Mario Kart

You: Ian, isn't this your second Super Mario Brothers post in five days?
Me: Doesn't matter. It's awesome.
You: You're right. That was awesome.



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Ha, ahhh only a few weeks until the new installment of Mario Kart is released.

Sent by Thomas | 10:13 AM | 4-15-2008

yeah i mean thats cool n all but i wanna see him drive the car around the bottles in the shape of mario's head.

Sent by jurrel | 10:21 AM | 4-15-2008

That was amazing. You know, listening to the show yesterday kinda bothered me because I could sense some major sarcasm in your voices when talking about video game music. First of all, you should have had on Michael Salvatori. He is the guy that did all the music for Halo, the most insanely popular game out there. His orchestral music is BLOW YOUR MIND amazing. I dare you, MARTIN and STEWART, to get the Halo 3 soundtrack and see if that isn't real music.

Or Gears of War, or Metal Gear Solid!

Sent by Danny Brothers | 12:39 PM | 4-15-2008

I don't know if Halo's music is "blow your mind amazing". It fits the game very well and the soundtrack stands on its own well, but I don't think established music critics are beating down the door to hand the composer any awards.

Personally, I find the music of Shadow of the Colossus to be just incredible...not only is it beautifully composed and orchestrated, it's dynamic and changes on the fly to suit the situation.

Here's a story idea for the BPP...try and get the Minibosses to perform for the show. They're an unsigned band that plays classic video game music (with a rock flavor). They are awesome.

Sent by Greg | 1:37 PM | 4-15-2008

You're right that was awesome.

Sent by Charlie | 3:16 PM | 4-15-2008

Two game oriented posts in less than a week. I truly feel at home now :)

Sent by Sarah Lee | 6:42 PM | 4-15-2008

I have to say that The Legend of Zelda soundtrack is one of the most amazing in video games. The original theme really gives this fantasy game a real heart with its beauty (and was the song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding). The other music and noises always bring back such memories as well!

Here's a video of it being played live by an orchestra:

Sent by Natasha | 9:45 PM | 4-15-2008

I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one who had game music at my wedding :) The "pre wedding" music was from Final Fantasy and I walked down the aisle to Fugue #777 from Katamari Damacy. It all sounds super when played by a string quartet ;)

Sent by Sarah Lee | 7:56 AM | 4-16-2008