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Help, Please: Find the Double Entendres



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People, I need your help. Today on our show, author Tony Perrottet talked about his new book, Napoleon's Privates.

Yes, Perrottet has seen the member in question, and yes, he told us exactly what it looked like. But that was only three-quarters of the segment. The rest was a stunning parade of double entendres.

And that's what I need you for. Listen to the interview above, find a double entendre and drop it into the comments. There's a limit of one per person. First come, first served. Keep it clean. I'm trusting you.



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Did he say member-abilia?

Sent by thomas | 9:46 AM | 7-2-2008

Not so much double entendre as entredre and a half. Since I'm going first I'll grab the obvious one, "How does one bring up Napoleon's penis?"

Sent by Dave Wiley | 9:52 AM | 7-2-2008

"(Catherine the great)was an excellent rider, and she refused to ride side saddle."

Sent by Todd Marshall | 9:53 AM | 7-2-2008

What was the name of the book Bryant was referring to regarding impotence trials? I would love to share it with a friend...

Sent by Bonnie | 10:01 AM | 7-2-2008

his beeeed, he put it under his beeeed! hahahaha

Sent by Abe | 10:12 AM | 7-2-2008

When preparing his troops for battle, did Napoleon find it necessary to cafully position his privates, or that a task he left in the hands of his subordinates?

Sent by SpotWeld | 10:30 AM | 7-2-2008

Moral of the story: don't piss off your doctor.

Sent by Jeff | 10:37 AM | 7-2-2008

I've never heard comparisons to beef jerky or shriveled eel in that way. Pesca must be proud of setting the network record for the number of times mentioned (19). He slipped in several himself.

Sent by Anthony Hunt | 11:22 AM | 7-2-2008

Referring to this doctor having it as a souvenir... "The doctor thought fun was being poked at it."

Sent by Sarah | 11:36 AM | 7-2-2008

Man, I thought he said "beard" at first too.

Sent by serena | 3:48 PM | 7-2-2008

The man who took Napolean's penis out of circulation / Events that took the circulation out of Napolean's penis

Sent by Nick | 4:45 PM | 7-2-2008

Regarding Lincoln and his friend sharing a bed for three years and a "smoking gun."
Just gotta ask about the context of "Quarks and Quantum Theory" being the last time when that word was mentioned so many times?!?!

I know penii can be quite cosmic, but quarks and quanta? Please illuminate or at least reference! That string seems a bit of a long stretch...

Sent by MgWade | 7:00 PM | 7-2-2008

All I can say after hearing that story: Mike Pesca, the latest South Park celebrity.

Sent by Matthew C. Scallon | 7:35 PM | 7-2-2008

The "beard/bed" thing was fun. I loved when the guy was asked to repeat it, and he made it even more goatlike (and thus beardlike).

Please put the beard/bed snippet on a loop!

Sent by Marc Naimark | 3:32 AM | 7-5-2008