'Improv Everywhere' Pranks Little League Game

Improv Everywhere strikes again, this time at a Little League baseball game in Hermosa Beach, Calif. Gotta hand it to them for keeping the prank on the good side of good-natured. I think this one could have been close.

(Thanks to Twitter pal Mergecross)

Bonus: Improv Everywhere's "No Pants" subway ride.



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I loved the kids comments at the end. So great! Have you listened to the This American Life episode when the give an unknown band their "Best Day Ever?" The aftermath is most interesting.

Sent by Lisa | 2:17 PM | 4-8-2008

I forgot the apostrophe is kid's. The Typo Eradication League would be after me!

Sent by Lisa | 2:38 PM | 4-8-2008

God, I wish I was there. When I coached Bronco league, the most fun games were the ones where the adults did things like this. One time, we played an entire game where all of the calls and signals were done Japanese style, including bowing to the umpire. I don't want that one again, because of all the research we had to do.

We also had one game, a meanless game so far as the post-season was concerned, where we rotated everyone to positions they never played, and the adults stayed in the dugout, letting the kids coach themselves. In the fifth inning of that game, the shortest player on the team got his one and only opportunity to pitch that season. He had a smile you couldn't rub off with sandpaper. In that inning, he retired the side with 3 strike-outs, 9 pitches, all knee-high fastballs. As they used to say on "This Week in Baseball," "How 'bout that?"

This is why I love baseball, because it reminds us adults how wonderful life can be from the lessons taught from a children's game.

Sent by Matthew Scallon | 3:58 PM | 4-8-2008