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Today on the show, we did an assisted listen to Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis's latest album, Feed the Animals. Gillis is a mashup artist who samples just about everything you could imagine.

So here's our challenge to you BPP listeners: name as many samples as you can in this song, "Like This."



Cheaters as always can go to Wikipedia.



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I love BPP- listen to it every morning when I am not late for work!
these are the samples i recognized - and i'm too lazy to wiki, so it's just what i caught:
Soul II Soul- "back to life"
Beastie boys- "body movin'
LL Cool J - "Mama said knock you out"
Mya and ODB- "Ghetto Superstar'
Diana Ross - "Upside Down" (i think it's her)
K7-"here comes the high steppa" just a short cut of it
Little Mama or who ever does that Lipgloss song.

Sent by liz money | 5:03 PM | 6-23-2008

i love music...but this is a bit hard...let's try this...

get my bodied - beyonce
mama said knock you out - ll cool j
back to life - soul II soul
body moving - beastie boys
ghetto superstar - odb w/ mya
free your mind - en vogue
superstar - carpenters
come baby come - k7
upside down - diana ross
lipgloss - lil mama
one - metallica
tamoborine - eve

hope i did good...

Sent by mf | 9:06 PM | 6-23-2008

I'm not worthy. I thought I had caught a few obscure ones (the 3 second sample of En Vogue) but you guys are great.


Sent by Nathan in Holland | 4:12 AM | 6-24-2008