I Got Injured. Injured Bad.


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In November, I ran the New York Marathon in 2:42. That was good enough to get me into Boston, and I signed up quick. Then, life and a new job here got in the way. I've hardly run since moving to New York in December, and sometime in January I gave up on Boston.

But then, last week, friend of the BPP Amby Burfoot reminded me that this year's Boston is the 40th anniversary of the year he won the race, and he invited me to join his pack. The chance is too good to miss, even if I won't be able to walk the next day. Amby's planning a leisurely pace, so I think I can make it, but I'm not sure.

So, with just over three weeks till the race, I started training on Saturday. I went out for my longest run of the year, a twelve-miler through Brooklyn. Lungs felt okay, but apparently I forgot how to run. I told girlfriend Nora I fell off a cliff on a trail but really I tripped over my own feet on a Brooklyn sidewalk. Evidence above.

Is this a sign I maybe shouldn't be doing this? How dumb is training for a marathon in three weeks? I'll keep you posted.



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you look just like your father

Sent by mom | 10:12 AM | 3-31-2008

Oh great, so BPP is using scab labor now?

Sent by Nick | 11:11 AM | 3-31-2008

Keep on! You can't pass up this chance. The week before my first marathon I fell on the garage stairs at the office, bruising my tailbone, and a few days later tripped over my own feet and ended up sending a pitiful picture like yours above to my husband.

Anyhow, makes you look tough. See link to great blog below:

Finally--now that you've posted that picture you must report on Boston for the BPP!


Sent by Jen | 12:50 PM | 3-31-2008

Three weeks for a marathon...yes, that is stupid. But it's what runner do...we are sort of stupid... It could be that drug thing. I mean druggies are considered kinda stupid too, no?

Sent by mrawlins | 1:23 PM | 3-31-2008

Did anyone see you? Did they laugh?
I once went down in the middle of the street at 5:30 am near a convenience store where homeless men congregate. They inquired about my welfare -- I was pleased and surprised. It is especially hurtful if you have a partner who takes great glee in your clumsiness/stupidity and discomfort once they learn the injuries are not lethal-- sort of like putting salt in the wound.
It really doesn't count for much unless you need prompt medical attention or stitches. Don't take up serious cycling--the mishaps are more numerous, painful and costly.
your father--aka scarface

Sent by your father | 3:01 PM | 3-31-2008

How cool is your mom that she posts comments!!

Sent by Alison Stewart-NPR | 3:43 PM | 3-31-2008

This is not a sign that you should not run the marathon. This is a sign you should be more careful. Don't go too hard too soon, take it easy and enjoy th marathon.

Sent by Jim Trenton | 8:33 PM | 3-31-2008

I like your marathon training better than mine - I drag out the pain for months. The traditional 16 week plan rather than 3 weeks. Your plan deinitely sounds better. I guess for those of us less talented, less experienced runners, we have to rely upon consistent, scientifically based training methodology - still, 3 weeks is much more desirable than 16 weeks.

Anxious to hear how your abbreviated schedule prepares you . . .

Sent by Hallie | 5:08 AM | 4-1-2008

you didn't mention your crowd pleasing fall in the NY Marathon

Sent by mom | 7:25 AM | 4-1-2008

Is the title perhaps a reference to that banned Trigon commercial that is a YouTube favorite?

Sent by Megan Soto | 8:46 PM | 4-1-2008

You have to run... this is probably the ONLY chance I will ever have to beat you in a race! That said, I still probably won't beat you. Sigh.

Sent by Jeff Bundy, WHYY | 3:01 PM | 4-4-2008