The BPP 'Tweet Cloud'

Because everyone wants to see their name in BIG letters, even if it's near Pashman's cockroach picture, I'm going to go ahead and blog our "Tweet Cloud." The script scans all our posts on Twitter and reports back on what's big.

And as you can see, what's big is me (but only because I have to sign every darned thing).



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Tried on two different computers, but couldn't see the mysterious tweet cloud. Oh, well - I still absolutely do not get the point of the Twitter in any case.

Sent by Allstonian | 6:41 PM | 4-9-2008

Tweet cloud doesn't work.

Sent by saga | 6:06 AM | 4-10-2008

One of the people behind Tweet Cloud, Jared Stein, says they're getting slammed with traffic.

Sent by Laura Conaway, NPR | 6:39 AM | 4-10-2008

BPP, you just killed them. ha.

Sent by saga | 7:04 AM | 4-10-2008