Biking on the 405: Um, Yes.

Sorry, Mama, but I maybe gotta do this one.

A few fed-up, fearless and probably foolhardy bike riders in Los Angeles decided to take the easy way home: the interstate.

(Their site's here. Thanks to Streetsblog for blogging this first.)



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Well I gotta say there are many times that I wish I was riding a bike on the 405 instead of being stuck in my car. That is hilarious and scary all at the same time.

Sent by Jim Trenton | 6:19 PM | 4-25-2008

Never have so many owed so much to so few fed-up, fearless and probalby foolhardy ridazzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Sent by Cyper | 6:27 PM | 4-25-2008

OMG...amazing! They got balls!

Sent by Helen Trimble | 11:02 PM | 4-25-2008

Mom was mad at first. Then I told her it was something I had to do. You see, my drunken father was never there to beat me into a rite of passage and gas prices suck too. So you see, rising gas prices and more temporary dads leads to more bicycles on the freeway. Goodbye dad, hello freeway!

Sent by Flunky Carter | 3:45 PM | 4-26-2008

Alas, the last safe haven of thy motored beasts hath been conquered. The freeway, the last mental sanctuary for those refusing to admit their mistake in purchasing an unnecessarily large combustion engine-powered vehicle has been violated. I can only imagine how such a bold stunt could shatter Angelenos' faith in the automobile. Will thy cyclists turn this shenanigan into a staple event? Only time will tell.

Sent by Mihai | 3:17 AM | 4-28-2008