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Anne Hathaway

hide captionHatha-WaitWait, Don't Tell Us: Anne Hathaway makes her entrance wearing what the team at gofugyourself.com sez is a Marchesa gown.

Kevork Djansezian, AP

Winning Caption: Hathaway has just won the Kentucky Derby - with two more she will be a Triple Crown winner. — Luisa Schumacher

Runners Up:

"Once again: It's not Prada, and I am not the Devil." — Chuck S.

Up for Best Supporting Trellis: Anne Hathaway — Tricia, NPR



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Red roses for a white lady.

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 7:27 PM | 2-24-2008

Up for Best Supporting Trellis, Anne Hathaway

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 7:29 PM | 2-24-2008

oh my dear, anne hath fungi enveloping her bodice!

Sent by jan | 7:32 PM | 2-24-2008

Apparently the Devil wears a Valentine's Day bouquet nowadays.

Sent by Mike Rose | 7:32 PM | 2-24-2008

better red than dead...someone once said!

Sent by jay | 7:39 PM | 2-24-2008

a trellis by any other name, i dare to say would detract much the same!

Sent by jan | 7:47 PM | 2-24-2008

Marchesa says the gown is Doric.

Sent by Dave in Brighton | 7:47 PM | 2-24-2008

Did drape-adict Rami Kashou make this dress?

Sent by Caitlin Kenney | 7:49 PM | 2-24-2008

Hmm. I guess somebody did promise her a promise garden.

Sent by Mario | 7:50 PM | 2-24-2008

Anne Hathaway, in full bloom

Sent by Carol Schwan | 7:52 PM | 2-24-2008

The dress is 100% silk. The flowers are 100% birthday cake.

Sent by Dan Pashman, BPP | 8:09 PM | 2-24-2008

This dress is straight off the rack - the curtain rack...

Sent by Estrella Fucci | 8:25 PM | 2-24-2008

You get points for effort, but sorry Anne, Oscar flies solo.

Sent by Priya | 8:31 PM | 2-24-2008

ah,shiver me trellis...it's curtains for me!!!

Sent by jay | 8:46 PM | 2-24-2008

can youy tell by the look on my face this was not my idea

Sent by bill | 9:00 PM | 2-24-2008

"Oh this? I just saw it in the window and couldn't resist!"

Sent by Kevbo | 9:05 PM | 2-24-2008

"Where dose the dress begin or end?"

Sent by Natalie Taylor | 9:10 PM | 2-24-2008

If I elongate my neck it wont look like I'm wearing a curtain.

Sent by Daniel | 9:17 PM | 2-24-2008

They gave me the choice of the rug or the drapes. Burt Reynolds got what I didn't pick.

Sent by David T | 9:23 PM | 2-24-2008

and frankly scarlet, i won't give a drape! good buy?

Sent by jan | 9:38 PM | 2-24-2008

Gee, I hope all these safety pins hold...

Sent by Richard Lisle | 9:38 PM | 2-24-2008

Hathaway has just won the Kentucky Derby - with two more garlands she will be a Triple Crown winner.

Sent by Luisa Schumacher | 10:05 PM | 2-24-2008

OK who's the wise guy that dipped this down in miracle grow?

Sent by Maureen | 10:50 PM | 2-24-2008

Pygmalion experiments with color...

Sent by Marcey | 11:23 PM | 2-24-2008

I picked this off a wall in Venice.

Sent by Ece | 1:28 AM | 2-25-2008

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

Sent by Eric Wolff | 7:52 AM | 2-25-2008

Just something she saw in window

Sent by sergio santander | 8:06 AM | 2-25-2008

I even make the curtains look good....

Sent by Carl | 8:08 AM | 2-25-2008

Everyone else was paled by comparison

Sent by AJ Sours | 8:11 AM | 2-25-2008

I thought if I got it in red, they wouldn't realize it's a toga!

Sent by Elle | 9:16 AM | 2-25-2008

I swear, if I heard one more crack about me being the Goddess of Love, I'm gonna freak!

Sent by James K Chambliss | 9:27 AM | 2-25-2008

Ms. Hathaway's Fashion Director forgot she was dressing an actor, not frosting a cupcake.

Sent by Betsy | 10:04 AM | 2-25-2008

Anne Hathaway transitions from modestly Becoming Jane to regally Going Goddess at the Oscars.

Sent by Diane Polchinski | 10:08 AM | 2-25-2008

La Vie en Rose...oops wrong movie

Sent by L Auerbach | 10:26 AM | 2-25-2008

Once again...It's not Prada and I am not the Devil!!!

Sent by Chuck S | 10:42 AM | 2-25-2008

Okay--gimme my harp back now! And where did those cherubim get to?

Sent by Holloway | 10:59 AM | 2-25-2008

Snow White arrives alone for Oscars, insists she and the seven dwarves will always be friends.

Sent by Susan | 11:58 AM | 2-25-2008

Another red carpet victim

Sent by Sharon Eckerling | 12:03 PM | 2-25-2008

Anne says she's not sure how she grabbed the wrong thing, but she had hung her dress in the shower to steam out the wrinkles. . .

Sent by tv trays | 12:13 PM | 2-25-2008

What Eve would have worn, should she have been given options.

Sent by AnnMarie | 12:30 PM | 2-25-2008

My fair lady.

Sent by jblumer | 12:30 PM | 2-25-2008

Quick, has anyone seen my date? They're about to announce the Prom King and Queen!!

Sent by Paula in DC | 12:31 PM | 2-25-2008

As God is my witness -- I will never go hungry again!

Sent by Susan Podebradsky | 12:52 PM | 2-25-2008

"Is the woman wearing that animal print 'thing' still behind me?"

Sent by Funkfugiyama | 12:55 PM | 2-25-2008

I have this look on my face because I take my role in "The Princess Diaries" seriously. Long live Genovia! Andrews don't got nuttin' on me!

Sent by balteb | 1:03 PM | 2-25-2008

Auditioning as model for 21st century statue of liberty.

Sent by Laura | 1:05 PM | 2-25-2008

Okay, so that "Devil Wears Prada" thing didn't stick...

Sent by Susan Podebradsky | 1:12 PM | 2-25-2008

the damn bees won't leave me alone

Sent by Tony Wolf | 1:16 PM | 2-25-2008

Anne Hathaway excretes blood to form dress-like outer shell.

Sent by That Guy | 1:19 PM | 2-25-2008

I knew I should have packed the clear deoderant.

Sent by Ken Haygood, M.D. | 1:46 PM | 2-25-2008

What!? The curtains?

Sent by Jerry | 1:50 PM | 2-25-2008

Everyone was surprised when the doll from 'Lars and the Real Girl' showed up.

Sent by Wayne Dize | 1:52 PM | 2-25-2008

since I am not going to win anything tonight. . .I might as well be mocked on the NPR page.

Sent by David | 1:53 PM | 2-25-2008

Hi Mom! Yea, me back here...

Sent by Doug | 2:21 PM | 2-25-2008

Yes,I am white. No my next movie isn't about vampires

Sent by Matt Brutlag | 2:37 PM | 2-25-2008

Yes Boys and Girls, they call me Mr. Stop Sign

Sent by g.burns | 2:53 PM | 2-25-2008

Actually the entire outfit is edible.

Sent by Michael Brunt | 2:54 PM | 2-25-2008

The beautiful Anne Hathaway in a rose dress. I can think of something else that's rose.

Sent by Chad Gallion | 3:02 PM | 2-25-2008

A case of the Creeping Gunga.

Sent by R3NOIR | 3:23 PM | 2-25-2008

Only if money was placed in her cup, would she move.

Sent by April Coleman | 3:31 PM | 2-25-2008

I can't top "Best Supporting Trellis," but here goes:
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose ...

Sent by Laura | 4:48 PM | 2-25-2008

(caption for Anne Hathaway's photo:)

Anne Hathaway, draped in a rose- garlanded gown, shows off her Greek-goddess look before the Oscars. Red was the favored hue of many called on the carpet, but Hathaway's dark eyes and marble-pale skin made her the most stunning actress wearing this color.

Sent by J K Harper | 4:55 PM | 2-25-2008

"Dear Diary, I hope the queen lets me go out in the sun sometime soon"

Sent by nicole | 11:33 PM | 2-25-2008

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