Oscars Caption Contest

BPP Oscar Caption Contest: George Clooney

George Clooney and Sarah Larson

Point and shoot: Best Actor nominee George Clooney arrives with girlfriend Sarah Larson. Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images hide caption

itoggle caption Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images

Winning Caption: "Actually, I own the tux. The girlfriend is rented." — Greg Wells

Runners Up:

"Yes, she's wearing my shower curtain... next question?" — G. Burns

"So the free child care is this way?" — Jody



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younger than spring time is she...

Sent by jan | 8:29 PM | 2-24-2008

Can I park my hyperbaric chamber over there?

Sent by Dan Pashman, BPP | 8:37 PM | 2-24-2008


Sent by BILL | 8:48 PM | 2-24-2008

Trying to think of funny caption. All that's coming out is "homina, homina, homina." Sorry to be predictable.

Sent by Tricia | 8:56 PM | 2-24-2008

"For the last time it's not my daughter."

Sent by Kevbo | 8:58 PM | 2-24-2008

"Actually, I own the tux. The girlfriend is rented."

Sent by greg wells | 9:00 PM | 2-24-2008

hey, stop taking pix, i supposed to baby sitting her tonight, her parents might see her here with me...

Sent by anonymous | 9:24 PM | 2-24-2008

Luckiest cocktail waitress ever.

Sent by Caitlin Kenney | 9:25 PM | 2-24-2008

No, it's not a duvet cover. She paid good money for this (just like I did for Nic Cage's place)!

Sent by David T | 9:34 PM | 2-24-2008

Yes I know she's a cocktail waitress and I'm George Clooney, but come on now, she cleans up nice!

Sent by Ellen | 10:01 PM | 2-24-2008

...And with the matching bathing suit...

Sent by baselle | 10:16 PM | 2-24-2008

Yes, she's hot. Yes I know she's hot. So does anyone else want to ask about my hot girlfriend?

Sent by K | 10:41 PM | 2-24-2008

"I know! I thought it looked just like my Aunt Rosemary's bathroom wallpaper too!"

Sent by Marcey | 10:48 PM | 2-24-2008

And you can see here, the $10,000 tummy trimmer I got her for Christmas was well worth it. Not even a bump!

Sent by Ronda Murdock | 12:54 AM | 2-25-2008

So the free child care is this way?

Sent by Jody | 1:12 AM | 2-25-2008

Her? Don't worry about her name. I'll have a new one next week! I'm friggin' George Clooney!

Sent by Michael Woo | 1:19 AM | 2-25-2008

Later tonight, Daniel may get the Oscar but I get *this*!

Sent by keri | 1:43 AM | 2-25-2008

"I know! I know! I could *totally* rock those colors. But she's all, 'Better stick with a tux, George.'"

Sent by Leila | 4:59 AM | 2-25-2008

So that's where the rug went

Sent by C. Arbor | 8:09 AM | 2-25-2008

Despite a case of lockjaw George decided to attend the festivities anyway

Sent by AJ Sours | 8:22 AM | 2-25-2008

I'm goin' to grab a hot dog. You guys want anything?

Sent by Brad Jeffcoat | 9:03 AM | 2-25-2008

Lars, I'll return her right after the ceremony, well maybe tomorrow morning - and in perfect condition!

Sent by joe shocket | 9:05 AM | 2-25-2008

I told her to wear the red dress!!

Sent by Toni-Ann Mistretta | 9:14 AM | 2-25-2008

What do you mean? This isn't my daughter.

Sent by Deb | 9:28 AM | 2-25-2008

Hey! I wanted the blue scooter with my freebie pack! How come Diablo Cody gets one and I don't? That ain't fair!

Sent by James K Chambliss | 9:32 AM | 2-25-2008

you should see her sister..

Sent by tracy rosen | 9:36 AM | 2-25-2008

The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake...

Sent by Ryan Best | 9:45 AM | 2-25-2008

This better not go on to long; she has homework to do.

Sent by Annie | 10:05 AM | 2-25-2008

What? I ordered her off OVC weeks ago! She's not a rental, I swear! Come on! I'm George Clooney!

Sent by Cat | 10:11 AM | 2-25-2008

Yes I held the dress while she jumped off the back of the couch to get down into it... I'm Danny Ocean... I liked the odds

Sent by John J. Cox | 10:14 AM | 2-25-2008

I told her not to wear the drapes!

Sent by a.s. | 10:20 AM | 2-25-2008

Yeah, she's scrawny now, but she promised to start eating again after the Oscars.

Sent by elcee | 10:31 AM | 2-25-2008

Check out Tilda's dress!

Sent by Colleen | 10:40 AM | 2-25-2008

Look, it's Daniel Day-Lewis!

Sent by Colleen | 10:42 AM | 2-25-2008

Do you see this dress? It was my grandmother's couch before her parents born.

Sent by Kenney | 10:56 AM | 2-25-2008

Thinking green we recycled grandma's sofa into this FABULOUS dress.

Sent by Dee | 11:02 AM | 2-25-2008

Is this what it's like to walk down an aisle?

Sent by Kevin | 11:15 AM | 2-25-2008

"I've been in a dozen movies, a hit TV show and furthered liberal political causes everywhere! Enough about her already...doesn't anyone have a question for me?"

Sent by Mitch Pindus | 11:45 AM | 2-25-2008

Scarlett O'Hara did a much better job with her curtains.

Sent by val shestakow | 11:55 AM | 2-25-2008

Why are you taking pictures of that other guy? I'm George Clooney!

Sent by Iain Wilson | 11:55 AM | 2-25-2008

How hard do you guys think it is to keep a straight face next to this horrid dress all night? Geez, cut me some slack fellas!

Sent by Paula in DC | 12:22 PM | 2-25-2008

Wait, wasn't she just on the cover of Seventeen?

Sent by AnnMarie | 12:34 PM | 2-25-2008

Which way to the red carpet?

Sent by Anna in NC | 12:37 PM | 2-25-2008

She's here to keep me preoccupied, so I don't waste away, consumed by my feelings for Daniel Day Lewis. Who cares what she wears or what she doesn't wear?

Sent by Sarah Dewey | 12:48 PM | 2-25-2008

"Yes, I thought she was Mary Tyler Moore too!"

Sent by Susan Podebradsky | 12:53 PM | 2-25-2008

Daniel Ocean before his failed attempt to steal an Oscar.

Sent by Jim Jobin | 12:57 PM | 2-25-2008

I swear I will buy her food

Sent by Alvin Kramer | 12:59 PM | 2-25-2008

Who else in AARP has a girlfriend that looks like this?

Sent by Dan | 1:00 PM | 2-25-2008


Sent by Funkfugiyama | 1:01 PM | 2-25-2008

Go ahead and make jokes--every guy wishes he had my life.

Sent by Tony Wolf | 1:26 PM | 2-25-2008

Yes, she's wearing my shower curtain... next question.

Sent by g.burns | 1:26 PM | 2-25-2008

You put my Batsuit WHERE?!

Sent by B.A. Bowles | 1:34 PM | 2-25-2008

Hey, I bring one of these every year.

Sent by Cina Kraft | 1:36 PM | 2-25-2008

Hey, who put the "narrow road" sign there?

Sent by Dawn | 2:17 PM | 2-25-2008

Watch what happens when I push this button :)...

Sent by Doug | 2:24 PM | 2-25-2008

What's wrong with using the curtains?

Sent by tlmyers | 2:33 PM | 2-25-2008

"Over here to get her a sandwich, right?"

Sent by Chad Gallion | 3:14 PM | 2-25-2008

She's my girlfriend I had to bring her.

Sent by Matt Brutlag | 3:24 PM | 2-25-2008

49.95 at Loehmans...Could you die!

Sent by Harvey in Manhattan | 3:44 PM | 2-25-2008

Clooney's Take On Cinderella: First, buy a dress. Second, find a girl to fit into it.

Sent by Billy Russ | 3:48 PM | 2-25-2008

What do I care - as long as she keeps her hand there.

Sent by Rob | 4:15 PM | 2-25-2008

So Botox does wear out. Hmmm....Have to call my lawyer

Sent by Tejal | 4:17 PM | 2-25-2008

Sorry, I gotta go see how Notre Dame did today.

Sent by Josh Lubin | 4:37 PM | 2-25-2008

"What do you mean that this isn't my seat? Do you know who I am?"

Sent by Keith Walter | 4:43 PM | 2-25-2008

...and then she said "Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?"

Sent by dave | 6:18 PM | 2-25-2008

what Me worry?

Sent by Mary Green | 1:56 PM | 2-26-2008