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'The Real World' Is Coming — What Should We Do?

Next month the New York City borough of Brooklyn officially jumps the shark. The Real World: Brooklyn begins filming.

As you may know, a fair number of BPP staffers live in Brooklyn, including Ian Chillag and me (although not together). And as luck would have it, the seven degenerates headed our way will be living literally a few blocks down the road (0.6 miles from Ian and one mile from me).

Now I enjoy eating disorders, casual sex, abs, and low-grade alcoholism as much as the next public radio listener. But I'm not exactly psyched about the arrival of "The Real World: Brooklyn."

However, like it or not, it's coming. So I figure, we might as well make the best of it. But how? I want to find some way for Ian and me to cover our new neighbors' high jinks for the BPP, preferably without having to stay up past 10 pm.

Any ideas?



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Someone from BPP has to find a way into the den of sin...

Sent by Em | 8:55 AM | 6-27-2008

Get the scum on air as news commentators.

Sent by Marc Naimark | 9:09 AM | 6-27-2008

Hire them as interns LOL. They always have some media job they screw up badly, don't they?

Sent by Suebob | 9:14 AM | 6-27-2008

Does NPR have any policies on bugging apartments?

Sent by Dave Wiley | 9:14 AM | 6-27-2008

Ever seen the episode of "Mission Hill" when "The Real World" comes to their neighborhood? The main dude pranks their apartment, protests the show, and ends up insinuating himself into the show. It was hilarious. Yes. You should do that, Dan Pashman. That's what you should do.

Sent by Matthew Trisler | 9:48 AM | 6-27-2008

Take 'em for a canoe ride on the Gowanus Canal

or follow along as they hunt for home furnishings at the new Ikea in Red Hook.

Sent by Silver | 9:51 AM | 6-27-2008

I think you should ignore them. Don't buy into their shenanigans and exploits. Perhaps the best thing you could do is scream "wooooo" as they parade about your neighborhood. That's always an appropriate thing to say to drunk people.

Sent by Nathaniel Carroll | 10:13 AM | 6-27-2008

Anything that will get more traffic for the BPP. ...which probably means a guest spot or guest hosting or guest Mosting for the cast. I think Mike could belittle them with big words while being amiable which would give me a good chuckle. It'd confuse the crap out of them me thinks.

Sent by Sarah Lee | 11:31 AM | 6-27-2008

Well, given how the "cast" performed here in San Diego, make certain that you don't go to the house alone, lest someone in the house rapes you (allegedly). I'm just letting you know.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 11:50 AM | 6-27-2008

Send them and the shows producers a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift bag with lots of NPR BPP stuff. Then, ask the cast for an interview or have them (the literate ones) guest blog.

Sent by Beth F. | 1:14 PM | 6-27-2008

They will be on the 2 top floors of the penthouse at the BellTel Lofts.

Most likely not moving in until late July as everything is being setup now.

I will have more information at

Sent by Michael Martin | 1:38 PM | 6-27-2008

Ask them for an effective Iraq exit strategy or perhaps how to mend America's racial wounds.

The ensuing bafoonery should fill should provide some interesting commentary.

Sent by Michael V. | 1:48 PM | 6-27-2008

Film them with camera phones and post what really happened before their edited version.

Sent by amy | 2:16 PM | 6-27-2008

Ignore them. I can't believe you would spend more than 2 seconds thinking about them. I think there are more important issues that deserve attention.

Sent by molly | 3:29 PM | 6-27-2008

i cant believe this hot mess of a show is still on. i think you should poke holes in their condom supply. then it will be a springer episode. from there you wait out front to egg them.

Sent by tom thompson of tuscaloosa | 9:25 PM | 6-29-2008

Why would BPP want to waste its time reporting on the puerile antics of a bunch of overprivileged, narcissistic teenaged snots?

Please, please, please keep reporting on *interesting* news only.

Sent by Kasreyn | 9:50 AM | 6-30-2008