Gawker's Finest Hour: Heath Ledger RIP


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Gawker guy Nick Denton has been making noise about making news. Seems Denton wants to crank up the news factor on his marquee site.

Before yesterday, we were thinking the Tom Cruise Scientology video was the best thing to happen to the gossip site since Michael Jackson walked.

Then Heath Ledger went and pulled a rock star. Sometimes, you need that exact mix of pathos, adrenaline and videos you know you shouldn't watch. Sometimes, maybe, you just need Gawker.



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Nah. Still don't need Gawker.

Sent by Sarah | 10:14 AM | 1-23-2008

Gawker Media is pushing this model of paying bloggers based on traffic their stories generate, not per post, which I think is going to just lead to more sensationalized blog posts (and digg headlines) with less journalism than ever before.

Sent by alice | 4:36 PM | 1-23-2008 not understand the point of this post.

Sent by confused | 3:40 PM | 1-24-2008