Gil Scott-Heron Performs at the BPP

Often called the godfather of rap, Gil Scott-Heron is a walking philosopher who has seen it all.

We asked Scott-Heron to come into our studio to mark Martin Luther King Day. Scott-Heron opened for Stevie Wonder in 1981 on his tour to promote the creation of the national holiday.

Now he's writing a book about that experience, which should come out in the next year. (Bonus: Scott-Heron reads from his book of poetry, The Last Holiday.)

Scott-Heron performed "Three Miles Down" at the BPP studios:



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Thanks for bringing in Gil Scott-Heron! I'm glad to see he's still performing.

Sent by April | 4:43 PM | 1-21-2008

Gil Scott Heron's albums are first class reflections of his poetry and commitment to social change. Check out his song Angola Louisiana.... timeless. Hearing 3 miles down made me go looking for my old old copies.

Sent by Richard K | 4:57 PM | 1-26-2008

It is so good to know that Gil is
still alive. The last time I saw him was in a piece done on him for a Sunday
morning news show. Having been a fan since the early 70's, I found that piece
disheartening. He remains a hero to me. If Gil wrote about about it, I should know about it. He sent me to the library
on more than one occaision during the pre-internet days.

Sent by Linda Jones | 3:27 PM | 2-1-2008

Simply the Best!!!!

Sent by Terry | 8:43 PM | 5-11-2008

Damm I love this man hes ability to put what I feel and think in to lyrical format. I was so forunate to be able to see him live at SOB's in 4/14/08 wow

Sent by Mawusi | 7:09 PM | 6-8-2008

Gil Scott Heron will be perfromining in Atlanta on July 5th @ aplace called Sugarhill. or

Sent by Hot Ice Live | 12:23 PM | 6-16-2008

Gil this is Mawusi in Oakland please come our way and grace us with your presence musc love my brother

Sent by Mawusi | 12:32 AM | 6-29-2008

I am trying to find out wher Gil is performing. Although I was at the Essence Music Fesitival in New orleans I missed. However, I am tryin to find out where is performing next. i am a fan since the 70s. Any help would be appreciated.

Sent by Terry Upshur | 7:01 PM | 7-17-2008

It's a shame that Gil--a man with insight into the world and its problems could deal with his. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Sent by JB | 1:52 PM | 7-22-2008