Waking Up with the BPP, Whether You Like or Not


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We picked up a hater yesterday, in the form of The hater hates us out of Salt Lake City, where the Bryant Park Project airs in the morning on KCPW. The Twitter account's bio reads, "God, I hate the Bryant Park Project." See what I mean?

Stunned, perhaps reeling and certainly stung, I reached out. Would BPPsucks talk to us? "Oh my, I'm much too shy for that," the person replied. "It's much easier to hurl snarky remarks from the shelter of a provocative user name."

Is it just me or does BPPsucks have a sense of humor?



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No haters! BPP has become an essential part of my morning/evening commute. Thank you all for what you do. The Jason Mraz interview and the VTech Radio interview inspire me to want to write songs and become a dj for a college town station. Keep up the great work. - Loyal fan from Washington, D.C.

Sent by Liam | 9:05 AM | 4-17-2008

I'm a fangirl! I've been listening pretty much since the beginning and you guys save my days full of data entry. I even made some of my co-workers addicted! Keep it up!!!! -ND fangirl

Sent by Natasha | 9:34 AM | 4-17-2008

I would guess that BPPsucks is just seeking attention.

I, for one, enjoy the BPP blend of serious and offbeat news.

Sent by Joe | 10:24 AM | 4-17-2008

does anyone think g-d cares or is even lisening to s.l.c. twitter...bpp-er's spread love, links and laughter!

Sent by jan | 11:02 AM | 4-17-2008

How weird!Don't worry about one person, when you so obviously have many admirers. Personally, I like me some BPP after I wake up with the Morning Edition crew. It's like the BPP is dessert, or something, you know?

Sent by Rachel | 12:51 PM | 4-17-2008

You know you're popular when you have a hater :)

Sent by Sarah Lee | 1:48 PM | 4-17-2008

LOVE THIS SHOW! Have told all my friends and link to you from my blog all the time. You guys are awesome, so don't believe this one hater for a minute!

Sent by Kristin | 2:30 PM | 4-17-2008

Wait, SLC? Isn't this probably the guy who got so peeved when Luke left? What was his name, Roberto?

Sent by Stewart | 3:39 PM | 4-17-2008

I was just reading these comments and I thought SLC was some internet abbreviation I didn't know. I looked it up. Salt Lake City. I am dumb. But did you know SLC also stands for "Sri Lanka Cricket" and "Squirrel Lover's Club?" Who's dumb now? Still me.

Sent by Ian Chillag, NPR | 6:39 AM | 4-18-2008

BPP is the Bomb!! It's crisp and fun to listen to!

Sent by LeRoy Gonzales Jr. | 1:42 PM | 4-18-2008

BPP is the Junior High of NPR. It's flip and so very full of itself. Today I learned that the host's have never heard of the New Madrid fault, something all midwestern 5th graders know inside out. At least the smart ones. It's pure awful.

Sent by John Condon | 8:53 AM | 4-23-2008