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Our dear host Alison Stewart has left us for maternity leave, so you may be wondering, "Who's steering this ship in her absence?"

Glad you asked. Mike Pesca and Rachel Martin will be at the helm for the next few months, and Mark Garrison will be your able newscaster.

We're going to be hearing from Alison every once and a while, too — on the blog and on the air. She will not Twitter the birth. Don't even ask.



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Hooray - I'm really glad that Pesca is hosting! See that, he's already such a friendly and familiar presence that I just naturally refer to him by last name only.

Sent by Maura | 9:57 AM | 4-21-2008

I really like Mike's hosting style, and I enjoyed the man-on-the-street bits for the John Adams story.

Sent by eliz.s. (@elizs) | 11:50 AM | 4-21-2008

Huzzah! Pesca is back. Any chance of getting a little "On The Bubble"?

Sent by Dan M | 1:00 PM | 4-21-2008

Nice change, good to get away from the giggling for a bit and actually get a laugh (shaken, not stirred).

Sent by H | 1:09 PM | 4-21-2008

Good first day for Mike, however I have to say I missed the female voice on my morning program. I felt there was a bit too much sports talk and not enough time spent on the story on the Chinese Student...for the most part I felt like leaving mike Alone on his first day on the air was a bit cold.

ps - good luck to Alison on Bill and their new arrival, whenever it gets in/out...

Sent by Jonathan Klein | 1:51 PM | 4-21-2008

I hate to be the lone dissenting voice, but I turned off the show early today. I couldn't stand Mike Pesca's hosting style. It was borderline trainwreck radio. Best wishes & good luck to Alison, but when is Rachel coming back?

Sent by ileen | 2:01 PM | 4-21-2008

ileen - I'll get better tomorrow, I swear. By the way did you hear our Hour Two coverage of trainwrecks? I was really in my element. (Rachel's back tomorrow)

Sent by mike pesca, NPR | 2:21 PM | 4-21-2008

It really was oddly weird to hear a male host and a male newscaster. This morning's BPP was a total sausage party. Maybe it'll feel more normal tomorrow when Rachel's back.

Sent by Stewart | 3:06 PM | 4-21-2008

It was strange to not hear female voices at first, but after about 15 minutes, I got used to it and grew to like Mike's hosting style. I do second the comment that I wish more time had been spent on the interview with the Duke student.

Sent by eliz.s. (@elizs) | 3:14 PM | 4-21-2008

I liked it this morning. No better or worse, just different. I like Mike's (only sometimes rehearsed :-) quick wit. The part of the show that drug for me was the sports segment. Having a sports fan interview a sports expert is getting a little to close to ESPN for my taste. I think it works better when someone who knows absolutely nothing about sports interviews Bill Wolf. Someone like Alison or any Boston fan.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 3:17 PM | 4-21-2008

I was prepared for no Allison today but not prepared for Mike and only Mike. The sports dialogue between Mike and Bill was appropriate but not as fun as the lovey dovey Allison and Bill. The lame football jokes about Eli Manning's wedding were definately headed toward frat boy lame.

Sent by amy | 4:16 PM | 4-21-2008

Got through about 5 minutes before deleting the podcast with this new host (I listen everyday to the podcast). Today sounded like an college radio station. With Allison Stewart gone for months, I hope that this show lasts. I'll try again when Rachel is back, but I just can't imagine in the whole NPR world, you couldn't find one other female host. Sorry Mike, I've liked you in your other role. Maybe if I had listened through to the trainwreck story . . .

Sent by Deb | 4:26 PM | 4-21-2008

As for male host on the show, they used to have Luke Burbank co-host it. I like the occasional host or
co-host of Mike Pesca.

Sent by Tom | 4:48 PM | 4-21-2008

Way back when Luke Burbank was on (I only heard him for about a week) I could at least tell the two hosts apart. Alison and Rachel sounded so much alike that my mental images blurred hopelessly -it is early morning here in SLC. Should be fine tomorrow and Rachel can talk to Bill when he shows, as Mike talks to Alison about all that gooey stuff (!)

Sent by H | 6:57 PM | 4-21-2008

LOL...the show's just fine. Luke does just fine. Let's check comments in a few months when Alison comes back. I bet the grumbling starts again. Somebody spot me $5 on that.

Luke, to continue the thread...more trainwreck stories. :-)

Sent by Phillip | 7:10 PM | 4-21-2008

Pesca survived the first day alone...trial by fire...
Way back when Luke Burbank was on...BPP folk should do an update on what Burbank's up to...heard him on Wait Wait a while back.
Pesca survived, with only a few real groaners (even they were nice though; they reminded me of my father)...the man's funny; his npr bits are gems of brilliance amid slightly too much nina totenberg.

Sent by m.rawlins | 1:31 AM | 4-22-2008

Yay for Mike Pesca. Faithful listeners to the blog will know he was my first choice to replace the Lukes. I have enjoyed Rachel and Alison, but Mike is great too.

Re Monday's show, it always feels strange with only one host. Let's see what happens when Rachel's back.

Sent by Marc Naimark | 4:48 AM | 4-22-2008


Why in the world can BPP have only female co-hosts? As stated elsewhere, the original co-host was a -- gasp! -- man, Luke Burbank. Please no sexism on the BPP blog!

Sent by Marc Naimark | 4:50 AM | 4-22-2008

call me crazy, but with a few extra hairs and a few less pounds...wouldn't joe p. look like matt m.'s brotha?! (of course, they're both cute and cuddly).

Sent by jan | 9:17 AM | 4-22-2008

I thought Mike was great -- one more show like that and I too will refer to him simply as "Pesca".

Sent by Robert "Nuxy" Nuxoll | 10:28 AM | 4-22-2008

Umm...I meant "Mike"...NOT "Luke."

Sent by Phillip | 11:50 AM | 4-22-2008

i mean mike not joe...please, no identity're great...whoever you are...i'm just old!

Sent by jan | 12:30 PM | 4-22-2008

I unfortunately agree with deb
there are just some jokes that are falling flat and maybe it's just to cynical for me.

But I did have a roommate from new jersey with an equally cynical joking style. let's just say I have a new roommate.

But I'll give the BPP a week, because I still find it entertaining.

Sent by jake | 12:35 PM | 4-22-2008

Looking forward to hearing your voice more often. Your style is appreciated and adored.

Sent by Barbara Keskiner | 2:01 PM | 4-22-2008

I voted for Mike to replace Luke originally. Now, I don't think we need any body else. I have grown quite used to Allison and Rachel. Of course in the mean time I will enjoy Mike.

Sent by Jim Trenton | 9:39 PM | 4-22-2008