Centel It Like It Is.

I was hanging out in 1989 earlier, and it was awesome. I couple-skated to Richard Marx. Then I watched the original American Gladiators (they just call it American Gladiators). In the commercial break, I saw this ad for a really cool portable phone. The weird thing is, even though the product they were selling was designed for talking, there was no dialogue. So I sent it to the future, and my friends at the BPP helped it along. Results above.



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I think you're onto something with that MST 3K for old ads thing. Do another?

Sent by Keith Hopper | 1:50 PM | 7-1-2008

Really funny. Dubbing to old euro ads; the future of the BPP!

Sent by Chris Maltby | 2:16 PM | 7-1-2008