Test Your Cover Art Knowledge with Erykah Badu

In addition to today's assisted listen series, we need your assistance to identify all the LP covers mimicked in Erykah Badu's video for the track "Honey." I'm taking the easy one, De La Soul's Three Feet High and Rising.



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I'll take that challenge Alison Stewart!!!!

I've got a few:
1)Diana Ross - Blue (this one was tough)
2)Gorillaz - Demon Days
3)Grace Jones - Nighclubbing (love this album...she is so fierce)
4)Yoko Ono + John Lennon photo of Liebowitz (was it used on the album Milk and Honey?)
5)Greatful Dead - American Beauty (I think)

I've missed a couple.

Spanks for taking the easy one by the way. Three Feet High is one of my favorite albums of all times. Oh well.


Sent by Nathan in Holland | 10:42 AM | 4-14-2008

A few more:

Beatles - Let It Be
Ohio Players -- Honey
Eric B and Rakim -- Paid in Full

Sent by Sarah Goodyear | 11:58 AM | 4-14-2008

Okay, I'll do a hard one Mr. Holland!
"Minnie Riperton-Perfect Angel" --the one with the ice cream cone..and the little "la, la, la, la" tribute to Ms. Ripperton's amazing song "Loving You".
And for the bonus points....who is Minnie Ripperton's daughter???? Maya Rudolph from SNL!

Sent by Alison Stewart-NPR | 12:43 PM | 4-14-2008

Nas - Illmatic

I have to say, I didn't see the Demon Days reference in there anywhere.

Sent by Greg | 12:45 PM | 4-14-2008

#3: MAGGOT BRAIN -- Funkadelic
#4: PAID IN FULL -- Eric B and Rakim
#5: HONEY -- Ohio Players
#7: CHAMELEON -- LaBelle
#8: LET IT BE -- Beatles
#12 (ish): NIGHTCLUBBING -- Grace Jones

Great video. I'm liking this album a lot too.

Sent by Stewart | 1:22 PM | 4-14-2008

Greg: the cover of DEMON DAYS cops the cover of LET IT BE. I think that's what Nathan was seeing as the Gorillaz reference, but she's clearly referencing the Beatles album.

For those with more indie-oriented tastes, the Shins' video for "New Slang" does the same thing with the covers of old '80s and '90s college rock favorites.

Sent by Stewart | 1:43 PM | 4-14-2008

The pink one that says "Taco Loco * Three * A Dollar"
De La Soul- 3 Feet High and Rising
I had this album and recognized it!

Sent by Lisa | 5:05 PM | 4-14-2008

I must have missed Alison identifying "3 Feet". I was so proud of myself! ;)

Sent by Lisa | 5:08 PM | 4-14-2008

Olivia Newton-John - Physical.

Sent by Maura | 7:57 PM | 4-14-2008

Stewart is right. I thought it was Demon Days but it's clearly the Beatles Let It Be. I figured it out this morning on biking to work. Oops. -1 points.

Miss Alison Stewart: I caught the audio cue to Loving You with the "la la la la la" but I was using European Itunes to cross-check and couldn't find her album (although I found other bands versions of this song oddly enough and her single). Furthermore, I will stay clear of your "amazing" reference. Let's agree that her song was "exceptional". And because I like you, I'll give you the bonus points even though I don't know who Maya Rudolph is.

Open question: The video of the duplicates of her...was that a reference to "Hey La"?

Sent by Nathan in Holland | 3:49 AM | 4-15-2008

Can't help you here... just wanted to say: "boy! was that ever a looooong segment!" (and not in a nice way).
Just my opinion...

Sent by Marc Naimark | 4:47 AM | 4-15-2008

Don't forget Earth Wind and Fire "Head to the sky"

Sent by Van Nixon | 1:27 PM | 4-15-2008

Oooooo... the part where it switches over to the tv - Shakey Gibson - well its a song called 'Annie' that Badu wrote for another musical act she does under the name Edith Funker.

There's an PoTA-style Ape at the end followed up by the words "Domo Arigato"... was that a nod to Ape Sounds/Bathing Ape and Major Force West?

Sent by Brian | 9:00 PM | 4-15-2008

What about he very first one-- "Rufus featuring Chaka Khan" (Sitting on the lips sofa)? That's CLASSIC. That's like one of my earliest childhood memories.

Sent by Honey Jones | 10:32 PM | 5-10-2008