Mourning Brett Favre

Green Bay Packers' legendary quarterback Brett Favre announced today that he is retiring after 17 years in the league. How are all those loyal Packer Backers responding? Well if this quote from a January Sports Illustrated piece is any indication, not well. Here's how Robert Ruprecht, a 39-year-old optometrist from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, said he'd handle the news:

When Brett Favre retires, I will cry. In fact, the day he retires I will call in sick. I won't be able to work. You don't understand. I have lived through Randy Wright, David Whitehurst...people used to leave free tickets under your wiper blades with a note saying 'please take these.' This guy Favre has brought us so much joy. He is the greatest Packer ever. To us, he's Michael Jordan. I am totally serious . . . This is going to sound weird, [but] I dream about this guy. I dream that I'm going shopping with him. I'm not kidding. I'm just saying, we worship Favre.

We're trying to book Robert for tomorrow's show. In the mean time, the news offers us an excuse to link back to this video we did in December.



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Favre was a great player. He is the only quarterback during my life time I have seen play for the Green Bay Packers. But, when the time has come the time has come. No doubt will I miss him, but by no means should he have to injure himself for our selfish needs. When watching the interview tears did come to my eyes at the sight of him in such pain of having to talk about retirement. We can do nothing but hope that this is what he wants and that it is for the best. He will always be remembered as a great quarterback in my mind. That playoff game of Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers where it was snowing heavily will always be a great imprint upon my mind.May his legacy live for the rest of eternity.

Sent by anonymous | 6:02 PM | 3-6-2008