Godfather of Rap Talks with the BPP

Gil Scott-Heron, the man who's credited with laying the foundation for modern hip hop and rap, stopped by for an interview. Scott-Heron was also a key figure in the movement to create a holiday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. He's got a new book coming out called Last Holiday, all about the history behind the holiday. He talked with us about how Stevie Wonder toured the country back in the 80's trying to convince the country at that time that this needed to happen. Scott-Heron was with him on that tour.

He also played a couple songs in studio and read a poem he wrote about MLK day. Here's the poem:



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Gil man... I've been speaking with some people to try and get you back over here (London) to perform at the Poetry Cafe' or Cargo... There's been high demand for you man... Come on over, we need it.

Sent by Ray Antrobus | 9:12 AM | 1-19-2008

Suffice it to say, we need Gil everywhere. But just to have him anywhere, is indeed not just an honor, but also a blessing.

For all of you who are around the globe (and of course those of us who are here in the States), stay tuned to what's happening with Gil and the band at the "unofficial" Gil Scott-Heron web site and discussion forum -


Sent by Malcolm | 11:37 AM | 1-22-2008

Both shows at SOB's on Sunday were stellar! Despite personal problems, which we all have on some level...Gil is a great man. It was a pleasure to finally hear & see him live.
JB - Atlanta, GA

Sent by JB | 10:33 AM | 1-23-2008

We need steady voices that speak of possibilities and show how we are willing to put all our passion and effort to that which is just, loving, and good. This is the character we saw in Washington, Lincoln, King, Gandhi, and G. Scott-Heron

Sent by Elizabeth Allen Woodside | 5:08 PM | 1-24-2008

I would love to see more attention paid to Gil-Scott Heron. He is more than "The godfather of rap" he is perhaps one of the greatest prophetic voices of a generation and of a nation.

Sent by MDH | 8:58 PM | 1-28-2008

Gil, Gil my brother we need you live and healthy. We as a people need your knowledge and wisdom. The young rappers do not have a clue about what is happening to our young people because of their lack of knowledge about our African American history. Come back to us my brother we need you more that ever.

Love you Gil

Sent by Bess | 12:44 AM | 6-24-2008

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