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Linkfest: Monk Seal Gone

The last Caribbean monk seal was sighted 50 years ago near the Yucatan Peninsula. Last week the U.S. government declared the species extinct as a result of overhunting by another species: humans.

It's the BPP's Ramble.

Light fantastic: pedestrians to generate power
/ Alabama sues drummer, saying he was overpaid / Russian circus legend Yuri Kuklachev files suit for copy of show




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Not surprising. As Queen sang, "Another one bites the dust!" Our inexorable march towards either annihilation, or a world where we're the only ones left (should we develop technology that'll let us do that) is testimony to our own short-termed stupidity. Too bad other species must suffer during our learning curve

Sent by Ninad | 2:15 PM | 6-9-2008