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Ken Lee, We Hardly Knew Ye

Today's segment about the Chinese version of American Idol reminded me of this recent Web gem, taken from the Bulgarian version of American Idol. You may have seen it before, but it really never gets old.

Bonus: A corresponding Wikipedia page that's hilarious in its own right.



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We sing this in our office! Thanks for the laugh Dan.

Sent by Joe | 1:27 PM | 5-9-2008

That's not even originally a Mariah Carey song. Yeah, she sang the version they show, but Harry Nilsson wrote and performed it first.

Sent by Sarah | 1:33 PM | 5-9-2008

Not quite, Sarah. Nilsson had the hit, but "Without You was written by Tom Evans and Pete Ham of Badfinger, and it first appeared on their album NO DICE in 1971.

Sent by Stewart | 2:10 PM | 5-9-2008

La Nouvelle Star (French Idol) has a regular feature where they present casting candidates' attempts to sing in English with subtitles, as if it were karaoke. The problem with this is that some of their future "stars" are far worse. Drives me nuts. Sing in French if you can't sing in English properly, folks!

Sent by Marc Naimark | 2:44 AM | 5-14-2008