more news, there is only propaganda. News organizations have become the propaganda machine for the special interest groups.
And the 2 political groups in power, the Republicans, and democrats are no longer divided, they are one party.

No more lies, no more secrets!

Ron Paul 2008

Sent by Jeremy Parton | 5:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 25 years old. I am a returning student who formally was a part of the 'sub prime' mortgage crisis as a Loan officer for a large brokerage. I have seen first hand the mess that the financial markets have left for clean up. I'm also webmaster who runs http://www.ironicallyenough.net.

Sent by Ryan Naff | 5:35 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello, I am a MBA graduate and multi talented invidual. I adore the idea of Dr. Paul fixing what ails America. I believe strongly in the original U.S. constitution. This vision was freedom of the individual as well as each state having rights. I love the idea of fixing the broken system of taxation where many of societies' earners never pay. Flat tax is a perfect solution where everyone pays. I especially like the idea of returning to the gold standard, not sure why this was replaced with nothing. Ending the wars that are far beyond our ability to pay. Lastly, looking at foreign policy and adjusting to benefit America. So God Bless and keep safe Dr. Paul, who shall be the 2008 U.S. President. -B.L., TDSR

Sent by Brandon | 5:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a high school science teacher. Words can't express how useless the US Department of Education is. I further believe that I have the right to keep the money that I earn, and be charitable in the manner that I see fit. I am a believer that our liberties are given to us by our creator, not the government. And lastly, I would like to see a non-fiat or "backed" currency to compete with the American dollar.

Sent by Bob Baish | 5:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old attending graduate school in Biomedical Sciences in New York City. I am from Connecticut and have aligned myself with the democrats in the past having voted for Kerry in '04 and Lamont in '06, however I recently switched to the Republican party so I can vote in the primaries for Paul.

I am attracted to Paul because of his positions on both foreign and domestic policy, and have donated 3 times to his campaign, even though living in NYC on a graduate stipend is already kind of tight. I like how he is the only politician that is actually speaking about the impending crisis with our future obligations to entitlement programs and our monetary policy. I also like how he is one of the few people running that is for immediate withdrawl from Iraq.

Mostly, however, I like Paul because he is a politician for people who hate politicians. He is honest, principled, and has tremendous integrity. Government has grown out of control encroaching on our civil liberties, and Ron Paul is the only one who will rein it in.

Sent by Jonathan Keeling | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 16 year old high school student. I can't vote obviously but if I could, Ron Paul would definetly get my vote. I usually find politics repulsive and before Ron Paul I did not think I would ever take interest.

I like the idea of a revolution, change needs to be made and Ron Paul is the right choice.

RON PAUL 2008!!!

Sent by Seth Apodaca | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a single father of two girls. age 36. i own my own successful ecommerce business. I am a Christian and Conservative American that believes in Freedom. I am anti-Fascism and Socialism.

Sent by Cole Webb | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a conservative Christian who believes more in FREEDOM more than the need for the government to dictate, control, regulate, 'take care of' and fund everything.

I want a government that stays out of my business and the business of everyone else. I do not agree with keeping the status quo.


I believe in a small government, and a president that stands up for what he believes in regardless if it is popular or gets him votes.

One who has integrity and won't flip flop. If he is a Christian he won't try to use his so called beliefs as a springboard to the White House.

If a person is righteous it will show in his actions. Talk is cheap.

Ron Paul has clearly shown his integrity and beliefs are solid by voting NO on nearly everything. Especially things that increase the size of the government, the national debt, or the restrictions on Americans.

Left wing and right wingers should all agree, we don't need a bigger national debt. They should all agree that if the Federal Government was in control less they could all more or less have what they want much easier.

The government was not designed nor intended to go around fixing everything, making up laws and rules about every little thing to make life work perfect for those who whine the loudest. This makes life much more difficult for EVERYONE, because now there are so many laws, rules, regulations etc...that no one could possibly keep up on them all and anyone/everyone is going to end up crossing the line somehow at any given moment.

This is not anarchy, but STATES governing the people. The Federal Government should be 'OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE'.

Let's start this rEVOLution at the top and let it work it's way to each and every state!

Sent by heather simpson | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 47 yr old divorced mother of two grown sons and I live in Indiana. As a Libertarian, I support Ron Paul, as he's the only candidate that reflects my views AND has a chance of being elected.

Sent by Elizabeth Van Horn | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm sure you get the picture by now after all the hundreds of comments...

I am a 24 year old former pre-law student. I gave that up after being disgusted with American politics and turned into a nursing student. Since finding Dr. Paul, I have been renewed with the aspiration to go into my true passion, the law. I have believed in the same things Dr. Paul has for years now, but have only now found someone willing to say it to an unreceptive GOP party. This broke college student has given to his campaign, the first to any campaign, and have spent countless hours talking to friends and making signs for him.

The dedication across this country from his supporters is unmatched from any other campaign across the nation.

It's not the man....it's the message!!

Sent by Bryan | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

37 year old male from the Constitution state..I am a stage tech for the Garde theater. I am sick of this huge non transparent arrogant goverment of ours that keeps us chasing our tales with the Lame steam media while they spend all of our taxes who nows where. I support Ron Paul for his integrity as a public servent, his views on small goverment and on the war. Along with many others..I am sick of the typical political capaigns where they all act like they are a bunch of brat children. Ron Paul comes across to me by his record as a politition and as a citizen to be very selfless. Something I look for in a leader..I am also going to add that I have been involved with media reform for the last 6 years and I have to say that the mainstream media profit or non has become followers of the big dogs or have became so bias it's disgusting..It is pretty sad when I can go on the internet and find more facts on a story in a hour than half the media puts out..Journalism has become a lazy joke. If all of you don't change the internet is going to make you obsolete..But hey, Thanks for asking Who we are that support Ron Paul. I can't wait to see how you coin all of us..

Sent by John | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello I am a 28 year old Photographer/Videographer who has never voted before. A lot of people think that just because someone has not voted before, that they must not know very much about whats going on in the world. Sometimes they even say we know less than people who do vote. I would have to say the opposite. I have never voted because i know a little to much about the system. I do not agree with the idea of the electoral college and over all, And up until now there has not been anyone worth voting for in past elections. I still dB not agree with the way voting is done. but for the first time in my life there is someone worth voting for. I want the good old USA back, I want my rights back. How many quotes do we need form the past decade's and century's to let us know we have been warned about what was to come.

So... here it is, here i am, and i want change. Ron Paul has my vote.

Sent by Neil | 5:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 32 years old and work with computers on a university campus in southern California. I was once staunchly Republican, but became disillusioned with both major parties some years ago. I have been put off by the trend for political discourse to be so shaped by media culture. Then the Libertarian Party interested me because I noticed how none of their candidates were career politicians but were just very "normal" folk working in the private sector, education, etc.

Ron Paul caught my attention because he engaged my intellect like no other candidate in either major party. He does not succumb to abstract visionary-speak, which candidates usually do to gain confidence even when people don't know what they're talking about. Paul gets to the real matters quick, addresses the problems and sets concrete principles for changing the course.

And he is well historically informed, which is SO important for any leader to be a good leader. It's not just that I agree with many of his views, but his presentation and perception as an individual sets him apart. He has demonstrated how he really cares about something bigger than himself. In that sense he shares in the spirit of the Founders more than the rest.


Sent by Joe Brancaleone | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a small business owner and mother of 5 from WI.

Sent by Jessica Long | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 23. Grew up in the neo-con styled town of Bakersfield,CA. Lots of oil industry here, lots of spending. Always have leaned more towards the democratic side, but was for Wesley Clark in the last go around, not John Kerry. Not a fan of the Gores, Clintons, or the Liebermans.

Dr Paul's ideals are the same that I've been trying to explain to my friends for years who lean one way or the other...They are the most logically sound, and they aren't a 'compromise' like those found in the centrist camps.

I'm sick of partisanship, and I think Dr. Paul breaks down this wall with his message.

Sent by Mike Cornett | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a self-employed married 29-year-old man with two kids from Pennsylvania. I voted for Bush in 2004 and for Ralph Nader in 2000. I have opinions on both sides of the left-right spectrum but most of all, I want a candidate who isn't just going to give talking points, but will actually have the chutzpah to follow through on the things he promises. And frankly, Ron Paul is saying such "out there" things that I think he may just be "crazy enough" to actually DO what he says... even if I don't agree with all of it.

Sent by Brian Hodges | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a RON PAUL supporter.
i am 27
i am female
i am from arkansas
i have voted before, for the lesser of 2 evils.
i am a register democrat
i am sick of the way the goverenment is now
i am for GHANGE
i am for RON PAUL!!!!

Sent by sara | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old Astrophysicist - now medical student. I support Ron Paul because I see how our federal government is overstepping its authority in too many ways. The chain must be yanked before we lose all control over our country. Back to basics!

Sent by Peter Rhone | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old union carpenter and strong democrate, how ever Ron Paul's message is so strong and complete, that I have put my full support behind him.

Sent by Darrell Campbell | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old female atheist who believes in true freedom. Not the freedom they try and sell you along with a boat load of taxes, the freedom that lets you decide where your money goes, lets you believe what you what you want to believe and live the way you want to live. Whether it's believing in god or not, taking drugs or not, or opting out of social security and medicare. These are choices I should be able to make for myself instead of the government doing it for me, and Dr.Paul recognizes that.

Sent by Sarah | 5:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 38-yr old male, married, 1 child, college degree. I'm a fiscally conservative, socially somewhat liberal, libertarian leaning guy. Dr Paul seems to possess a greater amount of personal integrity than many of the other candidates, on both sides of the political aisle.

Sent by Greg Paul (no relation to Dr Paul) | 5:38 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old male from South Florida. I have a Bachelors in Political Science and am the grandchild of a WW2 vet. I believe in my country, my constitution, and the greatness fr what this country was and can become again, but not what it has become. I am disappointed in my President and Legislature as a whole. I am an old school republican, but not a Christian Coalition/Religious Right Republican. I believe in fair markets and the ideals on the greatest free thinkers in the history of this nation, that being our founding fathers. I am tired on my government damning the Constitution and making their own rules and regulations in an attempt to protect us from ourselves. I am disappointed in the level of indifference my government has shown in neglecting the foundation of a sovereign nation, a defined and defensible border. I am tired of party agenda, of the right telling us that the left will "cut and run" and that the right will "threaten the working class". I am tired of the over stretched empire, that the 123 bases in 70 countries are bankrupting my country. I am a supporter who does want to repeat the mistakes of other nations. I support Ron Paul because I just want my country back. I want to be proud of my country, of my government, and of the ideals that my grandparents forged. I support Ron Paul because I believe in what those who have come before us have striven for. I want my Liberty.

Sent by Joseph Obucina | 5:38 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old college student from Connecticut.

The most important of the many reasons I am a Ron Paul supporter is the fact that he is against this pointless war and he takes that stance for all the right reasons. Also of note is the fact that he is honest, upfront, and consistant in what he says and does. As opposed to nearly every other candidate that will do or say anything to fit in with whatever the going trend is in the latest poll.

Sent by Tyler | 5:38 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 19 year old student who grew up in an America that wasn't the America it was supposed to be. I support the founding fathers and original intent for this country which is why I support Ron Paul. I want America to be the America I should of had; the America of my fathers.

Sent by Kurt | 5:38 PM | 12-19-2007

Id agree in that alot of Dems do want to impeach Bush merely on a political agenda. I'm 19 and believe in freedom, and that is what Ron Paul stands for. I also believe in a man who stands on his feet and sticks to what he believes in. Ron Paul is that man.

Sent by Oregon Wants Ron Paul! | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

24 Asheville, NC transplant from Chicago. Fiscal conservative socially liberal. Every time I hear RP speak I become more and more facinated.

Sent by John Olsen | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 24 years old.
I have a B.S. in physics.
I am a songwriter.
I believe in and want peace.
Ron Paul's foreign policy and sound monetary policy are his standout points in my opinion. I have voted for Democrats and Republicans in the past, but Ron Paul is the first candidate who has inspired me, and December 16th was the first time I've ever donated to a campaign. I have friends who have gone to Iraq, and they all support Ron Paul as well.

Sent by Jesse Henderson | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul doesn't just appeal to young men... I am 22 years old and the wife of a sailor. It was my husband that turned me on to Dr. Paul. Our main concern is with forgien policy. Everyday my husband goes to work we have to deal with the worry that he, as a sailor, will be told by his command he is being sent to fight on LAND in Iraq! Not only is this outrageous, but the fact that my husband may have to be one of the fallen soldiers over a rediculous war is outrageous! To many have already lost their lives, and I strongly beleive we should come home. Dr. Paul is the ONLY man willing to state the obvious and make a chage for the better in our corrupt country.

Sent by Amanda Musgrove | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old male and have been an independent voter for the past elections. I have recently changed parties so I can vote in the primaries. I am from Western North Carolina and have a wide variety of talents I use for work. I am supporting Dr. No, because he is the FIRST AND ONLY candidate that I have EVER heard speak adamantly about The Constitution and the Rights of the REAL government of this country, the Citizens of The United States. That being said I leave you with a quote that rings just as true if a real person had said it.
"The People shouldn't be afraid of it's government, the government should be afraid of it's People"

Sent by Nate | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an ardent Ron Paul supporter from Oklahoma City. I am a Christian, conservative, small-government Republican. I was home schooled K-12, and I am now an Investment Analyst. I believe in a strict interpretation of our Constitution, and that we should adhere to the Founders' admonitions against centralized government. Over the last several years I had become very cynical about American politics, but Dr. Paul has the singular ability to cut through all the BS and stand on principle. I hope and pray that the "Ron Paul Revolution" will have a lasting affect on our country.

Sent by Lukus | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 54 years old, male, a member of MENSA, a published author, musician, adventurer, raconteur, bon vivant, business owner. By most standards I would be considered well off. I support Ron Paul because he supports our constitution.

Sent by Ed Weirdness | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a nineteen year old male, straight out of highschool. I work full time at Jersey Mikes in Boone, NC. I'm in a punk band, and I'm engaged to be married next August. I support Ron Paul because he's the only presidential candidate who means everything he says. When asked questions, Mr. Paul doesn't point fingers at other candidates (Mit Romney) and he doesn't give an overgeneralized answer. Mr. Paul addresses the issues up front, and that's why I support Ron Paul. I'd rather have an extremist in office, than an adulterer who uses American tragedies to push himself into the White House.

Sent by Matthew Butler | 5:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 year old mother of 2 little girls.
I am a Patriot.
I am the wife of a Veteran who received a Purple Heart.
I am a Patriot.
I am a Lover of Liberty.
I am a Patriot.
I am the Disenfranchised.
I am a Patriot.
I am one of many who is tired of being ignored.
I am a Patriot.
I am tired of being lied to.
I am a Patriot.
I am tired of giving up my rights for the guise of protection.
I am a Patriot.
I am concerned with the country I will leave to my children and their children.
I am a Patriot.
And most importantly, because of these things...

Sent by Kendra P | 5:40 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 yr-old, married, pregnant, internet-business owner who is fed up, excited, disgusted, hopeful, terrified, passionate, hopeless, and in awe of RP-- and it's not from the hormones! I believe a revolution through mass civil disobedience with Ron Paul as our catalyst is the only way to overthrow the U.S. regime. My husband and I are both maxing out with contributions. Homebirthing, homeschooling, killed tv 4 years ago, avoid medical establishment like the plague, vegetarian, healthy, and always searching for real news & the truth online.

Sent by Christine | 5:40 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old Christian Conservative Republican. I've been a registered republican since I have been able to vote. I believe Ron Paul is the best choice for president. He's not a conservative only because it suits him in this election. He stands by his views and does not change them do to current poll data. He is the one choice that truly believes in freedom, smaller government, and fiscal responsibility.

Sent by A. Jacobson | 5:40 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a twenty nine year old female who is sick of the unjust war, sick of prices at the pump, sick of this administration who feels they can walk all over the American people and do as they please. I think its time for a change and under normal circumstances I would vote democrat but this time I'm voting Ron Paul.

Sent by Jennifer Chaffin | 5:40 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 35 year old programmer. I support Dr. Paul because he wants to return the federal government back to a Constitutional level. We need to hit the reset button. The federal government has become a big, bloated, behemoth mess that's 9 trillion in debt. Yet, they seem to think we are better under their control than we are thinking for ourselves. Thank God for the internet because we no longer have to rely on the mainstream media and their limited information.

Carl from Berea, Ohio.

Sent by Carl S. | 5:40 PM | 12-19-2007

33 YO and stereotypical to this article. White male - online business owner. Never voted in presidential elections, but will in 2008 based upon my support for the breath of fresh air Paul brings to politics.

Sent by Daniel | 5:40 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 34 years old, my political views are libertarian, I'm from Texas and I support Ron Paul. I work as an offshore rig clerk. I'm a family man, married, with 3 children. I'm saddened by the government of the U.S.A. and how far the country has fallen from its libertarian roots and its foundation upon one of the most amazing documents ever created: the Constitution. I'm not a kook, I just happen to value individual liberty; Ron Paul's not a kook or I wouldn't give him my support. He's a breath of fresh air in the stale, stagnant, stench of special interest-pandering that is Washington DC.

Sent by Craig Mooneyham | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old from Boulder, Colorado. I turn 18 in time to vote and I want some peace of mind that the future of our economy will be prosperous.
Ron Paul all the way.

Sent by Parker | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 45, married mother of two boys, one is serving in the military. I am an artist and voted for Gore in 2000. I am pro-choice and libral regarding social issues. I discovered Paul at the first Republican debate and have been captivated ever since! Dr Paul is the first candidate I have ever supported with money or time. I agree with him on the war, taxes, spending and truly feel that he is Americas last best hope.

Sent by mildred simpson | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old woman who works as an Accounts Payable manager for a construction company. Until recently, I was registered as an Independent. However, my support of Dr. Paul has spurred me into action, and I've changed changed my party to Republican so I can vote in the primaries in my state. I'm fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. I support Dr. Paul and contributed money to his campaign because he believes we should return to the principles of the Constitution and retain our freedoms. He also endorses a non-interventionist foreign policy which I think is the best and fairest way to go about relations with other countries. This is not to say we cannot offer assistance, but would ensure we do not participate in empire-building. As for social issues - I'm an agnostic who supports abortion rights for women and gay marriage. Dr. Paul has made it clear that he believes the federal government has no business regulating such things, instead leaving these issues up to individual states. I've gotten the strong impression that Dr. Paul supports individual rights and freedoms, that he wants everyone to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. Too many people in our society are being supported by a government that cannot support itself, much less others. I always appreciate people who want, expect, and wish to help others become masters of themselves. I came from a low income family who lived in a rural area. I saw first-hand the abuse of the system by way of food stamps and welfare. Dr. Paul wants to help these people learn to stand on their own, without the aid of a crumbling and bloated government. That, in and of itself, is respectable to me.

Sent by Amanda | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a Conservative who's sick of the Grand Ole Party not following it's values. Ron Paul believes in the Constitution and in the fact that IT is the law of the land.

Sent by Dan | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 18 year old high school student. I'd vote for Dr. Paul.

Sent by Rodger | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a:

20 year-old
white, single, female
college student.

I support Ron Paul because he seems to be the only candidate who has read the Constitution.

I am proud that the first vote I ever get to cast will be one for Ron Paul.

Sent by Bebhinn | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 yr old married mother of 2. We are a typical middle class family with 2 cats and 2 dogs. We love our country or the idea of what it should be. We are very family oriented. We work hard for the things we have and take pride in our home, family, and life. We worry about where our country is going and what will happen to middle and lower class. We don't believe people should be taxed to death. It sickens us that people have to pay sales tax on a used car even after the people who bought it new paid sales tax. You don't see people at garage sales charging tax on used clothes. We want our country to be safe and secure, but don't want government breathing down our necks. We feel that our country should worry about it's own people and taking care of them before it decides to help other countries. I feel that children here should have better opportunities and shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg to go to college. I don't feel that illegals should get a free ride to go to school or open a business. Take care of your own, that's the way our country should be first and foremost. Ron Paul isn't scared to question the wrong doings of the government. He knows it's time for a change. He has ideas that plans that will actually help our country. He believes in the constitution, as everyone living here should. All these people out there shun Paulites, saying we are obnoxious and things, isn't it ashame? It's sad that they can't be as excited as we are. We "Paulites" have hope. We wake up in the morning and can't wait until Dr. Ron Paul is sworn in as our next president. We are all hopeful and enthusiastic, we know our country will be great once again. They bash as for being excited. It's sad that they can't be this excited for whomever they are choosing to vote for. We Paulites know we've got the right man for the job. And as quickly as his supporters are growing, there is no reason to think he wont be our next president. GO RON PAUL!!!!!!

Sent by Alicia | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I wanted to add that I am a 30 year old mother of 2, wife of a school teacher in oregon, and voted for george bush, i am also a Christian of the 'pentecostal' flavor, and am SO TIRED of the censure of Ron Paul and his supporters

Sent by heather simpson | 5:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old male, college grad, 3rd year law student, and conservative from San Francisco CA. I'm voting for Ron Paul hopefully to send a message to Washington that people like me (and there is a lot of us)are sick of all the lying and disingenuous politicians on both sides driving this country into the ground.

Sent by Brian | 5:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 yr. old Hispanic mother to 3 girls; 10, 6 & 5 and a military spouse for the past 11 yrs. to a SF Green Beret, who also supports RON PAUL!! RON PAUL defines what America 'should' be. Other candidates *might be able to "do the job" (and probably only a mediocre one at that) but RON PAUL is the only candidate who can truly change our country for the better! I have NEVER felt so passionately about a political candidate until now, RON PAUL is the voice of the U.S.A!! I hope and pray the GOP will HEAR US!!! "Truth is simple" ~Ron Paul

Sent by Cat Bolivar | 5:42 PM | 12-19-2007

im 15, a sophomore in high school, and not really interested in politics. until i read about ron pauls message.
dr. paul would have my vote if i was older.

Sent by Gabe | 5:42 PM | 12-19-2007

Software entrepreneur, male, 33, San Diego, CA

Ron Paul is the only candidate bold and honest enough to tell the truth. His agenda is simple: freedom, liberty and prosperity. The U.S. is headed in the wrong direction on almost every front, and Dr. Paul knows why and how to remedy the issues at a basic level. He refers to the U.S. Constitution in almost every speech he makes. He is humble and not power-seeking.

He is such a refreshing change from the moderate-tightrope-walking vote-grubbing ninnies or the boldface liars that have dominated contemporary American politics at least since I was born.

Viva la Paul revolucion!

Sent by JAD | 5:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old production accountant currently residing in Los Angeles, Ca. I was totally apathetic after watching the last two rigged elections. I don't agree with Dr. Paul on everything, but his honesty and intelligence have cured my apathy.

Sent by Josh | 5:42 PM | 12-19-2007

i'm a 32 year old male from Illinois and a VERY proud American. i'm proud of the principles this country was founded on and the freedoms they provided it's citizens. but it seems to me, these principles are overlooked now. an example? terrorists threaten our freedom. if we willingly give up some of those freedoms, we'll be protected. how does this make sense? doesn't that mean the "terrorists" have won? i find myself remembering learning of hitler, and the nazi rise to power. am i the only one who sees the similarities here? it's said that those who don't learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. it's also said that if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. Ron Paul is the ONLY one talking about giving the country back to the people. he's the ONLY one that speaks of restoring credible worth to our constitution. he seems to be the only one wanting to fix the real problems. having never voted before, due to the overabundance of lip service, i'm proud to say i'll be voting for Dr. Paul this election. it truly is time for change.

Sent by erik | 5:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 21 years old and married. I work full time in customer service and will be hopefully attending the police academy soon. I would also like to join the national guard as well. I believe Ron Paul is the best choice for president in 2008. I agree with his foreign policy, his stance on the patriot act, and his views on illegal immigration. Ron Paul is a true republican. We need to go back to the constitution!

Sent by Jeff B | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi, I'm Michael De Armon, I'm a Network administrator, 23 years old. I have had an apathy when I looked at our politics and how convoluted it has gotten. When I heard of Ron Paul and I studies and I was surprised how LITTLE he wanted to do. And then I realized that "Hey, I want the government OUT of my life."

???The evolution of knowledge is toward simplicity, not complexity.???
-L. Ron Hubbard

Ron Paul is simplicity. And everything grows in Simplicity

Sent by Michael De Armon | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year professional woman. I live in Oakland, CA and plan to attend UCAL this fall. I also plan on voting for Ron Paul because he supports the constitution. These rules are imperative to American culture and the foundation of our country, yet have been chipped away at little by little in the past decade through propaganda and fear mongering. This is something I think is incorrect, and Ron Paul is the only candidate who will not stand by and permit our civil liberties to be stolen. My boyfriend and I both support Ron Paul and made donations to him on both 11/5 and 12/16. We went to a supporter organized rally this weekend in San Francisco- Ron Paul supporters we've met come from all walks of life, all age ranges, socio-economic backgrounds, gender, etc. If there is one thing about Ron Paul supporters it is this- we have learned some of the TRUTH about what has been going on and what will go on if we do not act. The National ID card is around the corner and that is the first step down the path Americans should not go down. Ron Paul 2008~!

Sent by Bonnie McNeil | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

36 year old Pharmacy student in Cincinnati OH
Wife is 46 y/o Registered Nurse
Both Registered Republicans
She's more Libertarian and I am old school Republican.
Neither of us have ever voted in a primary.
There is no other choice that is even possible, I have had enough. The statist status qou is destroying what made this nation great. I have stated to others that there are two roads ahead. One is economic ruin and socialism, the other is liberty and prosperity. Ron Paul is the only candidaty that brings the hope of the latter choice.

Sent by Brien Chatfield | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 25, a spouse to a Staff Sgt in the Air Force. We have our first child on the way. I have always been interested in politics and the messages politcians send. Dr. Ron Paul is the first person who speaks for me, my family, and our hopes and dreams for our futures. I have always said that our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves regarding what America has become. Ron Paul has my vote! I will be voting for him for many years to come whether he is on the ballots or not, because I cannot see a better person suited for President. Ron Paul is my HERO

Sent by Lindsay Davis | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old male, a lifelong Republican from a family of Republicans. I am voting for Ron Paul because Wilsonian foreign policy and loose constructionism of the Constitution are harmful to America and the world, and do not belong in the GOP.

Sent by Jake Zettelmaier | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a small business owner, a punk, a marijuana smoker, an environmentalist,an Anarchist and I get my news from NPR, Aljazeera, Guardian UK. I stopped listening to American National media outlets a long time ago. I want a president who OBEYS the people and listens with open ears and speaks without fork tongue. I believe that the current and past administrations should go to the hell or some other mythical place they believe in. I've already changed at least 10 minds in the past few weeks without even trying... My entire family is voting for Ron Paul thanks to me and i do not plan on stopping there. WE (Ron Paul supporters) will be coming more and more vocal during these elections.

Sent by mark | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

restaurant manager in Miami Lakes, FL... Ron Paul ignited my hope in what America is supposed to be, he stands for personal freedom and liberty and small government, what every country should have. People are born to be free and learn from their mistakes if we have a guide through our lives or someone behind our backs telling us what or what not to do and believe we will always have fear in our lives.. This is about fear and love, its about being human and Ron Paul stands for that, i give him money and put signs and distribute info all for that reason, and i would do more if i could

Sent by Francisco Rodriguez | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old married mother of two children who works on a music website from home. I have voted each and every election since I was 18 and I think! I study who the candidates are and Ron Paul is the most clear and uncluttered candidate I have every heard. His voting record since the Nixon era is consistent. The fact that he had the courage to speak out against invading Iraq and the fact that he was against the so called Patriot Act is what clenched the deal for me. Ron Paul is my candidate.

Sent by Mariana | 5:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 25. Living in NJ. Tech savvy. Register Democrat - I've voted D in every election prior to hearing about Ron Paul. I have always leaned extremely right (Barry Goldwater style R), but like most people of my generation in my area have a serious distaste for the current administration and the Neo-Cons. I think that Congress and the Senate have let everyone down.

I agree with the majority of Ron Paul's policies, and just about everyone I know is going to vote for him. And I don't know anyone who has been polled.

Sent by Matt | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a student libertarian software engineer in Texas and I support Ron Paul. He will win the elections and straighten up up this place and the people in the movement will push the government into more accountability and transparency. The world has turned and America will not sleep ever again. Soon the constitution and honesty are going to be classes in K-12. We are the people.

Sent by carl burlason | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

For the stats, I'm a 17 year old dude from Hornell, NY, and I'm going to college to pursue a degree in poltical science, in part thanks to the encouragement from Dr. Paul.

Sent by Steve Patterson | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old engineer. I raised my brother for the last 3 years since my mother died. I have a huge extended family that is a mix of republicans, democrats, (I)'s all supporting paul. for various reasons. But me personally, I finished school and started working full time and WOW. most of the money I make is gone in taxes before i knew it. I like ron pauls position on the IRS and especially social security. The govt takes ss from me and I will never see a penny. I want out and I want to be responsible for myself. I want the fruits of my labor and I dont want the govenment to own 2 hours of every day I work. Oh and I like his forign policy....Why are we still in germany, and korea? It makes no sense and its time for us to go home. THere are about a hundred reasons why i support him but mostly because he believes the same things I do and is full of integrity.

Sent by Jason | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 32 years old, live in West River South Dakota.
Ron Paul is the first person that has voiced my views on many issues. I have always looked at voting on federal positions as a choice between two evils. now with Dr. Paul there is an honest and genuine person. Even if you don't agree on his views just the facts that he is the way he is should be enough to vote for him and not the other corporately owned candidates.

Sent by Mike | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

28 year old insurance professional in the Ozarks. I believe in liberty and freedom. I am a conservative.

Sent by Nick Thompson | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old elementary school teacher. I live in NYC and I'm single/ no kids.
I teach my students about honesty, integrity, and good morals. Ron Paul embodies all of these things. Of course, no one is perfect, but I can clearly tell that these values are important to him, as they should be to everyone.
I'm also a great lover of Colonial history, and I believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate that has any respect for the true intentions of the founding fathers.
He truly is not in it for himself, he can't be bought and he's not interested in becoming a dictator or controlling our lives...
Every American should stand up and take notice, this is HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!

Sent by Regina | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Sarah. I am a 23 year old college graduate. I currently work retail. Once I was apathetic and cynical about politics; now I care because of Ron Paul. I like his anti-war, anti-imperialist stance and his views on limited government. I am also a member of Chicago Public Radio. NPR rocks! Ron Paul too!

Sent by Sarah | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

At home dad, 43. Graduate degree. Work in finance and web services.

Sent by John Magruder | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 32 year old Male from the Great State of Maryland, I work in the Airline industry. I've been registered Republican for 14 years but have never voted. This year (even though we are one of the last to do so) I will cast my Vote for Dr. Paul.

It's not his views, agenda, what he promises to do and not to do..It's his sound principles that have me sold. He is the first candidate in years that hasn't worn flip-flops in the spot-light, and he is brave enough to tell the truth. He is worth getting off the couch for in '08....

Sent by George | 5:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a new Ron Paul supporter! I am tired of the lies and distortion from both parties and all candidates EXCEPT for Ron Paul. His record stands for itself. Please OPEN YOU EYES AMERICA as this may be the last chance we have to save America.

Sent by Ed Koni | 5:45 PM | 12-19-2007

My husband and I are originally from Nevada but moved to Montana about a year ago. We live in a small town of about 8000 where he is information tech and I work for our local health clinic.
We have a 16 year old boy who has been following politics because of us and he sits and watches videos of RP and interviews w/RP w/us.

My husband is registered repub though he does not care for either and I have always been nonpartisan. I believe in the person/issues and not the party. MOntana is a nonpartisan state so I did not need to register as a repug to vote for Ron Paul (but if I had to I most definitely would)

In this little town of 8000 there are MANY RP supporters. Our neighbors across the street who also happen to be mormons are just 3 of them.

We have also converted my folks in Calif (where I was born and raised) to Ron Paul just recently. they have been ambivilent all ths time because they hated all candidates but we made them watch the RP PBS interview and now they are hooked!!

Sent by F Johnson | 5:45 PM | 12-19-2007

Florida resident, age 20,
I always been a supporter for repulican party, do to the fact that I just agreed with them more, but not total agreement.

This man has not mentioned one thing that I cannot salute him for, and in a world where we try to find everything we can wrong with a president, this is a perfect candidate to challenge egotistic parties for whats true and whats real, not just that "bush is wrong, because..." to win the case.

Anti-media democrats are finding themselves supporting a republican! This is not because its a democrat in disgise, its becasue one man has made out the real world for democrats, and for once , an ego isnt stopping it!

This year will be my first time voting, and my first time actually wanting to vote. I am proud to say my first vote will be put towards Ron Paul.

Sent by Sean Scurlock | 5:45 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old Executive Chef who for the first time will vote for a reason.
Ron Paul 2008!

Sent by th2008 | 5:45 PM | 12-19-2007

Me = Ron Paul supporter:
- 32 male
- from Raleigh, North Carolina
- work in the Environmental field
- see our government as unsustainable
- see recent laws passed as infringing on my constitutional rights
- angry with our current name calling, finger pointing political system
- hate that special interest run our policies
- think our foreign policy is the reason for our terrorist problems
- desperately want energy independence for our nation

Sent by AlexNC | 5:45 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old female. I am a professional actor with two degrees who is married and currently lives in Texas. I was raised an outspoken Democrat and in my adult hood was a silent Republican. I am currently a knowledgeable Ron Paul supporter who enjoys being asked about him.

Sent by Lena Brown | 5:46 PM | 12-19-2007

I live in San Diego, California and I am a 27 year young married man who owns a small business. I am former Army and an ardent supporter of Ron Paul.

Sent by Dan | 5:46 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 38 year old single female without children living in Metairie, Louisiana. I work as a paralegal/legal assistant in downtown New Orleans. I was a registered independent until I discovered Dr. Paul. I have since changed my status to Republican. Dr. Paul is the first politician in my lifetime that has proven through his voting record that he truly cares about our country and our rights as citizens that were set in place by the Constitution and our forefathers.

The rest of the politicians running for President (including our current farce of a President - Bush) are all supported by special interest groups and have their own agenda. None of them really care about this Country or the average citizen. It's all about big money and big business. I'm sick of their business as usual tactics and I am ready to fight for a change!


Sent by Jane McElligott | 5:47 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 20, male, a full time student, musician, and a recording engineer from Rochester, MN. I became interested in Dr. Paul because of his message of freedom, and his outstanding principled integrity. He is the only candidate who has the slightest idea of what needs to be done in order to turn this country around. Dr. Paul is the only candidate who would uphold the constitution, our protect our individual liberties. He answers the questions in debates, and he even uses facts to supports his positions! I oppose globalist/statist ideology, and know that only Ron Paul would protect our sovereignty from the likes of globalist organizations such as the NAU, WTO, UN - you name it.

RON PAUL 2008!

Sent by Jim | 5:47 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm engineer and part time law student and I do honestly think RON PAUL is the only hope to save AMERICA. Even though, I'm not a citizen - I am trying my best to spread Ron Paul's message.


Sent by Michael | 5:47 PM | 12-19-2007

Well I'm a teacher aide in special education from Tecumseh Michigan and I'm a huge fan of Ron Paul for President. I feel he's got the right ideas and truely looking out for me. This country needs to get back to its roots of our forfathers. One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All. My choice is Ron Paul..Thankyou and God Bless

Sent by Tim Cole | 5:47 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 31, single, male, a registered professional civil engineer, and I live in Austin, TX. In the past, I have tended to vote Republican. I do read the local newspaper, and view mainstream news - however I find these sources lack depth in reporting, so I use the internet to research details and check facts.

I wouldn't say that I'm "very disaffected," although I am definitely not pleased with how the government is run currently. As a middle-income individual, I felt that I didn't have much of a say on the issues as opposed to the influence of wealthy and powerful corporations, organizations, and special interests. That changed when I first understood Ron Paul's message and platform.

I agree with Dr. Paul that the federal government has demonstrated that it isn't well suited to solve most of the problems of the people. I'd also agree with Dr. Paul that the federal government has spent a lot of money, and incurred a lot of debt, in the process of demonstrating as much.

The people of the Ron Paul Revolution movement, myself included, care about this country and we want the freedom and the responsibility to solve our own problems and to self-govern. We feel that we cannot do this until we have a limited federal government, much like the authors of the Constitution intended for themselves.

I support Dr. Paul because Dr. Paul represents and works for liberty and self-governance.

Sent by JohnW | 5:47 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 56 year old grandfather and Christian from a traditional Air Force family. I want a return to Constitutional government, something the other candidates consider radical and dangerous. The more I hear them say my views are not valid, the more I support Ron Paul.

We've been fooled too many times by lies and promises. No more.

Sent by William Payne | 5:47 PM | 12-19-2007

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Home: Ridgefield, NJ
Education: BA in Psychology
Religion: None
Occupation: Researcher/Moderator

I support Dr. Ron Paul because he is a constitutionalist. A politican that is very critical of the system that is big government, and a fiscal conservative.

I'm also strongly against any acts of aggression/war by the US military. I would love to see the IRS abolished and an America that would phase out the Federal Reserve.

As for me, I was raised by a single mother. As for a family it is just my mother and I. I am very critical of all kinds of state authority.

I'm an American but also associate myself as a Catalan.

Sent by Daniel Cardona | 5:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 20 year old journalism student in college in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

I wouldn't consider myself a republican but generally do believe in small government. I only found Paul a few months ago after initially supporting Obama. I was talking to my older brother and he was complaining about how it seems all the candidates are the same.

I told him that they were all the same except for Ron Paul, who was kooky but atleast was different. He asked me about him and I really didn't know much so I "googled Ron Paul." I explained to him what he was about, but continued to support Obama.

Finally after reading and watching more of his policies, it went from explaining Paul to my brother to being a big supporter. The more and more I learned, the more I realized how I agreed with pretty much everything. Things that I didn't agree on I really just didn't understand.

I like many americans am a firm supporter of public education. I heard how Paul was in favor of only offering privatized education and that was a big turn-off.

Once I read and found out that Paul wasn't only in favor of offering private schooling, and was simply in favor of giving that power back to the states, as our constitution states, I began to realize how powerful his message was.

I went to a meetup group about a month ago and have now donated twice, which is incredibly difficult as a college student but I managed.

Since then, I've talked to with anyone who will listen about Ron Paul and even got two more of my friends to donate on the the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

Andrew Ford

Sent by Andrew Ford | 5:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old photography student from Indiana. I was drawn to Dr. Paul because of his stance on freedom, and protecting our rights as citizens.

Sent by KKB | 5:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a married 36 yr old with three kids and a business owner. I'd call myself a dissappointed republican, definate conservative with a libertarian leaning.

Sent by George | 5:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old male from los angeles who works in new media sales and a life long fan of the libertarian/core republican ideology. I knew that this is a make or break election in the direction of our country and am glad that Ron Paul is running. His ideas are shared by many Americans and would put this country back on track of what the founding fathers had in mind for us. He is the only politician who speaks the truth regarding Iraq, how the dollar is collapsing, and how the Fed is abusing it's powers. Vote for Ron Paul!

Sent by Ryan Larsen | 5:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old male from Florida, and I am a route salesman and delivery driver. Most of my day is spent listening to political talk radio until Talk of The Nation and All Things Considered comes on. Getting both a conservative and slightly more liberal bias from those two media outlets helps me get a good idea of what the candidates are saying and what people are saying about them on both sides of the issue (although I wouldn't compare NPR programming to anything on Air America).
I am not suprised when I hear that someone doesn't know who Ron Paul is. But when I tell them about Dr. Paul and his message, they almost always turn into supporters--no matter what their party affiliation is. I know many Democrats and non-partisan voters who have changed their party affiliation in order to vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries.
I can't speak for all those other people, but I personally support Ron Paul because he is honest and speaks the truth in a plain and straightforward manner. That alone makes him over-qualified for the job of President. I don't agree with all of his social views, but he realizes that it is not the president's or congress' place to legislate those views, and I trust Dr. Paul to put the constitution and the good of the nation before any personal interests, unlike every other major party candidate. He is the ONLY candidate to even MENTION the constitution, and furthermore seems to be the only one who understands and respects that document.

Sent by Edward | 5:48 PM | 12-19-2007

i work nights at a hospital, days at a grocery store bagging groceries, and a single father to a beautiful little 20 month old girl. I am over taxed, over worked, and tired of being lied to by the "government". matter of fact i'm tired of the government that's WAY too strong and BIGGER than it should EVER be in ANY country.

i don't agree that people should snort cocaine BUT i believe that as humans we should have the right too choose to do so. we CLAIM to be a FREE country BUT if u have limitations on what u can DO to YOURSELF then you aren't free.

CANADA has MORE freedom than we do.
LOOK at Amsterdam...drugs, sex, and whatever else and their crime rate is rather low.

Sent by Jonathan Poff | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old, married, college grad and I have had enough Government secrecy, big media distortion/propaganda, and the lack of privacy that Americans have be subject to post 9/11. Not to mention the near bankruptcy state of our economy, the pending NAU, and the US policing the world. Enough is enough, lets take our county back.

Sent by Chris Goulet | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 year old accountant in Missouri, married with one child. I've voted for Bush the last two elections.

I like Paul because he is straightforward and has a real plan to change the current direction of our nation. I like the idea of smaller government and more personal responsibility. Cutting back on the greed and corruption of Washington will be necessary to protect our nation in the long run and Paul is the only candidate willing to do that.

Sent by Jared | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

A 23 year old South Texan attending Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Interests include spirituality, politics, good health, and my country.

Sent by Ryan Rich | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old college student from Los Angeles, California. To be honest, I have never been politically involved, but after being informed about Dr. Paul, I was intrigued. He seems to be the only candidate who is qualified to run our nation properly. I had almost lost all hope for our nation's future, but Dr. Paul has made me believe that he is the solution to many of our nation's problems.

I <3 Ron Paul.

Sent by Alex M. | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old female Staffing Manager in Houston Texas. I am also a brand new first time mother of a beautiful baby boy.

I am not political AT ALL... Until I found out about Ron Paul and his message. He opened my eyes to what is really going on in the government. I knew that something needed to change but I never thought it was possible. I thought the government was too far gone.

Until I heard about Ron Paul that is. He gives the average person a voice and most importantly HOPE. I care so much and I am so passionate about getting his message out because I care about my son's future. I want him to be able to have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE. The FREEDOM to SPEAK his mind.

And not only that but the currency is also a huge issue.. it's worthless. I believe Ron Paul's Gold standard will help to get this issue back on the right track.

Also, his view on getting rid of the IRS is a big selling point for me. I work way to hard for my money to be taken away to pay off careless government spending and the endless national debt.

One more thing.. I absolutely agree with his foreign policy. It's about time we stop trying to police (bully at times) the world and focus on our own problems.

I love Ron Paul! I wish the media would give him the coverage he deserves!!

Sent by Alaina Moore | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 22 years old. I work in the IT department of a Fortune 500 company. I have a small business on the side. I'm finishing up my degree. I voted Democrat in the last election, however I'm a Libertarian. I get my news from any source available... usually the web, but definitely more mainstream sites. I'm mixed race, Black and Italian.

Sent by Steve | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a Ron Paul supporter. I work in redmond washington for Microsoft. Im 25, have a wife and child and I honestly cant fathom voting for anybody else.

Sent by Aaron | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old man in Colorado. Unfortunately most personal liberties were taken away by the Federal Government before I was born, so I support Ron Paul because I want to live in a United States where personal liberty is again a reality.

Sent by Brandon M. | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old self employed guy in Ohio. Your assumption that Ron Paulers don't listen to the "mainstream media" is right in my case. I frequently listen to the Alex Jones radio show for news.

Sent by aaron | 5:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old female. I live in Los Angeles, am a homeowner & own a very small side business in addition to my regular job. I am tired of paying more in taxes than I do for groceries. Especially when I disagree with where mot of my hard earned tax money is going. Ron Paul is our only hope to get the government off our backs and out of our homes & pockets.

Sent by M L | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am: 44 married male, childless by choice, small business partner, chef, educator, world traveler(24 countries, all continents)home owner, spiritual non denominational, sitting on the poverty end of the spectrum and very happy above all.
I am still researching Dr. Paul but feel moved to support him.
For the first time in my life i can make a choice for this office that feels like it's an active one. Not the lesser of two evils. That has been a common observation.
What caught my attention most was that this person has delivered over four thousand babies. He has more than proven his commitment to the sanctity of life.
I would like to see return to this, active and outward expression of this ideal underwriting all choices of our government. We value consumption, violence and money way too much and we need a way back to basic humanity, community and human values.

Sent by Oso | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old enlisted avionics technician in the navy with 4 years in, born and raised in central Florida. Anyone who has ever been in the military has had their personal liberty restricted and witnessed the sad inefficiency of government both on a daily basis. It is of the utmost importance that government do it's supposed job of protecting our rights and not interfering in our lives. Taxpayers' money is spent infinitely better by taxpayers. RP has my vote. I only wish I had learned about him earlier.

Sent by John | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Ron Paul because he believes in the rule of law, liberty and freedom. Because his concerns about our deficit and international policies are real and not fabricated smoke screens but real major problems that we need to deal with now. I support Ron Paul because I believe the only law America should make decisions by is our own constitution. And finally I support Ron Paul because it is the right thing to do for the world and America and I am not going to let partisan politics make my choices for me but truth and common sense. Thank for this chance to share our voices. Joseph M. Filion

Sent by Joseph Filion | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

22 years old
Metro Detroit area

I believe in being a true PATRIOT! The only candidate who is standing up and speaking for the rights of the citizens is RON PAUL! We don't need to be protected from ourselves.

Secure our borders.
Remain a sovereign country.
Fight illegal immigration.
NO National ID Card!
Maintain citizens privacy!
Repeal all laws contradicting the constitution.

This is not about a conspiracy! The facts are there for everyone to see. Our freedom is challenged everyday not by terrorists, but our own government.


Sent by Jim D. | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 28 year old native Texan. I've worked in the retail industry for ten years and I've never voted. After reading about Ron Paul and hearing him speak, I can finally say I've found a presidential candidate I support. I'm currently sharing Rons message with my friends and encouraging others who have never voted before to register.

Sent by Eric of Houston | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year-old male college student, attending Daytona Beach College. My major is Political Science, and Dr. Paul is my idol. Hes the reason why I'm going for a Degree in Political Science, I plan on one day running for president, and I will run for preident always remembering Dr. Paul, for he is my inspiration.

Sent by Kevin Stetson | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Jeremy. Regardless of my statistics, I am first and foremost an American citizen. The voice of liberty reaches the ears of people like me, regardless of age, gender, race, income-level, religion, and so on.

But since you asked, I am:
- 27 years old
- male
- a Christian - Protestant
- an IT Consultant
- a Libertarian Conservative - registered Republican
- a resident of California
- married, with two young daughters
- one who does not vote according to polls, but according to my conscience.
- proud to say that Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate that I have ever donated money to.
- ready to see real change in our far-reaching, self-destructive, liberty-stealing, bloated government by supporting a candidate with integrity and true grit, someone who is actually willing to face this very difficult challenge head-on: Ron Paul.

So there you have it, NPR: one of the numerous and varied Ron Paul supporters in a nutshell.

Sent by Jeremy B | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old male from Florida, currently living in Missouri. Aside from Kucinich and Gravel, Paul is the only honest candidate, that is why I support him.

Sent by Caleb | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi, I am a 56 year old mother of 4/ grandmother of 9-It would take to long to tell you why I am voting for Mr. Paul. Just know that I am very worried about whats been happening to America,We need Ron Paul right now at this point in history,if there is to be any hope at all to save this Country and our freedoms--. CEE

Sent by Cathy | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 45 year old self employed left leaning moderate in New York State. Before I knew anything about Ron Paul (up to 5 months ago), I was pretty much completely disillusioned about the whole process of electing and nominating presidents in this country. After the last presidential election cycle fiasco (as I saw it) I vowed to never ever again vote for a presidential candidate merely because they were nominated.

I'm fully in support of Ron Paul and his ideology even though I'm not in agreement with ALL of what he believes. I tell my 20 something friends and friends my own age about Ron Paul and many of them are behind Ron Paul who we all believe is the last hope for America as it slides into 1984.

Sent by Chris Santucci | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old grad student and single father in Virginia who discovered Ron Paul on YouTube after a debate in June. I don't have an affiliation with either party and almost always vote a split ticket. I was impressed by his frank, honest, educated, and logical analysis of both domestic and foreign policy and by the integrity he's demonstrated in his medical practice and as a congressman. He doesn't speak in sound bytes bereft of substance like the other candidates. He represents the true Christian conservative values I have been looking for in politicians since I reached voting age and he's the first politician I have ever been been proud to openly support. A Ron Paul Revolution bumper sticker is the first non-collegiate display I've ever put on a car I've owned. I even contributed to the Ron Paul "money bomb" fund raisers, which is the first campaign contributions I've ever given.

Sent by DaveP | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old student and Marine Corps Veteran (Three tours in Iraq and purple heart recipient). When I first discovered Ron Paul I found that his political ideology was perfectly in sync with my own, except pulling out of Iraq immediately. (However, I did agree with his foreign policy philosophy of non-intervention in general) I actually spoke with a few Congressmen and Senators this summer, in DC, with a group called Vets for Freedom, to encourage support for the "Surge" in Iraq. The surge has worked tactically. Now it is up to the Iraqi politicians to get their act together. If they can't do it by the time Ron Paul gets elected then they don't deserve to have Americans providing security for them anyway. I would also like to note that although I did not thoroughly agree with Paul's Iraq strategy, I can still respect him because his point is based on ideology, proven by his voting record, not personal gain.

Sent by EJD | 5:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old video editor and cameraman. I have always been a democrat and voted for Kerry in 04 but I feel like the there is no difference in the parties anymore.

The reason I support Ron Paul is because he speaks the truth. His views are pure logic and that is something hard to come by in this overly symbolic and media driven political atmosphere we live in.

Sent by Jonathan Nelson | 5:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am:
43 years old. Male. Christian. Constitutionalist. Opposed to big government. Opposed to policing the world and nation building. Opposed to a North American Union. Opposed to a national ID card. Opposed to illegal immigration. Opposed to the Federal Reserve bank system, and the IRS. Opposed to fiat money and fractional reserve banking. Opposed to legal tender debt notes that are not backed by gold and silver. Opposed to any candidate that does not show a consistent voting record especially regarding the constitution. Opposed to abortion. In favor of Ron Paul.

Sent by Kevin Courtright | 5:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old female graduate student studying nutrition at Texas A&M University in College Station. Born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas! Ron Paul is my new hero. He is a breath of fresh air that this country is desperately in need of!

Sent by Kelly Vaughan | 5:51 PM | 12-19-2007

22 year old full time student in San Diego, CA. Registered Democratic but switching to vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries.

This is the first candidate I've been able to vote for whose values and opinions (most of them at least) I truly support. For once, I don't feel that I'm forced to choose the lesser of the many evils.

Sent by Ryan | 5:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30-something true Republican with some libertarian leanings. I'm tired of the politicians in this country who answer to Big Business. Democrats and Republicans - they answer to the same political action and lobby groups. Ron Paul appeals to me because he is a true statesman. He believes in the constitution and he truly cares about this country and the direction its headed.

Sent by Alanna Plummer | 5:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 61 year old male in Louisiana and I support Dr. Paul for his consistant 30 year voting record that represents TRUE republican thinking, less tax, less government, less intervention, and adhereance to the constitution.

Sent by James Moore | 5:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old female Ron Paul supporter, originally from a small town in Massachusetts. Before this point, I would have never considered myself to have Republican leanings, in fact, I would have considered myself to have quite the opposite. So, it says a lot for the merit of Ron Paul that he has taken me, a staunch and avowed anti-Republican semi-liberal young person, and made me into someone who is going to vote Republican in 2008. But not just Republican, RON PAUL Republican. Out of all of the candidates from every party running for President, Ron Paul's platform involves plans that are constitutionally sound, and beyond that, I believe that his plans are do-able, whereas some other candidates might have nice sounding plans that don't have much real world viability. I also believe that Ron Paul has the track history to GET IT DONE. I believe that he is the most honest and sincere of all of the candidates, Democrat, Republican or otherwise, and has the most coherent, competent, and responsible platform. Something I think is important to note is that Ron Paul supporters are a really mixed bag, and that speaks to his incredible and wide appeal to many different American demographics! He's not just speaking to middle aged Christian Republicans and getting their attention, he is speaking to ALL Americans and he is getting the attention of Americans from all walks of life, because Americans from all walks of life recognize his genuineness, his competence, and his campaign's viability. People from all walks of life can mock up a future with Ron Paul as President and see his policies having a positive effect on this country and on our relationships with other countries. A vote for Ron Paul means a vote for returning to small government and personal American liberty, it means a vote for the reclamation of ideals and rights that this country has lost, it means a vote for the upholding of the U.S. Constitution, and it means a vote for the first marked and fundamental positive change America will have seen in the White House in a very, very long time. I am a chick who has dyed hair, a love of obscure music, the environment, personal freedoms, and who is a bohemian poet. I don't walk or talk like a typical Republican supporter, do I? I want the country and the world to know that Ron Paul is drawing support from ALL corners of America because he warrants the support as he is the best candidate currently running for president of the United States of America. RON PAUL 2008!!!

Sent by Katie | 5:51 PM | 12-19-2007

Jesse Price 25 year old male, Las Vegas, Nevada (veteran)
I support Dr Paul because I can smell Bullsh*t and there is none coming from that man. While OUR country is being ran by the new Nazi's it is a very inspiring sight to see any man, woman or child who would stand up for what they believe is right. In this case Dr. Paul is right. If we continue down this road of spending money to continue our malice and mischeif around the world the results will be horrible and ultimately cause the loss of more American lives be it soldier or citizen.

Sent by jesse | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 35 and have never voted. NOW I am. I'm frustrated with our foreign policies, trying to police the world, paying too many taxes...... should I go on?
I'm not interested in any of the other candidates because, they are all into a poop throwing contest and NON of them are serious about how the MAJORITY of Americans feel. Even if Ron Paul was taken out of the picture, it's a damn mess, just like the last 8 elections. We the people finally have somebody who truly speaks for us and is not into the 'pay me off' theory that has managed to fanagle it's way into our politics, like special interest parties that are giving millions to thugs who support their cause.

Ron Paul IS AMERICAN. Ron Paul IS what this sleeping country has been thinking for years. We don't care about NOR what a 'New World Order' and will fight to the death when it comes to it.
I'm a full time cement mixer truck driver who goes to school full time at night, that is married with four daughters ALL UNDER seven years old! Through Ron Paul or anybody else in the future who is sending this message that we all love,WE WILL BACK THEM.
Our country is coming together like it has never done before, there is a freight train coming and no socialist or neo-con is going to stop us.

Sent by Wayne Lybrand | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an 18 year old business owner and full time business student from Riverside, CA. I support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate that reflects the majority of my views.

I feel that our Federal Government has exercised more and more unconstitutionally excessive power. Ron Paul wants to take America and get rid of our poorly run Federal programs, giving our State Governments the power that was originally intended. Our founding fathers would be disappointed in what America has become. As we continue to put leaders in Presidency with little useful knowledge of finances and free economy we will continue to get the same result.

America is spiraling down to a great fall. We are no longer the country that everyone else in the world is looking up to or focusing on. Our country will fail without a strong leader dedicated to integrity and reform. This is why I believe Ron Paul is heads and shoulders better than every single candidate out there.

Never underestimate what the underdogs can accomplish. Go RON PAUL!

Sent by Ryan Foss | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 41 year old male, a professional mortgage banker, and am the most politically aware at this stage in my life than I have ever been. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have heard from "conspiracy theorists" of the advent of a "New World Order" (which the Bush regime cannot cease referring to), "Rainbow Money" (have you paid close attention to our monetary notes over the last few years, which is well on it's way to becoming as worthless as Monopoly money (no weak pun intended there), and the creation of International Law aka police state (read United Nations), all of which have come to pass in my lifetime. Yes, indeed, Virginia, I, too, thought these folks were crazy when I first heard them speak, but fortunately, for me, I did not give up on their warnings and I have come to see that the line is definitely thin between genius and insanity, only in this case, the genius of folks like Congressman Paul is consistently being attacked by the insane folks at all of the mainstream media outlets (read Fox, CNBC, etc, whom are constantly ignoring or trying to discredit this true Constitutional Patriot/Paul Revere). The elites don't want us to hear of such "crazy" (or rather "too-close-to-home") topics or groups such as the Bilderberg Society (www.4rie.com/rie%203.html, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_Group), or the impending damage the North American Union will truly do to the U.S. (http://www.freedom.org/naugreen2/player.html), or the attempts of other presidential candidates to purchase major media machines in an attempt to further quell the voice of "the disaffected" (www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/017694.html, and www.rense.com/general79/fcc.htm), or how poorly (or intentionally?) the Fed and international banks have handled OUR finances in years past (www.guardian.co.uk/business/2007/dec/19/northernrock.bankofenglandgovernor, and www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgnfxtrAFJQ&feature=related ). This is the tip of the iceberg for those of us who have questions, feel compelled to participate in our own futures and seek answers as to how we can do so. Congressman Ron Paul provides those answers, but unfortunately, there seems to be no other in the political arena with the hutzpah to speak out against the direction of this country our "elected"? (remember the disappearing act of the voting boxes in Florida in 2000, where incidentally, Jeb Bush (read Dubya's brother was Governor at the time) leaders are driving us? Ron Paul supporters are educated, either as a result of self or secondary education, or sharing common viewpoints with others via the lost art of face-to-face interpersonal communication, or the internet (which will be the next target of those in positions of power as they see this as the "poor man's newspaper" which they at this point cannot editorialize or simply censor to their satisfaction), or take it upon themselves to seek solutions on issues that don't sit right with them and then demand answers. Ron Paul supporters are sick of seeing CEO's walk off with the life savings of employees who made them rich. Ron Paul supporters are the college age kids and younger who are sick of seeing the cost of tuition rise due to poor economic policies. Ron Paul suporters are sick of paying exorbitant prices for gasoline to countries WE made rich by teaching them how to make money with their own resources! Ron Paul supporters are sick of being boldly lied to their face!! Ron Paul supporters believe in quality of life, and truth, and that not everything has a price on it, most of all integrity. It is my most sincere hope that I have conveyed to the fine folks at NPR (an organization I highly respect and have supported for many years for their candid and unbiased reporting and programming, which was once itself under the sights of the powers that be for cancellation of its own programming) that you will publish this solicited response in it's entirety. NPR followers rely on your truthfulness, as a moth relies on a source of light for companionship. Without the stalwart presence of the NPR, many of the most pressing and socially relevant issues that affect us ALL worldwide would never be received by those of us whom have itching ears for the TRUTH ! I fully understand that NPR cannot place itself in a position of intentionally promoting any entity or persons which presume to hold positions which lean heavily to either the liberal or conservative inclinations. That is why I fervently pray that by this message being itself a mere response to the intended solicitation of the definition of a Ron Paul supporter, that it will be unedited and therefore published as the honest response NPR had hoped to receive. To conclude this lengthy diatribe, I leave your readers with these final thoughts...... here is the recent collective voice of the civilized world for our collective reading pleasure....www.whowouldtheworldelect.com. This is beyond the control of mainstream U.S. media now.... And in the words of a man far more intelligent than myself, I quote Euripides..."Oh where is the noble fear of modesty, or the strength of virtue, now that blasphemy is in power and men have put justice behind them, and there is no law but lawlessness and none join in fear of the Gods". Thank you and may God richly bless us and continue to watch over us all. respectfully submitted, Jeffrey H. Jones, Madisonville KY

Sent by Jeffrey H. Jones | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a small biz owner, 28 years old, working in the new bail bond recovery industry (not Dog the Bounty Hunter). I have held disdain for the political process and voted only once, when I was 18. I have been so moved by Ron Paul and his stand for individuals and a new way of thinking that I have started to become more involved in legislation and politics in my own state, at an admin level even and this will be my first election voting for anything since I was 18. The government is of the people, not in control of the people. I believe the change can happen, the movement cannot be denied.

Sent by Josh H | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am:
a Cincinnati-an by birth
a resident of Covington Kentucky
a retail manager
a Christian
age 25
a former Republican
a current Independent

Ron Paul is the only candidate that has any real opinions on what matters. He's not ignorant like the rest who toe a party line. He thinks for himself and believes in what is right. That is why i support Ron Paul.

Sent by Jeremy Whaley | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

im a 28 year old musician/stage and sound engineer. why do i support Ron Paul? Because he's "radical" enough to simply stand by the Constitution. Does anyone remember that piece of paper? America is goes down the tubes. I may not agree with his issues, but I'll support anyone who respects the basic principles of freedom.

Sent by memo | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 19 year old collage student. I support Ron Paul for many different reasons. I believe he is one of only 2 candidates running for president who does something that most people in politics don't, he tells the truth. Which is partly why he has been in the bottom running for so long. Truth has no place in the presidential race. Whither or not he has strong christian/conservative values doesn't worry me because if someone thinks the way I think I trust him to make the right decisions. He is a candidate who has an impeccable record. The evidence show he believes the same thing today that he believed 20 years ago. But most importantly he doesn't believe that the president is the "King of Democracy" he is a strong constitutionalist. Meaning that he follows the constitution like Mitt Romney follows the Book of Mormon. A president like this would be a breath of fresh air, because for the past 60 years republican and democratic presidents have played the game of "Lets see how much power I can get" Ron Paul is the candidates for the people. Which is fitting because our country wasn't founded by George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson, or John Adams, or any other single person. It was founded by "We the People"

Sent by Zach Simones | 5:52 PM | 12-19-2007

Freelance Graphic Designer
28 Male Brooklyn, NY

I became a Ron Paul supporter immediately after he addressed blowback during the first republican debate. I actually read the 9/11 commission report and was surprised that there was a single republican candidate that actually read it too. Like Ron Paul, the November 5th moneybomb cured my skepticism. I'm a proud contributer (first time to any presidential candidate, let alone primaries) to his campaign and wish him the best of luck in the coming months. RON PAUL 2008!

PS. Get him on "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me..."

Sent by Mike Lee | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

24 years old
Harrisburg PA

I switched my party affiliation from democrat to republican in hopes that RON PAUL will be our new president in 2008. Our country needs a change now not later when things are to far gone.

I dont always agree with everything he says, but the overall message is the reason Ron Paul has my support.


Sent by Matt | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 50 year old small business owner in Georgia, with 2 kids and a mortgage.. and Dr. Ron Paul is the very first political candidate to ever receive a cash donation from me. Why?.. because he is a back to basics guy... simple truths require simple responses. You don't spend money you don't have. You don't tell others how to run their house when your house is in disarray. You don't protect another land and leave your own in jeopardy... The bottom line is, How can you reasonably take care of others when you can't take care of yourself??.. Ron Paul has it right.. This is one uncounted registered republican that WILL vote Paul in the primaries!

Sent by Scott Vandiver | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello I am a 28 year old Catholic white male for Nashville, TN. I have been happily married for seven years and have one child. I am a computer programmer by trade. I am a registered Republican and voted for Bush in the past two elections but have never voted in primaries before. That being said I have never been happy with a candidate and just voted based on the lesser of two evils.
Dr. Paul???s message has cured that for me. His stance on guns, financial liberty, and national sovereignty are the core issues that have made me I mouth piece for Paul. You vote is important. It does count. Please take an afternoon to Google Ron Paul. I say an afternoon because once you hear this man speak you will be drawn to his message. He is a true Patriot.

Sent by Brian Comer | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old studio art Major, full time student, who once was a democrat and now a converted Republican thanks to Ron Paul. I believe in him and I try to let as many people as a I can know about him. After Al Gore was robbed I stopped voting. But now I feel an urge to Unite with the people to make a difference.

Sent by JOe | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a FEMALE art teacher in a Georgia public primary school. Three years ago, before I went into teaching, I owned a small business selling equipment to contractors. I read avently and write abundantly, and I support the message of Ron Paul. He gives many a voice where there once was none, and he has a strength in character and a passion uncommon in politicians.

Sent by Melissa | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old republican, I voted for Bush twice and i'm fed up with bigger government, high taxes and the total disregard for the United States Constitution! Ron Paul supporters are not crazy people like the Main Stream Media portrays us! When did living by the Constitution become crazy?

Sent by Hudson, NY | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old factory worker who has been a lifelong republican but recently became a libertarian after feeling abandoned by the GOP over the last eight years. The government is there to work for us, not to control us and act as a moral authority. I was so excited when I first heard Ron Paul speak. It was like he was channeling my every thought.

Sent by Loris | 5:53 PM | 12-19-2007

25 year old, single, male, office network technician. I own a home, and am supporting my 2 dogs until they are out of college. I have never voted or truly supported a candidate until Dr. Paul. I have attended one of his rallies, donated hard-earned (and sadly, depreciated) money, and will be voting for him in both the primary and presidential elections.
Ron Paul represents a return to traditional values that appeals to older voters, and the spirit of libertarian rebellion that appeals to the young. His no nonsense approach to policy doesn't require 1,000 convulted talking points: Freedom, Liberty, Responsibilty, and Peace in all things. The rest can take care of itself. His approach doesn't require him to pander by wearing his faith on his sleeve, or to bristle up with machismo when his points are challenged. He's too smart (and HONEST) to be defeated with empty rhetoric and bravado.
I think he has a strong internet following not because these people find an "outlet" online, but because free-thinkers are out researching the candidates themselves, rather than relying on the biased media to tell them who to vote for.
Frankly, I don't understand how anyone that values their freedom or considers themselves a true patriot could vote for anyone but Ron Paul.

Sent by Brandon | 5:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a USN Veteran, 35, I took an Oath to Uphold and Defend the US Constitution just like our Government Leader. I volunteered my Life to Preserve it, so I decided to Vote for some one who would ensure that all who have died Protecting it, didn't die in Vain.
Abe Lincoln was the First Republican President, he Freed the Slaves, Ron Paul is a Statesman of that Character.

What Would Jefferson Do? He'd Vote Ron Paul!!!

Sent by The Ubermensch | 5:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old, male, Christian, registered professional mining engineer married with five kids. Myself, my wife, my parents, my brother and, if I can convince her, my sister will be voting for Dr. Paul in the Primaries. I typically vote Republican and have had to hold my nose a couple of times in order to choose what I thought was the lesser of the two evils, this year I can actually support a candidate with no regrets. I was raised in the midwest in a household led by a union electrician father in a strongly pro-freedom, conservative home. I listen to both NPR and neo-con hosted talk shows, I read online and hardcopy newsprint, and I have a both a landline and cell phone. I have never been contacted by phone for a political poll, yet I have been a registered voter since I was eighteen. I also do not personally know anyone who has been polled for a presidential race. I have never donated to a campaign before Dr. Paul???s, to which I now contribute on a regular basis, and will continue to do so until I either hit my limit, he wins the nomination, or until he is forced to abandon ship.

I have followed Dr. Paul for 15 years and have usually thought that his writings were eloquent statements on whatever issue he chose to address. He is the definition of a modern statesman, not a bought and paid for politician or corporate dummy. Dr. Paul has lived his life with a personal moral responsibility and integrity that it is better than most preachers (even in the world that DC), yet he still understands that Freedom means others may choose to live their lives differently, and that it is not the job of the Federal government to interfere in State and personal affairs.

All citizens must realize that America must return to its foundations, or we will topple from them. In the past years, our government spending and debt has skyrocketed, and our personal privacy is fast disappearing into an Orwellian state. Our international and domestic wars on terror, drugs, and any other ???war??? that has been forced upon us has primarily destroyed personal liberty and property rights in a failed attempt to provide safety for a public duped into living in fear in our own country. Our Congress, President and Courts are all guilty in failing to uphold the founding principal???s of our nation. And most of all we, as a people and as a voting constituency, are just as guilty by letting it happen. But there is a glimmer of hope. In Dr. Paul???s campaign I have watched as people from the Left, Right and all points in between have found that life, liberty, and the Constitution are common and worthy causes to support with both their money and sweat. I can only hope that more people will continue to realize that there is more news in this world than is what is prepared for them by the mass media, and that there are Statesmen like Congressman Paul who have a message that needs to be heeded in order for our children to inherit an America worthy of its sacrifices.

Sent by MS | 5:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26-year old female medical student who is extremely sorry to have voted for Bush not once, but twice. Before I knew anything about Ron Paul, I was seriously considering voting for Barack Obama. I'm a Georgia transplant now living in Texas, and this will be my first time voting in Texas.
As I see it, Ron Paul believes in the American people and wants to give power and wealth back to the citizens this country and get us out of a lot of the foreign politics in which we have no business.

Sent by Christie | 5:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old, white, male, in Florida. I work in the accounting department of a broadcasting company. I've followed politics since 2000 (I call it "The Bush Effect").

I never knew somebody like Ron Paul in politics; honest, trustworthy, consistent, devoted, transparent, knowledgeable, hard-working, experienced, and ethical.

Ron Paul is the ONLY politician I have ever trusted enough to donate my time, energy, and money to... and I'm damn proud of that.

Less Government.
More Liberty.

Sent by Vince | 5:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old male who subscribes to the philosophy of Objectivism. I am an atheist and support the Libertarian party. I have voted for the Libertarian candidate in 2000 and 1996.

I do not have a college education.

I by far get the majority of my news from the internet and talk radio.

I disagree with Paul's position on abortion. I am pro-choice and believe a womans rights should be protected by federal law.

But that issue would be more rationally discussed in a society that protected individual freedom, which Ron Paul supports. The alternative is a politician (Democrat or Republican) that will compromise our economic and social freedoms bit by bit. Taking us further down the path to Statism.

Freedom is the solution and Paul's outcome - win or lose, is just the beginning of these ideas influencing the political landscape.

Supporting Paul's Revolution,

Sent by David Swink | 5:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a part time college student, who also works 40 hours a week. I am 25 years old, began voting at age 18 and voted for Bush twice. I became disenchanted with Bush in '06 when he threw his "todo" list out the window and failed on following through on campaign promises. Paul has a record of being honest and doing what he says he'll do, and I share the same views with him more than any other candidate. I'm in Knoxvlle, TN.

I participate in politics and have followed them since about '98, and Paul is the best man I've ever witnessed in politics.

Sent by Nate | 5:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Ron Paul because his Ideals are exactly what our broken system needs.

Sent by Jason | 5:55 PM | 12-19-2007

father of 2
gr, mi

Ron Paul is the most honest of all the possible candidates. How do you tell people how to fix a problem, when they don't even realize that there is one?

Sent by Chad | 5:55 PM | 12-19-2007

31 year old male, college educated, that reads two newspapers daily(LA Times & NY Times), in addition to watching both local newscasts and CNN.

Sent by Lee Williamson | 5:55 PM | 12-19-2007

My wife is a newspaper editor and I'm an insurance agent in Charleston, WV. We're voting for Dr. Paul because he's the only one who makes any sense among those running. We are not affiliated with a political party.

Sent by Duane and Ashlee Maddy | 5:55 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a mom of three children, and I grew up in Arkansas. I am a registered Dem, and will be voting for Ron Paul all the way! He is the change we need NOW!!!

Sent by Jennifer | 5:55 PM | 12-19-2007

WOW. After scrolling down through some of the comments before me, I was suprised not to see more "young" people. I was a good suprise tho to know that its not just the "young" people supporting Ron Paul.

I am a 21 year old female. I live in Syracuse NY with my fiancee, he also supports Ron Paul.

I have never voted, never really felt like it was worth it. I never liked any of the candidates that much so I just didnt bother. But you can be sure I will be voting this time. Ron Paul has given me a reason to vote, some sort of desire to be involved, because hes REAL and for the first time I actually WANT a candidate to be president. Granted Im only 21 and I could have only voted in the last election but before I was 18 I did pay attention to elections.

I support Ron Paul because SOMETHING needs to be done about our government. We are up to our ears in debt, we r in Iraq fighting a war that has NOTHING to do with us, they are way to involved in our lives and with our money, all these amonst many other things make me a Ron Paul supporter.

Sent by Courtney | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old male who owns a house, works three jobs (two of which I teach children) and I will be entering the Air Force in fall of '08. I am voting for Ron Paul because he is the only candidate that truly understands where this country came from and where we will be heading if change is not made (and made soon at that). The United States of America has a chance to change the course of our country, to better ourselves and to become truly prosperous again with the Election of this man. I'm voting for this man because I'm am honestly afraid that this country will destroy itself financially in the coming years if we do not correct our spending policies.

Registered Democrat

Ron Paul 2008

Sent by Jason | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a freshman college student. This is the first election I'll be able to vote in. I have been brought up in a conservative-libertarian household, and I thought I would have to vote for a third party candidate, since neither of the two parties represented my views. But, thanks to Dr. Ron Paul, I can vote for a candidate who supports my views who has a good chance of winning.

Sent by Kevin | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old Iraq war veteran. I have never voted due to the fact that I never felt passionate about any of the candidates until I came across Ron Paul. After hearing what Ron Paul supports and realizing that it mirrors my own beliefs I have come to the conclusion that it is Ron Paul or nothing. No other candidate comes close to Dr. Paul. Everything he says makes sense from his stance on foreign policy to the poor state of our economy.

Sent by Hunter | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

Having watched the last two elections without voting, I have decided that it is now time to get out there and vote! I support Ron Paul 110% because he is the ONLY candidate who supports true American Freedom based on the constitution! He also is in favor of limiting the governments control, he supports homeschooling parents and he wants to support our military by BRINGING THEM HOME where they belong. How can you defend our borders if you are across the ocean fighting in the sand??? Well, you can't! Ron Paul has my vote and the votes of all my family and friends because he is standing up for Liberty, Freedom and Justice for all! Thank you Dr. Paul!

Sent by Jennifer Sanders | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an advertising executive, and soon-to-be film student, who has been registered as an independant since I was 18, and whose politics leaned moderate, to liberal, until Ron Paul came around and enlightened me to values of limited government, freedom and tolerance that true conservative philosophy is based on.

Sent by Bob | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

In a country of more than 300 million people, how can we all be represented adequately by one of two opinions - that always seem to be the same? More taxes, bigger government, less individual responsibility.

To heck with that. I'm an educated, employed 30 year old living in mainstream america. Ron Paul may not have all the answers, but he knows the right direction and I always know where he stands.

Sent by LR | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi I'm a 19 year old musician from Iowa. I support Ron Paul because I also strongly believe in the constitution. We need to listen to our founding fathers. If we can't do that, all hope is lost.

Sent by Cory | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I am:
36 year old
Christian (Methodist if you want to be specific)
Some college education in office management
Wife to a U.S. Sailor
Formerly an accounts payable/receivable clerk and delivery person for my parents' business
Currently a stay-at-home mom with a 2 year old son
Originally from New Jersey
Now living in California until the U.S. Navy sends us some place else.

I believe this country needs a change and I think Dr. Paul is the man who can bring it about. From the minute I read about him and his campaign, I knew he was the candidate who best represented my ideals and values.

Sent by Lisa | 5:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm very liberal political, however, I don't find the democratic candidates that appealing to be quite honest.

Ron Paul is amazing.

Sent by David Roberts | 5:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old male serving in the United States Marine Corps out of North Carolina.
I have no real political background as I've always found bipartisan politics to be a game of 'pick the lesser of two evils'.
Ron Paul's ideas and policies are too many to list, but he has my support because he is not deceptive, or groomed to be a politician.
As an individual he conducts himself with honesty and honor, and those characteristics transfer into his ideas.

I will vote for no other.

Sent by Peter Hauschulz | 5:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old black electrical engineer and I love Dr. Paul!!

Sent by Talon | 5:57 PM | 12-19-2007

Welding Student.
New Hampshire.

Sent by Patrick | 5:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 19 year old serving in the USAF. I became a Ron Paul supporter only a few days ago. The reason for this was that none of the Democrats or Republicans were talking straight, all seemed to have the idea the Iraq war should be prolonged, and none were addressing the turn in government that has slowly been to reduce our civil liberties for "safety".

Ron Paul speaks with his mind first and his heart a close second. All of his ideals and plans for the oval office are achievable within a twenty year time frame and he speaks of them with great enough conviction it's hard to not take him legitamately serious.

"Ron Paul 08"

Sent by Sean Van Horn | 5:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 35 years old. I live in northeast Georgia. I work in Radiology at a small hospital. I am married with two daughters. I believe in Ron Paul. He has my support and my prayers.

Sent by nancy | 5:57 PM | 12-19-2007

24 Year Old Web Site Designer. Always had a slight interest in politics, but became very angry during the horrible Bush presidency. Came across Ron Paul a few months ago, and have been spreading the word!

As the saying goes "Ron Paul cured my apathy!"

Sent by Bar F | 5:58 PM | 12-19-2007

I don't think I fit the profile either. 47 year old, male, married, two children and a VP IT. Never involved in politics until someone introduced me to Rep. Ron Paul's message. Now I am obsessed with Politics

Sent by Phil | 5:58 PM | 12-19-2007

I???m a 34 year old professor.
And yes I don???t get my news form the mainstream, as they are bought off by cooperate interest, and cointelpro. The reason to choose Ron Paul is that the false left-right paradigm (both Democrat and Republicans) are stooges/shills for big government, world banks, and special interest.
Ron Paul is the only ???Constitutionalist??? Anti-war, get us out of: FED, IRS, Etc...
And I take issue with the Negative slant (innuendo) on just who supports Dr. Paul, ???guessing are a little bit younger, a little bit more male, and certainly very disaffected.???
Well you got the last part right! I take it as a sigh (Zeitgeist) that the younger crowd is drawn to the Ron Paul Revolution, they know that the system is broke. As well people who have been apathetic for years are registering to vote for the first time. (Both Republican and Democratic bases combined are only 30% of Americans.) Hold on??? change is coming! (We???re mad as hell and we???re not going to take it anymore [non-violently].

Sent by Johnny Q. Public | 5:58 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 17 year old from long beach california and I can see that ron paul is the only real republican in the running hes the only real candidate that wants to end the war and the over seas occupation of iran including sadia arabia korea and many more unlisted areas. we wasteso much money in spending and wasting. we need to cut spending and give back our sovernity so people can chose there life as well as their economic life.Theres muuch more that ron paul is and I guess as a ron paul supporter I am someone who isnt being afraid to speak out and take responsibility for our presidenets faults. we need to change and set good examples same as police they maybe should follow the speed limit and set good standereds for citezins but no they dont.I am not any body really and I cant see how you want to rationalize someone in a subject because were ron paul suppoters were simply all humans and citezens of amrica that care and want to bring liberal right through libratarianism which the founders had based this countries constitutional laws on. If we want to be an america we cannot have a nnorth american union and no borders we already have to much goverment we need less and we need change it starts with one man ron paul thats where he has coined th rovolution term because anyone who does here about him even though he gets less recognition then anyone as far as media since the media is owned by neo corpratives but ay I could go on for daYS please dont com up with these excuses to see who we are were suppoters what do you think!

Sent by collin lecam | 5:58 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a highschool student also shipping off to basic training for the Marine corps in 08. San Diego native.

Sent by Jesse | 5:58 PM | 12-19-2007

Im Dutch (non US), 26, Male, work as a Marketing Manager in Amsterdam. To most Europeans Ron Paul, just makes sense! He's not like the all the other corporate controlled warmongering candidates who would like to see more war and more restrictions. I want peace & freedom for all peoples of this world. The only way to achieve this is through Ron Paul!!

Sent by Tom | 5:58 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a 19 year old South Carolinian realestate agent. i believe in values such as the freemarket, states rights, upholding the ideals of the founding fathers, and defending the constitution. so the choice is clear. i support Ron Paul!

Sent by thomas ferguson | 5:59 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old Texan male. I watch too much of the mainstream media, but also I like to keep in touch with reality, not having to hear the same thing twenty times a day. =P With that being said, I have seen most everything Ron Paul has to offer politically. I agree with every other Ron Paul supporter that this election is the so called "Big One". This one will be the one that changes the rest of our lives, for better or for worse. If we as a country decide to take Ron Paul for the next 4-8 years, I feel our country will make some HUGE improvements that quite frankly should have been made quite some time ago. I can't wait for Ron Paul to win, I can't spread the word fast enough...

Sent by Mike in Lubbock | 5:59 PM | 12-19-2007

26's year old, blue collar. Libertarian leaning usually to the left. Registered rep just for the primary (just for Paul). Been waiting a long time for someone I could actually say I liked and trusted to run for the presidential slot.

Sent by Matthew McDermott | 5:59 PM | 12-19-2007

34 yo ex-military Libertarian computer software engineer, native of NC - I was always registered Republican mainly for small government and Second Amendment rights. I voted for Bush Jr. in 2000, and prior to hearing about Ron Paul, I had planned not to vote this year.
"Ron Paul cured my apathy!!!"

Ron Paul is the first candidate I've ever donated to and this will be the first primary I've voted in. I have passed along a few videos and tidbits to my friends and family, and now we are a team of like-minded individuals trying to get him elected. GO Dr. Paul, GO!

Sent by Michael | 5:59 PM | 12-19-2007

twenty five yr old female here. born and raised in NH. always been declared as independent, always ended up voting democrat. first time in my short life where i feel a candidate that has the same ideals as I is even in the running.

Sent by Jillian Carleton | 6:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 23 years old and own a 3 year old business. I have my B.S. in Psychology and I completing my B.A. in International Relations. Do those credentials make my opinion valid to this blog now?

Ron Paul is a great American and a great man. He seems to be the only one that cares about the population as individuals and not as a herd of cattle. While most other individuals running for president play mind games and train their cattle to fall in line, Ron Paul tells how it is and offers freedom and individuality back to the people.

Sent by David Patrick | 6:00 PM | 12-19-2007

Small business owner, 35 yr old male, in Richmond, Virginia.
I have voted in most elections of the past 10 years and mostly voted democratic but I have never been excited about a political campaign until discovering Ron Paul.
I find myself more and more disgusted with our governments (fed, state and local), and hope that this is the beginning of something much larger, real sweeping changes in both domestic and foreign policies.
I hope the momentum we are building in this election carries on and becomes the catalyst for a re-awakening of the true American spirit.
Ron Paul represents for me, an end to politics as usual, the hope for real change in the status quo.

Sent by Ezra | 6:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old married mother of four. I am supportive of Ron Paul. He stands for what I am trying to teach my kids..honesty, integrity, and actually following through on what is right. When a candidate says he will do something and does counts for a lot, especially with what he has in store!

Sent by Sarah | 6:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 51 year old conservative Republican. I come from a rural, self reliant background. I am ASHAMED of the legacy we are leaving for future generations, a debt they can never possibly pay. A social security system that in reality is a pyramid scheme,that our "leaders" nonetheless have robbed --mostly to try to buy votes. The only candidate running for either party who is not a plastic covered actor for the camera IS Ron Paul. He cares enough about us to tell us the truth. even when it hurts. He WAS right about the Iraq war. He was one of the few with the courage to stand in congress and oppose the Iraq invasion. Where does his courage come from? It comes from believing in the constitution and holding it up as the supreme law of the land. If we had followed the constitution we would not be in this mess.

Sent by Keith F. Lutz | 6:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a second year law student from Cincinnati. Ron Paul is an "internet phenomenon" not "because he connects with a demographic that finds a natural outlet online," but b/c that demographic finds their ONLY outlet online. Ron Paul has largely been marginalized or ignored by t.v. and radio outlets, but the internet is not yet controlled by corporations.

Sent by Aaron | 6:01 PM | 12-19-2007

30 years old
some college

ron paul supporter by default, in the land of the least of all possible democracy's i choose the impossible. not that i think ron paul makes much sense. but at this point i choose revolution for its own sake

so i can't honestly say im a supporter of ron paul the man or his policies, but i am in full support of the total upheaval his presidency would have on this country and the re-evaluation we will have to make as a people after 220 years of patting our founding fathers on the back to justify our own political philosophy's.

some people want change.
i want CHANGE and ron paul is the catalyst.

i dare ya to post that NPR screener

Sent by michael | 6:01 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi, my name is Aaron and i live in Wisconsin.. I am a huge Ron Paul supporter and feel like he is America's last hope. Controlling the size and spending of the government is something i would like to see tackled. Also, giving the youth like myself an option to invest in something other than a failing social security fund is huge to me. There is nothing worse than donating a chunk of my income to a fund that is already in trouble and will in no way be there when i retire. America needs to go back to the people with a president who serves the AMERICAN PEOPLE first. I can't even put into words how disgusted I am with so much money going to help overseas. We need to again help America first. If we have money left over we feel like giving overseas great.. When we are in this much debt it shouldn't even be an option.. Our money needs to stay here to help OUR failing dollar/economy.. Ron Paul seems like the BEST guy for the job. People like Guiliani, Clinton etc are what we have had in office in the past who do nothing once they get in except for spend spend spend.. It has to stop!

Sent by aaron | 6:01 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 46 year old married father of 5. Live in Oklahoma..have worked as a mortgage broker/banker for about 6 years

Sent by M. Wood | 6:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old latino male, democrat all my life, newly republican for one night only, and recruiting other republicans for one night only for RON PAUL 2008!

Sent by Carlos Correa | 6:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 312 year old stay at home dad and student from Tulsa, OK. I support Ron Paul because he understands that our country was meant to be a republc, not a democracy.

Sent by Jake Snow | 6:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a young woman who has never been very enthusiastic about voting in general. I feel like the 2 party system doesn't really leave us with much of a choice. I wholeheartedly respect and admire Dr. Ron Paul and am very, VERY excited to vote in the primaries to make him the Republican candidate! Come on, America! It's time for a serious change in this country. Let's rally behind this honest man.

Sent by Nic | 6:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 21 year old male, from Ohio. General laborer, wanting to go to college. I don't claim any party affiliation, except citizen. My first election I voted "candidate removed", and I was going to do the same in 08' until I came across Ron Paul. Growing up, I learned to have a great hate for american politics, Ron Paul has given me a great hope. I really like his foreign policy, allot. I like the constitution in its original form. I like honesty. I want my government back.

Sent by cody | 6:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an average American who wants his family left alone by the government. I reject the welfare/warfare/police state, so Ron Paul is my obvious choice.

I was once an NPR supporter, until their pro-state, pro-war bias drove me away.

Sent by James Babb | 6:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 yr old male caucasian male from a small town in illinois. I hate taxes, and dont believe it is the job of the government to fund those who are too lazy to work. I am a soldier, and will be going to college next year, paid for by either the Illinois Army National Guard, or my dad's VA 100% disability benefits, and will take ROTC and be an officer. I am a very smart individual, easily getting a 95 out of 99 on the ASVAB, and really hate lazy people who expect welfare programs to pay for their needs

Sent by PFC Fast Eddie Quigley | 6:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 19 year old Bio Medical service technician, I honestly wasn't going to vote until I had learned about Ron Paul, because all the politicians seem the same, they all have the same goal with minor differences, and they all have one foot in big business and another foot in office. I support Ron Paul because he doesn't dodge questions, he doesn't seem the least bit sleazy like Romney, Giuliani, or Clinton. I don't agree with everything Ron Paul says, but most Americans think this country is in a downward spiral, and Paul is the only candidate who seems to have any real intent at pulling us out of it. I just think its time for a real person to be in office, and not someone who's making millions off of the choices they make. We have too many wars going on also, the War on Terrorism, Drugs, Iraq, Afghanistan, and my least favorite; the war on the constitution. I want someone who is going to respect the peoples right to privacy, and to stop wasting our money playing world police and interring with everyone else's affairs. I don't care if my president a democrat or a republican, as long as he puts the constitution and what the people want first and foremost on his agenda. Why should be get spied on and constantly be scared of the "terrorists" from the bee hive we were throwing rocks at.

Hopefully my ramblings make sense, I am just sick of the people running our government and the increasing federal power, and I think most Americans agree on this.

Sent by Travis Breneman | 6:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I from PA. I'm only 16 and can't vote, but i still suppport Ron Paul. I may not be able to vote but I presuade peolple to vote for Ron Paul.

Sent by Ryan | 6:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I dont have cable, the newspaper or get to get on the internet very much. But from i have read he looks to be honest. which we all know is a rarity in politicians. It's a good feeling to know someone wants good things for America and just money for their pockets.

Sent by Jessica Jarzyniecki | 6:03 PM | 12-19-2007

31 years old, agnostic, single mother of four homeschooled children & self employed. Proud supporter of the Constitution as it was written.

I've been waiting for Ron Paul to run for President since I discovered him in 2002. (Yes Dr. Paul cured my apathy!)

Now that he is running, myself and my children devote all our time and energy to volunteering for the campaign and being involved in grassroots activities to show our support for him.

Welcome to the r3VOLution...Ron Paul 2008!

Sent by Kim & family | 6:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old Enterprise Software Sales Engineer living in Minnesota. Simply put he is a breath of fresh that gives knock out answers to questions poised to him.

Sent by Hannes | 6:03 PM | 12-19-2007

25yr old Marine veteran living in Philadelphia. Physics technician by day, musician by night. I've always been a Constitutionalist, and against bi-partisan politics. GO RON PAUL!!!

Sent by Creature | 6:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old college student from western Kentucky, and I'm a supporter of Ron Paul. I'm registered Democrat, so political party obviously has no affect on my decision to support Paul, nor should it. To me, Ron Paul stands for everything that this country can and should be. He's not in it for the money, the fame, the friends in big business. Ron Paul actually wants to make things better for the citizens of our wonderful country. Novel idea isn't it? Ron Paul believes in The United States Constitution, and he believes in America! Ron Paul equals change.

Sent by Bryan Stine | 6:03 PM | 12-19-2007

my name is heath. i'm 32 years old. i graduated college in 1999 with a degree in fine art. i currently work in the security industry. i live in southeast ohio, and my wife, my daughter, and i are expecting a new addition to the family in march. we support doctor paul because we believe in a drastically reduced federal government and a return to constitutional rule.

Sent by heath richards | 6:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 35 year old Sr. Quality Assurance Technicia, middle class male from Virgina. I work two jobs, own my home, ride harleys and have tattos. Ron Paul is the only politician that can speak from knowledge and has not changed his position. Unlike other politicians that can only go by what their notes say and change with the political wind.

Join the Revoloution. Ron Paul 2008 Hope for America

Sent by Todd | 6:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old male from Santa Monica, CA. I'm a real estate developer in the West LA. I've thrown out my 'don't talk about religion or politics' rule because some things are just too good to be kept a secret. I am referring of course, to Dr. Ron Paul.

Sent by Cyrus Khamneipur | 6:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old male from Michigan. I have my B.S. degree and work in the social work field. I am also a Christian and I hate the way in which Bush has drug our faith through the mud. I am ready for a change and Ron Paul represents my beliefs better than anyone else running for President. His personal ideals and standards as well as his live and let live beliefs are exactly what America needs right now and change has never been more needed for this country.

Sent by Kevin S. | 6:04 PM | 12-19-2007

i'm a 40 yr old home repair contractor, metalhead, concerned taxpayer. i'm tired of paying taxes for war and the loss of my civil liberties. i'm an atheist that knows greed will destroy the human race if we don't keep it in check and violence begets violence. ron paul for president

Sent by noel harris | 6:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an equipment specialist who works on RF plasma etchers for a major semiconductor company, I'm also a trained gunsmith who works at a gunshop on my off days. I'm also an active member of the Massachusetts National guard. I am a Ron Paul supporter, who in my humble opinion is the ONLY candidate who can steer the United States back on track. He's not the savior, but someone who we need as our Commander-in-Chief.

Sent by David McCottery | 6:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I have been a RP supporter since August. For years now I have been a Democrat and was intended to vote for Obama until I came across Ron Paul.

Sent by Brent | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

25 year old Father and Husband, work hi-tech sales. Portland, OR

Registered Libertarian

Sent by Rocky Savage | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a Ron Paul supporter. Im a 35 year old male, Im in roofing sales and live in Illinois. Im fed up with our currently currupt government, who want to control every aspect of our lives, bankrupt our country, trample all over our constitution and do nothing to secure our borders. I believe Ron Paul has the ideas and integrity to help solve these problems. His views have never changed, unlike the other candidates, and he is a firm supporter of the constitution and what it stands for. READY FOR REAL CHANGE!!

Sent by Josh | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007



Sent by ADAM COX | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old working student. I think that there are many people in my generation that don't want to improve the government that we currently have. We want to change the government around and have less of it. I watch news channels and read papers often. I keep up on all the candidates. I think that more people need to take a closer look at Ron Paul with an open mind and not have the media tell them who to vote for.

Sent by Brad Fisher | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a financial advisor who agrees completely with Mr. Paul positions on fiscal responsibility. My clients have little saved for retirement and the government is spending all their money in these nation building endeavors. I live in Arizona and am sickened by the immigration problem and how the Republicans plan to solve it. McCain is the worst!! My Mom was a Reagan delegate in 1980 and I was raised a Republican my whole life. At least with the Democrats you know where ythey stand. the Republicans are all sell outs and phonies with a few exceptions. I supported Buchanon but had to vote for Bush Sr. over Clinton. I worked in the World Trade center on 9-11 and beleiev we are all victims of the terrorists in the sense that the constitution has been shit on by Bush Jr. Our country has become a police state and wherever you go, we are being treated as guilty before proven innocent. Microchips, speeding cameras, passports, wire tapping ect ect ect. Time for someone to represent the people and not the special interests.

Sent by Andrew | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 32 year old computer security officer for a defense contractor in Orange County, CA. I've traditionally voted Democrat, but recently there has been little difference between the views between the two parties. I think it's time for a big change, and no other candidate can pull it off like RP. I admire the man for his honesty, for his dedication to The Constitution, and to his Country.

Sent by WD | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a webmaster and recent college graduate in Florida. I respect a man who has convention in his ideas and is not afraid to stand up for them and not waver. He is the only candidate who understands what the true potential of the internet is, just looks at his campaign and the grassroots ability the web has breed. He knows the web needs to be free. Ron Paul FTW!

Sent by Magus Dethen | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old wife and stay at home mother of a almost two year old. I live in Northern CA and have a college degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. I am anti-vax, pro-medical marijuana, and want our country to go back to following the constitution. Go Ron Paul!!!

Sent by Tamara Morales | 6:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 18 and i live in Dunedin, FL. I work as a freelance web designer and i'm in a band.

Ron Paul is the ONLY chance for this nation to get back on the right path. The US has lost it's morals and it's integrity. We need to realize that when this country was founded it had morals to stick to what the founding fathers set for us.

These morals have been crushed.


Sent by Mike Malley | 6:06 PM | 12-19-2007

28 yr old chemist in Iowa. We recent college grads had the pleasure of reading the economic theories, and listened in during history classes. It's refreshing to find a government worker who actually knows how to read. Dr. Paul is uniquely able to do the job of president well,so I think we need to elect him whether or not he wants the job. Once elected, he will actually be a servant of all the American people instead of a servant of a few rich companies and individuals.

Sent by Brian | 6:06 PM | 12-19-2007

After almost succumbing to the realization that no politician has the ability to speak to the American people like intellectual adults, Dr. Paul blew me away with his courage and candor. He is the only hope to regain respect and admiration to this country.

I consider myself a great judge of character and Ron Paul is the only politician and candidate that I can relate to. It's difficult to listen to another candidate without laughing or just plain feeling embarrassed for them for being such a puppet.

Ron Paul 08

Sent by Greg Smith | 6:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old musician living in Ventura, California. I support Ron Paul because for the first time in my life I am actually hearing someone talk about upholding the constitution. Like Dr. Paul I believe the government should stay out of our personal lives and keep their hands off our paychecks. His deep convictions reguarding personal liberty make it impossible for any freedom loving american not to support him.


Sent by Michael Buckley | 6:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old college senior planning on receiving my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering this May. I'm an Arkansas native.
If RP wasn't running, Fred Thompson would be my second choice-
Fiscal Responsibility is my primary issue, followed by individual liberty and a candidate who will appoint judges who put the constitution first.

Sent by Matt | 6:06 PM | 12-19-2007

i'm a 49 year old registered democrat from tampa florida. i am a full time care giver to a disabled spouse.
i have voted for nader in the last two general elections and was pleased that that distinction registered as a protest vote against the two major parties.

i see ron paul as brutally honest, a trait that will serve us as he takes the leadership role in this country. we have a lot to mend and many sacrifices to make to achieve that healthy republic our founding fathers envisioned!

get us back on the right track, vote ron paul for prez in '08!

Sent by greg price | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 34-year-old individual who is currently attending vocational school. Why do I support Ron Paul? I remember this wonderful document I first read in 8th grade while studying American history. It's called the Constitution of the United States, and, in particular, I was interested in a section towards the end called the Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights includes the first ten amendments of the U. S. Constitution, and gives us such protections and freedoms as the right to practice your own religion, to say what you wish when you wish, to keep and bear arms in the event we need them for protection, the right to be free from warrentless searches and seizures, the rights of the people of each individual state to decide for themselves what's best for their community, the right to speak against a criminal presidential administration, and the right to freedom unless a preponderance of evidence shows that I am a danger to society. The last few presidential administrations haven't seemed to pay very much attention to why we, as Americans, need to hold this rights to be true and dear, and this current administration seems hellbent on destroying what has made this country truly great and truly free. Ron Paul, on the other hand, DOES understand us, and DOES understand WHY our founding fathers took the time to pen our U. S. Constitution. And he's speaking out against those who would destroy it. That's why Ron Paul has my support and my vote.

Sent by Damian | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old small business owner in the service industry. I support Ron Paul and his values and what he stands for. I am tired of our huge government trying to control our lives and take away our freedoms. I am tired of our government using my hard earned money to pay off their bad debts. I want my freedom back. I am a true patriot and love this country for what is was founded on. We have lost touch and now we have someone sincere enough to make an actual difference. Thank you Ron Paul for trying to wake this nation up!!!

Sent by Rick Yost | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I will definitely be voting for Ron Paul because he speaks the truth about how much trouble our country is in, and it think he could save us from that trouble.


Sent by alex | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a US Navy Veteran from Chesapeake, VA. I left the Navy less than a month ago, and I can honestly tell you Ron Paul has a huge following in the military. We may follow orders we don't agree with, but that doesn't mean we have to like it. Now there is a candidate that we can rally behind even if we can't show our displeasure at work.

Sent by Charlie | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a college grad. i have six children. 4 have autism. i believe in education, that is why i homeschool ALL of my kids!!! Autism has taken over our family--ron paul is the only candidate to NOT ignore our special needs. my kids are non verbal-- so i will raise my voice for them-- RON PAUL!!!

Sent by rose | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello, I am a single father Not formally educated, I own 2 internet store's, a handy man business, and a craft business, i am NOT rich, Not Christian, I am Pagan, but putting that all aside, I am for following the constitution, If we let the democrats have their way all Americans will be stripped of our rights to bear arms, I am for home defense, not into the crap of some poor kid raised by a single parent wasn't given chances to get ahead in life wanting to rob me, Everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions, i don't like big government wasteful spending, and our troops need to come home now not in 10 years, look at Vietnam, we did a de-escalation over years, and how many died? war needs to end now, taxes are rampant, government spending is rampant, it is time for Americans to get back to US as a country, We are not the worlds police, nor worlds welfare department....need i go on?

I am also for the legalization of industrial hemp, the reason the DEA doesn't want it legalized is then they loose funds for supposedly fighting a drug war, I was a avid Reagan supporter, then didn't like any of the candidates until now, why one earth would we want another Clinton in office? hasn't it been proven time after time that Hillery is just as crooked as Bill is? can she give a straight answer? no just like her husband.. These are my opinions and i was asked why i support Ron Paul? those are a few of the many reasons why...

Sent by Thayne Bell | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is the man I'm right now 17 but
by election I will be 18 so my vote is
going to Mr.Ron Paul because I dont want some other other idiot like Bush in the White house

Sent by Daniel Nolen | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 32 year old registered Republican. I voted for GW Bush twice when I felt he was the lesser of two evils. Finally, I feel that I can make a difference... that there is a choice... and if enough of us vote our conscience, that choice is Ron Paul

Sent by brian clothier | 6:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a single, female, who owns a business, and who has for the first time in my life donated to a candidate, emailed newpapers, and television stations, who has crammed Ron Paul and his position down their throats, because for the first time in my life time I have met a candidate, not a typical politician. Ron Paul gives straight answers. He wants Americans to live in this country the way it was designed to be. Why do I have to give most of the money I make to the Federal Government, yet I can't own my own home. We can change the direction of our government and our lives if we rally around this candidate and "ALL" he stands for. Google him and tell me one flaw this man has?

Sent by Michele Music | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I live in South Florida.

I am a Ron Paul supporter because I'm sick of this corrupt Government that runs this country and my life. I'm tired of the excessive spending overseas and nothing being done about here at home. There's plenty more, but that's the gist of it. I want change, not more of the same!

Ron Paul 2008!

Sent by KEITH B | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an American who still believes in true FREEDOM and small government. I believe in States' rights and the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Radio talk show host Allen Nathan puts it best: We want the Republicans out of our bedroom; the Democrats out of our wallets; and both parties out of our first and second amendment rights.

I have much more to say but I'll stop here.

Sent by Chis Hopson | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old female with a Master's degree living in the midwest. Originally from a traditionally Repulican family who has abandoned party loyalty for candidate message and track record. Everyone in my immediate and extended family has at least a master's degree. Ron Paul is everything we've been waiting for.

Sent by Tina | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 25 and a graduate of the University of Kansas. I have been consumed by policical apathy all of my adult life and have remained complacent until earlier this year when I came across Ron Paul on the internet. I agree completely with his views on coming home from Iraq and ending the war on drugs (those of which set him apart the most from the Republican base) as well as his constitutionalist, small government stances.

Sent by Steven Phipps | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

24 yr old female, Oklahoman, scheduling analyst for an energy company, college educated, raised in a rural community, agnostic, libertarian. I support Ron Paul mainly because of his views on taxes and international affairs.

Sent by Karla W | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I own a violin shop and teach, and my husband is a restaurant manager, we are both 26 from Connecticut, and we are both registered Republicans. We are both strong supporters of Dr. Paul. We would like the federal government out of our private lives, and to be able to do what we wish in our home and with our own bodies. We are in favor of doing away with governmental programs and offices, as well as the income tax. We are for getting our troops out of Iraq, and out of bases spread over the rest of the world. America should not be the world police, and the federal government should not be our babysitter.

Sent by Elizabeth Feola | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

my name is natedog. i am 33, black, and from Oklahoma City. i have never voted before. i liek Ron Paul because he wants to let me keep my income, he defends the constitution, and he doesnt beleive i get my rights because i am black or part of any group; rather he beleives i derive my rights from the fact that i am an individual...

Sent by natedog | 6:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old male professional from Denver, Colorado currently working and attending school. I also moonlight as a club DJ/Promoter.

In my opinion, government should be as minimal an entity as possible aimed at keeping the peace. Unfortunately with as overblown as it has gotten in recent years, I fear that it is preventing more people from their pursuit of happiness than it is helping them with it. The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. The day that Ron Paul enters office is the day that starts to change.

I have been a card carrying Libertarian ever since I was old enough to vote. Ron Paul will be the first Republican or Democrat that I have ever voted for.
He gives me hope for the future of our country.

Sent by Aaron Blauer | 6:09 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul looks like gandolf from lord of the rings and magneto from x-man. Both those guys are bad ass..and so is Ron Paul! Ron Paul is my hero, because he wants freedom! Is it any harder then that?

Sent by Regan | 6:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old musician who is fed up with the republican party in todays world. Ron Paul represents what I truely beleive a republican should stand for. I have been registered Green in the past, but will be voting republican to show my support for Ron. He is the only politician who really has passion and convictions. I believe that he will stay true to his word.

Sent by Jimmy | 6:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Pennsylvania resident. I was always into politics since I was 14 or so. I am now 19 and spend all my freetime researching politics. I didn't even know who Ron Paul was until I kept seeing his name everywhere and finally looked him up. Since my discovery I have joined a meet-up group in my county www.meetup.com
I thought this country was gone. I thought we would never get back to the founding fathers' ideas on how we should treat our country. I now have hope and think my reason to get up in the morning is to promote Ron Paul.

Sent by Matt Knight | 6:09 PM | 12-19-2007

"He appeals to a certain group of people that I'm guessing are a little bit younger, a little bit more male, and certainly very disaffected, who maybe don't get their news from the mainstream papers."

WTF?!?!...thats ridiculous...well you know what YES I am a Ron Paul supporter and YES I am younger...BUT....I am not male, and I am sure as hell not disaffected!...I get my news from mainstream media just like the rest of the world. Just because we are younger doesnt mean that we dont live in function in the REAL world like everyone else. Besides as far as I can tell looking through some of these comments...apparently that statement was WRONG!!...I actually saw more OLDER people with education and careers and family than I saw people who are "a little bit younger, a little bit more male, and certainly very disaffected..."

I dont know about anyone else but that comment doesnt sit so well with me. Just becuase people want a CHANGE...want somthing done....want someone who shares their real world everyday concerns and ideas...Why does that make us worng?...Worth trying to break apart?...Basically reffered to as un/misinformed?....By saying most of us are probably young men...the stereotypical YOUNG MALE...is routy, obnoxious, careless, reckless, and thinks he's indestructable...lol...I laugh when I write this because it is true about the stereotype of YOUNG MALES....BUT...what I am not laughing about is how this article called us as Ron Paul supporters all of those things you would typically use to describe a stereotypical YOUNG GUY...by making the statement that most Ron Paul supporters a probably young males...NOT only is this statement WRONG because I personally am not a YOUNG MALE and certainlly not disaffected...BUT this statement is also an insult to Ron Paul supporters as a GROUP...

GET A CLUE!!...there are a lot of us and we are not going away...maybe if you sat down and took some time to try and understand why we support Ron Paul maybe you wouldnt be so quick to knock us down!!

Sent by Courtney | 6:10 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Andy and I support Dr. Paul for various reasons. To get rid of taxes, not just because of the benefits to me, but because our four fathers simply did not entend a country where its citizens are giving half of their wages to the government. His stance on the war. I believe we had reason to go to war after 9/11, but now it has turned into a war for political reasons. We should have went in won it and got out. His stance on illegal immigration "enough said". It is just a weight takin off my shoulders to hear him speak of the constitution and what this country is suppose to be. I could go on for days but I'll just leave those few issues of reasons for my supporting Dr. Paul.

Sent by Andy | 6:10 PM | 12-19-2007

Im 27 an industrial equipment salesman from the midwest, I beleive Ron Paul is the only candidate with real solutions, he seems the most knowledgeable and makes the most sense with his economic, geo-political, and domestic policy ideas. Its time to return to the ideas that made our country the wonderful, prosperous nation that it started off as.

Sent by Kyle Gorrell | 6:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old Idaho college student and I support Ron Paul because he supports a smaller government, and making the USA a sovereign nation again. I also think that he can turn around the falling US dollar and in doing so improve the economy as a whole.

Sent by Glen R | 6:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old computer savvy professional in the music business that is down right tired of the hypocrisy and inadequacies in our government. I feel that Paul, though a couple of his positions differ from mine, is a man that believes in his messages and will un-waveringly continue to stand for them. He is truly revolutionary in a time when we need nothing less. And he offers a view on our country that should not be a surprise to anyone, he believes in the constitution, the rules we have been saying we follow for 200 years. You know, that thing that has slowly been eaten away in the past few decades. We, as a country, were founded on freedom for all, but has ultimately been run to benefit the power of the few. I believe Paul has the ability to act in the best interest of the people, though it may not seem that way because we are so used to our government acting to the contrary. We need a leader who is capable of following the rules to benefit our nation and not himself. We need a person who is concerned about the future of our nation and its people. We Need Ron Paul.

Sent by Kevin | 6:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 36 year old working mother of six boys and I support Ron Paul because I believe Ron Paul will bring our Constitution back to life.

Sent by Julie Phares | 6:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a comedy writer and student from Chicago. I am 26 and support Dr. Paul for one huge HUGE reason that for some reason the Obama and Hillary supporters don't see, to get: We want this war OVER. There can be NO winner. It is over.

Sent by steve | 6:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20-year old full-time college student, as well as a full-time worker. But, none of that is important. Who I really am is an American that has recently recognized the rapidly decreasing value of the dollar, the lives being lost overseas for a war that should have never been fought in the first place, and the increasing interference of the federal government into the lives of American citizens. I fear the National ID Card and the proposal of the North American Union. As a student, I have spent years being taught the importance of the Constitution, I have been required to memorize and appreciate the Bill of Rights, and now I cannot seem to understand how Americans can stand aside and watch as our Constitutional Rights are violated. We are also taught that the federal government was designed to be limited so that the power was in the hands of the American people. I, for one, do not feel that the people have the power. If we the people have so much power, why is it that we are involved in a war that so many Americans do not support? Many of our own troops do not support Bush's war.
Ron Paul is the only hope for the future of America. He is not afraid to stand up for the Constitution and what he believes. He has ideas, and most of them are good! It's a start, people. We need a man like Dr. Paul in office. He is intelligent and honest. People support him because he is a good man who recognizes our nation's need for change, especially in foreign policy! How would you feel to wake up and have armed soldiers from another country walking around in your street? America would NOT stand for that, yet we expect other nations to.

Sent by Carrie | 6:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old editorial director for a small punlishing company in Kentucky. I have been active in politics since I was 10 years old, but after the last election discovered there was no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

I wan't planning on voting again until I found Ron Paul. If he does not get the Republican nomination then I will stay home in Nov.

Sent by Josh Buckman | 6:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 35 year old man who believes that my life belongs to me. That's why I'm voting for Ron Paul.

Sent by Todd O'Keefe | 6:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 16 year old kid from a working class family. The people who work for America yet reap no benefit, as John Edwards so kindly addressed, are the kind of people who have raised me. My parents pay only state taxes (not federal- we don't make enough to have to pay federal) as my God sister raises her 6 children and attends college on the taxpayer's dollar.

I have done everything in my power to ensure my ability to get out of the "circle of poverty" through higher education. I've been working for 2 years, not counting babysitting. I have high ACT & SAT scores, a fantastic home schooling portfolio (the public schools in my town are nothing short of pathetic- a typical endeavor of the government. Private schools are not an option), and an impressive list of extracurriculars. I should be able to get into any school I want, based simply on the above factors. I find the fact that I, as a female, have a better chance of getting into my choice schools than males in a peer group to be incredibly insulting. Now, there are people trying to give me an even better chance than my peers because of my parents' income level! I am not my parents; I am my very own person. This is elitism. I can do it on my own, I don't need your help! I have my own merits- my gender and the class of my parents should have no bearing! Libertarianism recognizes this, and Ron Paul actually has a shot.

Even better than claiming to be a libertarian (the "l" cannot be capitalized, as he is running as a Republican), he sticks to his values. Can you believe it? An honest politician who actually represents his constituents as advertised! I not only agree with the man, I respect him. He'd have my vote if I could cast it. Let's start this revolution!

Sent by bcmuar | 6:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a roughneck and part-time business owner. I'm 25 and i don't have any children. I split my time between Kansas and Colorado for work. I'm a registered Republican and i voted for Bush twice. My views are primarily libertarian and I think Ron Paul is the last hope for America!

Sent by Jacob Walls | 6:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 29 and in Sales for a Fortune 50. I support Ron Paul because his platform is one of individual freedom and self-reliance. He believes in the Constitution and following the advice of the framers. Mr. Paul also supports an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Check your facts on Al Queda NPR-types. We were attacked on 9/11 because of our military presence in Saudi Arabia and our uninhibited support of Israel. Also, Mr. Paul will balance the budget and in doing so, give us a shot at staying the most powerful nation on the globe for another few hundred years. Follow the advice of Ted Roosevelt America! Speak softly...

Sent by JG | 6:13 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello, I am Justin Paup of AZ.. I am a father of 2, my job field is Aircraft as a mechanic, but I currently work in sound engineering.. My entire city is covered with Ron Paul signs bumper stickers and banners.... I support Ron Paul because he believes in the freedom this country once had.... He believes that the freedoms they have taken away dont protect us as they where designed... Im voting Ron Paul because I stand for freedom, its what I was taught in 2nd grade. I dont believe that anyone who stands for freedom wont be voting for Ron Paul..

Sent by Justin Paup | 6:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old male Protestant. I'm a college student and former small-business-owner from Alabama. Taxes and regulations killed the fledgling business, so I have a little grudge against the powers that be.

I've followed Dr. Ron Paul's work in Congress for about 5 years, ever since I "discovered" and converted to libertarianism as a young-wannabe-Republican (ugh). I've always been fascinated by politics, but I quickly grew dissatisfied with the bi-factional elite.

After the 2004 fiasco, I swore off voting with ONE caveat: if Ron Paul ever ran for President, I'd vote for him. Sure enough, here he is, so I'm doing everything I can to support his campaign.

I'm ecstatic that so many others, especially in my age-group, are listening to Dr. Paul. It gives me hope for the future of this nation.

Sent by McLeod | 6:14 PM | 12-19-2007

22 year old male, in the marines, supports Ron Paul, big shocker huh?

Sent by Chuck Fuller | 6:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old carpenter in Nashville TN. I am studying for a degree in law at night school. I also enjoy NPR everyday on my commute.
I am a Ron Paul supporter because of his concern for the deficit and the image of the United States abroad.
Ron Paul is a defender of the Constitution and of our civil liberties.
His economic philosophy is exactly what this country needs. I would like to see competing currencies legalized.

Sent by Brent Pierce | 6:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old truck driver in California. Despite being registered as a Democrat, I have always felt more conservative. The majority of republicans I see in office are a complete disgrace to our nation. It is for this reason that I have been a democrat all of my life. However, I now see someone who shares many of my own beliefs and doesn't make me sick to my stomach.

Ron Paul, to me, seems to be the most honest man in our government, and what makes me disapointed in the media is that despite who he is, or what he says, the news ignores him for a mediocre actor, former presidents wife, and a governor who is only likable because he is a good comedian, and when he isn't making laughable jokes throws in a reference to his religious beliefs.

Ron Paul is the only candidate actually talking about the issues in detail, and explaining how he will solve these problems. I don't understand why it is so shocking to support this man of honor.

Sent by Aaron | 6:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old "yuppie" and I support Ron Paul because every single thing he says makes perfect sense. However the established Neo-cons, and democrats lack the brain power to see his insight. Even after time passes and history proves that Dr. Paul had the correct position at the time it was needed, they still don't understand him. You want good judgement as Obama speaks of? How about looking at Dr. Paul's past speeches then analyze what happened and see who had the record of good judgement.

Sent by Roy H.---Houston, TX | 6:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a senior in high school, and I'm going to register republican to vote for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the breath of fresh air that most of us, myself included, have been seeking. Without Ron Paul, I probably wouldn't have voted in the primaries.

Sent by Karissa McKelvey | 6:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an attorney in South Carolina. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that seems to remember that the Constitution is a limiting document, not one that allows our federal government to do as they please unless it is forbidden in the Bill of Rights, which incidentally is under attack as well.

Sent by Tony | 6:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old floorlayer from the midwest, I believe Ron Paul is a true man of the constitution, much like myself...

Sent by Mike | 6:15 PM | 12-19-2007

Dr. Ron Paul is a consistent voice for the people of America. I don't see that in any past record of any other running candidate. They seem to be more focused on popularity than the constitution. I don't care if Dr. Paul gets the Republican nomination or not, I'll write him in. This country doesn't need the IRS, Homeland security, or any more ridiculous military complex spending. We need someone that will follow the constitution and our founding fathers vision for freedom. Not the choking hands of the oil industry and builderburg elitists.

Sent by Jon Cobb | 6:15 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul supporters are AWAKE.

Sent by Eviean | 6:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 52 yo white male living in Texas. I was raised a Goldwater Republican reading National Review magazine every chance I got. I value honesty and integrity above all things.

I have two young children and I want the country they live in as adults to be viable and thriving. I am disgusted with our Federal government and very disappointed in the persons elected and entrusted with our national interests. I believe they have sold us out for their own gain and may not even realize it.

I shall vote for Dr. Paul in the primary. I do not believe my vote to be wasted on him; rather, I believe any vote for the "business as usual" crowd to be the wasted vote. I believe that we have strayed from Constitutional rule and have confidence in Ron Paul. He is as consistent as the sunrise and I challenge anyone to name another politician who can honestly make that claim.

Sent by MikeF. | 6:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a college student from Iowa. I am (right now) registered democrat. I believe in freedom and the constitution, and I am extremely against socialism. However, I am extremely for RON PAUL!

Sent by Jo | 6:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a surfer from North Carolina. I love Ron Paul and you should too if you want to have fun again in this world. He's gonna set things straight because of his intention, he actually cares for humanity...

Sent by Tyler | 6:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Ron Paul, I am:

21 years old
Small business owner
Believe in sound money
Sick of the IRS stealing from us
Believe in a new foreign policy
concerned citizen
Resident of Portland, Oregon

Sent by nick | 6:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old US Navy vet, I spent 1 year in Afghanistan, 1 1/2 years in Iraq. Now currently a Police Officer in Arizona, I work K-9 and SWAT. I ask you this, as messed up as our country has become why wouldn't you vote for Ron Paul?? He is the only candidate from both sides who isn't a puppet to their special interest groups!!


Sent by JC | 6:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Ron Paul supporter! I am a college student currently in my senior year. I work, work and work! I support Ron Paul because he speaks to a wide range of people like me, who are fed up with the way this country is being run and demand change. If that change involves reverting back to the Constitution, our country's most sacred document, which has been overlooked and disgraced by the current administration, then so be it! I encourage all, if they haven't already, to look into who Ron Paul is and what he stands for, to see for themselves if he is there answer!

Sent by Owen K. | 6:16 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Brandon Sharpe and I am a 23 year old Graphic Designer. I work at a news station COLUMBIA SC, and hear a lot about politics. The only person who seems to catch my attention every time is RON PAUL! VOTE RON PAUL 2008

Sent by Brandon Sharpe | 6:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I guess everyone needs a paycheck. Some people make there's with strong expressions of opinion, however, it appears that Benneth Roth is severly overpaid. Making guess work at a demographic to present the assumption that Ron Pauls's supporters are disaffected is an ignorant way to argue your own opinion. If you don't get it, look a little closer. The message isn't complicated.

Sent by Garrett Epling | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old cook with a bachelor's degree in computer science. I donate all the extra money I earn to Ron Paul because he is the only politician who has ever made me feel energized about where the country is going and what it means to be an American. This country exists for liberty and Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who seems to embrace that.

Sent by Peter Jordan | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old Systems Administrator for a Credit Union Company. I'm a Ron Paul supporter because I am for limited government, like he said, it's our responcibilty to care for ourselfs, it's not the governments job to take care of us from birth till death.

Sent by Brandon Jemmett | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a full time student in California. I have interest in politics and if I sense corruption anywhere, I will keep it in mind. I'm an activist and will continue being one.

Sent by Raymond | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 44 ,self employed and a christian.Three words will describe why Im voting for Dr.Paul,Integrity,Honesty and Morality!

Sent by Barry | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 44yr old auto mechanic in Montana and the business I have been working at for the last four years just closed and filed bankruptcy. I donated $100.00 from my last paycheck to Ron campaign on the 16th. If Ron had been president for the last 8 years maybe I would still have a job.

Sent by Rob Pizzini | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 yr old female, Christian, married and mother of one.
I am a Registered Nurse.
I am Registered Republican who has voted in every election since turning 18.
Though I do not agree with his viewpoint on EVERY issue, I find him to be honest, moral and competent. He is getting my vote!
Montgomery, TX

Sent by Shaye Warner | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a self employed business man. I support Ron Paul for a number of reasons beginning with his position on the Iraq war. It is important to understand that although Ron Paul doesn't support all of my ideas he has the major standing that government needs to be smaller and the freedoms of individuals need to be returned to the individual. And there should be no one that can disagree with that, except every other candidate in the election.

Sent by matt peplinski | 6:17 PM | 12-19-2007

53 yr old male and have been married 32 yrs,(to the same woman). I have 3 grown children and am raising 1 grandkid. I am a college student working on a Bachelors in General Studies with a minor in Human Services.
I live in Southwest Ohio near Cincinnati. I was laid off from a good paying factory job of 31 years and now struggling at $10 per hour working with drop outs. My wife is in nursing.
I was Independant leaned to Republican so I could be involved in primaries.
I'm an Independent Fundamental Baptist.
I don't like where I see the country headed. I started thinking for my self.
Ron Paul has the qualities, ideas, and convictions I agree with. I don't want to vote for who my daddy voted for, or who's more popular. I want to vote for who I believe will actually be the best candidate for the country. The Republicans and Democrates sway in the wind. Dr. Paul doesn't. He stands consistant.
Ron Paul for President!
Thank you.

Sent by Bob Slone | 6:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 25 and live in Charlotte, NC. I am a strong supporter of Ron Paul. I originally vote for President Bush 2x. I now see what I had contributed. I am a non-denominational Christian and always trusted television news stations with the information I received.

I am here to tell everyone that its OK to change. Its OK to find to views on things. I now see what financial trouble the current administration has caused and it is now up to the people to restore order to our country. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will bring this country back to what it needs to be. I support him and his ideas and I will support the ideas of others as the emerge with these views and those who stand behind the constitution.

A Ron Paul presidency is our last hope for America and I will do all I can to see that happen.

Sent by Joshua Siegel | 6:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a web designer and artist from Knoxville, TN who wants his country back.

Dr. Paul is the one candidate who I believe in, not to mention, the only candidate I have ever believed in.

His words are honest and true. They are a rally cry for liberty, for putting our once great nation back where it belongs, in the hands of the people.

We need an honest man in office. A man of integrity like our nation hasn't seen in over 100 years. Dr. Paul is the man to lead us back to liberty.

Sent by JCH | 6:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 25 years old and have never voted simply because I've never liked my choices .Than come along this guy who says exactly what I've been preaching for years. Now I'm voting in a Primary who would have thought it.
No one else cares about freedom, but we do. Thats Who Ron Paul Supporters are.

Sent by Matthew Adams | 6:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 41 year old female married with 2 children. I'm from Texas but live in Oklahoma. Ron Paul stands for everything our ancestors came to America for. TRUE FREEDOM. I am so fed up with the government backstabbing our country, it's people and our beliefs. Everytime you turn around the gov't is taking something else away from us. Our privacy, our guns, our individualism. I do not want to live under socialist rule. I want my family and their future children to live in freedom. Ron Paul is our only hope to turn this mess around.

Sent by Raven | 6:18 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Brent Rough and I am a 27 year old, young professional. I grew up in Montana with a good helping of the western individual spirit. I have always considered myself a libertarian though my leanings were democratic. Today both Republicans and Democrats advocate for big government and I figured if I only had a choice between big government that advocates for the poor and big government that advocates for the rich, I would choose the side that wanted to help the poor.

I never really took an interest in politics and have only voted twice, once in 98 when I was first old enough to vote and then in 2004. I never felt that I belonged in either major party, I held many views that one or the other party endorsed and both parties held views that I was against. My dissatisfaction with both parties and lack of any real hope for independent candidates caused a great deal of apathy. I disliked the system since it offered candidates that I didn't agree with and choosing between the lesser of two evils is no real choice. I simply ignored and avoided the system all together.

With the Iraq war and the gross mismanagement of government by neo-conservatives I became angrier and angrier at a Republican party that was supposed to stand for small government and personal freedom. Before Ron Paul I wouldn't have ever thought that I would support a Republican Congressman from Texas. I was very unhappy with the array of candidates for 2008 until I saw Ron Paul on The Daily Show with Jon Stuart. I was intrigued so I began researching him and found that the things he was saying I had believed all my life but had never had a candidate who said them with such passion and clarity. It gave me a new hope for this country and cured my apathy. Now for the first time in my life I find myself donating my time, talent and money to a presidential campaign for a Republican Congressman from Texas.

I don???t agree with everything Ron Paul believes, I am pro-choice and he is pro-life, but I whole heartedly agree with him when he says that the more complicated an issue is, the more local the solution should be. I think that is why Ron Paul has such a diverse following. Even if you don???t agree with him on all the divisive issues, the most important issues like individual liberty, the Iraq war and small government are very popular. Ron Paul???s federalist approach to finding solutions for the divisive issues helps us realize that if we vote Ron Paul into the Presidency, he will give us the choice on these issues, to be solved in our hometowns and states and not at the federal level were a one size fits all approach is bound to failure and will make more people unhappy then happy.

It is time we get the federal government off our backs. It is time we stopped demanding that the government babysit us and take personal responsibility for our own livelihood. Its time we realize that for all our good intentions in helping the less fortunate, the government is the worst possible agent to help them, its slow, inefficient and easily corruptible. I???m amazed at how the main stream media is labeling Dr. Paul a kook and radical, it???s a sad day in America when the ideals given to us by our founding fathers are considered radical and kooky.

Sent by Brent Rough | 6:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 57, a homemaker, a grandmother of 10, a Republican, a Texan. Last July I decided to research the past record of the candidates instead of just going by what they say. They can say and promise anything, but their record tells the truth. I found that Dr. Paul is the only one with a steady record of voting for less government spending, less taxation, less government intrusion, etc. He is going to make an excellent President!!

Sent by Norma | 6:19 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Andrew Bryant and I'm a songwriter, poet, singer and sawmill worker from Mississippi.
I am a married 27 year old with my first child on the way.
I am a convert to Dr. Paul and have never voted for a Republican in any election.
I have tended to vote democrat or third party in the past, but because Dr. Paul, without a doubt, is the only honest candidate for president who doesn't view the office as a business investment to further his/her on personal greed for power, he will get my vote even if we do not agree on all the issues.


ps-I am poor, like 99% of the rest of the America people.

Sent by Andrew Bryant | 6:19 PM | 12-19-2007

24 Year old male from central California. I'm a Veteran, just recently received my honorable discharge after 4 years of service in the Air Force. I've never voted but ever since I found out about Ron Paul in the fall of 2006, I have decided to get informed. Ron Paul is the only candidate that talks of issues that most others are afraid to acknowledge. He appears to be a highly principled man based on his voting record. I am proud to be a part of the Ron Paul Revolution. I am proud to be an American.

Sent by Robert | 6:19 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi, I'm a 19 year old gay male currently serving in the U.S. Navy reserves and attend Regis University in Denver, Colorado for a degree in Human Behavioral Science. I am also a strong believer in Jesus Christ; my Lord and Saviour and yes I'm very young, but I don't think that has anything to do with my point of view, or where I get mine from. I get my news from all sources, from CNN to Fox, from the paper to the internet. I'm just not one to be fooled by the mainstream media.

It's simply really, by word of mouth, like wildfire it will spread across our nations, into our homes, classrooms and businesses. Nothing will stop this rEOVLution; this cause for a stronger constitution. I have told my Friends and Family, Co-Workers and Classmates, my Conrad's and Commanders, my Pastor and my Teachers, even my Enemy's & my Neighbors. I've shared with them your message of hope, showed them your cure, and told them that The America we ALL MISS and use to know is now found and will be brought back home when you are elected as our President of the United States, Americas Leader and my Commander and Chief.

So it doesn't matter if your a Democrat or Republican, Christian or an Atheist, White or Black, Poor or Rich, 25 or 75, Gay or Straight. Ron Paul shows us that even with all our differences we are all the same individuals wanting the same thing, which he is willing to provide us, if we let him. Lets let him America, and for once show our Government who is Bose!

Sent by Daniel | 6:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 49 year old government employee and an Air Force veteran. I take my oath to the US Constitution to heart. That old document is the ONLY standard on which we must judge our candidates and Dr. Paul is the only one that rates.

Sent by Chuck Brothers | 6:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old college student in Northridge, CA. I voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Recall Election for the same reason I will vote for Ron Paul. He talks about new solutions to today's problems.
"If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got."

Sent by Adam H | 6:19 PM | 12-19-2007

simply put I support Ron Paul because he supports me and my views

Sent by jeffro | 6:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a tech worker/artist/engineer from the Seattle area. I am in my late thirties. I am a paleo-conservative. I am NOT disaffected! I recognize that my country is bound headlong for disaster if we don't right our course. I support Ron Paul because I know that he will uphold the Constitution and serve the people of this nation as president. I have known of Dr. Paul for about six years now. For years, when talking about congress and senate, I have not been able to say that all of the men and women in our government have sold out their people and defiled the Constitution. Ron Paul has legitimized the Congress for the ten terms that he has served by being the lone exception of honor, principle, and strict obedience to the rule of law and the Constitution. We must now elect Ron Paul to legitimize the presidency of the United States of America.

Sent by Scriven Taylor | 6:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am:
- 25 years old
- a straight male
- a Federal employee
- hold a BA from a private college
- union member
- environmentalist
- Libertarian
- an active independently minded voter
- a member of the R(3vol)ution!

Sent by Brian | 6:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm not ron paul cheerleader. I'm very pro-choice (don't like the practice per se, but it's none of my business), and it's safe to say that my views don't come from the traditional conservative background that ron paul comes from. I'm fairly liberal-minded, especially socially. but I am also skeptical of government intrusion and excessive taxation. however, what keeps me from being as pure libertarian as I once was is that I see that there is something of a neighborhood effect. at this point in time I am in no way sure enough of my exact economic philosophy to pin it down. but in general I'd say I don't like government too much. necessary, yes, but too often excessive and pestering.

so no, I'm not an old-school republican. I started liberal, turned reactionary, then found my sense as a libertarian. I don't tell other people what to do with their money, and the government shouldn't be doing too much of that, either. I am skeptical of a lot of these "I strictly follow the constitution" types. there has to be interpretation, it's necessary to survive, you can't deny it. the framers couldn't imagine the complexities added by technology and such, but they were smart enough to see that things would not always remain the same. so that sort of air gives me a bit of pause, but more importantly is his stance on foreign policy and privacy. it's safe to say that those two areas have taken something of a shit sandwich. I hate this resurgence of super nationalism. I don't stand for any pledge or any of that dogshit. we've created a culture of symbol-worship. symbols only work when both the creator and receiver understand the meaning. but we're taught to worship the flag without really knowing what it stands for anymore. it's completely devoid of meaning outside of a tool to question the patriotism of others. what sort of sick devolution is that? I spit on these symbols, and while others may give me hell, I guarantee that I live to the values that it represents than most others do. it's a small scale representation of our times. people have forgotten what government and country is there for. they take the good out and put in poor substitutes. now our country is another way to alienate others and to attack motives. if I say this country is shooting itself in the foot by starting wars for nothing, why, I must be a sick degenerate scumbag who hates this country. worst of all is that these people have a very narrow appreciation of their country. to them, their country is the bubble they grew up in when mommy and daddy force-fed their beliefs and the bubble that they'll never break out of. close-mindedness shouldn't reign over values. we're turning into slaves of governments and corporations selling us bullshit products and a bullshit sense of security. it won't be too long before these two forces expose themselves for the frat buddies they really are.

cut this spending, quit turning this country into a police state, end this foolish foreign policy, get out of Americans' private lives, end the drug war, and stop using religion as your sword. I don't want to live in a country that worships the ideals of st. paul over those of jesus. last thing we need is another militant with the theology knowledge of a sunday school kid. maybe if we can turn away from these horrible detours we can actually realize the potential of this country.

Sent by Jason | 6:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old female with a Master's degree living in the midwest. Originally from a traditionally Repulican family who has abandoned party loyalty for candidate message and track record. Everyone in my immediate and extended family has at least a master's degree. Ron Paul is everything we've been waiting for.

Sent by Tina | 6:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 white male, and a Marine Corps Veteran going to college with my GI Bill while managing a small retail storefront in Oregon.
I'm sick of the way this nation is run by corporations and lobbyists.

Sent by Ben Martin | 6:21 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old, married, father of two who was a "W" supporter until George proved no different from any other fascist. Ron Paul represents a free America. He stands for the people, not for corporations. Just listen to him and you can hear REAL answers to questions as opposed to the run-around jabber from all the others. Make a rEVOLolution.

Sent by Levi Felton | 6:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old man, a jeweler, and part time musician. I have registered republican and am voting for Ron Paul for 1 reason.

He's the only candidate who is telling the TRUTH.

Sent by Oscar | 6:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 39 year old female small business owner. If I ran my business the way our government runs theirs, I'd be out of money, out of credit and out of business. Ron Paul is the only candidate who truly understands the disaster our economy and the mightly dollar is facing. I'm voting Ron Paul, and switched my Independent status to Republican, to try to save our great nation from ruin. Power to the people, liberty, personal accountability and freedom is the message. Why wouldn't one vote for him?

Sent by CarolineD | 6:22 PM | 12-19-2007

Well, I sort of fit your profile of a Ron Paul supporter. I am a 27 year old banking professional. I am male. And I am certainly disillusioned with the current state of affairs in Washington and elsewhere. However I get my news from many different sources, including: NPR, CNN, AM Radio, Network News, Local News, The Economist, The WSJ, Local Business Journals, The Local Newspaper and of course multiple Internet Outlets. In any case, I think it is inaccurate and unfair to approach Ron Paul's supporters in such a biased manner. The sources of information used my his supporters are as diverse as the supporters themselves. We are not self categorized by race, sex, national origin, sexual preference, religion or any other superficial quality. We are all united by one idea, one truth, one goal: That our Constitution was created to limit and restrain the Government, not to limit and restrain the people. We want Liberty, Peace & Prosperity and the Freedom to enjoy them. We want a strong dollar, a strong national defense and a strong economy. We believe that our nation is Sovereign and should remain that way. Essentially, we believe in America. We love this Country and no matter how unpopular it is, we will defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic. This is what I believe and why I support Ron Paul for President. Thank you.

Sent by Norman Phillips | 6:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old woman in the entertainment industry.
I listen to NPR every morning.
On Monday morning after we the people (not special interest groups) raised over $6 million and made history, I was disappointed to turn on NPR and hear you report on McCaine and Hillary getting a newspaper endorsement, with no mention of the big news. I was dismayed but I am still listenening.

Ron Paul has way more supporters than the media gives us credit for, and many of us primarily use cell phones,have never voted Republican, or never voted period--so we are not polled.

We need to put an end to the Federal Reserve. Why is private corporation countrolling (and rabidly destroying)our country's currency? We need to bring all the troops home (from all over the world not just Iraq and Afganistan). We need to abolish the IRS. We need to get back to the Constitution.

There is only one candidate willing to take on these challenges.


Sent by Christina Michael | 6:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 3rd generation Massachusetts democrat who discovered Dr. Paul while watching a television debate. It immediately became clear that Dr. Paul is the candidate that most closely represents my views and beliefs. I support Ron Paul for president in 2008.

Sent by John Annand | 6:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 40 yr old housewife & mom from Oregon who happens to be an on-line gamer. My family's not rich we live on a very limited income . I changed my party from Democrat to Republican to show my support of Dr. Ron Paul . Our country is in desperate need of a new direction , of change . Dr. Paul is THE ONE who I feel can lead this country in a better direction , and bring our constitution back . I , my husband , my family & friends fully and unconditionally support Dr. Ron Paul for president .

VOTE RON PAUL !!!!!!!!

Sent by Rebel Dawn Glass | 6:23 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old software engineer from los angeles, previously part of the green party but now switched over to the republican party to vote in the primaries for Ron Paul. I have both liberal as well as conservative views depending on the subject, and consider myself mostly an independent. I have never been this interested in a politician or a political party before, and have already donated money to Ron Paul.

Sent by Arin Saghatelian | 6:23 PM | 12-19-2007

Attorney, 26, male, Quincy, IL

I support Ron Paul primarily because I feel he is the only candidate who will protect the value of my money, labor, and livelihood. The value of the American dollar is now (more or less) at the mercy of the Chinese government, and the most basic understanding of economic principles leads to the conclusion that, if there is not a cultural shift, the dollar will collapse altogether. One of the primary causes of this problem (without getting into a lengthy economic analysis) is the cultural shift away from individualist ideals.

I was on the verge of leaving the United States because I felt (thanks to the main-stream media) that I was alone in my belief in the individualist, as opposed to collectivist, principles upon which this country was founded. A nation, after all, is nothing more than a collection of individuals; and if I am living in a nation of people who all believe differently than I, then I am in the wrong place. Ron Paul is the only individualist running for president, and the outpouring of support for him is evidence that I may not be alone here in the US.

This country has been headed in the direction of socialism or facism (I could write a diatribe here about why that is the wrong direction, but I will refrain in the interest of brevity) for quite some time. I was convinced that we had passed the event horizon in our deterioration, and that perhaps I was one of only a handful of people who still believed in the rights of the individual over the demands of the group. But now it seems there are, in fact, many individualists here; and it may be that this problem can be remedied. If it is, indeed, possible to save this nation, we must begin now; and Ron Paul is the only candidate with the integrity, foresight, and economic understanding to lead the effort.

Sent by Chris | 6:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Ron Paul supporter. I am over 50 and I used to vote democrat because it seemed the lesser of the 2 evils. Well it's been awhile since I have voted but I'm voted this time as a republican so that I can vote for him in the primaries. I am so sick and tired of all the other candidates spouted off things they think the voters want to hear and then when it comes down to it just doing whatever they want anyway. Ron Paul is consistent in his voting and he does not sugar-coat anything just to get votes He tells you like it is whether you want to hear or not. He is just what this country needs to get it back on the right track. I have made up my mind that if he doesn't make it in the primaries then I will not vote at all for anyone for president. Anyone that can watch Ron Paul and still vote for anyone else deserves what they get.

Sent by Joyce Meredith | 6:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old bartender in rural Nevada. I became aware of Dr. Paul's message via the internet, because no major media sources cover him.
I've followed politics for years, but have never bothered to get involved due to not trusting our leaders, their messages or their actions.
I've always considered myself a Libertarian, but have not voted in the past.
That changes this year.
I've now joined the Ron Paul Revolution and have been active in spreading the message about him.
"Tell 10 friends, and let them tell 10 friends..."

Sent by Sam | 6:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old full time college student and full time worker from Fulton Missouri. I support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate for the people he represents everything our country once stood for and its time for a politician that has a backbone like Mr. Paul has.

Sent by Matthew Mina | 6:25 PM | 12-19-2007

i am
age 16
a libertarian
a Taoist
a pacifist
an agnostic
a female
from Pennsylvania

When I began seriously looking into the candidates in this election, they all disgusted me, with the exception of Ron Paul. The other candidates have been bought by lobbyists and major corporations, and if you think that money comes without conditions, you are kidding yourself.

Ron Paul's campaign is fueled and run by its supporters, who believe strongly in his message.

I agree with nearly all of his policies, and this is a first for me.

Like many Ron Paul supporters, I've taken part in the vast grassroots movement to promote Ron Paul and his message. There's nothing like freezing on a sidewalk on Saturday morning with a handful of Ron Paul cards and a campaign sign with a bunch of people who want the same thing.

Sent by Nicole Guldin | 6:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 38 year-old former U.S. Marine. I'm what I call "left of Libertarian"--some of the their positions I just don't agree with.....
One thing I do agree on is the continued validity of the Constitution, and how restoring government to that sacred documents' limits will once again make a prosperous and secure nation.
(BTW, NPR, we are a Republic. We have never been a democracy.)

Sent by A.J. | 6:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 year old web developer in Northern California.I'm supporting Ron Paul because of three specific positions he maintains -

(1) A change in our approach to foreign policy that would include an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops worldwide.

(2) Fiscal reform that would include the elimination of the incredibly destructive Federal Income Tax.

(3) He will resist any programs or policies that threaten the freedom of the internet.

Sent by Scott Winter | 6:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an Evangelical Christian Law student in Ohio. I support Ron Paul b/c he's honest, principled, and won't be bought by the highest bidder. I agree with financial responsibility, pro life, limited government, protecting our borders, supporting privacy/individual liberty and treating our foreign neighbors with respect and compassion instead of controlling and bombing them. I believe these policies and his personal ethics best reflect the wisdom of the Bible, and what the Republican party used to stand for pre-Bush.

Sent by Jesse Mann | 6:26 PM | 12-19-2007

Self employed, 26 year old male, college educated. Single, no children.
Registered republican to vote for Ron Paul, Will only Vote for Ron Paul. Being the only Anti-War candidate who supports the Constitution is why only he will get my vote and my money. The Constitution is defined as the "Supreme Law of the United States of America". We ought to obey the supreme law, not the illegal acts passed by bush and his cronies.

Sent by Jim andersch | 6:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 37 year old, single father. Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY politician for
"We the People,". He is not a corporate puppet, he speaks the truth. He is the first candidate I have every truly supported. Republican/Democrat, irrelevant labels...Whatever, I am an American, therfore I am voting for the only man even mentioning Americans and our needs here in the states.

Sent by Charles Meyers | 6:27 PM | 12-19-2007

Who am I!? I am a 33 year old American woman residing in Madison Heights, MI. I am divorced but thinking about marrying again, a Republican and Libratarian, non-denominational, kid-free by CHOICE (not until our country changes), a small business owner / self-employed. I started a small Property & Community Association Management Company and am about to merge with another company to grow the business and my skills. I LOVE RON PAUL and have committed to spend my life helping turn this country around. VOTE RON PAUL!

Sent by Christe Langdeau | 6:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I don't fit Mr. Roth's stereotype either. I'm a 52 year old married male, with one son at home and two grown daughters. I am watching my dollar shrink, threatened with sharing my social security with illegal aliens, and my freedoms are eroding daily... I could go on with the list. I'm voting for the only candidate that is focused on those issues, is truly concerned for the rights of our citizens, and has plans to deal with these issues by simply following the constitution.

Sent by David | 6:27 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi I am 20 male living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I never really ever had an interest in politics till I had discovered Ron Paul. When I listen to him speak I feel like he is talking like a real person and not just some politician who tries to beat around the bush with their words. I feel he is sincere and honest when he speaks and that means a lot to me.

I also love how he is 100% for the people of this country. Where other candidates may have intention for the good of the people but they don't have it right. Only Ron Paul sees where this country is at and where it needs to go.

There are many other reasons why I support Ron Paul but, I hope others will give him a chance and listen to what he stands for and I know they will vote for him :) woot!

Go Ron Paul!!!!

Sent by Tyler Diamse | 6:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Dr. Paul because he is the ONLY candidate in recent times (and most certainly in this election) who is campaigning on the platform of a return to Constitutional government.
His plan is simple, effective, and represents the best course for America. I want MY America back, and that is what Dr. Paul is campaigning.

Sent by Aaron Griffith | 6:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24yr old former democrat from Johnstown, PA

Sent by Blaine | 6:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a special education teacher from West Virginia. I have worked under the threats of NCLB for several years and would love to see the Federal Goverment let the states regulate their own education systems. I support Dr. Paul's message of strong state government and little federal power. The Republicans have lost their way and Dr. Paul is leading free-thinking Americans back into the light and the polling booths. Long live the Ron Paul Revolution!!!!

Sent by jason dillon | 6:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an artist and make an item used on a worldwide TV show. voting for Ron Paul all the way. Don't expect us to fit some kind of mold. That is part of it all......FREEDOM is POPULAR
I voted republican all my life because of what it was supposed to stand for.
And mistakenly for Bush twice however I regret it. I did not really vote for continuous war. But now I have learned about the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower and others warned us about. In looking into my family tree I learned that my ancestors were against this Federalist take over of a Republic way back 200 years ago. But sadly the Feds won. And now the things that ol' Benjamin Franklin said are coming true. Study history and you will see. We have only been left alone by the Kings for a couple hundred years in history. There have always been powerful individuals who want to control society. But now society outnumbers "royalty".

I do believe in GOD and human's rights from GOD.
you don't try to force me to be like you
I don't try to force you to be like me

some people really need to get over difference such as what music you like or TV you watch or hairstyle clothing, etc. We are not all Beaver Cleaver Glenn Beck wanna be Republicans. We stand for what this country was meant to be. A free Republic. Some people like rock and some classical and some hip hop and some like it all. You get my point, right?

Sent by Joe in Ohio | 6:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old graduate student at Harvard Ext working part time in a museum in order to fund my schooling and living expenses. My only previous vote was in 2004 and I didn't consider it a vote for Kerry so much as a vote against Bush.

The current 2 party system is a farce since it has turned into one big party. Only Ron Paul stands out from this crowd with a clearly defined stance for change and freedom (coming from within the republican party of today this is a wonderful breath of fresh air).

Sent by Justin Halteman | 6:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old Male from Maui Hawaii,
After the current administration I feel America is in desperate need of someone to hit the "Reset Button" Take things back to the foundations of this Country based entirely on the Constitution...
Afterwards hopefully we can take the billions spent on war and put the money towards education, health, and technological advancement...

Sent by Christian | 6:28 PM | 12-19-2007

27 years old
Self-employed small business owner
Married to a self employed small biz owner
No children (yet)

I support Ron Paul because he's a pure constitutionalist and is not afraid of the repercussions of shooting from the hip. The US and A needs someone like Dr.Paul to save us from falling like our old bro that was Rome......and unfortunately I think that repeating Rome's fate is a grave reality that we are dancing with. I truly believe that Ron Paul IS the ONLY true advocate for change in this race.


Sent by Andrea | 6:28 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old deago.

I've never had a family doctor, and I've never belonged or wanted to vote for anyone until today.

I have a 140 IQ.
I skipped grades in school.
I smoked pot.
I got DUI'S, and cleaned up with people.

I have built over 100+ of the the regional magazine or b2b websites that millions of people look at every day.

I was in the Marines when President Chaves didn't want us to provide millitary humanitarian aid from the landslide in Venezuela.

I've lived in Ohio, South/North Carolina, Georgia, California, and have been to other countries like Japan and Thailand.

I went awol.

I am a high achiever, and a belief in cross-examination as my work includes many minute details that have be resolved.

I know bullshit when I see it, and cling to people that are not full of it.

Maybe not so much cling to them, but cling to the fact that the truth (if known) can penetrate the bullshit put in front of you. You have to side with people like that as much as they might piss you off.

In my lifetime I have not seen anyone except for Ross Perot that made so much sense. Even if all we had was a president in house that believed that an accounting system ended with 0 I would be satisfied, but Ron Paulpromotes liberty, common sense, consistency, and humility.

Who wants to be a dissenter? I do.

Sent by Mike | 6:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an Officer in the United States Air Force! As an Officer, I swore to protect and defend the Constitution without personal reservation. In the past years, I have all but lost hope that politicians will stop at nothing to do the same. They may start out with good intentions but lose sight in their journey to the top. Dr. Ron Paul lives by the constitution. He stands firm when he stands for America. His dreams for America are not altered by personal interests. This is what our founders wanted. This is what Dr. Ron Paul wants. This is who I am! This is why I support Dr. Ron Paul! God Bless!

Sent by Tim | 6:29 PM | 12-19-2007

Who am I? In the simplest terms, I am 27, female, white. I am a fashion designer. I hate, hate, hate politics with a passion because I constantly have the feeling that I am being lied to by politicians. I refuse to read the news anymore because each day it just gets worse and worse. Liberties and freedom erroding at home, the slow destruction of the most beautiful document ever written - the American Constitution - with every move by congress to protect government interests at the expense of the individual - and pain and suffering caused by our own hands overseas.
It is too much to bear and so I simply focus on those things which I can control.
But I support Ron Paul. I would give up my job, my house, and all of my money to support Ron and the message that he brings to the table. Ron has given me hope to get up and read the news without cringing for the first time since I can remember. Thanks Ron!

Sent by Becky | 6:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old entrepreneur living in AZ originally from CO. I've been watching the destruction of our nation since I was old enough to vote and began tracing it back since Bush's second term began. Dr. Paul, although he's not alone with Dennis Kucinich as far as being the only candidate Dem or Rep to start finally making some serious sense, is the only candidate thus far since I've been born with a true chance at winning the election who actually truly wants to get this country off it's path of destruction and back to the roots our forefathers built it on. Dr. Paul understands the fate of our great nation is doomed if we don't make some drastic changes immediately, and he's the only person capable of making those necessary adjustments in our nations capitol.

Sent by Nick Stocking | 6:30 PM | 12-19-2007

24, artist, traveler. From western NY state.
Just want some peace in this world :) I am against war profiteering and the use of any violent force to solve problems. I am also against corporate slavery, the IRS, Federal Reserve, and the NWO. I do not think that we should be fighting wars for Israel. Violence is not the answer. Gaining money from war is the sin of all sins and we have been warned about this for centuries.
I do not depend on mainstream sources to get my "news".
Overall, you could say, I have a very deep caring for our planet and all its people. We will never be able to "move forward" as a species if we remain being unmoral by allowing the acts of killing, greed, propaganda, corruption, and lies. We must face the truth and work these things out before its too late.

Sent by andy | 6:30 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 38 year old female, formerly registered Democrat converted to Republican to vote in my FIRST primary. It is my belief that Dr. Paul is our only chance for democracy to continue in this country, to protect our constitutional rights and restore Habeas Corpus! I am proud to be a supporter, and converting as many people as I can!!!

Sent by Jody/Captionist in Rochester, NY | 6:30 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 45-year old male, divorced (almost), and father of 3 teen and near-teen daughters. I support Ron Paul because he embodies what I believe is the 'spirit' of the U.S. Constitutional idea that government's role ought to be limited, and that government itself ought to be accountable to the people (and sternly reminded of that fact when it 'conveniently' appears to forget such a foundational notion).

Sent by Richard C. Harlos, II | 6:30 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 30 years old, and living in Austin, TX. I spend most of my day designing automated sorting systems for recycling. I have been supporting Ron Paul for only a few months. It is amazing that he has such a long record that everyone can see, and that he is genuine. He is the best candidate for America.

Sent by Chris Mackay | 6:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 22 years old, from Sacramento, California. I am an Eagle Scout, a photographer, a financial supporter of my local NPR station (KXJZ), and a patriot.

I was disappointed in the view portrayed by Bennett Roth. A small amount of research would yield the fact that Dr. Paul's largest Meetup.com group is from Austin, Texas, not California or Florida, as he suggested. He is NOT an expert on Dr. Paul's campaign, obviously, and should not have been consulted as one.

I began supporting Ron Paul earlier this year, and it's been a wild ride ever since. I'm leaving for New Hampshire on Christmas Day to campaign for Dr. Paul through the Primary.

He will win, I am sure of it.

Jeremiah Galli

Sent by Jeremiah Galli | 6:31 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is the only man who stands stark against the sea of blustering politicians in which he swims. He is not trying to get his pet issue made into a Constitutional amendment. He is not out to appease his slavering base of either-wing radicals with calculated statements designed to appeal to their bias and hate. He does not just take party-line stands on the things we're told are "issues"; to name just one example, the existence of the income tax is not an "issue," but he sees it as a problem that lies in direct opposition to our nation's values, and he therefore freely denounces it as such. He knows that if we're going to have a Constitution then we might as well follow it, and he knows that the purpose of the Constitution we have is to restrain government, NOT individuals. That is our way of life and nothing more. Beyond that, he doesn't want to tell me what to think or how to live. We need a president who trusts us to live our own lives; we need a president we can trust to preserve our unalienable right to do that. We need honesty, consistency, responsibility, and an awareness of our history that no other candidate offers. He is not afraid to offer that to us, nor is he afraid to be called crazy for believing that we the American people deserve something better than what we're getting.

Most of all, he knows that the only way to kill a weed is to get down on hand and knee and tear out its roots. Only then will flowers grow. It takes patience and the courage to get a little dirty, but real change must begin at the foundation. I'm a 19 year old junior at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and my first presidential vote is for Ron Paul.

Sent by Brittney Scaccia | 6:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I have always had the same views of Ron Paul and always wondered why I couldn't find anyone who shared the same views.
I am a former Marine, joined right out of highschool. When I got out of the Marines in '03 I got a job doing airport security. I felt that it was a civilian role that I could take to ensure what happened on 911 doesn't happen again.
I am upset with the power that the federal gov't has over us. I don't believe they have any right to tell us what we can and can't do to our own bodies. I think that with the gov't able to tax our income and redistribute the fruits of our labor is unconstitutional and is detremental to the economy. And all of the other views that Dr. Paul and I share.

Sent by Robert Zaring | 6:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 23 Ivy league graduate who can't find a descent job in Buffalo NY because of NAFTA and our disasterous economic policies

Sent by Royce | 6:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 37yo white male who's voted Libertarian since 2000. Neither of the "major" parties reflected my views anymore. Ron Paul is the best (and possibly last) hope we have to get our government under control. I've never been excited about a candidate before, and I've never donated to a campaign before, but I've donated $200 to Dr. Paul. There really is a revolution growing.

Sent by Mark Spivey | 6:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a historian and musician based in New Orleans, hailing originally from Indiana. I earned an MA in History, as well as a Bachelor of Musical Arts. I'm a 25 yr old male. I have traveled all over the world, read the New York Times everyday, and believe that America is nothing without personal liberty guaranteed for every single citizen.

Sent by Greg Beaman | 6:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 33 year old female libertarian from the adirondacks. I support Ron Paul because he is pro medical marijuana and pro hemp, both of which would do wonders for our people if they became legal. I also applaud his stance on the so called " drug war" which is REALLY a war on people as well as a complete waste of tax dollars. Go Ron!!!

Sent by cheri lawson | 6:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a college student who was always interested in politics and history. Before hearing about Ron Paul I never saw myself actually voting because the choices were always two faced politicians ready to say whatever to get the vote. Ron Paul on the other hand is consistent with his views. His understanding of history and it's lessons really attracted me to look in to him more. From further investigation I realized that Ron Paul was the real deal, and that he falls nothing short of founding father status. Ron Paul is saying nothing new, he is simply taking the advice of the founders.

Sent by idb | 6:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an agnostic 26 yr old living in Texas, originally from the Sooner State who supports Ron Paul. I believe that ever since the fall of Hitler and Imperial Japan, the U.S. has thought that the way to prevent another World War is to bully smaller countries and to essentially become the world's police.
I believe that Dr. Paul's beliefs on non-interventionism are right for any day and age. He is the only candidate who adheres to our Founding Fathers' words about not becoming entangled with alliances with other nations. Our bullying has not only caused the deaths of our own good men and women but has indebted us to other nations and has made us even more of a target.
I am also for Dr. Paul as he is for free market capitalism. I should be able to make as much money as I can without penalty from the U.S. government. Unfortunately, since the creation of the income tax, that has not been possible. Many good businesses go under because the greedy politicians in Washington like to spend spend spend and then raise taxes when their trough becomes empty.

Sent by Chris in Texas | 6:33 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is the only man who stands stark against the sea of blustering politicians in which he swims. He is not trying to get his pet issue made into a Constitutional amendment. He is not out to appease his slavering base of either-wing radicals with calculated statements designed to appeal to their bias and hate. He does not just take party-line stands on the things we're told are "issues"; to name just one example, the existence of the income tax is not an "issue," but he sees it as a problem that lies in direct opposition to our nation's values, and he therefore freely denounces it as such. He knows that if we're going to have a Constitution then we might as well follow it, and he knows that the purpose of the Constitution we have is to restrain government, NOT individuals. That is our way of life and nothing more. Beyond that, he doesn't want to tell me what to think or how to live. We need a president who trusts us to live our own lives; we need a president we can trust to preserve our unalienable right to do that. We need honesty, consistency, responsibility, and an awareness of our history that no other candidate offers. He is not afraid to offer that to us, nor is he afraid to be called crazy for believing that we the American people deserve something better than what we're getting.

Most of all, he knows that the only way to kill a weed is to get down on hand and knee and tear out its roots. Only then will flowers grow. It takes patience and the courage to get a little dirty, but real change must begin at the foundation. I'm a 19 year old junior at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and my first presidential vote is for Ron Paul.

Sent by Brittney Scaccia | 6:33 PM | 12-19-2007

im a 30 year old stay at home mom of four in anchorage,alaska.i believe in Ron Paul and what he stands for.this is why im voting for RON PAUL.

Sent by Larisa Felicetty | 6:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 32 yo male working security in PA. I support Paul because he's the only one with balls enough to take on the Federal Reserve. I like his campaign, I like where he stands and he's the reason I registered republican.

Sent by Dylan Boomhower | 6:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old engineer living in a society that is deflating the dollar on a daily basis.... I want to be sure the dollar can return and that is why I am supporting Ron Paul

Sent by Chris | 6:34 PM | 12-19-2007

31 year old who doesn't trust politicians. Ron Paul is the first I have seen who I trust.

Sent by d | 6:34 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old male graduate student at Florida State University. I have always been a Republican but am starting to get pissed off with the direction the party is heading. I even voted for George Bush in the last election. Now I believe it is time for change!

Sent by Ben Johnson | 6:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I must admit that I've NEVER been into politics. Ron Paul is the only candidate I've ever seen talk about the things that REALLY matter. He has made me feel there is hope for our country after all. He has my vote!

Sent by Shafer | 6:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 yr. old in construction management tired the way washington is run. Ron Paul is an honorable man with a great track record and a true love of freedom. Whats not to like?

Sent by Aaron | 6:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27year old mortgage professional and I am tired of all the big government intervention and over taxing. It is time for Americans to take their country back!

Sent by Brenda Wilson | 6:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 16 year old male Web Developer and Entrepreneur from East Tennessee.

-Former Atheist
-NPR Listener.
-CEO of an Internet Service Group.

I may not be able to vote in the upcoming primary or election, but I support Dr. Paul by spreading information about him and providing donations.

I support his foreign policy views, belief to follow the constitution and the love of freedom.

I have purchased and read a large majority of the books Ron Paul has contributed to.

Sent by Joshua Goode | 6:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I am:

- 27 yr old female
- Grew up in South Dakota, but moved to Northern VA 5 yrs ago.
- Unmarried, but live with my boyfriend of 5 yrs.
- Professional dog walker/pet sitter & Reiki healer.
- Spiritual, but not religious. However, would probably most closely match with Buddhist beliefs.
- Use alternative methods for healing.
- Registered Libertarian since last election.

Ron Paul is real. He's one of us. You can look in his eyes and see that he's genuine and telling the TRUTH. He's passionate about his beliefs and isn't afraid to say so. He doesn't waiver. He stands for freedom, peace, respect, and LOVE. He wants to give the country back the people - as it was meant to be. He believes in upholding civil liberties and *gasp* the constitution! Mind boggling, I know. What a concept. With his beliefs of lowering taxes/getting rid of the IRS (16th amendment was never ratified by all states anyway and therefore is illegal), less government involvement in our lives, a non interventionist foreign policy, TALKING to other countries, free trade, abolishing money sucking worthless agencies like the Department of Education etc. etc., what is not to love about this man?! I also love his Libertarian stance of, "do no harm to others and do what ye will." Oh, and the fact that he supports growing hemp as an alternative to corn in order to solve our energy crisis is admirable.

Everyone is more than ready for this change, as we've been craving it for quite some time. I can't wait for the day that I can be a very important part of that change by casting my vote for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's hero, Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." Dr. No is indeed living the change.

Peace 'n Love!! =D

Sent by Jewel W. | 6:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old white male from Atlanta GA. I am crossing party lines this election b/c I believe Ron Paul is the best candidate. He is the only one Dem., Rep., or Ind. that tells it like it is, and that's what we need. I'm pretty liberal but as with most young adults, the things that used to be important to you change with age. Smaller federal government is on the top of my issues along with dumping the IRS. GO RON!

Sent by Brad Culbreth | 6:36 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old female from Michigan. I have never felt strongly about someone running for office before. When I heard Ron Paul speak for the first time I was hooked. I trust him because I can see he has good intentions for Americans. He truly loves this country and wants to do good for the people and not just for himself. I support Ron Paul for many reasons.
-He answers the questions asked to him.
-He follows and truly believes in the Constitution.
-He tells the truth.
-He is not afraid to be different.
-He wouldn't take money from lobbyist.
-He wants to end the war asap.
-He will stop the government from "printing" money
-He does NOT like big government
-He will give more power to the states to make laws for their land, just like
our forefathers intended.
-He wants to get rid of income tax.
-He does not want to tax or regulate the internet
-He does not want to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants
-He wants to get rid of Roe vs Wade and let the stats choose abortion laws for themselves.
-Listening to him talk is inspirational. It reminds you of what our forefathers wanted for this country. He often refers to them and to the constitution.
-He has the right view on Social Security.
-He defends the 2nd amendment.
-He never voted to raise is own income.
-He is a devoted father and husband.
-No one can find any dirt about him. Instead they try and find dirt about some of his supports, which is pathetic.


Sent by Jenny Maywood | 6:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 45-year old university professor, married with children. I am registered Republican. I've been concerned with our country's problems for quite some time. I finally found a genuine candidate who takes those problems head on. I only hope that America will wake up in time and deserve Ron Paul as our next president.

Sent by Val Bryson | 6:38 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old female college student from Michigan. I learned of Ron Paul through Dr. Mercola's website, which got me really interested in politics. I value freedom greatly, especially health freedom. I strongly believe that special interests have hurt a lot of people throughout the history of the U.S. and it's time these people are held accountable for their actions, or at the very least they cease to be able to do harm. I believe Ron Paul and the Constitution can help us get back on the path the founding fathers intended for this country.

Sent by Jenny B. | 6:39 PM | 12-19-2007

Programmer, 47, male Caucasian, bleeding-heart fiscal conservative. :)

I support Dr. Paul (with campaign donations, as well, for the first time ever in my life) because over the past few years, I have become increasingly concerned about our Government's fiscal irresponsibility, overly militaristic international posture, departure from the principles laid out in the Constitution, and fostering of a culture of fear. Dr. Paul's appearance on the national political scene obviously dovetailed nicely with my concerns. Moreover, the tremendous consistency of his voting record, rooted in his devotion to Constitutional principles, gives him a credibility unmatched by any Presidential candidate in decades.

We have had many years of centralized government, faux 'freedom', and misleading politics. We have strayed far enough from the concepts, that our Founding Fathers set forth, that truly define us as Americans. It's time to correct that situation, and Dr. Paul is by far the best person to lead us as President in this effort.

PS. My 19 year-old daughter and 78- and 79-year-old parents are all in the Ron Paul camp, too!

Sent by PJR | 6:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old white guy working at FedEx while trying to figure out when and why to go back to college. Adamantly independent. I am NOT a Republican. I've never supported a candidate before. True, I've always voted out of principle. Given my timeframe, though, they've all been votes against the moron in office.

I'm a little more measured in my total freedom, zero regulation, fervor than some of my fellow Paul supporters, but perhaps even more important than 100% agreement (I'm probably around 85%) is my respect for his integrity. A politician I respect? Unbelievable isn't it.

Personally, I'm a staunch Atheist with a fairly liberal sense of morality.

Sent by Victor | 6:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 years old, unemployed, and living with my parents in Michigan. Voted democrat last election out of spite. I enjoy Dr. Paul's message so much I've donated 4 times without income.

Sent by Edward Edward | 6:39 PM | 12-19-2007

30 yr old single female
bachelor's and master's degrees
Instructional designer and writer
Ron Paul supporter

Sent by Kimberly | 6:40 PM | 12-19-2007

well, i guess it's my turn to come out of the woodwork. i am not a male...i am a 19 year old female. no, i don't have a news paper subscription, but i watch cnn with my 24 year old fiance (who is also a ron paul supporter) and a little bit of fox news (which i know is sometimes unfairly biased).

Sent by Laura and Robert | 6:40 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello there! I am a mother of 2 little girls, married to a US Navy Veteran who served for 8 years. I'm a Christian woman. Raised in the Pacific Northwest (Everett, WA) now residing in Riverside County California.

My husband and I were turned on to Dr. Paul after discussing politics and how unhappy we were with "mainstream" choices that were being fed to us, by a friend who is also a Navy Vet. It's not about Left-wing, Right-wing, this group, or that group. It's about getting back to the roots of what this country was founded on and rebuilding it to it's former glory. I have always been a person who voted for whom I thought would be the better fit for the office. This is the first time I have ever felt passionate about a candidate. It's nice to see that so many other people are like-minded and excited to support and get involved with and exercise their rights as a citizen of the United States. And I am excited at the prospect of having Dr. Paul as my president. He is certainly someone to be proud of!!!! He is what this nation needs.

Sent by Kyle Walls | 6:41 PM | 12-19-2007

We are Smart Aware Americans, and are fed up with the tyrany of the goverment we will rise. Washingtons the Jeffersons, Franklins, etc We are Ron Paul supporters.

Sent by Mking | 6:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I???m a 32 year old female, non-traditional college student, studying to be a History teacher. I???ve invested my life into teaching the individuals who will shape our future and I am concerned over the type of country we will be leaving them. This country was established by people who loathed centralized power and yet this current regime propels us further into what seems like modern feudalism, fitted with fearful wage slaves and a king who does what he wants. Our immutable rights as ???The People??? are now being dictated to us on an oppressive scale, by the very government who swore to uphold them. You know the old saying ???give a man a fish??? teach a man to fish??? I read somewhere it costs more to catch a fish in your local river than it costs to purchase fillets imported from overseas. This is due to licensing fees, boat registration etc... We can???t do anything without government regulation. Ron Paul thoroughly understands economics and trusts in the free market system. Short sighted legislation has been used to transform us into a socialist state, as politicians scramble to spend it faster than you can earn it. These party politicians are trading political favors by approving pork laden bills, all the while forsaking our progeny by ignoring future implications of deficit spending. Ron Paul understands this.

Just a side note: In light of how biased this broadcast was I???ve begun to question all the previous stories I???ve enjoyed on NPR. I???m not sure I can trust you???re giving a balanced view anymore. You did not take a cross section of Ron Paul???s numerous platforms but hand chose the most inflammatory aspects of his campaign.

Sent by Rachel Glurich | 6:41 PM | 12-19-2007

everyone and there mom who wants a better world

Sent by chris | 6:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a student, that had been apathetic about politics until I heard Ron Paul's message. I have donated about $100, have a shirt, and a bumper sticker. I'm a fiscally conservative voter, and an old school Republican. Not like the new crap that we have now.

Sent by Bryan | 6:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old musician from Louisiana and I believe that money is the root of all evil. Money is the biggest problem we face in this country and it's why the economy is failing more and more everyday. Our leaders are miss useing our money constantly and if things don't change im frightend of seeing what will happen next. I mean just imagine a world where your not paying 3 dollars a gallon for gas but 6 or 9. Imagine instead of paying 750 for a decent apartment you would pay 1000 or 1,500. And that's only for a 1 bedroom apartment where i live. Imagine healthcare, medicare becoming more and more unaforadable then it already is. As long as there's a price on it the rise of the prices will contiune to go up if the economy contiunes to fail. That's my opinion which also reflects Dr. Ron Pauls opinions so I support Ron Paul because.
He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.
He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.
He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Sent by Chris Lilly | 6:42 PM | 12-19-2007

43 married male with 3 children. Artistic Director of a theatre company. Registered Republican but always voted for the candidate I felt was best. During one debate when Mitt Romney was asked if he would attack Iran. He said something to the effect of "I'll have to consult with the lawyers" Ron Paul replied "Lawyers??? Just read the constitution!" I was hooked.

Sent by Bill Taylor | 6:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 43 year old man who has always been fascinated by technology. I served in the US Army for 9 years (leaving service after the first Iraq war). I stayed in high tech until its bubble burst in 2002 and have found a new career in Holistic Healing.

I grew up thinking of myself as a Democrat, but was attracted to President Reagan's "Government is the Problem" message. I was an activist with Ross Perot's campaign. Soon after that fiasco I found the Libertarian Party on the message boards of the infant internet.

I dropped out of politics altogether in 2003 and thought I would never return until Ron Paul announced his campaign for President.

I am now a Registered Republican for the first time so I can vote for Ron Paul in the Massachusetts primary.

Sent by Scott | 6:43 PM | 12-19-2007

This is my first year voting, and i have been very unimpressed with politics all my life. i study history and government quite a bit, and i see the size of the corruption in the system today. in this upcoming election, i had expected the same cookie cutter people to run as usual with their promises and their views on important issues, most of which are very controversial. i am, and always have been sort of independent in my thinking as far as party goes; i have more conservative views than liberal. when i first heard of ron paul, people told me he was a nobody, but the more i look into it, he is THE SOMEBODY. i see so much substance to his values and the way he views our country. he is a true American and loves every fiber of the countries foundations. he is disappointed, as i am, with the structure the government has built on top of this foundation because it cuts into the basic principles and replaces them with weaker substances, such as lies and greed. Ron Paul seems to me to be the most honest, most dedicated to OUR country and its PEOPLE, and the most get-down-to-it and get-this-country-back-on-track candidate for president. this is a man i would proudly call my president, a man i would put my faith in to run my country and make my life and my fellow American's lives better due to the foundations he sets himself on, the Constitution and the meaning that brought American government into existence. TO TRULY BE FREE.

i am proud to be in a country where i can vote for a man that i believe will help keep us that way.

i am proud to vote Ron Paul.

Sent by A.M.C. | 6:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a special educator in Orange County Ca, and a lifelong Republican. I like Dr. Paul's plan on education. No child left behind does not work especially with kids who have special need's . These kid's with special need's are held to same standard and testing as general ed student's . The three thousand dollar tax credit he is promising would benefit tremendously . My husband and I spend a lot of own money on manipulative's and reinforcer's . I like the fact Dr. Paul wants to push the accountability and responsibility to the local level where need's to be , Teacher's know what the children need. Teacher's are the one's who work with the kid's and there parents , not some large wasteful money pit in washington.
Please abolish the department of education and let's get back to teaching our kid's without the federal government getting in our way.
Those are some of the reasons why my husband and I are financially supporting Ron Paul. We will be voting for him in the Republican primary

Sent by Sarah | 6:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 49 year old married grandmother from Missouri, working full time in the software industry. I live with my husband and 8 year old grandson. My votes have gone to the Democrats until now. One day in January 2007 I came across a video of Ron Paul speaking. I liked his message and I've been listening ever since.

Sent by Barbara | 6:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 42 year old artist and legal asst. I grew up a Right Wing Republican in Kansas City. I have not cared about Politics since Reagan left office because I understood that we "ruled" by corrupt scumbags I didn't watch mainstream media, of any kind, for 3 years straight and because of that, I am no longer brainwashed. My Roommate introduced me to Dr Paul and my whole view has now changed on the United States. We now have hope. We have awaken. We are pissed off. We no longer believe in the phoney war on terror. We understand now that we are slaves to the Fed and Corporate greed. Dr Paul and those who "think" are the future of this once great country. We now understand that the polls are outdated and slanted. We are the way, the future & in the right. God Bless America. and down with the NWO.

Sent by Patrick Morgan | 6:44 PM | 12-19-2007

Married 27-year old entrepreneur and blogger from MA, recently sold my company to a major technology company. Ron Paul will be the first presidential candidate I've ever voted for, not to mention the first politician I've ever donated to and campaigned for. My hobby is subtly sticking Ron Paul plugs into my blog posts :)

Sent by Jason | 6:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old male in the US Navy. I support Ron Paul because he wants to return to our constitutional and libertarian roots.

Sent by Joseph | 6:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an IT Manager working for a market leader in downtown Boston. I came from a communist country and understand and appreciate what freedom really is; unlike most Americans. That is why I support Ron Paul. As a solid Libertarian, I agree with him on all his issues.

Sent by Joe | 6:45 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 27 year old married male from Texas, with generally little interest for politics. My support of Ron Paul arises from the fact that he has an actual directionally unified and cogent philosophy, theory, and practise... and with a specific aim. In addition, this aim is in considerable likeness to the original aim of America. I have not witnessed a single person of political authority possess things of this nature, or even convincingly pretend to.
We must also commend him for his bravery in all of this; because thinking, feeling, and acting in a different way is often very difficult territory for oneself among the masses of others.

Sent by Hans | 6:45 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 38 year old Merchant Marine. I've lived in New York, California, Hawaii, and Florida. I believe in Ron Paul because his voting record backs up his message. He is a Doctor and a vastly more experienced statesman then anybody else who is running. The Federal reserve is not federal, it's private. We owe our ludicrous national debt to the federal reserve for the service of just printing our money. The FED has got to go! The IRS backs up the FED, the IRS has got to go. This so called war is shameful and we need to get out of the Middle East. Suppose the Saudi Army set up a military base behind your children's school, what would you do to get them out? Maybe strap on a bomb, or fly your private jet directly into Mecca? Put the shoe on the other foot, and you'll see why we need to withdraw immediately. Vote Ron Paul- Hope for America. Hope for the world!

Sent by Jason | 6:45 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is the only candidate that truly wants to change the system. He tells it how it is and never beats around the bush when faced with tough questions. 20 years ago when he was running for president, he was saying the same things he is today. The best part of all? It's blatantly obvious he's the guy the establishment doesn't want in office, thats the type of president America needs right now.

Sent by Mike Kansa | 6:45 PM | 12-19-2007

Who are "Ron Paul" supporters?

Often labeled "Libertarians" and "Crazy", these supposed internet-only supporters have baffled the mainstream political juggernaut. Who are "Ron Paul" supporters?

We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, First-Time Voters from every state in the Union from the cities and the country. We are black, white, asian, latino. We are immigrants and natural born citizens. We eclipse all age and income demographics. Our sole, selfless cause is Liberty.

Sometime in the last 25 years, the big government, interventionalist neo-cons stole the platform of our GOP.

We are the new face of the GOP. We are here to take back our country and our party.

We are Ronpublicans, and we will never give up our cause.

Sent by Cambridge Chris | 6:45 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a self employed/small business co owner in Chicago that specializes in nightclub sound and live sound events. I am sick of big government. I am sick of seeing my future robbed away. I will never have the opportunity the men and women in the 50's and 60's did of owning decently priced house, saving money, and being secured in a decent future with moderate work. I have to work over 100hrs a week, thank God at a job I love, to make live comfortably.

Big Corporation/Government is robing the pockets of everyone. Our inheritance and lifeblood are being siphoned by the rich, and spent all over the world.

Let us keep our money. Let us have our future back.

I believe Mr. Ron Paul has my best interest in mind. No one else does.

I vote Paul.

Sent by Nathan | 6:45 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a 31 year old father of a beautiful 4 year old daughter. im tired of watching all our freedoms go down the toilet, and if its not changed now, my little girl wont have a future. Ron Paul is the only candidate who speaks the truth and has the right ideas to get America back to what it once was a LONG time ago.

Sent by Jason | 6:45 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 33 year Lesbian computer geek who's major issue this election is Iraq and the economy. Ron Paul is the only one with a definitive plan that I agree with. He might not win, but his policies force people to educate themselves outside of the usual political rhetoric and lip service. The more people his campaign forces to educate, the more people will stand up to whoever does get elected to office.
The people have a responsibility as a citizen to govern their government.

Sent by anon | 6:46 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old male security guard in Missouri who grew up in southwest Kansas. I haven't voted since bushes first term beacause it was a joke. But I'm getting involved with the Ron Paul campaign. finally I can support a real patriat

Sent by brian | 6:46 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old male raised in Oregon. I have no party affiliation. I've worked in the non-profit sector for 6 years doing database programming and management.
Ron Paul is the only candidate I've ever donated to for any government position. He recognizes that we as a country have swayed from the foundation of American Idealism, that the Federal government has overstepped its constitutional restrictions, and that our sovereignty, both as a nation as well as each individual state, is being threatened by certain social ideology as well as the ignorance of the American people as to the structure of our government. I believe Ron Paul is the only candidate that is looking at the constitutionality of each office of the executive branch and how to bring the Federal government within the boundaries and restrictions provided by the US Constitution. He's the only candidate talking about sound money and real free market economy. Ron Paul has this crazy idea about actually following the law
I support Ron Paul because I believe that he will do the duty of a president as it was originally intended.

Sent by Richard Niemeier | 6:46 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 40yr old single father. I contributed 50% of the money I was going to spend on my daughter for Christmas to the Ron Paul Campaign. The other video games are just things but Ron Paul with our help can give her a real future. Free of taxation without real representation. Free of big Government and Big Brother. Free of crooked government and it's officials that have forgotten all about what Thomas Jefferson said. ???The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.??? ??? Thomas Jefferson

Sent by Mike M | 6:47 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old male from California who regularly voted democrat untill last the last national election. Mr. Paul offers what this country needs and democrats promise and rarely deliver: ethical common sense leadership that governs in a manner congruent with the best interests of the American people. A represenative that *GASP!* actually represents the people, impagine that.

Sent by Nathan Henry-SIlva | 6:47 PM | 12-19-2007

Hello I'm Sam Walker from Tyler Texas. I???m 15 years old and I'm currently a junior in high-school. I've been Home-schooled the entirety of my education, and I enjoy it quite a bit. And no, my mother did not tell me to vote Ron Paul. I told her.
Many of my friends ask me, "Why are you such an avid Ron Paul supporter when you can't even vote???? And the simple answer to that question is; I???m trying to wake ???We the People??? up to the dire state of our Nation before it???s too late. The government is spending beyond its means, and we need a Ronald Reagan to correct that paths direction. Our national Sovereignty is under siege via the NAU, and our liberties and freedoms are being stripped for our own ???security???. The National ID card (contained in the Real ID Act) will be implemented in May 2008. Habeas Corpus is gone??? and our first amendment rights are being stepped on. Our economy is in worse shape than we???d like to admit, and our dollar is crashing. The Income Tax is unconstitutional. We must realize this, and we must take a stand now, or never. My role is to simply awaken my peers from their apathetic state that our society ingrains in their minds, and to enlighten them to this quiet cull of our liberties and freedoms!
I support Ron Paul, because I???m worried about our nation???s future. I???m simply a messenger boy for the Revolution (in the good sense of the term), trying to spread the message of freedom and hope to the people before it???s too late. God bless to all who may read this, and I???ll continue to further the Revolution and further the message of freedom to everyone I might meet. God bless! And go to www.ronpaul2008.com for more info on Ron Paul.

Sent by Sam Walker | 6:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 59 year old Army veteran, small business owner with a 14 year old daughter. I have voted both Republican and Libertarian. I only voted Republican to keep the Democrats from winning. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination I will vote Libertarian because there isn't a dimes worth of difference between all the rest of the candidates.
Of course I think Ron Paul will win. The polls are wrong about Ron Paul's support

Sent by Joseph Bergrath | 6:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am male and young. I am married, 23 year old software developer. I am a resident of Dallas, Texas. I consider myself a fiscal conservative, and I am most attracted to Ron Paul's monetary and foreign policy positions. Prior to Ron Paul's campaign, I had never donated to a politician.

I get my news from MSNBC and various newspapers online.

Sent by Matt Shannon | 6:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 45 year old PhD, married to a 47 year old family physician (former U.S. Navy physician) for 26 years. Three children, ages 19, 9 and 4. Lifelong Republican. Sick of Republicans turning away from small government philosophy and fiscal responsibility and toward big government solutions. Longing to return to a land where the government obeys its own laws, and the future is brighter for my children rather that one that will see the fruits of their labor consumed by taxation.

Sent by Laura | 6:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a graphic designer in West Palm Beach, FL. At 31 years old, male and very dissatisfied with the federal government I suppose I fit the said stereotypical Ron Paul supporter. I'm a used to get most news from CNN and MSNBC and still would if it wasn't for the inter-activeness of YouTube. I noticed saw Ron Paul in the first Republican Debate and thought he was "interesting". Enough anyway to do more research. I found that he speaks the truth and uses good logic and historical examples to back his arguments for his positions. He honestly makes the other candidates look like bumbling fools sometimes; even if they fail to realize it. He has great character, wisdom and incredible knowledge of government and history. He towers above the rest.

Sent by Anthony | 6:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old tattoo artist in Kansas City, Mo. I am married, with a very young son. I have always identified with 'Democrats', but am sick of seeing a lack of change. I am socially liberal, but want a small government. Ron Paul presents an actual chance to save our country from ruin.

Ron Paul 2008!

Sent by Andrew | 6:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old computer programmer and graphic designer. I have always been interested in politics and now more then ever it is our job to ensure our freedoms are restored.

Give freedom a chance. Restore the liberty to this great nation.


Sent by Ryan Schmidt | 6:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29-year old married man with 6 year-old daughter, college graduate, and stationed in Japan.

I'm appalled about how much other candidates' controversies and drama are displayed in the media over Ron Paul's unbiased, promising, Constitutional and convincing message.

Please, make this man more heard in the media!

Sent by J. Dronzin | 6:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 33 year old husband, father of three children. I'm voting for Dr. Paul because I don't want big government telling me how I should be educating my children, what kind of drugs they should be taking. I'm voting for Dr. Paul because I don't want them to have to inherit an economic nightmare from my parents' generation. I want my children to be free in every sense of the word.

Sent by James Newman | 6:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a male, 28 year-old Manufacturing Manager and Musician from Greenville, Ohio. I do not get my news and entertainment from the internet only, but when watching the news on tv or reading the paper I am exremely cautious with the information that is being presented. The mass media is controlled, biased, and skewed. It is that type of irresponsible reporting that calls a great man like Ron Paul a "fringe candidate" or "long shot". He didn't get a chance on tv or in the newspapers at all until he broke the all-time one-day, donation record in the history of the United States. The Ron Paul Revolution is picking up speed every day and the polls, as long as they aren't tampered with again, will reflect that in the year to come.

Sent by Jon Mardin | 6:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old former U.S. Marine currently working as an independent financial advisor in York PA after ten years in CA.

I discovered Congressman Paul in a documentary about this time last year called America: Freedom to Fascism and he has had my utmost attention since.

I have yet to find ANYONE in our current leadership that has the integrity of Dr. Paul. I believe that is because he has no $ signs in his eyes. His agenda is quite clear indeed. He has worked so hard and against so much adversity for so long that in my eyes, none of the other candidates come close.

Whether he wins or not it does not matter. He has started something amazing and that will not be going away anytime soon. I'm even thimking about running for office at the local level. I know I have a solid base of support from the town Ron Paul 2008 Meetup group(100+ and growing) that is willing to work if the candidate is right.

Ron Paul or Nothing!

Sent by Patrick | 6:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 yr old female in northern Kentucky. I haven't registered to vote in 14 years. I've been disgusted with almost all of our choices previous to Ron Paul.
We actually have a fighting chance of electing a politician that isn't scared to tell it like it really is and call people out. It's not healthy to live in a country where we're so prideful that we can't admit that we've strayed from what our original promise to our selves was 200 years ago.
Ron Paul is ready to fix the problems the others have been ignoring and has the guts to stand for those freedoms whether it's fashionable to do so or not.
I may not agree with every little thing he believes, but he sure is the only candidate that has policies rooted in the forgotten foundation of our nation's own contract with ourselves!
I'm proud to spread the word about this guy.
I've never so much as given a candidate one word of endorsement before and for Paul, I've given hard-to-come-by time and very-hard-to-come-by money as well as my own reputation and attention...and I will gladly continue this effort to the end.
He deserves all the media attention the others are getting put together because he's ten times the candidate.
Thanks for asking us about ourselves.
I'm a devoted NPR listener and I haven't heard nearly enough about Dr. Paul from what I consider to be one of the last truly objective sources of news. I hope this enormous response prompts you to give him more airtime.
Thanks so much,
~Kara Livesay

Sent by kara livesay | 6:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 39, homeschool our one child. My husband and I own an Espresso Cafe/Christian book/gift store in rural Kansas (I grew up in the bay area, California). We are Conservative Republicans. We are HUGE Ron Paul supporters, he is our last hope for America. I will not vote unless he is on the ballot. In my lifetime I have never witnessed a Presidential candidate as honest as Ron Paul, he knows exactly what this country needs to get us out of these extremely difficult times. he does not just say what people/government want to hear, nor does he change what he believes in. America is in a crisis, with the border problems, the War in Iraq, crime, etc. It seems other countries hate us, and they are getting stronger, while America and the dollar are getting weaker. Ron Paul wants to live by the Constitution

Sent by Nikki Houston | 6:51 PM | 12-19-2007

iam an aviation mechanic in the us navy and i support ron paul because he is the only candidate who backs the constitution of the usa and he has been completely honest thats a whole lot more than i can say for any other candidate which i dont trust as far as i could through them if they really cared about america and the people they would drop out and vote for ron paul.

Sent by josh | 6:52 PM | 12-19-2007

We are disaffected? Not in touch with mainstream media? I'm sorry but most people who support any of the other republican or democratic candidates are out of touch. I watch all facets of media. CSPAN, liberal and conservative talk radio, Fox news for the right's views, MSNBC for the left and CNN for the independent populist view. Thats why I DO support Ron Paul. He breaks the mold that the mainstream media and corporate cater politics keep portraying.

Sent by Joel - From Delaware, where Ron Paul has immense support | 6:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I support ron paul, because he is the only person that stands for the constitution. Also he is not owned by corporate interest , and in addition his voting record shows his integrity towards civil liberties.

Sent by John Nelson | 6:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old (male) student from St Petersburg, Florida majoring in Economics.

Until I learned about doctor Ron Paul, I didn't have full confidence or faith in any of the other candidates I had heard about in the news... either on TV or in the St Petersburg Times. Then a friend turned me on to Ron Paul, and I was hooked.

He is a genuine guy, and I truly believe that *he* believes in what he says... not to win votes, or to please his supporters, but because he knows in his heart that it is what is best for the greater good of our Nation. People follow him because he speaks to their hearts, and to the part of them that they *know* to be truly American.

I support Ron Paul because he puts the safety and future of America first, and he puts it in the hands of the the people who deserve to determine and bear Her destiny... the people themselves.

Ron Paul is what this Country has been yearning for... and praying for... now it's only a matter of time before they find out.

Sent by Bob Curtis | 6:52 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a White American and hoping for a better future for our white children!

Sent by Danny Luker | 6:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old male student going for a masters in business.

Health care and the wars in the middle east are being billed as the most important issues this election, but not the way the two big parties see the issues.

The precedent set by the Patriot Act and the consolidation of power by the executive branch are of much bigger concern to Americans in the long run.

Additionally the foreign ownership of domestic debt puts great burden on the future generations. To quote Alan Greenspan; "Power at the cost of fiscal prudence" has been one of the hallmarks of the current administration.

What I don't understand is how Americans can just roll over and take the government being involved ever more in our personal lives and the choices we are allowed to make for ourselves.

Sent by Matthew H. Chase | 6:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an 18 year old, female, native Coloradan and I'm in my first year of college in Des Moines. I got interested in free market economics and while I was reading about it I came across Dr. Paul, and he made so much sense. He's not about making people do what he thinks is right, he's about letting them do what they think is right.
Ron Paul 2008!

Sent by Kelsie | 6:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old mother who owns my own freelancing business. My husband is a 30 year old Family Practice Physician. We both feel that Ron's message about getting back to the constitution is right on the money. We feel this country's finances and foreign policy is spinning out of control. Our hope is that even if Ron doesn't make it through the primaries this year, that the country will hear the message and start acting on it!

Sent by Angela | 6:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 20 year female college student currently working on my BA in education. My husband is in the army. I'm tired of big government and business running our country. Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands that we are spending our country into ruin!

Sent by amanda | 6:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old male. I'm from Lincoln, Nebraska. I went to aeronautical school down in Tulsa, Ok for two years. I work on and around aircraft. I have always been a republican. I recently thought about voting third party in this presidential election. I was going to vote for the constitution party candidate. That was until I found out about Ron Paul. His beliefs are exactly what I believe. I have hated the fact that we give billions of dollars away to foriegn countries. The countries that we give them do don't apprieciate it. They take our money and then use it against us. Also we can't afford all these government programs. I'm tired of working two jobs and getting penalized for working 2 jobs instead of working just one job. I'm trying to get ahead and the government beats me back down. I pay way too much in taxes. Ron Paul is the first person I have chose to get involved in rallying for. First person to ever give money to there campaign. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the profile on Ron Paul when I was looking at all the candidates. He is the candidate for me.

Sent by Shane Hoffman | 6:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a single, 33-yr old female graduate student at Vanderbilt University. I'm from Atlanta, GA. I'm a card-carrying Libertarian who believes Ron Paul is the only candidate who can deliver us from the welfare state. I'm fed up with government spending and I don't believe there is much difference between the neo-conservatives and democrats. I voted for Michael Badnarik in the last election. I proudly support Ron Paul, have donated several hundred dollars to his campaign and I'm a member of the Nashville Meetup group. I have had yard signs since before they even sold them from the official Ron Paul site, and a bumper sticker on my car.

Sent by JG | 6:55 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old who grew up republican, abandoned the party and turned far left and then left the democratic party just this year. I voted for John Kerry in 04 and proudly voted Russ Feingold as my senator. i never understood the rhetoric my party spewed about helping the poor until i came across dr. paul's message of true freedom, explaining how the liberals and neo-cons both are aiding in the oppression of the poor and middle class through inflation, taxation and the welfare state. liberals claim to want to help the poor, republicans the working class, both are complete utter rhetoric. I am disgusted with liberals, even more disgusted with current republicans and through Dr. Paul i have found my voice again

Sent by Jeremy Frombach | 6:55 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a senior in high school and, until recently, my plan was to move out of the United States as soon as I had graduated from college. I saw no hope for a cure to the corruption in Washington and planned to let it implode upon itself. Now, I'm and energized supporter of the Ron Paul Revolution. His monetary policy will secure our nation's currency for years to come and his foreign policy will keep us out of unnecessary and unconstitutional wars. Ron Paul gave me hope for America.

Sent by Kevin | 6:55 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 22 years old, and never gave a rip about politics until I found out about Ron Paul. I've lived in Minnesota, Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, and California. I see the desolation in peoples eyes everywhere I go. There giving up and giving in. Lost hope in what this country stands for and lost faith in the people around them. Desensitized by the media and find a greater feeling of reality in a reality T.V. show. I know however, that we are not all Guinea Pigs running on a wheel. What I now wonder is how many people can get off the wheel in time to open their eyes to see the cage we've been put in. Ron Paul may just be our last chance to turn things around and take the power away from the elite greedy few that control our lives, and give it back to the states and the people. Your best bet: Don't believe the corporate media, educate yourself on the issues, believe in what you believe, and get out and make a difference. Peace.

Sent by Jamey | 6:55 PM | 12-19-2007

Glad to say i do fit your profile!! I'm 22 a recent college grad that majored in Accounting, Finance and MIS. And I am very concerned about the future economic well being of this country! Today's leadership is steering the ship right to bankruptcy!! It's time for a change no if's and's or but's!!!

Sent by Eric Krenz | 6:55 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 yr old female international business/ chemistry double major. I'm also a waitress. My whole family (1 high school 16 yr old, one 19 yr old psychology major, a marketing VP and a stay at home mom) and most of my friends (all college students) support Rep. Ron Paul

Sent by Jessie | 6:55 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27y/o male originally from Massachusetts and now living in Florida. I go to pharmacy school and was completey uninterested in the presidential election because I felt as though all the candidates were saying the same thing. I voted in 2004 but cannot remember who I voted for because I didn't really care. I first became interested in Ron Paul when I saw how disrespectful the media treated him during a debate. The media's disrespect was a sign of fear so I researched their fear. I want our troops to stop policing the world. I want to stop sending our troops to fight wars for other countries. I want to secure our borders and strengthen our economy and our dollar. I want freedom !! I want Ron Paul. At times when I watch Ron Paul videos I get choked up and emotional because I see that he is a true American and he wants what is best for this country while the other candidates are attempting to "gain power."

Sent by paul | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old female law student in Florida. Fresh out of high school I was as liberal as they came, but throughout college I became more and more conservative, even working for the GOP. I will vote for RP because of his foreign policy, his financial policies and his firm beliefs in the 2nd amendment, among many other things. I am hard pressed to find an issue I disagree with when it comes to Ron. My fiancee is an active duty officer in the Navy and also strongly supports Ron Paul.

Sent by KM | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I can't speak for anyone else, but I feel that Ron Paul supporters are those who are sick and tired of the same-old-same-old that we get endlessly from Washington. We are ready for a true statesman in the vein of Cincinnatus; someone we can trust to use power responsibly. We feel that Dr. Paul can be trusted to do what he says, and to not back away from his message in an attempt to gain favor with a mass electorate. Dr. Ron Paul represents what makes America great.

Jonathan McGrath,
Kansas City, MO

Sent by Jonathan McGrath | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 45, from OC,CA. I'm married, a housewife, mother, and grandmother. I was previously registered Democratic (just so I could vote in the primaries) but, I am really more Independant. I vote on the issues not the Party. I just switched to Republican so I can vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries. I support Ron Paul because he is not afraid to say where he stands on the issues. He is against pandering to special interests. He is against abortion and not afraid to say so. He is for getting the Government out of our business. He is against the Government giving foreign Aid and thinks it should be done by individuals or corporations that want to give aid, I agree! I think he will adhear to the ideals of our US Constitution and bring back our civil liberties. I have never been very involved with politics, but have always voted. I am actually considering becoming a delegate so I can actually make a difference in where our country is headed and have my vote count! I have done my homework and I think he is the best Candidate we have running for President. Also I can't stand Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Sent by Disinfranchised in O.C. | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Garrett Worrell. I'm a 29 year old single white male located near Fresno, CA. I broker forest products for a company my dad started 30 years ago. I'm educated, I have strong family values and morals, and I'm disgusted with mainstream politicians. I think personal income tax is unconstitutional. I think all the social programs put in place to cater to illegals need to be stopped. I believe our borders need to be secured immediately. I also believe the Iraq War is an illegal war since Congress never approved a declaration of war. I also believe the war has less to do with American interests and more to do with Israel's interests.

Ron Paul is the only candidate from either political party who will pull our troups out if Iraq as well as other countries ASAP. He's the only candidate who'll address the most important issues directly. He understands how and why this country is in financial trouble and he has the solutions to this country's problems.

This strong support is just the beginning. Everyone who does their homework on Ron Paul becomes a strong supporter.

It's up to us to spread the word because the bought and paid for media won't...

Sent by Garrett Worrell | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

Brian, It is not the Federal Governments job to fund education. If you read some history you might comprehend just enough to figure out it is not the Federal Governments job to take care of us from craddle to grave... Go vote for Huckabee, at least he can think for you...

Sent by Mike M | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

Active duty USAF officer...interested in defending the USA but not interested in policing the world.

Sent by Dave | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old college student from Alabama. My parents are both huge Republicans. I am not. I registered to vote for the first time this year because of the message Dr. Paul running on.

Sent by Anne | 6:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a salesman, former business owner, and professional poker player. I vote in every election whether I like it or not. Dr. Ron Paul makes sense on so many levels. We've got a man of the people, keep hope alive. Got fuel to burn, got roads to drive. Keep on rockin in the free world...

Sent by rEVOLution | 6:57 PM | 12-19-2007

Registered Constitution Party.

I'm 37 years old and I'm on National Guard active duty. My civilian job is Armord Car Messager and haven't seen this job since Feb. 2003. (my choice)

I have never voted for a Democrat or a Republican. I've been voting since 1992 as a Reform Party member. Then in 2000 I switched to the Constitution Party.

I want to have a president who is in office for "we the people", not for their party or personal reasons.

Ron Paul will be our next President.


Sent by Luckie McDonald | 6:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a designer in the aerospace industry, professional musician and married with two children. I support Dr. Paul because he wants to allow us to take care of ourselves, put more money back in our pockets to spend and save according to our individual needs. He wants a competing currency backed by real money. That reminds me of what just happened to my wife the other day. A few years back my wife's aunt offered to sell a recliner to said wife. My wife declined and the aunt eventually sold to another person. Well last week the aunt asked if wife wanted the chair again but the other buyer still had the chair and had never paid in the first place. Now her aunt was trying to sell a chair she didn't have possession of. Kind of like our current monetary system.

Sent by Pleefer | 6:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I have followed Ron Paul for the last 9 years, knowing he is one of the last true honest politicians. Undoubtably the greatest politician since Davey Crocket. I swore that if Ron ever ran for president, not only would i vote for him, but i would get every person i know to do the same. Main stream media or not, our voices will be heard....

Sent by Mike Linderman | 6:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old male living in New Jersey. I support Ron Paul because I am tired of seeing the same politician with nothing of any substance to say gain control of my country. Every single candidate in this race, with the exception of Ron Paul, seems to have been manufactured in some redundant factory, too rich and priviledged to possibly understand any average Americans needs. Ron Paul is being castrated by mainstream media for what reason? Because he represents individual rights, abolishment of imperialism, protesting a war that was sold on lies? These are the qualities any candidate should harbor, yet Ron Paul is the only one doing so. This country was great because of a constitution and a decleration, each of which every other current politician and hopeful are trying to shred. I will vote Ron Paul because he is the only candidate who stands for America, not money, not destruction, not imperialism. I want to live in a free country, so I will vote Ron Paul.

Sent by Scott | 6:57 PM | 12-19-2007

19 yr old male Inwod WV

My first time voting. I looked into each person running without looking at parties and i have chosen Ron Paul.


Sent by Greg Fortenberry | 6:58 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old, male student who will just miss being old enough to vote for Ron Paul. While I can not vote for him I am deeply devoted to spreading his message to those who can vote. I will be studying political science and philosophy in college. I am a boy scout and an upstanding member of my community. I am not a "kook", conspiracy theorist, isolationist, or white supremacist like so many in the media seem to think we are and neither are 99% of his supporters.

Sent by Greg | 6:58 PM | 12-19-2007

22 year old male.
Lower middle class.
Washington state.
Disaffected sounds right.

Sent by Purity | 6:58 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a married 27 year old mother of three. I am also a college student. I am tired of the same old, same old in our government. Paul won me over when I watched a republican debate. A question was asked about what we should do about space travel and he answered the question with a big NO. Basically, he stated that we don't have money for that kind of stuff at the moment! I was so pleased with that type of answer. I like this guy and think he should win!

Sent by Heather | 6:58 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is the only candidate who is real. He speaks his mind and how he feels about us and our country and doesn't care what the other candidate's think. He knows what we need and how our country will rise out of this decreasing surge in our policies at this current time. America is in a comprising situation right now, and he will bring us out of it! VOTE RON PAUL!

Sent by Christopher Kyle | 6:59 PM | 12-19-2007

I don't fit the profile either. I'm a 35 year old elementary teacher from Michigan. I am married and have three children. I have always voted in the primaries and have always been extemely conservative (much to the dismay of my liberal union reps). Ron Paul really does bring hope to America!

Sent by Jennifer | 6:59 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 46 year old male from Indiana. I jumped from the Democrats to the Libertarians during the 1996 election. Wisdom does come with age.

Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate who actually believes the U.S. constitution should be the law of the land. The others are simply professional politicians changing at the whims of popularity pols.

Sent by Jim Mikesell | 7:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 year old female from New Jersey.
I believe in the true idea of America and The Constitution. I have always voted 3rd party. Ron Paul makes me optomistic about the future of our country while most of the others, on either side, scare the crap out of me.

Sent by CE | 7:00 PM | 12-19-2007

Im an student who just turned 18. I was raised in a political family and was raised to be a proud "Republican." Growing up I started looking at our beliefs and we would be better labeled as Libertarions considering how there is nothing conservative about the GOP party to date. This will be my first election and I am proud to be allowed to make a patriotic such as voting for Ron Paul in 2008!

Sent by C Cole | 7:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old female college student. I don't think I fit the mold you are describing. Paul supporters are diverse because I think that Ron Paul's message has wide spread appeal.

I love NPR and have been disappointed not to here any mention of Dr Paul before.Good to see you finally taking notice.

No I don't watch "mainstream" news because it is no longer truth it is satire.

Sent by ashley | 7:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a native of West Virginia who is college educated- American Literature and English as well as linguistics trained. I raise most of my own food on a small farm and believe in self reliance. I am a Christian and I read extensively in the fields of history, philosophy and religion. I am patriotic and feel our country has lost its way. I want our Republic restored to its constitutional foundations.

Sent by Wayne Herrod | 7:00 PM | 12-19-2007

18 year old High School student introduced to Ron Paul by my twin brother. Mother is a moderate and father a liberal.

Sent by Jim T | 7:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 25 year old father of one. I have never been active in politics because of my own apathy. Ron Paul has proven that there is someone out there who still cares about the people and not serving corporate and banker interests. HE IS THE ONLY TRUE AMERICAN CANDIDATE.

Sent by Daniel Quenzer | 7:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a single, white, 41 year old woman. I have supported Ron Paul for over a decade. I do not want to live in a theocracy, nor do I wish to live at the hands of a tyrannical majority.
It is as simple as that. I am also a direct descendant of John Hart, so perhaps it is in my blood.

Sent by Tracie Atkinson | 7:01 PM | 12-19-2007

50 year old male from New Jersey, married with 5 children, have been a Republican for years. Just agree with most of Ron Pauls beliefs, especially concerning the Constitution.

Sent by Kevin | 7:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old University of Texas student. Unlike many Paul supporters, I have voted at every opportunity, usually third party.

I don't believe in the false paradigm of being either left or right. In fact, most people don't truly fit into those categories. It has always seemed to me like people just pick sides based on how well they are sold to by the parties.

I believe that the government fails at every stated goal they put forth. That is why I am voting for Ron Paul. Because even if he can't get all the changes done that are necessary, he could at least slow the bleeding.

Sent by Trey | 7:01 PM | 12-19-2007

Jacob Ireland 20 year old student majoring in graphic design and I support Dr. Paul!

Sent by Jacob Ireland | 7:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 51 and retired from the Real Estate Industry. Ron Paul seems to be the only hope for getting government under control. Go try to build something and watch government in action or inaction... Rules, laws, regulations, politics, protection groups, law suits, and much much more... In the U.S. we slap 35,000 new laws per year on the books, and repeal nothing... Each law takes away a little FREEDOM from someone... If enough laws are passed, the people are no longer FREE ! So why are we fighting for FREEDOM when we are losing it daily? We have 85% of all the attorneys in the WORLD! How can we be productive when everyone needs an attorney to function... Our kids can't be children because of the liability with allowing the neighbors child a ride on your go cart or motorcycle... So, when the kids are not being told to be gender free in our scum filled public schools, they sit in front of the television playing video games... At least that is legal, I think... Everyone wants to debate everything and they want you to believe there is no right and wrong... Everything is grey and needs to be tested, like teaching children that God does not belong in society or the ten commandments should not be displayed in public... Our dollars are not secure in our savings accounts because government has spent everyone else's money... More taxes just take the lifestyle away, and we are worried about an invasion, might be a blessing... Rome learned you have to listen to the people and have a moral foundation... Our morals are being taken from us so fast we can't protest the pending bills before another one hits us... No one can keep up with all the people trying to steal our wealth and freedoms... And in the name of what? BIG GOVERNMENT! Go Ron Go, I am praying for you!!

Sent by Dan | 7:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I have considered myself a hardcore Republican for a long time, but I feel that the party as a whole has become more ambiguous about financial issues, and have not effectively cut government spending as they have continually promised. The massive debt now seems completely irretrievable.

Ron Paul supports financial maturity by backing the dollar with a gold standard and by giving real solutions to cut government spending instead of empty promises. I feel that electing him as the Republican candidate would send a real message to the party as a whole - that we support conservative financial ideals and less government control. He supports individuality and liberty, and actually acts on both of these ideals.

Basically, in a nutshell: a vote for Ron Paul means a little less conversation, a little more action please.

Sent by Jennifer | 7:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old stay at home mom. Ron Paul is the only hope we have for our Nation.

Sent by BEB | 7:02 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul is the only thing standing between us and the NEW WORLD ORDER, total bankruptcy of our Nation, the Murdering of every last child in America Via VACCINATION and ABORTION, Our borders, to protect us from those who want to do us harm.

America--Ron Paul is our last hope before our LAST GASP. And, if you are too ignorant, immature, uneducated, or stupid to see it then God have Mercy on us all.

Sent by Vaccination Nation | 7:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 27 years old. I am an independently wealthy artist and college student. I am supporting Ron Paul because he is the only real candidate for change. He does not represent the interests of big business or big government. He represents a responsible fiscal policy of returning to the gold standard and a foreign policy of non-intervention. The anti big business democrats are pro big government and do not offer a real break from the past or realistic solutions to fix our problems. I will be voting for Ron Paul in 2008 because I want a leader who will move this country in a new direction.

Sent by Ben Hubschman | 7:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 13 year old girl. In 2001, I was 7. Thats about when my memory starts for my entire life.. what I remember starts around there. And I what I have had to grow up on... what memories I've had
have all revolved around the war.
I can't watch T.V. for half an hour and not hear something about Iraq. What I hear.. what I pray about.. it's all about the WAR. It's what I'm growing up around.
But, walking the war road for these some odd 6 dreary years.. a small glint of hope as appeared. And solution, someone who cares just as much as I do. Someone who wants to fix things for everyone, and is competent enough to do so.
So let's give that little glint of hope a moment to shine
Vote Ron Paul 08'

Sent by Ashley | 7:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 yr. old mother, model, & seamstress. I & my husband are votign Ron Paul b/c he is supporting the US Constitution! None of the other canidates can say that truthfully. I want America to stand proud & be happy with our choice of leader! I want my children to have a decent future, with goons in the White House that won't ever happen!

Sent by Gabby | 7:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm A 27 year old Married Male who lives in nyc(queens).I graduated Hofstra University in 2002.Registered Republican who loves liberterian theory.

Sent by Christopher | 7:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old graphic designer. I was sick to register Republican, but feel Ron Paul is the only chance for America to be a free country. I have liberal views and live in California. I don't think you can pin down Ron Paul's supporters to a certain demographic or group, unless that group is marked by people who are just plain sick of beaurocracy controlling the government. We all want our liberties back, we all want limited government, we all want America to be the nation it is supposed to be. I think our group is special in that we still see hope, and we've got so many young people involved and interested that the future has already been changed. Now that we've heightened awareness about the danger of the current administration and the future of America should these neo-con leaders remain in power, we will only grow stronger in our knowledge and will to change and take back OUR government.
The supporters of Ron Paul are so diverse that I feel he is well represented by America as a whole and is THE ONLY candidate who can put the country back on track.

Sent by Audrey, San Francisco, CA | 7:04 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi, my name is Mike Beede, 22, from Las Vegas, NV. I am college educated, make 6 figures, and am tired of choosing between economic freedom and social freedom. The huge majority of Republicans in office claim to support a free market, small government, and a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" mentality. Unfortunately, this is almost categorically unrepresentative of their records. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul, whose voting record is unwavering, truly supports as little government as possible while adhering to a strict set of constitutional standards.

Sent by Mike Beede | 7:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I as well do not fit the criteria listed above. I am a married woman of a beautiful 11 month old son. I am also currently in college and working towards a degree in nursing. My family and I greatly support Ron Paul because we truly want what is best for our family and we believe that it is Ron Paul. He truly is the only candidate who does believe that every person should be entitled to freedom. He is the only one who looks for guidance towards the Declaration of Independence, which started our country off in the right direction. He is the only candidate who is not wrapped up in the media and getting the top spot on the media's list. He is the only candidate who is confident enough with himself that he can stand up for what is right.

Sent by Sara Davis | 7:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old computer tec. male that was nither a Rep. or Dem. untill I started listening to and watching stuff about Ron Paul. Finally we have someone who belives in the people of the U.S.A. and that we don't need someone to babysit us everywhere we go. His views are real and not just smoke comeing out of his mouth. We the people support Ron Paul One more thing he will win the Rep. nomanation I just wish the media would give him as much coverage as they do Clinton and Obama and Romnay. Get real net works Ron Paul is here and he has the votes be like Ron Paul be real not fake

Sent by Tony Wilson | 7:05 PM | 12-19-2007

Lets keep it simple!

Sent by Charles Rosaly | 7:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 39 years old & FED UP with our system! If more people knew & understood his message, they would definitely agree! Finally someone bold enough to educate us properly!!! I wouldn't vote for anyone else!

Sent by Lisa Pruitt | 7:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 24 years old and live in Northville, MI. I work full time and go to school part time. Until I learned about Ron Paul, I had absolutely no faith in our political system, ZERO! I used to think that voting was a joke because, well, there was no one to vote for. All candidates, even now, just seem to be fake or talking for someone other than themselves. Ron Paul is the only one who has direct answers to questions, and they're the correct answers, not just a feeling. I also believe that bad times are ahead if we elect another pro-war president.

Sent by Brian | 7:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 22 years old and have never registered to vote... until now. I decided to start paying attention to what was happening to our country and how more and more of our liberties were being taken away. Soon the government will know where we are because of a chip in an ID card? NO WAY. Ron Paul = Revolution. I'm voting Ron Paul because he believes in Freedom of choice and I believe making our own choices is what makes us free. Go Ron Paul!!

Sent by Jamie Tullier | 7:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 37, male, single, no children and never married, former video game artist now a college art instructor, usually non-political but the past 8 years of Bush have changed me. To me Ron Paul is the only candidate that will usher in a lead REAL change to this country that is in dire need of it.

Sent by a. schaefer | 7:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old political science student in Grand Rapids MI. I want ethical and just government. End the drug war and use your reason. Oh yes, and I want the government out of my life, as I stay out of theirs.

Sent by Michigan Free Thinker | 7:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28 year old male from Phoenix, Arizona. I was raised here; lived here my entire adult life. I don't have any children.

I considered myself Democratic until I learned of Ron Paul. I switched from Democratic to Republician so I could vote Ron Paul in the Arizona Primary.

Ron Paul's platform resonates with me on almost every issue. As a spiritual teacher, I teach my students that forced taxation is not a crime, but an act of slavery. This is my most advocated teaching, because it robs any American citizen of their freedom.

Sent by John Paul Mitchell | 7:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a writer/poet, 27, with five years of college. I've been registered as an idependent my entire voting life, but have been moved to re-register as a republican in order to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. Although I claim no official political affiliation, having proclaimed myself a rationalist, the Libertarians more closely echo my feelings than the other parties who have bankrupted this country with unjust wars and reckless, unchecked spending. The Constituion may not be perfect, but it represents a pinnacle of achievement in human thought concerning government--we need to get back to it and repeal unconstituional legislation such as the Patriot Act, the REAL ID Act, senate bill 1959, and the rest of Bush's shameless attempts to bloat the Federal Government into a police state with absolute power over the lives of individuals. The left/right 2-party system is largely to blame for the reduction of our civil liberties, b/c while both sides claim to oppose each other, their agendas come together when it comes to increasing the size and power of the federal government at the cost of personal freedom.

Sent by Charles Bowman | 7:08 PM | 12-19-2007

Who am I? I'm a 33 yr. old hospital security officer from Claremont NH. I'm married with one child. I've never been interested in politics my entire life. I used to cynically reason that if I didn't vote I couldn't be blamed for the corrupt politicians in office. Because as I still believe today they are all corrupt. Which is why Ron Paul appealed to me so much. I voted for the 1st time for Kerry in the last election just because the people I hang out with didn't like Bush. I figured either way it was a wasted vote...I just decided to waste it on what I believed was the lesser of 2 evils.
I'm still amazed at the fact that I finally believe in a politician so much that I've donated over $200 to his campaign. Four yrs ago, I would've donated to Microsoft before I donated to any political campaign. I accidentally stumbled on a Ron Paul video while searching for information in the fed reserve on Youtube.com. I was amazed that a congressmen was grilling the chairman of the fed the way Ron Paul was in this video. He was talking about accountability and responsibility and the constitution. And not with the typical politician's rederick. To be honest, I didn't even know that the constitution offered the freedom and liberties that Dr. Paul talks about. As I researched the subject, I was outraged at how much we've given up/have had taken away from us in the last 100 yrs. Even if Dr. Paul doesn't win, I will never return to the ignorant uninformed citizen that I once was. And I'll make sure my daughter will carry this fight when she's old enought to vote as well!

Sent by Dennis Tucker | 7:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old college kid that grew up a mainstream republican. I watch all the mainstream media but do my hw so i know whats really going on in this country. any well informed American that wants the best for this country should love Ron Paul.

Sent by Scott Hoyt | 7:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I love the fact that many of us Ron Paul supporters have almost nothing in common but a love of freedom and an understanding of what the role of government should be.

I'm a single 32 year old engineer from Phoenix. I've been voting libertarian for the past decade, but I never thought I'd see a "top tier" candidate in my lifetime who I can believe in. Also an atheist.

Sent by George | 7:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 23 years old, single, living alone, grew up in Texas and now living in Minnesota. I'm straight out of college (which I worked my way through), have a good job in communications, and volunteer for a mentorship group, work with a professional organization, and I'm a lapsed Catholic.

Ron Paul believes in my freedom. The rest of the candidates simply don't.

Sent by Amy | 7:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 30 yr.old happily married Hispanic female and a stay at home mother of two from Miami. I always believed that picking a candidate meant picking the lesser of two evils...Ron Paul changed that. He is a consistent and honest man with undeniable integrity! I stand behind all his views, especially on foreign policy!

Sent by M. Rodriguez | 7:09 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 20 years old and I am a Music and Political Science Double Major at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. I have been working a part-time job, while being enrolled in school full-time, mainly to fund Ron Paul's candidacy. To this day I have donated somewhere between 700 and 900 dollars. I am also paying my own way by bus to go to Iowa to campaign for Ron Paul in what is to me, an extremely foreign environment. I will do whatever it takes to see this man as president.

Sent by Luke Hopper | 7:09 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 28 year old hispanic small business owner, but above all, Im an American.

Sent by Armando | 7:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I find it funny that he thinks that about us. He's clearly never been to an RP Rally...people of all races, ages, creeds, faiths gather together under the common cause of limited government and freedom.

I myself am a 22 year old Media Contractor...his positions on foreign policy, the war, monetary policy, and especially his voting record are the best a candidate has EVER had. I agree with him 100%

Sent by TJ Baurain | 7:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 25 years old and married (and a contributor to NPR). My wife and I are both supporters of Dr. Ron Paul because of his willingness to tell the truth and be honest. We see the country falling into a downward spiral and Dr. Paul is the only solution.

I am a supporter of NPR and enjoy the political coverage, but I notice the programs do not focus any of their attention to how well the Ron Paul campaign is doing, and he is not shown in a positive light.

Sent by David | 7:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Ron Paul supporter. I am 27 with 5 kids. I am not rich and never voted Republican before. I do not read newspapers, or watch any tv. I have a cell phone and a land line. I was brought up in the North but moved South. I believe the Constitution is the only thing we need to save this country if people would only follow it. I believe we have a bad bunch of law makers in office that are pushing their OWN agenda's and NOT the will of the people OR the law of the land. I am a Pagan Naturalist, a sub section of the Wiccan faith found under a Natural or Green Witch. I am tired of religion being used as the crutch politicians cling to for support, when our country was founded on the Constitution and not necessarily the Bible. I will vote for Dr. Paul because he has shown his "word is bond", he believes as I do about how the country should be run, and that he respects people as individuals. He also supports home schooling which I do for my children's sake. I understand if he is in office many entitlements will be diminished and I don't mind working extra hard to put food on the table or to pay for college so my country is safe and sound. As it currently stands there is NO incentive to turn away the help and many people are actually frowned upon for not taking help. I have faith that Mother Earth will provide for me and my family should all the entitlement programs be diminished or removed. I don't believe Social Security will be there in my old age. I don't see why people can get 800 dollars in Food stamps, even though I have had them... 800 dollars is too much. (And no you can't ask that they not give you that much) I don't understand why everyone wants the government to save them. I don't think the government should be able to remove children from their homes ...that only the police should have any say what so ever in such matters. I don't believe people should have to call for help to defend themselves, that is what the second amendment is for. I believe if people are given the freedom to do what they consider best with their money life will be better for everyone. I believe income taxes are much like theft, if not out right theft for doing better than the poorest among us. I believe the war on drugs is a front to take civil liberties and increase big pharma profits. (Think destroying the competition) I don't believe the FDA does anything to help me or my family since they get kick backs from Big Pharma. I believe that I should have complete and total control over what I put in my body, who I do business with, who my friends are, how I defend myself, where I feel I am in danger, what I believe is unhealthy, and what I feel is the best place to put my money. I am TIRED of being told what to do in my life by everyone else. This is my life. I live it. How the heck can anyone else tell me what is best for me in my unique and very different circumstances? It is this spirit I find in his message of freedom and PEACE. I further want to see all my friends home from Iraq for good so my kids don't worry.

Sent by Dody Mitchell | 7:10 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 16-year old male from the state of Washington. I'm not old enough to vote, and yet...

before Ron Paul came around, I thought Americans were more stupid than not. Nobody seemed to care about these issues, and everyone seemed to want to keep on going with this pointless war and all these other issues we face today. Then Ron Paul came and started discussing these issues, and I noticed that the American people responded. They believed in his words and ideals and wanted to stop the problems our nation faces. Suddenly, I'm seeing him winning over 50% of the straw polls and setting records for most money donated in a single day all because of We, THE PEOPLE! I'm seeing enormous amounts of people rallying up just to hear Ron Paul speak, just to support him!

And that's why I am doing everything I can, from bumper stickets to donations, to support Ron Paul's campaign. Not only do I agree with his ideas and positions, but he showed me that Americans aren't as apathetic and foolish as I thought. He showed me Americans care about their country. He showed me Americans are willing to do anything to restore our nation's glory.

He showed me Americans can truly shape America.

Sent by Arcterus | 7:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 28yo man, recent college graduate, who has lived my entire life in Pennsylvania. I am also a post-op transgendered FTM. I have just switched my registration to Republican (from Libertarian) so I can vote for Dr. Paul in the upcoming primaries. My family have switched their party affiliations as well! I am definitely not a neo-con and I am excited to finally see a TRUE PATRIOT running for president. Ron Paul is someone who believes it's time for Americans to worry about Americans first and foremost.

Sent by TJ | 7:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 37yr old British citizen based in Liverpool, UK but lived and (legally) worked in the conservative heartland of Casper, Wyoming back in the 1990's. Although I can't vote in US elections, I take an active interest in US politics because the US President makes decisions that affect all of us throughout the globe. Dr. Ron Paul stands for fiscal sanity and as a Muslim, I can tell you for a fact that the non-interventionist approach to world affairs that he advocates, especially the Middle East, is the most logical solution I've heard from any US politician. The key to prosperity for all nations is to reject interference and promote trade. Don't believe me? Look at what China are doing, especially in Africa. The current policy and those advocated by both Republican and Democrats to protect the petro-dollar will only result in more wars and fiscal suicide for your nation in the long term and Dr. Paul is the only person who has presented a rational solution.

I therefore urge our American friends to do what's right for your nation, the future of your children and please also consider those that your vote will affect around the world because we're just as human too.

Sent by Abdul M. Ismail | 7:11 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old single male from small town Oklahoma. I am a health and wellness coach. I was previously registered as Independent but switched to Republican to vote for Ron Paul. WOOT

Sent by Chris | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old lawyer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I'm a Ron Paul supporter. I can sum up my support of Mr. Paul in three words, "Screw special interest!"

Sent by Crosby Lyman | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a software engineer for Kaiser Permanente Hospitals here in northern california, i am 24 years old and have lived on the San Francisco penisula my whole life, i ride dirt bikes and work on hot rods as hobbies and i am also an avid firearm enthusist

Sent by Bill Boulier | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old artist that works in a retail ceramic supply store in Texas. I grew up in Cleveland and have watched it loose it's middle class along with so many other once great cities. Our Nation is in trouble and Ron Paul is the only candidate who realizes it and has an actual plan to fix it. Dr. Paul has cured my apathy. I no longer fear raising children in this failing republic because i have seen the revolution that Dr. Paul has help set a blaze. Neither this nation nor i will ever be the same.

Sent by Sasha McCully | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a college student in Sarasota county. I am studying Criminal Justice, and history.
I support Ron Paul because he is the only politician that has advocated the Constitution. I have never been a registered Republican before, to me there has been no difference between Dem. and Rep.,(or Republicrates) but now I proud to say that I am a republican because of Ron Paul. I don't believe in big government, and I don't understand how people can believe that an ID chip, government run programs(welfare, IRS, universal health care), and leaving our troops in a country that attacks us because we are over there is what the framers of the constitution would support. If our Forefathers were brought to our time period I truly think they would not know what country they were in. We need to put power back into local governments, and the people, and stop thinking that bigger government is the solution to our problems. This is Why I support Ron Paul.
I know that even if he doesn't win, he has created a movement that my generation is following, and will give this country hope. I am PROUD to be a part of it.

Sent by Joe Ruane | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old soon-to-be stay-at-home dad, career student, tree-hugger of sorts. I was raised agnostic, mostly stay in that spot. I am pro-choice. I really don't think I agree with much of Dr. Paul's personal ideologies -- in fact, I disagree with much of what he believes in.

I have never registered Republican before. Would never have done so before, either. I do not think Dr. Paul is perfect, but I cannot think of a better choice for this nation. In fact, I cannot think of a better possible candidate. So here I am: a registered Republican so I can vote for Dr Paul in the state primaries (CT).

I don't watch much TV, I do get a lot of news on the internet, or listening to NPR sometimes. I find TV is generally too right-winged for me, radio is a mix... frankly, I just don't trust any news source much. There is bias everywhere, that's life.

Sent by Rich L | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 40 year old former Marine, registered republican, and I am thoroughly disgusted at how bloated and completely inefficient out goverment has become. All the while, managing to invade my personal space more and more every day.

Quit taxing me to death. It's not my fault that you cannot spend wisely. Quit telling me what I can and can't put in my body- I'm a big boy now and have developed the wisdom to make those decisions on my own.

Start doing what you say. Protect our borders! Amnesty is for genocide victims- not for border-hoppers looking for a free ride. Stop welfare! People need to get off their asses and do something for themselves- it is not the government's responsibility to babysit the populace.

I have said for years that there is a revolution coming in my lifetime, and I would be a part of it. I'm glad it finally got here. Ron Paul gets my money and my vote.

Sent by Terry | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 21 year old female full time student in the field of counseling. I currently live in Las Vegas but have lived all over North America including Beautiful Canada. I am incredibly liberal on most issues but I have watched as our basic rights granted to Americans are being covertly taken from us. The problem is most of America doesn't care about our future as a country, which is turning the corner into fascism. I support Ron Paul because his eyes and ears are open and witnessing the violations to our civil liberties and has enough power to do something about it. Also, as a Nevadan, he does not support the federal government using Yucca mountain as a repository for all of the nations nuclear waste. Yucca mountain is 90miles north of Las Vegas and they plan on leaving it there for the next 10,000 years. OHH... and it's on a fault line. Ron Paul believes in the power of the state government to decide what should affect it's citizens, not the federal government. He speaks truth, which is music to the ears of a generation that's going to have to figure out how to clean up this mess. No War, No taxes, and MORE truth. That's what turned me into a Republican :)

Sent by Amanda M | 7:12 PM | 12-19-2007

My husband and I grew up very conservative christian and always republican..the last few years it seems like we have been told who to vote for by ministers, churches, and religious right wing supporters. It has been our view that the church should be seperate from the goverment and that the goverment is for our freedoms not there to tell us who we are to be morally. For that we found Ron Paul to be the best candidate out there...looking at the constitution and keeping our freedoms as American citizens as a focus..For that we love Ron Paul. We are also only in our 20's ...Ron Paul cares about our futures the lack of Social Security we will have and wants us to be able to be FREE! It seems like all the other candidate want us to live in Fear, fear of terrorism, war, life in general...but Ron Paul was us to live FREE! Go RON PAUL!

Sent by Cara Falk | 7:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 22 year old female in Redding, CA. I'm a registered republican and spirit-filled Christian.
I am tired of how screwed up our politics are and how far we have gone from our core values; take it back to the constitution! I support Dr. Paul for his views on health freedom and fiscal matters (why doesn't anyone care that our dollar is ridiculously inflated??) and countless other reasons.

Sent by Kortni G. | 7:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 22 years old, male, grew up in syracuse ny and i still live here for now although Philadelphia is my second home. I edit videos and take photos for a career. In my free time i skateboard, I've been doing so for the past 10 years. I heard of Dr. Ron Pauls message through the internet and what a powerful message it is. He speaks to everyone no matter your age, race, background, etc. I'm a first time voter. I've never heard a politician with a real message before so thats why i chose to vote this election. Good luck Dr. Ron Paul.

Sent by NS | 7:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 17 year old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Quite frankly my friends and I are concerned about the issues Ron Paul talks about. Mainly the issues not talked about on other candidate's websites. Such as : The U.N., The North American Union, Patriot Act, The Federal Reserve, and the rest. My friends and I are gamers. So we spend a lot of time on the internet (who doesn't nowadays). Any possible threat limiting the freedom of use to it, is downright criminal to me. To me, Ron Paul is the only current candidate that I could ever see as a President.

Sent by Justin Barczynski | 7:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31-year-old fairly progressive male, though I do share libertarian views similiar to Paul's.

I think most people that support Paul, like myself, find a breath of fresh air in his beliefs--especially since a majority of us refuse to buy into the hype of how an Obama or Clinton actually means change.

Change from what?

Look at their voting record as opposed to Paul's. Who really represents positive change?

An end to war. An end to monetary enslavement. The degradation and consolidation of our resources. An end to the corporate stranglehold on the classes and government as usual.

The phenomena of the Ron Paul Revolution should be a clear to the establishment that the poeple refuse to have corporate monkey's handpicked by some special councils to serve their special interests.

Sent by RF | 7:13 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 26 year old male Carlisle,Iowa I was looking for someone to save our nation war here war there. to think people don't hate us for bombing them just put yourself in their shoes. To have a super power police state Called america losing more cival libertys by the day Im fed up as in I can't stand the federal thugs in washinton anymore and I want them out of my life. Freedom is a strong message and its growing by the day. god bless you Ron Paul "my new hero".

Sent by Brandon Milby | 7:13 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23-year-old Army combat veteran and disabled. I have lived my entire life at or below poverty level, and the reason is the economy. I feel sorrow and shame for my participation in the occupation of freedom-loving Iraqis. I am an atheist and pro-choice, although Ron has made me think more deeply about the issue, leaving me feeling more torn about it.

I am very thankful for all he has done to defend liberty, and I am pleased that liberty is the answer to our woes, and that people are figuring this out in such massive numbers.

Sent by S. Kamp | 7:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a computer repair technician
an independent
a registered voter
about to begin college
20 years old
big fan of Thunderbirds of the MN12 platform

But more importantly than all that, I am an American

Sent by Rick | 7:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 year old corrections counselor from Pennsylvania. I will be voting for Ron Paul b/c Dr. Paul is the only one that dares to speak the truth. He is also the only one (republican or democrat) with the balls to stand on stage in front of a republican audience and speak out against the war in Iraq.(I used to argue FOR the war in Iraq, until the day i saw Ron Paul do that.)

Sent by John Loiselle | 7:14 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 19 year old Advertising student at the Art Institute of San Francisco California. I have been following Dr. Paul's campaign since the beginning, and I am open to hearing what the other potential candidates stand for. So far, Ron Paul has shown consistency of what he stands for, and backs it up with factual information. Other potential candidates skip the detail, and believe terrorists are our number one priority. All of the surface issues that are talked about at the debates are all the other candidates care about. There is no flip flopping with Ron Paul, but with the other candidates, it is another story. I have read and understood many of the other potential candidates political positions and do not agree with the majority of them. If only many of those issues were brought up at the debates, the nation would understand.

Sent by Zain Ali | 7:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a Senior in High School. I just turned 18 about a month ago. I'm from Southern California and I am an aspiring photogrpaher. I support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate that makes sense when speaking about the future of this Country. Through out my studies in high school and some college courses I have taken it has come to my attention that this country has faultered from what it was established to be. I never really believed there could be a canadate that could make this country turn for the better. I believe in his foreign policies.
As I was approaching my 18th birthday I knew i would be able to vote in the next election but there was never a canditate that I truly believed in. Then a friend of mine brought Ron Paul to my attention and I did research. This man is the only politician i have come across that has values and doesnt seem to say one thing and do another. He completely conveys everything that i had hoped for in a canditate and a future president. Ron Paul has given me hope for this country when it seemed like were going in the gutter. I couldn't possibly feel right with myself if i were to vote for any other canditate then Ron Paul simply because no other candidates can convey the same concerns I have. I want my vote to count for something and I firmly believe that Ron Paul is the best candidate to turn this country around and bring it back to where it was meant to be.

Sent by Janine | 7:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 36 and a teacher at a private school. I stress to my kids the importance of individualism, non-collectivism, and adhering to the principles of freedom. Ron Paul is the only candidate running for president who not only espouses these views, but lives by them.

Sent by Michael | 7:15 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old male just recently married from Texas. I hold an MBA degree, speak 3 languages (including mandarin), and have my own home business.

I'm a strong Christian and use the Bible as my compass. I stumbled unto Ron Paul in a S&P futures Chat room and initially liked his economic, monetary, and fiscal policies.

After much research, Ron Paul is solid to the core. He doesn't pander to anyone and speaks the truth. I believe he nails the issues dead on 9 times out of 10.

The Constitution, what a novel approach. Ron Paul has my vote!

Sent by Dave | 7:15 PM | 12-19-2007

these posts are amazing! it shows this person's stereotype was so far off. Ron Paul supporters come from all walks of life! I am a 25 year old owner of a print and design firm in Atlanta, GA! This will be my 3rd vote for president.

Sent by Noah Echols | 7:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 25 years old and I am a waiter, a substitute teacher, and an aspiring musician. I support Ron Paul's candidacy for president because he refers to the supreme law of the land: The Constitution of the United States of America. He holds his personal views as secondary to that of the constitution and the will of the people as a true representative should. I hope that Ron Paul will help lead America back to an earlier path that it was on: one of liberty, freedom, and small federal government.

Sent by Ben Fest | 7:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old male, married with 3 kids. I live in Kansas. I work as a DJ for a radio station here in the Southeast corner of Kansas. I am also an owner of an Internet Radio Station. I support Ron Paul because I like his message of freedom, his support of the constitution, and his ideas of small government. I also like his idea of bringing the troops home! I am a registered Republican. I have voted Democrat and Independent in the past but I will be voting for Ron Paul in '08!
Go Ron Paul '08!

Sent by Shane Gaddy | 7:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old punk rocker with an almost-completed MA in English Lit--currently teaching high school.

I'm pro-choice. I think that global warming is way scarier than illigal immigration.

I'm throwing in with Ron Paul because I believe he is sincere and consistent in his message. I also believe that he is a more progressive thinker than most candidates who the media labels as liberals.

I would not dream of voting for any other Republican candidate; if Dr Paul does not get the nomination, I'm taking my vote elsewhere.

Sent by Wes Cobb | 7:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 yr old female from Northern Michigan. I am a single mother, student and waitress. I support Dr. Paul for many reasons. I could honestly go on and on about all issues I agree with him on. My top three are ending the war, stop policing the world and getting rid of the IRS. He upholds the constitution. Just look at Dr.Paul's voting record. He is amazing! I am voting for someone I truly believe in!

Sent by Danielle McKiernan | 7:16 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 31 year old father of three living in southern Ohio. If I wer'nt holding my newborn son, I'd have to type. ron Paul 2008!!

Sent by Matt S. | 7:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old bartender from Montana. My wife and I are expecting our first child in February.
I consider myself a member of the far left, but as a Montanan, that still involves the 2nd Amendment and fiscal responsibility.

I like almost everything that Dr Paul stands for, and I am impressed by his record of standing for what he believes in. I love his willingness to answer questions thoughtfully and off the cuff.

I would have never imagined that I would be voting Republican in a national race, but Ron Paul is the only candidate for me.

Bring back the Constitution! I am hoping that Paul's Pro Life stance in his personal life will not reflect his actions as President. I also worry about his stance on net neutrality and other issues, but I see him as the best candidate of my lifetime and I think that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote to fix this country for everyone.

Sent by Konrad | 7:17 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school, male, Ohio. I'll be 18 in April 2008, so I think i'll be able to vote in the primary. I like Ron Paul because he makes sense more than any other candidate. He blew me away in the Republican debate and what surprised me even more how nobody could understand what he's talking about.

Sent by Tom | 7:17 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a forester, I work in the woods because I love them, and I like being able to pull a renewable resource out of them using sound and enviromentaly friendly methods. But do to policy thousands of miles away we are unable to do much as far as managment. Every summer do to this we just watch more and more of it go into flames. That's why im voting for Ron Paul in 08. So the people of the northwest who live in the interface have the right to choose what they want to do with it, not some bureaucrat thousands of miles away who has never even been in the woods.

Sent by sean powell | 7:17 PM | 12-19-2007

Recent college graduate, 25 yr old female, Hillsboro, OR. Registered Republican because my parents were. When I watch the debates, only Ron Paul you wouldn't be paying taxes on it), speaks for me and what I believe in and stand for. I'm disgusted that these politicians take an oath and swear to uphold the Constitution but then ignore it. I want a President who addresses the serious issues like our broken foreign policy. Someone who addresses our dollar loosing it's value, actually holding the Federal Reserve accountable.

In grade school I was told to believe that I lived in the greatest country. We were special because we lived in a free country and had more rights than other countries. As an adult, I see this as being false. I don't live in a free country, my phones are being tapped, I'm being watched but cameras on the streets, my shopping habits are being recorded, I'm automatically a criminal until proven innocent at the airport, and no one owns private property (you don't pay property taxes for something you own). The greatest country in the world wouldn't be a part of the United Nations, wouldn't sign up for the North American Union, and wouldn't have the executive orders our country has today.

The real reason why I support Ron Paul: I want a President who has principles that are NEVER compromised and has an extensive record to prove it. He inspires me to stand up for what I believe in and be a principled person. If he doesn't get the nomination, I will write his name in because I'm voting for good, not evil this time.

Sent by Tara Callahan | 7:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 21, married, 1 child, used car salesman, aspiring recording engineer, in Nashville, TN. I'm tired of the government trying to have a say in every aspect of my life. I'd also like for my child to grow up in a country that isn't an occupying force in another country.

Sent by Adam Riggs | 7:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am an 18-year military veteran, a "recovering conservative," and former fan of outlets like Fox News. In short, I believe in the rule of law and not of men. That is, I believe in the Constitution, which does not seem to be the case when it comes to our elected leaders, very few of whom seem at all acquainted with the very document they are sworn to uphold.

Sent by David Thayer | 7:18 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old history education student from colorado, and a Libertarian. I support Ron Paul because he supports the US constitution and the values of the founders.

Sent by zach | 7:19 PM | 12-19-2007

we are a couple of alternative teenagers who will be 18 in time for the election!

"We R Us" is a group of people who are anarcho-democratic, open minded, fun loving, slightly existentialist, rather transcendentalist, art and musically oriented, semi-post-apocalyptic, neo-tribal, gypsy types who love swimming in barton springs and eating ice cream!

Sent by We R Us (micah and ryan) | 7:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a pastor and a business owner who has become frustrated with the government no longer listening to the people. I fear our government is becoming what our founding fathers warned us about.
I was die hard for the Republican party but they are now no different from the Democrats. Party has no influence on my vote anymore. Ron Paul I feel best represents the constitution and the people therefore I am voting for him.

Sent by Bryan | 7:19 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 37 year old male living in Plano, Texas. I believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate running for president that holds the American people's best interests to heart.
It seems that all the other candidates, both Republican and Democrat are running to serve either their own political gain or to serve the special interest groups that give them the most money.
Ron Paul is honest, consistently honest and has never changed his views on any issue unless done so after a logical and rational thought processes based upon all the information available to him.
I feel that the office of the president MUST adhere to the duties assigned by him by the constitution and any other action taken by him to the contrary should be considered a crime against his employers, the American voters.
Ron Paul understands this and it is high time for someone to stand in the white house who is willing to get that position back to what it should be and needs to be.
That is why Dr. Paul has not only my vote, but my respect and admiration as well.

Sent by Kerry Mcdonald | 7:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a mother of 1 and a wife. I am LDS and i was going to vote for mitt romney but have since changed my view once i did my research on Ron Paul. He is the best canidate for president! Dont Be Nieve watch the videos. Vote Ron Paul!!!!

Sent by candace | 7:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26yr old engineer who is so disgusted with Bush and all the other political BS that I will support no one except Ron Paul! We have to start getting back to the fundamentals of what our country was founded on, freedom from big brother, a small foriegn policy, and the power of the people for the people and by the people!

Sent by James | 7:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a software engineer from Houston,TX.
I strongly support Dr.Paul for his integrity, moral superiority over all other candidates, his in-depth understanding of the socio-economical problems our nation currently facing and his no-nonsense solutions to eliminate them.

Sent by Peace Monger | 7:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a registered nurse with a master's degree who teaches nursing AND works at the bedside. My husband, also a Ron Paul supporter is a small business owner who is struggling to keep his business afloat. I am working every day this next week (while on vacation from the college where I teach), including Christmas and New Years, and donating my earnings to Ron Paul's campaign.

Sent by Gretchen Overstolz | 7:20 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a former major donor to KNPR in Las Vegas. I can't even listen anymore because of lack of coverage of Ron Paul. Sorry.

Sent by Meredith Davis | 7:21 PM | 12-19-2007

i'm a 23 year old lady about to finish school in nashville. i am an artist, photographer and designer-(fashion, interior and graphic) dr. paul is my hero and stands up for the little people like me (i'm 5'2 lol) but seriously i think he is the only candidate that will ensure my future by stabalizing our economy and prevent big government from taking advantage of our freedoms and liberties i.e.-the patriot act.
ron paul revolution!

Sent by caroline b. | 7:22 PM | 12-19-2007

Male, white, 35, Pasadena CA, professional, homeowner, gay, college graduate, registered voter, active in local politics.

Frankly, Ron Paul is the only candidate from either major party who believes in the Constitution, the most credibly anti-war candidate from either party, and our only hope for remaining a free country.

While I disagree with Ron Paul on several key issues, I trust him to obey our Constitutional system of checks and balances, and he therefore has my support, both financially and at the polls on Feb. 5.

Sent by Jim | 7:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 year old male and a Systems Administrator for a financial institution. I met Dr. Paul at the Foundation for Economic Freedom some years ago. Since meeting him there I have been following his political career hoping he would run for president to straighten this country out. Thank God he's running and I pray he wins!

Sent by Theodore V Lang | 7:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a married female in my late 40's. My husband and I have a small family business in Central Valley, California. I am ex-military (Air Force), and strongly believe our current foreign policy is crippling our nation and will not leave our children with much of a country. Ron Paul is the best and only option for restoring our country. His plans will not be liked by most of the socialists, and special interest groups, those days are gone, and we Americans can no longer afford them or their programs. Living in Central California I am very concerned about the illegal issues here, and across our country. I am concerned about our economy, but most importantly I am sick and tired of such a wasteful and controlling federal government. I want a smaller government, less taxes, and I want our troops home from all around the world. I do not agree with Amnesty whatsoever, our borders need to be secured, and the illegals who are criminals by the way need to be deported. Ron Paul has my vote and support for those reasons and many more. I believe he will do well in the primaries and go on to be our next President in Nov 2008. Out of all the Dems and Repubs out there, Ron Paul is the only one that will follow our Constitution, he has been doing that in Congress for over 20 years, he has a solid record. I was really sad when I started looking at the candidates back in May, and found that they were all of the same old business, big spending, warmongering bunch that we have had for the last 7 years, then I found Ron Paul. I agree with Ron Paul on every issue. We have a large number of Ron Paul supporters here in California, and the count is getting bigger everyday. I personally make it a point to tell everyone that walks into our place of business about Ron Paul and I give out information and flyers to read. It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of this Ron Paul Revolution of Liberty and Freedom.
Our country will be united once again when Ron Paul becomes President, and it will be done with our Constitution.

Sent by Tess, California | 7:22 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a twenty seven year old student. I live in Utah. I support the greater portion of what Ron Paul has to say, especially minimizing federal power and entitlement programs.

Sent by Jacob Christiansen | 7:22 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a single mother and small business owner. I consider myself to be a libertarian republican. I support Ron Paul because his facts are right and his message is clear. We need to remember that our country was formed on liberarian philosophies and we are a republic. We must keep control over our Government and not allow the Government to bully us into handing over our constitutional rights. The forefathers of this country feared that big government would eventually rear it's ugly head in this country and that is why they took such great effort to protect our rights through the constitution. People of this terrific country need to take a stand. We need to take back our property, our educational system, our rights to our childrens prosperous future, our rights as citizens in every aspect of our daily lives. The government was designed to work for us, not us working for our government. Why do we suffer financially, economically, intellectually, in our retirement and in our health care system while those in high government positions take advantage of the system, putting their children in private schools, flying in private government jets, receiving large christmas bonuses and year long perks in all areas of their business and personal lives. Please people look at the spending going on and consider Ron Pauls perspective. They spend on projects that are not needed or advantageous to their own agendas. Don't you think it is time we took a stand. I do and that is why I support Ron Paul for President of the United States of America.

Sent by Jennifer Pearl | 7:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 y/o male who has never voted before as per a distrust in government and reading to much Chomsky....however i will be voting for change a though i don't agree with everything the doctor has to say i do believe he is the right direction ......the less federal government in my life the better...

Sent by skylar | 7:24 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 50, a farmer/rancher from Texas. For me the real debate isn't left vs. right, but instead authoritarian vs libertarian. I don't want the federal government involved in every facet of my life and I would like to see the United States disentangle itself from so many foreign committments.

Bring the troops home.

Sent by Don Henry Ford Jr. | 7:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31-year-old father of 3. I'm a computer programmer and my wife is a nurse. We live in Ann Arbor, MI. (We are both avid Michigan Public Radio listeners.)

I was initially attracted to Ron Paul because of his honesty and his stance on the war in Iraq. After reading more about his positions, I really like his policy to reign in spending.

Sent by Josh | 7:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 27 year old human services supervisor. His stance on a limited federal government will lead to a more vibrant, interesting, powerful, and peaceful nation.

Sent by Evan G. | 7:25 PM | 12-19-2007


I'm young and male, as the article suggests, however everyone i know that's a ron paul supporter gets their news from the places everyone else seems to... CNN, FOX, CNBC, Reuters, BBC, etc etc.

The difference is we read the solutions that government and the centrist majority gives for current problems and we disagree often with both the right and the left's solutions. So while the 'mainstream' focuses on right/left, libertarians that support Ron Paul pick up a copy of Reason, or the Economist instead of Newsweek or Time.

I support Ron Paul and other politicians like him because history has shown that both major parties continually slide towards bigger government, less personal freedom, and a horrendous ever expanding debt that my generation will pay.

Being young and upwardly mobile, I believe my future cannot rely on the fiscal policies of this government; If i want to retire comfortably, I will be responsible for it myself.

I'm socially progressive and capitalistic - no other philosophy matches this so well as the one given by Paul and others like him.

Sent by Justin | 7:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old working mother and wife from Tennessee. I am a Christian, professional fundraiser and Ron Paul Supporter! Ron Paul is just what this Country needs.

Sent by Jenny | 7:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a thirty seven year old Tennessean/Texan currently residing in Memphis but consider Fort Worth my home as well. I have worked in both IT and real estate. Ron Paul is the only candidate that espouses my views regarding ending the war, ending illegal immigration, maintaining national sovereignty, restoring the constitution as the highest law of the land, limiting the power of federal government and returning to a sane monetary policy.

Sent by ted | 7:25 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 24, male from Phoenix, Arizona by way of Long Island, New York. I work in sales for the largest domain registrar in the world. My hero is Ayn Rand.

I had never been enthused about a living political figure in my life until I read about Ron Paul. I voted for Kerry only because the Bush regime is as evil as they come.

Sent by Daniel | 7:26 PM | 12-19-2007

Dr. Paul is a breath of fresh air who stands for freedom and liberty. His honesty sets him far apart from the regular slime-balls that play the political field for life. It's time for the United States to take care of the United States for a while. Does he have all the answers...no, who does, but I would love to him elected by the people for the people!

Sent by Tanner Schmidt | 7:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old married female, from the Bay Area, CA. I definitely support Ron Paul.

Sent by Sarah | 7:26 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old political science major at UNM and I support Dr. Paul because through my studies I have concluded that libertarianism and true fiscal conservatism are the closest we'll come to an open, free and, believe it or not, safe society. A Ron Paul presidency would put the responsibility and power back into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE.

Sent by Brad Burris | 7:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I guess I don't fit the profile either. I'm a near-40 mother of 3, a physician and have never been interested in politics, in part because I never heard anyone I could believe in. Dr. Paul has integrity, is consistent and his message has such purity that he is hard to ignore. He appeals to me, also, because he is for me as an American. He believes in this country and does not represent any special interest group. He represents the ideals on which this country was founded. His get-back-to-basics approach is solid. The status-quo politicians have made a mess. It's time to let fundamental principles take hold and clean it up.

Sent by Effie | 7:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a software developer/designer living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

I find this idea that Paul's supporters are somehow sub-citizens because they are computer literate to be absurd. Don't discount the fact that we can vote. We are legions.

If anything it should prove that a new generation of intelligent voters has emerged, and we will be heard.

Sent by C.Tauer | 7:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26-year old guy from Colorado who is just about to start his own business. In college I studied to be a professional pilot, and have been in the aviation industry for 4 years now (though not as a pilot; I only fly for recreation at the present time). Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich (a bit of an odd couple, I know...) are the only two candidates for whom I have any confidence. I strongly believe that we need a marked change in direction in this country's politics, and only these two gentlemen are capable of promoting such change.

I am a registered Democrat, and Ron Paul is the ONLY "Republican" I've ever supported. Period. On that note, besides Kucinich, the Democrats are looking mighty crappy actually.

Sent by Andy S. | 7:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 45 year old Corporate President raised in Boston, MA
Also, Manager of multinational real estate holding company.
Contributor to NPR although very disappointed in their coverage of Ron Paul.
My wife, also a supporter, is the same age. She is quite a bit more vocal than I am.

Sent by Corporate President | 7:27 PM | 12-19-2007

I want the option to get out of social security.
I want to do as I please as long as I respect others.
I want our troops out of all countries without declaration of war.
I want freedom and prosperity.
I want Ron Paul for President of the United States.

Sent by Andy | 7:28 PM | 12-19-2007

26 year old business valuation professional in the Bay Area, CA. Have always been registered Independent and have voted for some Republicans, some Democrats and a good number of Libertarians. I have registered Republican to vote for Dr. Paul and I believe he is the best presidential candidate in my lifetime.

More about me: I coach high school football, operate an online blog, love sports and care about the future of America as a free society. I really believe there are a lot of things that need to be changed to return our nation to liberty and reestablish individual sovereignty.

Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Kemp | 7:28 PM | 12-19-2007

25 year old male from Idaho.

I support Ron Paul because we believe in the same things. I can say this as an avowed atheist because Mr. Paul doesn't mix his politics and religion. I'm not voting for my candidate's religion, I'm voting for his politics.

Sent by Michael Durrant | 7:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I support Ron Paul because I think what he is doing is right. He's doing what the constitution originally did. I hope if (when) he gets elected, the first thing he will do is burn the Patriot Act. It's not even that patriotic.

Ron Paul wants to rid of this countries socialism. Alot of people don't want to admit it, but right now it's slowly becoming a socialist country.

Ron Paul. Turning America into America again.

Sent by BamBam | 7:29 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old male from california so i guess i fift the profile but...i was a registered independent and thought that i would never vote for a Republican, but i have since switched to republican to vote in my states closed primary for Dr Paul. his message struck me that much.

Sent by Jeff | 7:30 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old male from ohio.
The state that america's in saddens me.
There are many reasons I'm voting ron paul. He comes across very honest, he wants to give us our rights back, he wants to bring back our economy so every city doesnt end up like cleveland ohio and he's not in it for the money he wants to help the american people. How many more trillion dollars do the american people have to give to a world that doesn't want us sticking our nose in their buisness? I think our sights should be set inward on our own problems like immigration,jobs going overseas, multi-trillion dollar debt, our dollar dropping in value....just to name a few.

Ron Paul 08'

Sent by Peter Pate | 7:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a young professional making a decent living. I'm tired of the government stealing 40% of my earnings and squandering them on pointless projects that aren't held to any sort of accountability.
I'm tired of seeing my friends be shipped off to protect oil fields in the name of freedom, and I'm tired of knowing that the man responsible for 9/11 hasn't been captured and everyone has forgotten all about him.

Sent by Jim | 7:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 46 year old Divorced white male and to say i am disaffected is an understatement! I think all the Republicans and Democrats should be dragged out of their offices and be tarred and feathered.

Sent by Kevin | 7:31 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 36 year old man with 2 sons.I live in south east Michigan.I work hard at a train yard and make 31,000 per year 25,000 of which the gov. lets me keep.This country is going in the wrong direction.Ron Paul is the only Presidental hopeful who isnt Lieing to us...nuff said

Sent by Matthew Frederick | 7:31 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 34 year old college graduate and I fully support everything Ron Paul stands for. He will stand up to the New World Order and stop the North American Union & bring back our bill of rights! God bless the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & God bless Ron Paul!

Sent by paula | 7:32 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 36 yr old male driver/musician from Phoenix Arizona. My wife is a sculptor. I listen to NPR three times a week during my driving route. Shame on NPR for not giving Dr. Paul the same airtime they give to Obaclintiani.

I registered Republican this year so I can vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries.


Sent by Red | 7:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a fourth generation Japanese American who will be voting Republican for the first time in his life. I saw Dr. Paul speak on television at one of the first republican debates and found myself standing up and cheering, alone and at home, when I heard him speak of the consequences of "blow back" and our failing foreign policy! It's about time someone spoke so candidly of these things in our political forums! On almost every issue, my respect for him has only grown...

To those who scoff at the supporters he has gathered through the internet... know this.

The internet is only a tool of the movement, which has made it more convenient to catch these candidates speak (youtube, tivo) and organize (forums, websites), but in the end, is ONLY driven, as all revolutions are, by well informed ideas and firm convictions.

There is something special happening, under the radar of traditional media... and come election time, the whole world will be waiting and watching to see, "what will the Americans do?"

It may sound trite and a bit idealistic but... Don't you want to come help change the world?

Sent by Mako Ogawa | 7:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old federal government contractor from Alexandria, VA. My finance is active duty US Coast Guard, and we both support Ron Paul. We think it is a shame that a candidate who is a strict constitutionalist is considered a long shot. I heard of Ron Paul in the 90s and I have been hoping he would run one day. He has also been the first candidate that I have ever donated to.

Also, we don't have a land line phone in our house. We both use mobile phones only. The pollsters don't call mobile phones

Sent by Nick Weishampel | 7:33 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 38yo single, self employed guitar builder and computer technician with no children, and was a Democrat until I found Ron Paul. I am voting for Dr. Paul because the Republicans and Democrats have blurred the line between themselves and I no longer believe either one of them. They employ the same campaign tactics, vote for the same wars, sign the same blank checks, and get caught committing the same crimes. Ron Paul is the ONLY MAN that has never lied to the people, the ONLY MAN that has a consistent voting record spanning better than 20 years, the ONLY MAN that has never changed his opinion according to what popular belief was, and the ONLY MAN that defends the constitution. He receives more money than any other candidate on either side from soldiers in Iraq, which tells me they want to come home, and we want them to as well. According to Naomi Wolf, we have taken the 10 steps necessary to be considered a fascist state, and I see it as well. I am so afraid of where this country is heading (fascism) that I will probably leave the states if he is not elected president. I truly believe him to be Liberties last hope. It is why he is the first candidate I have ever sent money to, and will again. I even changed my party affiliation to vote for him in the primaries. He MUST be president.

I will never vote for someone that makes his religion his guiding light instead of the constitution like Huckabee or Romney. I will never vote for someone who's personal character is constantly in question like Giuliani. I will never vote for someone that takes corporate money from media manipulators (Murdoch) like H. Clinton.

They have nothing on Ron Paul simply because there is nothing to be had. He is a perfect example of what a candidate running for President of the United States should sound and behave like.

Thank you.

Sent by Darren R. | 7:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 yr old man grew up and currently living in Wisconsin. I choose Ron Paul simply because of what he says. The things he talks about are very real and I have not heard one of the others speak of these issues!. 1.NAU, 2. Fed Reserve shut down, 3. IRS should be shutdown, 4. We are fighting for land not for other peoples freedom & that is not right or just! He is our next JFK. All these things are researchable!!!

Sent by Jerick Jones | 7:35 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 17 years old and living in Michigan. Ron Paul is the only politician I know of with the qualities and ideas necessary to restore our country to what our forefathers intended. He is honest, caring, and knows what needs to be done to save our country not only from our multi trillion dollar debt but from our power hungry government which currently controls us.

Sent by Omar Stark | 7:35 PM | 12-19-2007

Im a 19 yr old male from Ft Smith Arkansas. Ron Paul is the only guy out there right now thats really trying to do something good for this country.. Our national sovereignty is at steak. We've got to do something. Everyone I know sees the good hes trying to do. Hes definitely got my vote and many more from this area.

Sent by Alex | 7:36 PM | 12-19-2007

My name is Kevin Kelly and im a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, 1st Tank Battalion. Im 20 years old and I will be deploying to Iraq shortly. Im originally from Lockport, Illinois but now serving my country in 29 Palms, California. I support Dr. Paul because he and I have the same thoughts-The American People and the Constitution, both of which I have sworn to defend. The other Candidates dont appeal to me because they are not honest, often change their minds, want more federal power, and only want to please their respective party and not all Americans. Like Dr. Paul I wish to have a strong America, conducting open trade, communication, and diplomacy with other nations rather than military action.

-Kevin Kelly, Lance Corporal, USMC

Sent by Kevin Kelly | 7:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 26 year old single male. I am a second class electronics technician in the U.S. Coast Guard. I grew up in Texas, but my job in the Coast Guard has brought me to Washington.
Several years ago, I read Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Papers. I was amazed by how brilliant and well-educated the authors of our Constitution were. After reading Hamilton's careful explanations, I fully understood the importance of our Constitution and it's relevance to the future of our country.
But the Constitution is more than a well written document--it's the law. Yet the highest law of our land is routinely distorted, discounted, and dismissed by those who have the highest responsibility to obey it; those who swore an oath to defend it; and those to whom we trust our most prized possession--our freedom. Somehow our elected officials have convinced the voting public that this abject disregard for the rule of law is both normal and for our own benefit.
Of course, not every American voter has been taken by this fraud, and there remain a few politicians who remember their oath. Ron Paul is one of them. There are many things Ron Paul says that I agree with, but to me his single most appealing trait is his commitment to the rule of law, including the Constitution. I find it funny that in many circles, Ron Paul is labeled as a "wacko" because of his insistence that the government should obey it's own laws. Many of our federal government's faults and mistakes could have been easily avoided had it done so.
For the first time in my life, I am donating my time and money to a politician. Also for the first time, I plan to vote in the primary election. For the first time in a long time, I feel a bit of hope that reason and integrity will once again occupy the center-stage of our political scene. Thank you Ron Paul!

Sent by David Chamberlain | 7:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I am the wife of a marine and I am going to University right now to pursue the career of a physician. Dr. Paul is the only candidate with a sound plan on our currently failing foreign policy (which is tearing apart American families) and a sound plan regarding our failing healthcare system. This is a huge concern for someone aspiring to become a part of the medical community.

Sent by Cristine Kreitzer | 7:37 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a supporter of Ron Paul because he stands for the original, unadulterated view of individual liberty and personal responsibility, and is adamantly against federal government babysitting. He knows what freedom means, as the founding fathers knew what freedom meant.

Sent by Jacob M. Draper | 7:38 PM | 12-19-2007

I don't fit the profile very well - I am a 39 year old educator, but I am from Florida. I believe along with Dr. Paul that more legislation should be handled at the state level, and federal policy both foreign and domestic should be based on our very clear and simple constitution. While I don't agree with him 100% on all issues - who could? - I admire his consistent stance and refreshing viewpoint on goverment's role.

I changed my party today so I can vote for him. This will be the first time I've ever voted in a primary.

Think of it this way: what's the definition if insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Its insanity for vote for any of the other talking heads out there.

Sent by Carol | 7:38 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27 yr old married mother of 2. I support Ron Paul for my childrens' futures.

On Welfare:
I want my kids to know they cannot grow up and expect to live on welfare.

On freedoms:
I want them to know they will always be able to voice their beliefs no matter what because it is their right to.
On the 2nd amendment:
I want them to be able to go hunting (with GUNS) in a few years and learn how to be self sufficient. Independent. Able to provide for themselves if they ever needed to. To defend themselves if ever they need to.

On economical issues:
I do NOT want them burdened with OUR mistakes. They don't deserve to grow up in a world where they owe the government half of everything they earn if not more.

On BIG govt:
My kids need to be taught that they are responsible for themselves. Not that they can live for gov't handouts that create more taxes, and will in the end, will keep them poor.

On Violence:
This is suppose to be the country represented by PEACE. I do NOT want the world to hate the next generation because of our mistakes. Ron Paul will change the way the world looks at us, which is currently with hatred.

On religion:
Ron is a Christian, but he doesn't USE God in his quest to win.. These candidates who USE god for their personal benefit should be ashamed of themselves.

Sent by jessica messica | 7:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old college graduate student, a registered democrat, who supports Dr. Paul because his message is better than any other canidate out there, he has the most common sense and is the best possible leader for this country!

Sent by SR | 7:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 28, single male and for most of my life, politically disaffected and disenchanted. The first time I watched a Ron Paul video on YouTube I felt a great sense of pride and urgency watching this man and hearing his words. I knew that if we as Americans didnt do something quickly, our country could very well be stolen away from us by our own government. Dr. Paul is the only sane candidate in a sea of war mongers and religious zealots who would see us in debt, entangled in foreign wars and on the brink of an economic collapse. Ron Paul has my support 100%.

Sent by Dan Romero | 7:39 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 41 year old woman who has been disappointed year after year by the politicians locally and nationally. They seem to be working for themselves and not us. Neither party has made the kind of fundamental changes I have been looking for.
When I watched the first debates and heard what Ron Paul had to say, I realized my candidate had arrived.
We whole-heartedly support Dr. Paul. He is the ONLY candidate I've ever been PROUD to support.
Also, if he doesn't win, I have a feeling his supporters are not going to go away.

Sent by Amber Reeves | 7:40 PM | 12-19-2007


I am a 56 year former member of the Libertarian Party. For years I have been watching our country go into other countries and run a war machine. I have watched the dollar plummet in value. I have seen the deficit rise and is now around 30 k per person in this country. Military enlistment is down - does this mean a draft that will include women? I watched how NAFTA exported high paying jobs. I have seen open borders in our nation while our young men and women are off protecting other countries. Now I see that some leaders are NOT in favor of making our national language English and that passage of S 1959 is the end of free speech. We have clearly lost our way with things.

Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate for president that has a grip on all of the issues. I do not want to live in the past as some candidates are preaching. Few candidates have any idea that every time the fed lends money to shore up the stock market that is adds onto the debt - Except for Ron Paul.

I fault the press (not NPR) for not giving Ron Paul time to explain his positions on topics. I fault main stream media for the questions asked in this debate season. All questions should have been multiple choice with answers : yes , no, or no answer. These debates have been advertising campaigns for the press anointed front runners.

To think that 70 percent of the country wants out of Iraq - yet few realize Ron Paul has the plan to get out the FASTEST - is due to lack of MSM letting people know. I am sure that injured veterans think about this every moment of the day. One very interesting thing is the active duty military gives its most support to Dr. Paul.

As a veteran - the longer this drags on... the more of our youth are getting injured. It long overdue time to get out of Iraq AND the other 130 countries that we borrow money to defend.

I have donated to this campaign several times. I have never ever donated to any presidential campaign. My son will vote the first time next year and is with Dr. Paul. My wife will vote the first time next year as she became a citizen the old fashioned way and earned it. She is a registered Democrat and is squarely with Ron Paul as she says he makes the absolute most sense of all candidates in all parties.

The bottom line is - our country is sick. We need a doctor and not another lawyer.

Sent by allen | 7:41 PM | 12-19-2007

To Brian: Clinton never actually fought for his privacy. He screwed himself and answered questions on the air, under oath and he should have impeached himself.

I feel our government closing in on us day after day, executive order after executive order. Ron Paul is the only candidate speaking off the cuff about this stuff and wants to do something about it. The rest need their 100's of millions of $'s to get people to listen, where Ron Paul caught my attention for free. It's sad for our country to be duped by these illusions.

Sent by Jack | 7:41 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a High School senior in North Carolina. I learned about Ron Paul in June and was thrilled to hear a candidate who spoke the truth. I listen to my local NPR everyday, to and from school and was really excited to hear NPR reporting some news on Ron Paul recently. Good Job NPR keep it up!

Sent by Grey Monroe | 7:42 PM | 12-19-2007

Ron Paul clearly understands how much freedom we have had taken away from us! Also Ron understands that we need to bring are troops home, we clearly can not be at war forever.

Sent by nick | 7:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm his supporter... I'm a high school student and a libertarian from Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Sent by Rob Gorman | 7:42 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old graduate student at the University of Kentucky working on my degree in medical physics (I already completed my M.S. in physics). I grew up in rural northeastern KY. Most of my immediate and extended family members are registered as Democrats, but I am a registered Republican and have been since I was 18. I am a conservative, evangelical Christian but I support a limited government, free-markets, and a non-interventionist foreign policy. I originally supported Bush (I voted for him both times) and the war in Iraq, but I have changed my views on him and the war in the past year or two, and Ron Paul has been one of the biggest inspirations for that change.

Sent by Christopher Rucker | 7:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 26, male, and live in Texas (Round Rock). Currently, I am trying to start a new technology business with a few other individuals. Ron Paul specifically interest me because he doesn't seem PLASTIC-WRAPPED like all the other candidates. Sick of the same. Ready for a DRASTIC change.

Sent by J.G. | 7:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year old female working for a military installation in Pennsylvania, registered as an Independent. I am a freelance photographer, a musician, and a New York City native. My father is also a tremendous supporter of the Good Doctor - he served 30 years in the Marine Corps/National Guard, and 25 with the FDNY; a Vietnam and 9/11 Veteran. We are extremely glad to see that citizens are beginning to tune into reality. The amount of motivation and commitment from supporters for this great man is simply overwhelming - almost cinematic, and unheard of in this day and age - and we are multiplying as you read this... to gain our rights back and win this Revolution.

Sent by Sarah Konecny | 7:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a disabled veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. 25 yr old male with a wife, and a 3 yr old son. I was a John McCain supporter, but Ron Paul has the ideas that the founding fathers did, and that I always have, of the constitution.

Sent by Jon | 7:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old, married, working-class white male cartoonist with a son & another kid on the way. I live in Eugene, Oregon but am originally from Oakland, California. I've always wanted to improve things in this country, but i'm not into a large government role in this, i also don't trust the republicans or the democrats or any of the entrenched power interests. I see major flaws in the way the left & the right use the government. I'm not an ideologue, i don't believe in solutions for the human problem, but i think things can be alot better. In terms of these things, i'm probably a pragmatic populist. I'm supporting Ron Paul because he has inspired me more than the other candidates & seems like a good, practical person. I do wish he was a little more exciting though. If i could vote for Teddy Roosevelt i would.

Sent by Mr. Sean | 7:43 PM | 12-19-2007

I think the "demographic" that supports Ron Paul is united by ideals rather than vital statistics. Those who favor Freedom, support the Constution, and oppose the corrupt practices of large scale government come from all backgrounds, ages, income brackets, and races. The "pigeonholing" of people into categories based on race, income, gender, age, even political party, won't provide you with any valuable insight into Ron Paul's supporters. They are Americans, united by thoughts and ideals, and they choose to support Ron Paul based on his positions. They are not creatures reacting to their surroundings in an unconscious manner. One of Paul's positions is that Americans should be considered as individuals, not as members of certain sub-groups. He believes this is divisive and fragmentary and I agree with him.

For the record my vitals:

I'm a 29 year old music teacher - Married, white male, college grad, middle income. Registered Democrat. Voting for Ron Paul.

Sent by Adam Rose | 7:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old and former member of the US Air Force. I live in Hope, AR and there are lots of people who also wish to see Ron Paul as the next president.

Sent by Aaron Jennings | 7:44 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Ron Paul supporter

I am 25 years old male from New York, Long Island. He is the only candidate who want real change. He come from the heart and truely cares about the great US oF A


Sent by James | 7:44 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a 22 year old mother of a 14 month old baby boy, happily married, a student studying environmental biology and i have always been politically intrigued and i like ron paul because of his views on the FRS, taxes, the war and occupations all over the world, and our freedoms. i have always been a balanced liberal in my ways, this is very strange for me to be supporting him, when i say i am, i suprise myself everytime.

Sent by Breazy from Oregon | 7:45 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 35 year old Engineer. I live in Raleigh, NC with my wife and 4 young children. Our family regularly attends a small Presbyterian church.

I have been a Republican most of my adult life and voted for Bush in 2000; however by 2004 I felt like the Republican party had changed so much that it no longer represented my values and I voted Libertarian.

Prior to the presidential debate in South Carolina, Ron Paul was just another politician whose name I had heard off and on over the years. It was in that debate that he impressed me, and after the debate I started to research who he was and what he stood for.

The more I read, the more I realized just how much I agreed with his positions. I also found myself researching and learning more about economics and studying the Constitution in greater detail than I ever had before (and learning a great deal from the books I have read).

Not only has Ron Paul won my vote and restored my hope in both the Republic and the Republican Party. He is truly the Thomas Jefferson of our time.

Sent by J. Michael Faust | 7:46 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a NH resident and voter, actively volunteering for a political candidate for the first time in my life. I am 40 yrs old; a father, husband and engineer. I pay my taxes, repect the laws, and am done watching Wall St. and Washington destroy our nation. Ron Paul will restore America's constitutional values while every other candidate will distract you with recycled unfunded promises while protecting the fraudulant institutions that have controlled our country for the last 100 years. Remember: if its not earned, it is stolen from our children. Shut down the fed and IRS, then outlaw stock shorting. Take the power elite's toys away; they've been very bad boys. Support Ron Paul and ask your Senator and Congressman to do the same. We can get this done!

Sent by Mark Leclerc | 7:47 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old Iraq War Veteran from California. I study political science at UC Davis. I was registered Democrat before I heard about Ron Paul, although I was disillusion by both parties.

Sent by Rory J | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

Video Production Artist, 28 yr old male, Reno, NV.
I get my news from the Guardian Unlimited UK website and NPR, of course. I enjoy the humorous spin on the news from The Onion, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and FOX News.

Sent by Jarad | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 35.
I am female.
I am devoted parent to one amazing son.
I am devoted to my dearest (a hard working union electrician and Ron Paul supporter).
I am fortunate enough to receive companionship for a wonderful dog and three affectionate cats.
I am a hard working business manager.
I donate money, time and resources when and as I can to those less fortunate than myself (human and animal), to NPR and, for the first time, to a political candidate (Dr. Paul).
I do not have satellite or cable television in my home.
I read as many books as I can without being selfish with my family's time. I am a fan of non-fiction, history, and enjoy some fiction, too...science fiction and fantasy are fun!
I exercise my right to vote (usually, though not always exclusively, independent).
I exercise my right to keep and bear arms responsibly.
I love my country...I, however, feel that power has "absolutely corrupted and corrupted absolutely" the elected officials, Democrat and Republican, who have been in control of my country during my entire lifetime, and before my birth, as far as I've been able to tell, for quite a bit of the 1900's. I feel that most who make it up the political ladder into positions of real power do not know or care that I or other Americans like me exist, let alone our rights.
I will vote for Ron Paul, because I respect myself, and my fellow Americans.
I will vote for Ron Paul, because I respect my Constitutional rights, and the Constitutional rights of my fellow Americans.
I will vote for Ron Paul, because I love my son, and want him to have rights left when he reaches adulthood.
I will vote for Ron Paul, because I love and respect America, and all that it was before it was corrupted by power and greed.
I will vote for Ron Paul, because I believe that he loves America, too.

Sent by MJS | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

i am twenty years old! this will be my first time voting in the primaries, and i'll be voting for Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul has an amazing message, and i could not agree with everything he says more. i do not understand how anyone could here what he says and disagree.

Sent by Lindsey Casper | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old male from Smyrna, GA
I work in a business that has been family owned for over 20 years. This country has lost it's way and has wandered from the vision our founding fathers had for OUR country. I am a Ron Paul Supporter!

Sent by Shannon | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am the 28-year-old credit manager of a wholesale electronics distributor. I have a degree in Economics and the current system worries me greatly. I love my country and want to protect its souvernty. I have always been a republican, I was even a junior delegate at 17, but I have never voted in a presidential election. I am a Ron Paul supporter.

Sent by Linda M | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 38 year old quality manager for an electronic assemblies manufacturer. I pray to God that Ron Paul is our next President. Without him we can kiss this country goodbye.

Sent by Lance | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a former PA High School Computer Science/Mathematics teacher, now a Technical Services Engineer for a software company in Wisconsin, 30 years old, married with children. I would never vote for any current Republican candidate except for Ron Paul, and he has my vote over any Democrat. I want to see the government stop wasting money, and costing the financial future of my children and my country.

Sent by Eric Cotter | 7:48 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 18 years old and Ron Paul is my hero! I've been taking a half-year break from school so that I could futher Ron Paul's campaign and his message of freedom. I'm planing on going to school for history or economics so that I can be of service to my country. I count myself to be a fairly well educated youth and believe myself to be a Ron Paul Republican.

Sent by Laura | 7:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a Ron Paul supporter in the Philadelphia region. I am a 35 year old who is actively involved with the campaign. I am involved because I believe Ron Paul is the only candidate who save America.

Sent by Dan Dougherty | 7:49 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a single male, 31, in Florida. I manage an insurance office and start small businesses on the side. I'm an artist with a history degree and I love freedom and hate international banks.

Sent by Xen | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

We are you and i, the everyman who works, lives and bleeds america. The ones who slave for the country and get nothing. The ones who decided we dident want more of the same, we wanted to have better lives not longer shifts for less pay, we are america

Sent by Skye | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old male. Aspiring firefighter. Someone who does not blindly follow. Why do I support Ron Paul? Because he speaks his TRUTH.

Sent by Adam Shelden | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm 44, a small business owner with a family involved with commercial industrial hemp, all needing to be imported. Dr. Paul in 2005 sponsored HR3037 the Industrial Hemp Act which would differentiate the difference and bring it back to the States / Dept of Agriculture. Our farmers want to grow hemp for my pretzel business. Dr. Paul is a candidate who can help heal our nation. My family supports him.

Sent by Shawn Patrick House | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 24 year old married woman living in rural, northeast Georgia. I'm a Christian and a banker. My husband is a 23 year old Christian CNC Machinist. We have no desire to have children, and we will probably never move outside of the southeast United States. I'm a true supporter of the Constitution, and each day the yahoos on Capitol Hill work to erraticate it makes my heart ache. Reading about Ron Paul.. about his supporters.. about his love for the Constitution.... it brings tears to my eyes.

I agree with Dr. Paul on every issue listed on his campaign website.

Sent by Beth Deyton | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a True Texan residing in Texas. I'm a believer in the constitution as it was originally written. Most people are afraid of Ron Paul because his ideas would cause everybody to be self sufficiant which I also support. As long as the government has their hand in our lives we could never be truely free. This country was built on freedom and should stay that way. I steadidly see the intrustion of big government in buisnesses as well as personal affairs. I support Ron Paul because he seems to be a man who is striving to make this country what it was when it began. Dependant on no one, and a country where its people are truely free. Ron Paul 08

Sent by Will | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old female who is going to college to become a wildlife conservationist. My husband runs a nightclub. We are for Ron Paul because he believes in the constitution and for which it stands! Ron Paul Revolution

Sent by K. Van Pelt | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a medical assistant who lives in Niles, MI ans support Ron Paul 100%, not just because he is a doctor, but I believe he is the first canidate who is truely for the people and not just the power. We have not had a "good" president for some time now and I believe Ron Paul is just what this nation needs.

Sent by Michaelle | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

Hi fellow Ron Paul supporters!

I'm a composer, songwriter, producer and recording studio owner/engineer (since 1977) here in Burbank, California. Ron Paul is the first candidate I have ever worn a button for, put a bumper sticker on my car for, went to NBC studios to see live on the Tonight Show, and have been e-mailing my friends for about year. Like Ron Paul says himself, it's not about HIM, it's about the MESSAGE. It's about getting BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION, the SOURCE of our freedoms (only when we see to it that it is not violated or eroded like in the past 100 years or more). Notice that ALL the other candidates are so busy being INTERESTING for the media, while Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is INTERESTED in the present and future of this country and other countries around the world (there is more international support for Ron Paul than ANY other candidate!), as well as the present and future freedoms of all Americans who will take the time to WAKE UP and listen to what he has to say.

The Ron Paul R3VOLution has started and there is no stopping it!

Sent by Randall Michael Tobin | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 22 year old male from Arizona who has been severely disaffected by politics in general over the last 4 years. It has been quite obvious that nearly every politician in Washington, Democrat or Republican is not working in the best interests of the people. Ron Paul, very clearly, is the man who bucks that insidious trend, as evidenced by his impeccable voting record and willingness to not accept money from special interests. His foreign policy of non-interventionism, and ideas of actually upholding the Constitution appeal to me very much, especially his stances on personal liberty and no taxation.

Sent by Clark Engelbert | 7:50 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old factory worker in KC, MO. I am a regular voter and a first time contributor ever to a political campaign. I have traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire in support of Dr. Paul.

My family and I support Ron Paul for several reasons. I share Ron Paul's view of eliminating the income tax, the IRS and restoring the value of the dollar. I also support his plan of letting younger people out of Social Security. Government bureaucracy is out of control and many politicians are lining the pockets of their corporate sponsors. The war in Iraq is just a way for Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld to reward their corporate partners at the expense of innocent American and Iraq citizens and military. As a result of the war, America is now more hated and less safe due to the current foreign policy. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is vowing to bring our troops home immediately and change our foreign policay to one of non-interventionism, which is not isolationism as his critics like to argue. Currently Congress is living and legislating in fear of the executive branch due to the current administration subverting the Constitution and that has to stop. Our personal and property rights are being stomped on and thrown away in the name of security as our nation slips into some sort of fascist/socialist state.

Ron Paul and the message of freedom is exactly what America needs. He is a man of intelligence, discipline, honesty and integrity. Join the Revolution today.

Sent by S. Grider | 7:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old single woman, who works as an office manager in our family small business in the Midwest. I first heard of Dr. Paul in the debates and his message of restoring Liberty and the Constitution appeals to me and my whole family for many reasons. Mainly for me it is about solving our nations problems by knowing where we are and how to get back to what our Founders envisioned. Dr. Paul is the man to get us back to the Constitution!

Sent by Allison | 7:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year old college student who has become sickened with our current state of affairs in the federal government. I've been a huge fan of the constitution since I was in the 6th grade. As I have furthered my knowledge in economics I discovered the Fed. It made me upset that I was never informed that the Fed was very much not a part of our federal government and after further research made completely disagree with how it operates. I found Ron Paul in my search for a sane politician that opposed the notion of a private bank controlling our currency and protecting the constitution from centralizing government. There are so many things wrong with this country now and I believe his message of freedom will not only unite us but help restore our republic.

Sent by Andrew Parrucci | 7:51 PM | 12-19-2007

We're people who just want the government to get out of people's way, and to stop killing so many people.

Sent by Mike | 7:51 PM | 12-19-2007

I had never even heard of Ron Paul until the debates began. There was something about him that struck a chord. I would consider myself as strongly anti Republican (at least the sort we have running around these days). Because of Dr. Paul, I learned I am in fact a libertarian. And now I have become locally involved with his campaign which is something I have never done before.

I am what most people would consider a poster child for liberalism (pro choice, vegan, anti war, environmentally conscious), but the democrats just don't do it for me. I want change. Now. "Anyone but Bush" isn't going to cut it since this country has strayed so far off course.

Sent by Megan | 7:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old operations manager in Ohio. College-educated, home-owning, married, card-carrying republican, and a youth minister... After looking at our country's potential future on the current track, I realized I needed to rethink a LOT of things. I felt very disenfranchised from the republican party. That's when Dr. Paul stepped in and spoke the words that opened my eyes!

I am not a conspiracy theorist, anarchist, or terrorist. I love freedom, democracy, and principled leadership (both domestic and abroad)!

Sent by Josh Patrick | 7:52 PM | 12-19-2007

Hmm, I don't know that Ron Paul's supporters are "a little more male" ...I know literally hundreds of women who passionately support him.
Including myself.
I am a middle-aged wife and mother who has worked chiefly in sales and as a medical transcriptionist.

My reason for supporting Ron Paul is that he refers any issue to the Constitution. That was the entire point of America: it was to be a country which was NOT governed at the whim of a monarch, as was the case in Europe (yes, even in spite of the Magna Carta in England it still happened).

I love Ron Paul for waking up my enthusiasm about politics and I will stick with him all the way.

Sent by Chris | 7:52 PM | 12-19-2007

Hey, I'm a kid from California, 15 years old and native of the Coachella Valley. Ron Paul is thee best canidate out there, he believes in what he says, and unlike a lot of other canidates, he doesn't change his beliefs every other day.

Sent by Max Eichelberger | 7:52 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 27-year-old atheist male.

I am married - with two beautiful daughters - and currently work full time as a tax collector while studying to become an elementary school teacher.

One of my greatest loves is the study of history and economics. I truly believe that - regardless of the system of government - one maxim seems to be well nigh universally true: the government that governs best governs local.

Ron Paul believes in returning power back to the states. I think this is a step in the right direction.

Sent by Josh | 7:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 21 year old, female, web developer and graphic designer from southern California that is certain that this country needs change.

Canvass, talk to everyone, hand out literature, ANYTHING. Each action makes a difference. Ron Paul 2008.

Sent by Angela | 7:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 31 year old HVAC technician with a wife and 2 kids . I have always been a registered Republican but always leaned twoards the middle . I do not believe in everything that Ron Paul does but he makes the most sense out of all the so called canidates .



Sent by mrchill | 7:53 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 23 year old from the Pacific Northwest. I support Ron Paul because he believes in letting people make their own decisions. I would love to give to those whom I believe deserve. Unfortunantly, at the moment, I have to give to any cause the Government chooses.

Sent by Phillip Williams | 7:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I was born in Cali but joined the navy when I was 19. I support Ron Paul because he will bring our troops home and stop policing the world. He will take care of the more important issues here at home.

Sent by Ryan W | 7:54 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 28 year old college student from Washington State. I love my country and believe in the principals of the Constitution. American foreign policy has forgotten those principals and abandoned the hard working people of this country. I'm voting for Ron Paul and the restoration of our Constitution.

Sent by Kristian Nason | 7:55 PM | 12-19-2007

I am retired a retired Navy veteran, card carrying Republican and Christian who has been working over in the Gulf for the last two years. I am from Florida. I support Ron Paul because he and he ALONE stands for the the principles I havent heard spoken or written about in my entire lifetime. The principles the founding Fathers risked and at times gave thier lives for...a government of, for and by the people. Limited government is a very popular concept that the elected seem to have forgotten. Ron Paul represents that. And he has represented that his entire political life, thats why he needs no buzz words or pollsters to tell him what to say. Americans want to be free again..and the political machine in DC, and you guys in the media wont have any of it.

Sent by Bill Steeves | 7:55 PM | 12-19-2007

i'm 28, i've never voted before, i've been politically apathetic my whole life. didn't pay much attention to the economy, didn't have a library card. i'm not a dumb guy; i do global information technology consulting. i now have a library card, a reading assignment i've given myself on economics and foreign policy, and look forward to donated my money to a true statesman. i'm voting for paul, i've changed how i invest money, and there isn't a person i've seen more than twice that i haven't talked to about ron paul. any time i questioned his position on an issue i've done more research and found myself more agreeable to in total agreement with it. he doesn't just look at problems now and issue a solution - he looks at causes and uses historical precedent and academic studies to propose a solution, and a realistic way to get there. he has a basically spotless congressional record and takes his oath seriously. i love talking about politics now and i am 110% a ron paul supporter, and i will be carrying his message for many years to come.

Sent by mike | 7:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 23 year old wife and mother to a wonderful little boy with one on the way. Up until recently I was a waitress and my husband is currently employed for a nationally known energy company. We are from Louisiana. I support Ron Paul because his stance on several issues reflects a positive change for this country. I do not like the direction in which this country is heading in. Taxes are a form of slavery because every dollar you earn requires a portion be given to an agency in which "We the people..." never supported its creation. We illegally went to war with Iraq and are on the verge of trying to go to war with Iran. Our civil liberities are being taken away in the name of homeland security, yet our home land of America is being flooded from the south by illegal aliens with no hope in sight of closing our borders. Ron is hope that these issues will be solved by his strong voting record. He does not flip-flop according to what America thinks or how he's polling. He stands by our Constitution. He is Lady Libertys advocate. He is our hope.

Sent by Christy Comeaux | 7:56 PM | 12-19-2007

I am Mrs. Magic Valley, competing for Mrs. Idaho International in March. I'm a married mother of four little girls, 8, 6, 3, 12months. I'm a homemaker, an Avon Independent Sales Representative, vice president of Mad Mothers Against Methamphetamine.

Ron Paul is the only candidate you represents me. It's amazing that he's also the only candidate who represents people who are nothing like me.

Sent by Suni Lybrand | 7:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 20. I am a middle class college student and Constitutionalist. I had not planned on even registering to vote until I heard Ron Pauls message.

Sent by Denver | 7:57 PM | 12-19-2007

Retail Manager of a small business, 26 yr old female, Chattanooga, TN
Registered Democrat.

Ron Paul is the first candidate who's words give me a sense of hope. Let freedom ring!

Sent by Maggie | 7:57 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old veteran and now construction worker. My views have always been simple and to the point. So here it is , I choose Ron Paul because he campaigns for the constitution and not for himself. Freedom will Ring you have my vote Mr. Paul

Sent by Daniel Smith | 7:58 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a man who is a business owner, and I work a full time job. I am a 40 yr. old male who has gotten tired of being lied to. I have been frauded out of much money, and can more easily now spot lairs and frauds. This is why I will only vote for Dr. Ron Paul, because he is honest, truthful, and a man of his word. I am living in Toledo, OH. I have supported Dr. Ron Paul and will continue to long after he leaves the White House in 8 yrs., unless they allow this man to stay for the next 20 or so. You would have to live under a rock to NOT see he is the only choice, please, just unplug from your television.

Sent by Curt G. | 7:59 PM | 12-19-2007

29 y/o college grad,
live in Philadelphia,
work in vehicle financing,
married 3yrs. to special ed. teacher.
I want the government out of my personal life, I believe we've degenerated into a "nanny state", we will thrive by taking responsibility for our own direction. My wife is a recent addition to the Ron Paul Revolution, as she can attest to the failures of our bloated Department of Education. Bring governing down to the local level where accountability can be increased.

Thank you for taking an interest in Ron Paul - please give him the attention he deserves - the public deserves to be made aware of all of their options come election day.

Sent by Matt | 7:59 PM | 12-19-2007

My parents were Republican and I got my political socialization from them. First election I voted in was 1984, which I voted for Reagan. I got on the ???get rid of the government waste??? kick in 1992, and voted for Ross Perot. No, my vote didn???t elect Clinton. My state is too small to matter, really. I then voted for Bob Dole in 1996. G-Dub got my vote in the last two elections, although I???m regretting that now.

I???ve re-educated myself about personal finance (thanks to Dave Ramsey), read Barry Goldwater???s Conscience of a Conservative, and then a couple months later (this past summer) I heard about Ron Paul. I???ve since taken the red pill and have decided that only I know what is good for me.

All communication is political which means how you say something is just as important in what you are saying. You are trying to influence your opinion on just about everything you say. I, as a receiver of this communication, must be aware of the political motives in this communication and react accordingly. Ron Paul is the only candidate that I have EVER seen that doesn???t have any other agenda but the enforcement of the constitution. His message and communication is void of political motives. The messages of ALL the other candidates are twisted to include the motives of people who want me to 1) believe a certain way and 2) act in a certain way.

Once I cast my vote for Ron Paul in the general election, I will change my party affiliation to Independent. It is time for the Republican Party to remake itself. We used to be the Anti-Federalists who believed in states rights, limited influence by the courts, and in no way a monarchy or nationalist government. It is time we found our roots again. Until then, I will not call myself a member of the Republican Party. It is an insult to Thomas Jefferson and the form of republicanism he worked for.

Sent by Jon Tucker | 7:59 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a musician from Los Angeles and I support Paul's abolishment of the IRS. We can run this country better with a percentage of the government we already have. Protect the flow of our labor.

Sent by Tyler Bateman | 7:59 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a mother and an aerobic instructor from Bonaire, GA. Ron Paul has my vote!!!

Sent by Ashlee Masters | 8:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 29 year old carpenter, I am one of the overwhelming number of americans who in the past lacked representation....a libertarian. I have been waiting for a man like Ron Paul. Finally a man who understands REAL American values, unlike the rest of the big government schmucks.

Sent by Aaron Kadinger | 8:00 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 20 year old student from Bakersfield, CA.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that has real answers to problems that are going to destroy this country. He will get rid of our empire and will restore the Republic that the founders dreamed of. Ron Paul will make us a safe country, a richer country and a free country. Ron Paul will give the United States of America back to the people.

Sent by Adrian | 8:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a thirty year old Bar/Liquor store GM/partner on Jan 1st. I support Dr. Paul due to his ideas on the gold standard, economic policies and the fact that as a candidate he does not grandstand, he just tells us what is on his mind and backs it up with well researched facts.

Sent by Owen | 8:01 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 26, from California, in the IT field. I support Ron Paul because he believes in a small hands-off government. I believe the gov't should stay out of our paychecks and out of our social structures as much as possible. When the government serves special interests more than it does citizens we have a problem. Ron Paul will give you a straight answer even if you don't like it. He's an honest man and I respect that.

Paul is also the only Republican who actually understands terrorism. We are occupying foreign countries all over the world. We have 700+ military bases. Every time we go to war we build a base in that country and stay.

Ron Paul will clean out our bloated government and return it to us as a government for the people, by the people. He understands the Constitution.

Sent by Wayne | 8:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a college student in Florida. Up until now, I've considered the election process to be futile. It seems that people vote for the "lesser of two evils" and that's exactly why I voted for who I did last term. The whole process confuses people, and once they learn of a candidate they wholeheartedly support, they don't receive the nominations because of lack of popularity. It isn't the "popular" thing to do. Again, that was the state of mind I was in - until now. A friend introduced me to Ron Paul's beliefs and stances and it was a real eye opener. He STANDS FOR everything that I've been concerned about. The Fed, the "war," illegal immigration... everything. By doing a little bit of reading, a little bit of asking around, and by getting involved, I, along with other Ron Paul supporters, have been able to confidently look at the political debate and welcome a healthy discussion. This said, I wholeheartedly support Ron Paul. The best thing to do is to spread the word on Ron Paul. I think he's the best option for this country!

Go Ron Paul!

Sent by Romeo Hotel | 8:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 25 year old (newly) libertarian from San Diego. I'm a small business owner and a REALTOR(r).

I've never contributed to a campaign before and I've never been inspired by a politician before. This time the message itself is inspiring and as such, I was a new donor to Dr. Paul on 12/16.

I am a fan of this new Revolution. I am excited to be able to say that while the Constitution was being dissolved in a partisan swamp, I wasn't on the sidelines.

Google Ron Paul.

Sent by James Griffin | 8:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 24 year old software engineer. I support Ron Paul because I want the country promised to me by the Constitution. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can be counted on to give up Bush's hard won Executive power. Ron Paul will put an end to signing statements and Executive Orders and even more importantly, Ron Paul restore the rights that have been stripped from us in the name of the "war on terror".

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the Constitution!

Sent by Jimmy | 8:02 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 36 year old female from Alabama, a Liscensed Massage Therapist, and Pagan. I believe that Dr. Paul is the best and most honest candidate from all the candidate from both parties combined. The fact that he believes we all have personal freedoms that the government should not be allowed to infringe upon or take away is the main reason I will vote for him.

Sent by Amy | 8:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 30 year old male, married with two children. Ron Paul is the candidate that has shown me the most integrity. He doesn't dodge questions and then change the subject without answering first. From what I've seen he stands for more freedom and less government control. The government is here to protect me...not run my life. I believe Congressman Paul is not a puppet that has been paid for by special interests with junkets and other bribes...unlike several of the other candidates. Did you know in some states it is illegal to bribe someone unless they are politicians!? Taking bribes and junkets tells me a lot about ones motives and integrity. I agree with him on his views of less government spending...don't we scold teenagers and young college kids for this behavior!? I believe that if we want positive change in this country we need to vote for someone different. Ron Paul is that candidate. If we vote for someone like Guiliani, Clinton, Thompson, Edwards or Obama we are not going to get change. We will have four more years of the same. Ron Paul will fight for the average American...

Sent by W Janssen | 8:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 yr old Network Tech, college degree. Ron Paul is the first politician that I've heard voice my own beliefs with anything other than lip service.

I strongly feel that we should return to what our Founding Fathers envisioned for their country: A federal government that handles ONLY what the states cannot on their own (National defense, international relations, etc), and lets the states handle the day to day governing of the people's lives. This way, when most of what the average citizen lives under is state law, that citizen has more direct control over the laws that they must endure.

Sent by Adam | 8:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a graduate student studying chemistry at UC Irvine, California. I was a registered libertarian for about 8 years and have been a Ron Paul fan ever since I found out about the LP. I was very excited to hear of his run for the presidency and re-registered as a republican as soon as I found out. I like Paul because I agree with his positions on every single point except perhaps immigration.

Sent by Anthony Burke | 8:03 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 36 year old male.
live in New Jersey with my wife
I own a Home Improvement Company
Love his ideas about small government, ending the War, Getting rid of the Patriot Act and many other things.
He is just such an honest person. How can you not love the guy?

Sent by Joseph M Raber | 8:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 19 year old cosmetologist and current fashion design student.
Raised by a firm military family, I have always leaned toward the left.
Ron Paul changed my ideas on politics completely.
I am proud to say I will vote republican for Dr. Paul.

Sent by tr | 8:04 PM | 12-19-2007

and the truth shall set you free!

Sent by Brandon Dean | 8:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 36 year old 2nd generation American here in the USA. My parents were born and raised in Costa Rica. Out of four brothers, I was the only son born in this country. My entire immediate family though are all American Citizens. I have degrees from UCLA and Columbia University. I am currently a working professional in the business environment of New York City. I support Ron Paul because he supports and literally follows the Constitution.

Sent by Kendrick | 8:04 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 31 year old male from Arizona. I voted for G. W. Bush both times.

I used to think that I had to hold my nose and vote. That I had to vote for the cleanest dirty shirt. But now, I truly believe that I can vote for Ron Paul with my head held high.

He presents a clear message of true freedom and real hope. He is a model of integrity, a truly rare "honest politician".

His motivation is truly selfless. His drive is to simply ensure that America survives another 231 years.

Ron Paul - President 2008
Principles not politics.

Sent by S. Douglas | 8:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am 52 years old, local credit union CEO living in Oregon. Ron Paul can bring a much needed change to our current mammoth government problem.

Sent by Jon Mathers | 8:05 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 32 year old father of 3. I work full time and am a student full time. I agree with Ron Paul's Constitutional stance on a smaller government (and thus a smaller budget) and letting the free market run itself without government intervention. I also agree with his stance on protecting American sovereignty.

Sent by Michael Blank | 8:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22 year old male from upstate ny.I am a ron paul supporter.I am a union worker and know for a fact that ron paul is america's last hope.

Sent by goose | 8:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 22-year-old graduate student. The neoconservative fantasies that are raping our country and world NEED TO BE STOPPED!!! The democratic Congress has already shown us repeatedly that they are nothing but incompetents; therefore electing one president will keep the country going in circles.

The bottom line is that our country needs CHANGE!!! Ron Paul WILL CHANGE our country and will do it with FREEDOM and LIBERTY in mind!

Sent by Alex | 8:06 PM | 12-19-2007

i am a former democrat from georgia. prior to the 2004 elections i considered myself a liberal, but, after the 2006 elections in which i was proud to have taken part in, i found myself staring at a farce of politics. i was swindled into believing the divisive tactics of political pundits. i realized suddenly that no one ever mentions the constitution, moreover i didnt even know what the constitution said! what had happened to me? what had happened to america? when had we fallen asleep? i am now more proud than ever to have converted to conservatism, staunch conservatism. now i know what my country stands for and what i, as well as every other american, have allowed our government to get away with. i intend on do everything, anything, and sacrificing it all to see my countrymen free once again. gay rights and abortion rights dont matter if none of us have any rights! illegal immigration would be a none issue if the states we allowed to regulate it as they see fit. the illegal foreign aide and wars would be a thing of the past if we could remember our constitutional beginnings! equality in the workplace would be ever present if there was freedom in the marketplace. everything would be american again if we only knew what it is to be american, and ron paul is the guy to begin the transition! all told it will take 10 years to remove the rot that has taken our government hostage. thats assuming we can get all the corrupted out of office in their first reelection bid. this wont end. we will never fall asleep at the switch again. ron paul is a true american. ron paul is our last best chance to set things to rights. the american dream is just that, because you have to be asleep to believe it. ron paul advocates the american life. and we will take it back.

Sent by joshua warren | 8:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 17 year old kid growing up in Fort Collins, Colorado who will be voting in the next election. Paul has integrity that no politician can match and he's got my vote. Power to the people!

Sent by Brad Penoyer | 8:06 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a 29 year old single parent and full time college student working towards a degree in Elementary Education. I'm a white female living in Northwest Arkansas but have lived in 6 different states.I once declared myself a Democrat. I'm so disgusted by the politics of America today and the direction our Federal Government is heading. Dr. Ron Paul's message and ideas for America are a breath of fresh air and give me hope about not only the future for me but most importantly the future for my son. I truely appreciate his take on life liberty and the pursuit of MY happiness following the visions of our fore-fathers in the writing of the Constitution. I truely hope that all of those out there that are yearning for a change as much as I am hear the words of Dr. Congressman Ron Paul.

Sent by Andrea M. | 8:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old U.S. Airforce firefighter. I am a registered Dem. and Ron Paul's message is one our founding fathers would support! I have never donated to a campaign before Dr. Paul's...

Sent by Brian | 8:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I am a 26 year old female. I am newly married and work in healthcare. I've been quite disillusioned with politics for the past few years, but Ron Paul has inspired me to show up at the polls again. The thing that I love the most about him is his clear opposition to the war in Iraq from the BEGINNING and his impressive, unwavering voting record. He also believes very much in preserving our civil liberties and that is extremely important to me. Especially with the loss of habeas corpus, the national ID card, the patriot act, etc..

I think he is offering a fresh voice and alternative to the people in my generation who want to get out of this mess of social security and other failing beaurocracies. (sp?) I also love his unscripted, intelligent answers in the debates.

I support his Constitutionalist views and how he wants to bring us back to many of the ideas of the founding fathers. I'm also in love with his economics. People laugh at his wanting to hold the Fed accountable and wanting to bring us back to the gold standard, but to me it only makes sense. It's not like printing paper money is helping us any. I think the media should be listening in depth to his ideas instead of just dismissing them in 30 second sound bites. Although, I must say that i think that is finally changing now that they see he is raising money.

I hear people in the media say a lot that he has a "huge internet following", but they don't know if that will "translate into votes." If grass roots supporters are willing to give $100 dollars of their money to a politician and they've never voted before, I'm pretty sure they will be taking the time to vote. I think people will be surprised if the underestimate the youth in this country and their ability to think for themselves, as well as the people in this country who are still in the love with the Constitution of the United States of America. (The original one, by the way.)

I will add that I am a Christian American and am put off by some of the candidates trying to profit off of their personal faith.

Thank you for asking this question, and I'm sure you will find that Ron Paul supporters cannot really be put into any one category because they're diverse.


Sent by Stephanie Watson | 8:07 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm an American. Thats how Ron Paul sees me. What else do you really need to know?

Sent by Chip Vogel | 8:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I'm a musician/producer. I'm a follower of Jesus. 20 year old male. Normally not really a Republican or a Democrat. Normally not to political because I hate politics- and I don't have any desire to get behind someone who's fake or doesn't get anything significant done- Ron Paul is not just a politician - he's a leader. He stole my vote

Sent by Austin Black | 8:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I own a technology business in the Golf industry and I am a Borough Council member in a town north of Philadelphia. I am a registered Republican and my wife and I and our 3 year old daughter have substantial ties in the community.

Being part of the "system", I understand how federal authority has a mostly negative impact on local governments.

I support Ron Paul as the only hope for America.

Sent by Dan Mohn | 8:08 PM | 12-19-2007

My wife and I are both 48. We own a small business in a Detroit suburb.
We have six grown children and three grandchildren.
We all support Ron Paul because his ideas on freedom mimic our own.

Sent by mark brummitt | 8:08 PM | 12-19-2007

I am
white, female, 54, agnostic, small business owner, two grown children, (both voting for Ron Paul)and mostly socialist/communist most of my life. The past ten years have opened my eyes (thanks baby) and I now see what has become of our once proud great country.
The Constitution and The Bill of Rights were written purposefully. Have you read it since grade school? They don't even teach it anymore, so most of these young people are getting in touch with their 'real" country for the first time. I changed my voter registration to R so that I could vote for Ron Paul since I didn't trust the R--they might change the voting rules at the last minute and not let the Independents vote. All the cliches are true--"Ron Paul cured my apathy" "Freedom is contagious, catch it, spread it" "America, what a country"

Sent by Pat Armstrong | 8:08 PM | 12-19-2007