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Linkfest: Grand Old Party Pooper

There's another elephant in the room. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is planning to stage a rally in Minneapolis on September 2, the same day the GOP convention will take place in nearby St. Paul.

It's the BPP's Most.

Who's getting the big speaker's fees? / Used-car dealer's luck runs out at church fest / Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution / Avoid these tomatoes / FDA update on salmonellosis outbreak in certain types of tomatoes



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Why is impeachment off the table? It is a little late . . . but then Scooter Libby won't be pardoned before he leaves.

Sent by C. A. Plonowski | 9:07 AM | 6-11-2008

I just ordered one Something!

Sent by Joe | 10:52 AM | 6-11-2008

Impeachment?! WAR CRIMES!!!!!

Sent by Bruce Pied | 11:47 AM | 6-11-2008

I lived in Ohio Mr. Kucinich...and remember careful Sir....

Sent by Peggy | 11:55 AM | 6-11-2008

I was actually thinking on the way home yesterday that if there was talk of a Bill Clinton impeachment over an affair (I was quite young at the time so I don't remember if there were impeachment hearings or not), then why wasn't there talk of impeachment over GW Bush? What he's done is arguably worse than an affair. Though I do think it's too late. He'll most likely not be known in future history books for anything good so it doesn't matter at this point.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 11:57 AM | 6-11-2008

it's about time!!!

Sent by eddie | 3:11 PM | 6-11-2008

Of course the Judiciary Committee needs to hold hearings. If they don't, it will be clear that partisan poiltics trumps their collective oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea...

Sent by Dave Robinson | 3:49 PM | 6-11-2008

What a loser to propose such a stupid thing during an presidential election campaign. Bush is certainly guilty of arrogance and bad judgement but those are not impeachable offenses. The Democratic congress has been completely inept since taking control of the house and senate. How about they focus on real issues like getting bills passed to address energy, health care and the credit crisis.

Anyone who gets excited about a ridiculous impeachment at this stage of GW's presidency has their head in the sand

Sent by Dan | 4:11 PM | 6-11-2008

I always felt that Bush was not legally the president. But since he is called that impeach his ass and send him to jail for murder (death of all soldiers who have died in Iraq), After all he lied to the American people about Iraq.

Sent by dorothy j ware | 5:49 PM | 6-11-2008

It is awful that I only heard Kucinich propose it becuase My freind called my at 11 pm to tell me to turn on channel 77. Since then it has not even been mentioend on any of the news programs. I also went to NY Times webpage and there was also not a sentence. the media in this country is awful.

Sent by rainbow | 7:48 PM | 6-11-2008