Oscars Caption Contest

BPP Oscar Caption Contest: Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba

Cameron Diaz greets Jessica Alba

Not touching this one: We here at the BPP aren't making jokes about Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba. Frazer Harrison, Getty Images hide caption

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Winning Caption: "Would you mind standing next to me all evening?" — Tony Wolf

Runners Up:

"No, really! It's held up with duct tape!" — Michelle Doty

"Oh my gosh you must love getting to eat food....I mean, oh, I mean congratulations!" — M.E.



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There's something about Jessica.

Sent by Kevbo | 11:08 PM | 2-24-2008

"Nope...I didn't get the red dress memo either!"

Sent by neda ulaby-npr | 11:11 PM | 2-24-2008

" Oh my gosh you must love getting to eat food....
I mean oh I mean congratulations!"

Sent by M E | 11:17 PM | 2-24-2008

Ohmygod! Neither of our dresses will stay up but for totally different reasons!

Sent by Marcey | 11:27 PM | 2-24-2008

Cameron: "Who are you wearing?"
Jessica: "Cash Wartren!"

Sent by Seth in Kansas | 11:44 PM | 2-24-2008

You came stag too? Want to hang together then?

Sent by Ronda | 12:42 AM | 2-25-2008

Everybody now, I'm hot, you're hot... feeling hot hot hot.

Sent by J | 7:46 AM | 2-25-2008

Your seat is 15F, 10 rows down, and then
6th seat on the right.

Sent by Tony Chamberlain | 7:49 AM | 2-25-2008

"I can't breathe."

Sent by Sean Bailey | 8:35 AM | 2-25-2008

Cameron, through clenched teeth, "You phony witch."

Jessica, "Can't act your way out of a wet paper bag."

Sent by D.C. | 8:40 AM | 2-25-2008

Although the crowd looked on in anticipation there was no kiss exchanged.

Sent by AJ Sours | 8:45 AM | 2-25-2008

'If you don't shut up about my you-know-whats, I'm giving this sucker a yank!'

Sent by jose | 9:04 AM | 2-25-2008

Oh my gawd, fatty! Can I stand next to you all night?

Sent by shelli | 9:07 AM | 2-25-2008

Oooh, I felt a kick!

Sent by Paul T. | 9:07 AM | 2-25-2008

Would you mind standing next to me all evening?

Sent by Tony Wolf | 9:11 AM | 2-25-2008

Jessica, nice dress, just don't come any closer. I don't want to catch that pregnancy thing.

Sent by Christine Masson | 9:12 AM | 2-25-2008

Do you have a hairbrush I can borrow!?

Sent by Toni-Ann Mistretta | 9:15 AM | 2-25-2008

So Cameron, when a mommy and a daddy love each other .....

Sent by K Danyal | 9:32 AM | 2-25-2008

Yes, I know you said you could borrow a few things while I was on location, but my boyfriend wasn't one of them. I'm just glad it wasn't the Mini Cooper.

Sent by James K Chambliss | 9:45 AM | 2-25-2008

Cameron says to Jessica: "Can I borrow some milk?"

Sent by Calvin | 9:50 AM | 2-25-2008

A Husband, a baby, and still time to get your hair done. How do you do it?

Sent by Nick | 10:01 AM | 2-25-2008

Cameron, is that your new lightsaber? Awesome. Did you see my new Star Trek Phaser?

Sent by Chuck S. | 10:15 AM | 2-25-2008

No, really! It's held up with duct tape!

Sent by Michelle Doty | 10:39 AM | 2-25-2008

Jessica: "Why, Cameron, if you stood sideways and stuck out your tongue, you'd look like a zipper!"
Cameron: "Jess, just how many times did you hit the buffet?"

Sent by Slim | 10:44 AM | 2-25-2008

I'm taller, thinner, blonder, and I'm not pregnant. Life is good.

Sent by Marty Schulken | 10:59 AM | 2-25-2008

We both picked up a little number from the Ralph Lauren bedding collection.

Sent by Laura | 11:09 AM | 2-25-2008

And the crowd applauds when informed who will be starring in the new epic, "The Laurel and Hardy Story".

Sent by Mitch Pindus | 11:09 AM | 2-25-2008

Whew! Better you than me.

Sent by Kerrry Garber | 11:28 AM | 2-25-2008

Designer cases for doubble sided tape.

Sent by Dave | 11:36 AM | 2-25-2008

Cameron: The winds picking up. I'll need to hold on for a second.

Sent by Wayne Dize | 11:39 AM | 2-25-2008

This is so silly, I know, but I really like your purse better than mine. Wanna trade??

Sent by Paula in DC | 11:53 AM | 2-25-2008

So Cameron, what was it like to kiss Justin Timberlake?

Sent by Iain Wilson | 12:00 PM | 2-25-2008

Jessica: Maybe one day we will get nominated for Best Actress.
Cameron: Jessica, you naive, knocked up little thing...neither of us could get a job in community theater if we weren't perfect for the Male 15 - 39 demographic!

Sent by Darryl | 12:15 PM | 2-25-2008

Congratulations, Jessica! It looks like being pregnant has some advantages. I mean, you look like you've been eating for two and look at your knockers! Wow! I must look at my film schedule and see if I could squeeze in having one myself.

Sent by Sarah Dewey | 12:31 PM | 2-25-2008

Do you mind if I feel what it's like to be pregnant for a second?

Sent by Jesse | 12:44 PM | 2-25-2008

"May I have this dance?"

Sent by Susan Podebradsky | 12:59 PM | 2-25-2008

In this corner its baby bump vs tight rump. Ding, ding.

Sent by April Coleman | 2:29 PM | 2-25-2008

He told you what ?!?!?

Sent by Doug | 2:34 PM | 2-25-2008

That's OK, Carmen. With a body like yours, you don't have room for a womb, let alone a baby.

Sent by Patty Boyd | 2:44 PM | 2-25-2008

What is that weird looking bag???

Sent by Matt Brutlag | 3:31 PM | 2-25-2008

And then the doctor put his hands in your tummy and a baby comes out!

Sent by Chad Gallion | 3:34 PM | 2-25-2008

No, silly, only ugly actresses win oscars...

Sent by dave | 5:55 PM | 2-25-2008

"Hey Jess..what's it like to eat three meals a day?"

Sent by nicole | 11:29 PM | 2-25-2008