Band Uses Security Cameras to Make Video

The Get Out Clause, an unsigned British band, wanted to make a music video. Lacking a more obvious way to make one, the Get Out Close turned to the closed-circuit security cameras that have become so omnipresent in British life.

They performed "Paper" for the security cameras, then filed freedom of information requests for the footage.

Bonus: Band rocks Big Brother



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That's really brilliant. Do all Brits call Security Cameras "CC TV" like on the show Torchwood?

Sent by NHS | 8:28 AM | 5-14-2008

Awesome video. I like the song, too

@NHS, I believe all of British life is exactly like Torchwood.

Yes, CCTV seems to be the usual term in things like news stories, radio call-in discussions, etc. I hear/read it all the time in my anglophile reading and surfing.

Sent by Maura | 1:16 PM | 5-14-2008

I really wanted to see the "Lollipop Lady." I'll never think of Barney Fife the same way again.

Sent by Scott Coats | 1:25 PM | 5-14-2008

That's such a brilliant concept that I really wish I liked the song more!

Sent by Stewart | 1:40 PM | 5-14-2008

The footage from all security cameras is shown on CCTV: it stands for Closed Circuit Television, meaning it's not being broadcast.

Sent by Greg | 4:44 PM | 5-14-2008

Great Clip. I totally loved the concept, and the song was a fun one.

I wish there had been a few more camera shots, but one can't win them all...

Sent by Amir | 10:33 AM | 5-16-2008