Local Sports Director Takes Highlights to Eleven

Penn Holderness discusses his unique highlight reels

When an NCAA basketball tournament game ends, a lot of people like to watch the highlights. Not breaking any news there. And in a place like North Carolina, home to perennial powerhouses Duke and UNC, the desire for highlights is even stronger.

But arcane NCAA rules prohibit stations from showing highlights of some completed games if certain other games are still in progress. Recently that rule presented an interesting dilemma for Penn Holderness, sports director at NBC 17 in Raleigh, whose viewers want their highlights. So Penn did what any clever sportscaster does: He recreated the game with his daughter's dolls. Check it out:

What stuffed animals and/or dolls would you pick to represent various public figures?



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Wow. I checked the blog before listening to today's show and ... that was absolutely brilliant. Our local newscasters take themselves way seriously. You'd think they don't actually like eachother.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 10:57 AM | 3-27-2008

The link has been taken down by YouTube, bummer. Do you gals know where I can find this somewhere else? THANKS!

Sent by Michael Wood | 3:58 PM | 3-27-2008

Hey Michael,
Not sure what you're talking about, it's still working on our blog. Let me know if you still have trouble.

Sent by Dan Pashman, NPR | 4:11 PM | 3-27-2008

HGTV used to have a show called Designer Finals and Penn Holderness was the host. Penn Holderness is a much better sportscaster.

Sent by Ashley | 5:36 PM | 3-27-2008

"Penn Holderness" is a wonderfully Anchorman-worthy sportscaster name.

Sent by Maura | 8:32 PM | 3-27-2008

Sent by J. | 12:38 PM | 3-28-2008