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Chillag: What do they have to drink?
Pashman: Well, they list flan as a beverage. And they have something called Morir Soñando.
Chillag: Get me one.
Pashman: What is it?
Chillag: I don't know.

The Morir Soñando is on its way to the BPP along with too many Cuban sandwiches. Garrison said it translates to "to die dreaming." Any guesses what I'm about to drink? No Googling.



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When I called to order, I asked for the Morir Sonando last. The woman on the phone complimented my pronunciation of the drink. I didn't have the heart to tell her I had no idea what it was. But I pronounced it "mohr-EER soh-NAHN-doh."

Sent by Dan Pashman, NPR | 2:28 PM | 4-28-2008

I'm sure it has some kind of milk or cream in it, hence the sleep/dream part. Probably also fruity.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 2:41 PM | 4-28-2008

The pronunciation in Spanish is more along the lines of "moh-REER soh-NYAN-doh". (?? = "ny-" sound) It's an orange and milk beverage (from the Dominican Republic) that tastes like an orange-flavored cream Popsicle!

Sent by Addis | 3:53 PM | 4-28-2008