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Real Live Money May Be Coming Your Way

The news of Washington says President Bush is considering a tax rebate as a means of getting the sluggish economy going again. We're talking up to $800 for individual taxpayers.

If I get one, it's going to fix the roof — whether that stimulates the economy or not. You?



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Sent by dani | 8:40 AM | 1-18-2008

I'd spend it towards this new camera lens.

Sent by Mike Calanan | 10:22 AM | 1-18-2008

Mine would go into the Do-Away-With-This-Old-Splotchy-CRT fund.

Sent by LB | 10:26 AM | 1-18-2008

Uggh not this rebate again! If I get one, humm, it's probably going to charity out of principle... I don't see that money as mine... Habitat for Humanity or the Nature Conservency. Well at least I can choose where my tax dollars go, and it's $800 fewer bucks for bombs.

Sent by Anna | 10:33 AM | 1-18-2008

I skidded on some ice and hit a gas station's price sign this morning. Guess who's getting a new bumper! If someone is going to make the bumper, and someone is going to ship the bumper, than someone else is going to install the bumper... That's pretty much the whole idea, right?

Sent by Craig in Peoria, IL | 10:36 AM | 1-18-2008

If everyone is going to rush out and buy crap from China, how is this helping our economy?

Sent by SN | 10:38 AM | 1-18-2008

to pay off my credt card I ran up at IKEA!

Sent by dave | 11:14 AM | 1-18-2008

I'd buy the new MacBook Air.

Sent by Matt Martinez-NPR | 11:14 AM | 1-18-2008

@ SN: Wait, America still manufactures consumer goods?

Sent by LB | 1:13 PM | 1-18-2008

My heating bill. :(

Sent by Sharon Hoffman, NPR | 2:57 PM | 1-18-2008

LB- if you spent your money on going out to eat, or on services... and yes, the USA does manufacture some goods, still... I just bought a cake pan from Nordicware... and there are lots of cottage industries if you look hard- check to see if you have a local farmers market, some sell goods there. I also am going to purchase a sled from a craftsman in Minnesota soon. BUT NOT WITH MY TAX RETURN. Tax money should be used to lower the deficit, to fund SS, to build new infrastructure in NO. Got news for you all, no matter how and where you spend your extra 800 bucks- it's not going to do anything to the economy. We've been living off of credit from speculative house prices for too long... it's time to pay up America. Get used to it. Sustainable growth is slow growth, not boons. Recessions always follow boons.

Sent by Anna | 3:49 PM | 1-18-2008

Buy fuel oil at $3.75 per gallon OR lots of sweaters to wear instead.

Sent by David Hollis, Hamilton, NY | 3:53 PM | 1-18-2008

Anna - I was joking. The point was that it can be hard to find items that are manufactured in the US, due to companies exporting industries and therefore jobs. I buy as much locally (whether that means my town or my country) as I can, but at a certain point it's too expensive or just not possible. I agree that an extra bit of cash from a tax return would be better spent bolstering Social Security or lowering the deficit (oh God, the deficit), but you can't blame Americans for not putting that extra money directly into the economy when the options to do so can be so limited.

Sent by LB | 4:38 PM | 1-18-2008

I think instead of giving everybody $800, they should just give all that money to one person. Then I would jumpstart the economy myself. Really. I swear.

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 4:40 PM | 1-18-2008

My husband and I planning a trip to Europe for the first time and we are going to use our tax money for that in the first place so... yeah. :)

Sent by Natasha | 5:59 PM | 1-18-2008

Just what we all need,to go out and by more stuff. God knows we Americans don't have enough stuff.

Sent by Carolyn | 12:56 AM | 1-19-2008